Real Housewives of New Jersey: Struggling to Find New Cast, Facing Cancellation (Report)

Are you a female resident of the Garden State whose taste for drama is matched only by her love of sequins and spray tans?

Then contact Andy Cohen ASAP, because you might have a future flipping tables on one of reality TV’s trashiest series!

Yes, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is looking for new cast members.

It’s exciting news for Jersey residents, as along with the E Street Band and Chris Christie’s gravy supplier, the show is one of the state’s most reliable sources of steady employment.

With Siggy Flicker departing the series and ratings at an all-time low, cast members and producers are reportedly desperate to pull RHONJ “out of the gutter.”

And in this case, that’s not just a euphemism for moving out of New Jersey.

“Network execs told the ladies that they had to get the show ‘out of the gutter’ or else it was going to be canceled,” a production source tells Radar Online.

Insiders say the show is finding trouble finding affluent women who are willing to blow up their personal lives on national television for 15 minutes of fame.

Go figure!

“The women were told to find a way to make the show better and to help find a new lady to join the show that wouldn’t be so divisive. Bravo wants fun and this season was not fun,” says the insider.

Wait … there was a fun season of RHONJ?!

Would that be the one where Teresa Giudice went to prison, or the one where her husband went to prison?

We kid. In its early days, the show really did have a sense of fun and frivolity.

Of course, it’s hard to hold onto that when you have cast members serving hard time.

Anyway, the effort to land a new Jersey Housewife has reportedly gone in some bizarre directions.

According to one report, Melissa Gorga attempted to convince Chrissy Teigen to join the cast.

It didn’t pan out for the obvious reasons that Teigen is 1. not from New Jersey, 2. not a housewife, and 3. far too famous to ever seriously consider such a move.

But we can’t blame Gorga for trying something desperate, as sources say if the show doesn’t land a new lady soon, it won’t be returning for another season.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to get caught up in time for what could be the show’s final episodes.


McKayla Maroney Facing Huge Fine For Testifying Against Dr. Larry Nassar, Chrissy Teigen Offers to Pay

Even though Dr. Larry Nassar has been convicted of child porn and is accused of molesting over 140 girls, the fact remains that Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is not exactly free to testify about his alleged crimes against her.

If she does, the non-disclosure agreement that she signed years ago would reportedly subject her to a $ 100,000 fine.

But one famous and beloved celebrity, Chrissy Teigen, is offering to foot the bill.

Back in October, McKayla Maroney courageously revealed that her team doctor had molested her when she was a minor.

All of those famous moments of her in the Olympics? Those were when she was under the power of Dr. Larry Nassar.

Nassar would allegedly give his young female patients “treatments,” using the pretense of medical care to molest them.

The abuse went on for years.

Since McKayla spoke up, numerous teammates including Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman, have accused Dr. Nassar of similar, heinous abuse.

All told, the number of women who accuse Larry Nassar of sexual abuse number over 140.

Early Tuesday morning, The Daily Mail published that McKayla Maroney is effectively barred from testifying at Dr. Larry Nassar’s sentencing.

To be clear, though he has confessed to a “small” number of sex abuse charges …

(Small only in contrast to the volume of his accusers)

… Dr. Nassar’s sentence of 60 years in prison came from his possession of a truly alarming volume of child pornography.

Dozens of women are scheduled to speak at Nassar’s sentencing, but McKayla Maroney may be barred from giving her own victim impact statement.

We know that this is strange, since McKayla shared her story in a very public manner, months ago.

McKayla is currently suing USA Gymnastics, accusing them of knowing about Dr. Nassar and covering up his crimes (presumably to protect themselves from sharing in the blame).

Oh boy, has that not gone well.

What led to McKayla signing the NDA in the first place was desperation. She was suffering psychological problems as a result of years of trauma from sexual abuse. Unfortunately, receiving her much-needed treatment costs money.

But there are multiple legal challenges to NDAs, particularly when such an agreement appears to exist in order to cover up a crime. We’ll see how that goes.

In the mean time, McKayla is a successful Olympian, but probably not in a position where she could just pay $ 100,000 like it’s a parking ticket.

In the mean time, however, there’s a much more direct and simple solution to McKayla Maroney’s dilemma.

Chrissy Teigen shared the article about how she might be fined, and tweeted:

“The entire principle of this should be fought – an NDA to stay quiet about this serial monster with over 140 accusers, but I would be absolutely honored to pay this fine for you, McKayla.”

That’s such a good move and a very generous offer.

$ 100,000 is a lot of money, but Chrissy Teigen can definitely make good on it, even if you don’t factor in that her husband is John Legend.

But hopefully she won’t have to.

There’s bad press, and then there’s millionaire celebrities had to step in because of our NDA that protects a serial sexual predator bad press.

USA Gymnastics would be smart to wave the NDA. It would make them look better. (Remember how celebrities spoke out, with some like Taylor Swift writing checks, in defense of Kesha? Even Sony was feeling the pressure. That can happen for USA Gymnastics, too)

As of yet, we haven’t seen a public response from McKayla, who seems to no longer be on Twitter and Instagram. (Which we absolutely understand)


Adam Lind Facing FOUR Counts of Domestic Assault!

After her baby daddy Adam Lind’s latest arrest, Chelsea Houska wisely moved to limit his visitation with their daughter

And that makes even more sense when you here the details of the charges that he’s facing for his domestic assault.

