Matt Roloff Wishes Ex-Wife Happy Birthday, Stuns Critics

Matt Roloff has a message for everyone who thinks he and his ex-wife are in an ugly feud.

And he also has a message for that ex-wife herself.

In an Instagram caption that likely came as a shock to some people who believe everything they read online, the Little Poeple, Big World star wished Amy Roloff a happy birthday.

For real!

This really happened, despite critics around the Web often writing that Amy and Matt asre engaged in some kind of rivalry.

“A very Happy Birthday to both Amy and Molly who share the exact same big day. I hope you both have a wonderful amazing Day!!” Matt wrote alongside the image above, which features himself and his daughter.

The reality star included a cake emoji and a balloon emoji and some other emojis along with this caption as well.

Matt and Amy filed for divorce in the spring of 2016, many months after they separated.

They still run Roloff Farm together and they still anchor Little People, Big World together and they still get along pretty darn well, if you ask us.

However, there’s understandable tension at times because Amy is dating Chris Marek and Matt is dating Caryn Chandler and the paths of these couples often cross.

But we challenge anyone reading this to find any negative remarks out there from either Matt in Amy’s direction or vice versa.

Just because Matt didn’t actually celebrate Amy’s birthday this past weekend certainly doesn’t mean anything.

She was taken out to dinner by Marek and it would have been fairly awkward if her ex-husband had tagged along.

For whatever reason, though, many social media users leave critical comments on Matt’s page any time he references Caryn; or on Amy’s page any time she references Chris.

We asked a few weeks ago why fans are so obsessed with stirring up controversy when there is none, considering how smoothly Amy and Matt have continued to run their business in the wake of their divorce.

Moreover, all four of the Roloff children seem totally accepting of these new romantic entanglements.

So why can’t fans of their TLC show also go along for the ride?

For the record, this is what Amy and Matt said in their statement at the time of their official split:

After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce.

We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising our four wonderful children, who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful businesses.

Our kids and our ever-growing family, and the love and support we have for them, will be our priority. We will continue to work together side-by-side in the daily responsibilities for our many current ventures.

We would like to thank our family, friends, and all our fans for their continued support and understanding during this difficult time.

Unlike many other celebrities who break up, they’ve actually managed to stand by these words and keep their family nice and close.

Well done, you two.

And happy birthday, Amy and Molly!


Becca Kufrin Looks EXACTLY Like Garrett Yrigoyen’s Ex-Wife!

If you were already following The Bachelorette Spoilers, then Becca's fateful choice was no surprise. But that doesn't mean that it was any easier to watch Blake Horstmann get blindsided.

On top of Garrett Yrigoyen's Instagram bigotry scandal (he's super sorry) and the fact that he talks like a kindergartener, the Bachelor Nation found a new issue with Becca's choice.

Check out our video and decide for yourself: Does Becca look exactly like Garrett's ex-wife? And if so, what does that mean?

Becca and garrett forever

Back when we were first introducing you to Becca Kufrin's men, we mentioned that Garrett Yrigoyen (or someone with his exact same name in that same city) had been married a few years earlier.

As it turns out, that marriage was to a woman named Kayla.

That marriage lasted for all of two months.

As a lot of members of the Bachelor Nation pointed out on social media during the finale, a marriage that brief is probably a red flag.

Well, fans have also pointed out that there's something much weirder about Garrett's last marriage than just its brevity.

Take a look at two images that a fan on Twitter paired up:

Becca kufrin kayla split from twitter

Guys … she looks just like Becca.

Becca and Kayla have the same dark hair — which, in and of itself, isn't a huge deal.

They also have similar skin tones, but given Garrett's abhorrently bigoted social media history, most fans don't expect him to have a huge variety of skin tones in his dating history.

But they also have similar facial structures, right down to eyebrows and jawlines.

Oh, and they have very similar eyes.

Kayla yrigoyen

Honestly? We're not even sure what to do with this information. 

Garrett was a suitor, so it's less unnerving than it would be if he had been the Bachelor and singled out the contestant who looks like a clone of his ex-wife.

"Guys…this is Garrett’s ex-wife," one fan wrote about Kayla. "Who do you think she looks like?"

"Becca looks so much like Garrett ex-wife that it’s giving me chills," another confessed.

While we're sure that it didn't help that fans already disliked Garrett, this is admittedly a little eerie.

Kayla and garrett wedding pic

"Plot twist: we haven’t heard from Garrett ex-wife bc she actually is Becca," one Bachelor aficionado joked.

"Garrett is still in love with his ex," another theorized. "It’s obvious because Becca looks just her. But really, they’re twins."

"So uh… Garrett’s ex-wife looks like a stand-in for Becca," tweeted another. "And Becca’s ex looks like Garrett."

That line, of course, refers to Becca's ex-boyfriend from Minneapolis and not to Arie. 

Say what you will about Garrett, but he does not look like Arie.

Garrett yrigoyen

If you think that fans are blowing all of this out of proportion, feel free to watch the wedding video that we have included and decide for yourself.

If you agree with the Bachelor Nation, it might look a bit like a preview of Garrett and Becca's wedding.

Assuming that those two somehow make it that far, that is. A lot of folks don't believe that these two will quite make it downt he aisle.

Honestly? We suspect that Becca resembling Kayla is mostly just a coincidence.
But that doesn't mean that there aren't other issues with this relationship.

Becca kufrin looks exactly like garrett yrigoyens ex wife