Craig Carton Convicted In Concert Ticket Scam, Faces 45 Years In Federal Prison

Craig Carton — half of the famous ‘Boomer and Carton’ sports talk show on WFAN — has been found guilty of running a massive concert ticket scam. The radio personality — who quit his job as Boomer Esiason’s cohost amid a federal investigation…


Kylie Jenner Faces a Crisis in This KUWTK Clip

Note to Kylie Jenner:

If you want sympathy from viewers of your family's reality show, do not film a scene inside of a closet that is bigger than most one-bedroom apartments in New York City.

On this Sunday's new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian will pay her younger half-sister a visit.

The two will end up sitting among giant piles of Kylie's clothing in Kylie's enormous closet while they bond over the challenge of losing weight after having a baby.

(For the record, we know this is a legitimate challenge for women. We just also know it's often all the Kardashians talk about and that they have personal chefs and personal trainers and need to stop setting a poor example for other new mothers by making it sound like nothing else in the world matters.

/end rant.)

"Like nothing in my closet fits me," Kylie says in the clip featured here, to which Kim tells her,: You're looking like really skinny!"

"Thank you, I'm getting rid of stuff that I just feel like's never gonna fit me," Kylie responds, adding:

"I know I'm not gonna fit into like a 25 jean ever again and after our shoot, I'm just feeling a little insecure."

For emphasis, Kylie says again:

"Like my favorite jeans, they're never going to fit me again."

We know now this isn't the case, of course.

The episode was filmed months ago and Jenner has been posting an endless array of photos that show off her slimmed-down physique.

Kim has been there, of course.

She has given birth to two kids and shared the same fears as her sibling is sharing in this sneak peek.

"I know, curves are hard," Kim says. "It's just figuring it out."

There are so many "body shamers" out there who just "don't get it," Kim continues, telling Jenner:

"Trust me I get it. But the pressure to snap back like, it took me a good six to eight months. Once I got there, I was like, 'OK I'm never leaving.'"

She then did her best to comfort Kylie:

"I know it's really early and Stormi's so little, but you just have to roll with it. You just have to be confident, get some things that make you feel good about yourself and find your balance."

How did Jenner respond to this advice?

Watch the footage here to find out!

Kylie jenner faces a crisis in this keeping up with the kardashi

Teresa Giudice Asks Fans to Pray for Her as Joe Faces Deportation

The Giudice family is rallying against Joe’s impending deportation and asking their fans for support.

Teresa is still making time to do Real Housewives events — it’s part of her job, after all.

At a recent gathering, she asked fans in the audience to keep her family in their prayers as they fight to stay together.

Teresa Giudice took part in the East Coast Vs. West Coast Real Housewives Brunch at the Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Us Weekly reports that, while she was there, she used her platform to ask for emotional support from the audience.

“Teresa said to please pray for me and my family,” an eyewitness reveals.

The eyewitness adds: “She really hopes Joe is out of jail to see [their daughter] Gia graduate.”

Additionally, “She said she cannot wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Not everything that Teresa discussed was as upsetting as a family being torn apart.

According to the eyewitness, Teresa “was in really good spirits and made the crowd laugh several times.”

“She explained that Dina [Manzo] and Jacqueline [Laurita] were asked to recommend beautiful women for the show,” the eyewitness reports.

“Dina recommended Teresa,” she shared.

The eyewitness then reveals: “Teresa said she does not know why Caroline [Manzo] did the show.”


“And,” the eyewitness shares. “There was a joke about if Teresa did the show, her husband would go to jail.”

That prophecy has been fulfilled, then.

As far as doing the show, “she said she f–ken shouldn’t have.”

“She said it is Jacqueline’s fault for her doing the show,” the eyewitness adds.

“Teresa said she suckered Joe into doing the show,” the report says.

The eyewitness continues: “and now that he is away, he has watched himself and says he was an a–hole.”

Apparently Gia and her mom have been looking at universities, but Teresa is strongly encouraging for her to stay close to home.

“Teresa said she is sick of driving far,” the eyewitness reports. “So is pushing for her to go to Rutgers.”

“She said she drives too much,” the report continues. “From dropping off and picking up kids and going to see Joe, she is sick of driving.”

Teresa also dished on her 17-year-old daughter’s academic performance, which is … a hell of a thing to do.

“She said Gia struggles in school,” the eyewitness says. “And has tutors and she is tired of paying for them.”

The eyewitness reports: “She said she gets good grades, but she is not a genius like her middle daughter, who gets straight As and is the smart one.”

Teresa addressed other topics, beyond comparing the relative academic performances and intelligences of her children.

Specifically, Teresa had some not-so-kind words regarding her feud with Caroline, Jacqueline, and Kathy Wakile.

“She said she is sad she let them into her house, to be betrayed by them,” the eyewtiness reports.

“Fame and money will do that to family,” the eyewitness characterizes of Teresa’s words.

“She said,” the report concludes. “You never go against family.”

Teresa and Joe have four daughters. Gia is 17, Gabriella is 14, Milania is 12, and Audriana is 9.

For them to lose their father to deportation — a horror that is sadly all too common these days — is nothing short of tragic.

While Teresa and Joe aren’t perfect (fraud convictions and table-flipping are only the tip of that iceberg), they love their children.

(Even if Teresa openly gossips about Gia and also doesn’t seem to understand that academic performance isn’t synonymous with intelligence)

Seeing this family put on a brave face while getting torn apart is heartbreaking.


Gia Giudice Rallies Support for Dad as Joe Faces Deportation

Last week, Joe Giudice’s family responded to the stunning news that he will be deported upon his release from prison.

Daugther Gia issued a desperate plea, urging her incarcerated father to fight this deportation order with an enthusiastic appeal.

Now, she is using her social media clout to defend her dad and call for support from others.

Gia Giudice, eldest daughter of Teresa and Joe, took to Instagram to rally support for her father.

“This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad,” she began, referring to the image you’re about to see.

“My father is no threat to society,” she affirms.

Joe was arrested for fraud. That can be harmful, but not what usually comes to mind when you describe a dangerous criminal.

“He is one of the most warm hearted people I know,” Gia writes.

Here is the photo.

The touching throwback photo shows a young, fit Joe and a very young Gia.

Gia continues: “he would never harm a soul.”

“He puts everyone else before himself.” she says.

He and Teresa did make a deal to have separate prison sentences, even though that kept them apart longer, so that they could be there for their girls.

“I know who my father is,” Gia writes. “And I think many of you do too.”

Gia isn’t pretending that her father is perfect or incapable of breaking laws.

“My father did his time,” Gia acknowledges. “And learned from his mistakes.”

“Isn’t being in there supposed to make you realize your mistakes so you can become a better person?” Gia asked.

Perhaps if prisons were structured differently, designed for real rehabilitation instead of mere containment, more people would share Gia’s perspective.

But Gia believes in rehabilitation, writing: “and that’s exactly what my father did.”

“He hasn’t felt or looked this good since he was in his 30s,” Gia admits.

In that way, she’s showing that he is relatable to many other people whom time has worn down.

“We have so many plans to do as a family when he gets out,” she shares.

“I need my father to be here,” Gia writes.

She is a teen on the cusp of adulthood. She has already had too much of a massive disruption in her life.

“My father belongs with us and his entire family,” she affirms.

She reminds her fans and followers that Joe is Italian by birth, but doesn’t actually know the country any better than she does.

“My father came into this country when he was one year old,” she writes.

Because of this, “the United States is the only country he knows.”

She then encourages those reading her message to “spread the word” about how her father should not be deported for his non-violent crimes.

She even includes the hashtag: “#bringjoehome.”

Immigration and deportation are complicated subjects.

Some would gleefully deport Joe for the “crime” of having been born on foreign soil.

Others don’t blame him for that, but would disparage him for not seeking citizenship while married to Teresa — and for committing fraud.

But something to consider with deportation is that someone who has lived their entire life here, who has family here, is part of the community.

Unless that person is a threat, it is difficult to argue that the good of giving someone the boot outweighs the bad.

Gia would miss her father. Her whole family would.


Abby Lee Miller Faces New Health Crisis, Asks Fans for Prayers

Abby Lee Miller is battling cancer, and receiving visits and comfort from Dance Moms alumni. Now, she’s asking for something else.

If you are one of her fans or followers, she would like your prayers.

On top of her cancer, Miller has a high fever — and her white blood cell count is worryingly low.

“It’s Friday,” Abby Lee Miller writes in the captions of her latest Instagram photo, posted on Friday, August 17.

Curiously, she follows that announcement with the words: “Yay & Pray.”

The yay is to celebrate the end of the workweek. The pray is the beginning of her request.

Miller asks fans and followers to pray that “my white blood cell count goes up and my 103 fever goes down!”

Though she’s clearly not trying to be too dramatic, she follows that up with an understatement: “Yikes!”

She paired her captions with this photo.

Clearly, the once and future Dance Moms star is trying to keep things positive — even chipper.

A 103 fever is no joke. Even a degree or two higher can lead to brain damage.

And while one normally looks for an elevated white blood cell count when a body is fighting certain types of infections, it looks like hers is too low.

Why? She doesn’t say, but we can infer that her chemotherapy and radiation treatments are taking their toll on her immune system.

Earlier this year, Miller was released from prison and sent to a halfway house. It looked like she was on track to getting her old life back.

Then, she was sent to the hospital for an emergency surgery after a fast-creeping paralysis began to spread through her body.

Doctors performed an agonizing spinal surgery on her to take care of what they believed would be just an infection.

Instead, they discovered that she has a kind of cancer — Burkitt lymphoma, which is most often found in children.

That was not what they expected, and it is definitely worse than the infection that they had expected to find.

Miller then underwent a second emergency spinal surgery to relieve pressure, even as she goes through chemo and radiation to deal with the cancer.

Burkitt is a fast-spreading cancer.

The positive side of that is that Burkitt also responds more quickly to treatment than a slow-spreading cancer might.

Burkitt lymphoma has a 90% recovery rate in children, among whom it is the most common.

That figure is said to be somewhat lower among adults, but it sounds like Miller’s odds — statistically speaking — are good.

Still, this is a frightening experience for Miller and for her loved ones and her countless fans.

Though she has been criticized for her antagonistic attitude toward children, no one wants to see her be another victim of cancer.

This fever is, we hope, just a minor speedbump on her road to making a full recovery.

If any fans of hers want to send her their prayers or well-wishes that her fever goes down and her white blood cell count goes up, we are sure that she will appreciate it.


Ex-MLB Star Esteban Loaiza Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Charge, Faces Life In Prison

Ex-MLB All-Star pitcher Esteban Loaiza has formally pled guilty to felony cocaine possession with intent to distribute and now faces up to life in prison.  As we previously reported, the 46-year-old was arrested in San Diego back in February…