All four of them.

As we mentioned, Adam Lind was arrested … again … and has some serious legal struggles ahead of him.

This time, it’s wasn’t for yet again testing positive for meth right before having a visitation for one of his kids.

It wasn’t even for another domestic assault, though it’s definitely related to his recent bout of alleged violence against a woman.

This last arrest was for violating a protective order.

How did he get a protective order — forbidding him from coming near or contacting baby mama Stasia Huber — in the first place?

Well, hear it in Stasia’s own words:

“While under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and steroids,” Stasia reveals in court documents. “he fractured my forearm.”

That alone would be a nightmare and, quite frankly, enough for us to be just fine with the idea of Lind spending a solid chunk of time in prison, but Stasia Huber continues:

“… Locked me in the house saying I couldn’t leave, smashed my phone …”

Terrifying. She’s describing being imprisoned and cut off, unable to flee his alleged violence and also unable to call for help.

“And once he realized what he had done, he broke down crying and took me to the ER.”

A lot of abusers display remorse; it doesn’t mean that they’re going to change. And it doesn’t undo their unforgivable actions.

So, what do those horrible deeds look like in official, legal terms?

RadarOnline got a hold of some court documents. After Adam Lind was arrested on November 2nd, he was charged with:

For the first count: “He did attempt to cause bodily injury to another and had the actual ability to cause the injury.”

For the second count: “Did recklessly cause bodily injury to another.”

For the third count: “Attempting by physical menace or credible threat to put another in fear of imminent bodily harm, with or without the actual ability to harm the other person.”

And for the fourth count, he was charged with intentionally causing bodily harm to another.

Quite frankly, we’re surprised that none of those charges includes kidnapping or false imprisonment or something along those lines.

(It’s always possible that the charges could be amended, we’re sure)

Considering the allegations against Lind, the charges, the fact that he apparently violated Stasia’s protective order, and the timeline — that he got busted for meth as recently as April … well, he’s in a whole heap of trouble.

Adam Lind was released from jail. Maybe this time, he’ll pay attention to Stasia Huber’s protective order.

All of this is fodder to reduce or outright end visitations. Quite frankly, a man who does the things of which Adam Lind is accused does not need to be around children, no matter how much he may love them in his moments of sobriety.

Chelsea Houska is really one of the better mothers in the Teen Mom franchise. By all appearances, Aubree would be better served by spending zero time with a ‘roided out meth-head.

Honestly, Adam Lind’s arrest record isn’t colorful — it’s chilling. Visitation and custody topics could be moot, depending upon what the court thinks of his behavior.

He has a plea hearing on Thursday, and his jury trial begins on January 18th. We’ll keep you updated.


Adam Lind: Arrested AGAIN! Is He Facing Prison Time?

If you're a fan of Teen Mom 2, then you know that of all the bad dads and trashy exes on the long-running series, Adam Lind is the absolute worst.

Lind's rap sheet rivals that of Jenelle Evans, and it doesn't look like he'll be settling down anytime soon.

Last month, Lind was arrested for domestic assault, and now it seems he's once again been taken into custody.

Here's what we know so far about the troubled reality star's current situation:

1. The Charges Against Him

Adam lind pitches protein bars on instagram
According to Radar Online, Lind was arrested Tuesday night for “violation of conditional bond no contact in domestic arrest.”

2. Lind Behind Bars

Adam lind meth
Lind is reportedly being held in a South Dakota jail without bond. He’s scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon.

3. A History of Legal Issues

Adam lind and stasia huber pic
Back on November 2, Lind was arrested for allegedly assaulting ex-girlfriend Stasia Huber.

4. A Harrowing Account

Stasia huber and adam lind
“While under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and steroids, he fractured my forearm, locked me in the house saying I couldn’t leave, smashed my phone and once he realized what he had done, he broke down crying and took me to the ER,” Huber said in court documents.

5. Stasia Protects Herself

Adam lind fiancee stasia huber
On November 7, Huber was granted an order of protection against Adam. Unfortunately, it seems that wasn’t enough to keep Lind at bay.

6. A Violation

Adam lind stasia huber pic
It’s not clear exactly what Lind did to violate the order–he may have approached her or simply contacted her by phone–but whatever it was, police saw fit to lock him up.

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Duggar Family: Facing Cancelation AGAIN?!

The Duggar family’s reality shows are not unlike cockroaches.

Before you get offended, note that we’re applying that analogy to the Duggars’ TV series, not to the members of the family themselves. 

And while that’s certainly not a compliment, it’s not quite an insult, either. Hear us out:

Back in July of 2015, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled by TLC in response to growing outrage over the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

Astonishingly, the decision didn’t come until two months after the world learned that Josh had molested five young girls, and even then, it took the loss of advertising revenue for network execs to finally act.

At the time, Duggar fans and detractors alike assumed that was the family’s time as a television staple had come to an end.

After all, surely viewers wouldn’t be quick to forget crimes so egregious and a cover-up so corrupt as the one perpetrated by Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, right?

Well, as it turns out the morals of the Duggar faithful proved to be more malleable than we would have thought.

To be fair, Jim Bob and Michelle did make the concession of assuring fans that Josh Duggar would never appear on their new show, Counting On.

In fact, the show was pitched as a limited-run documentary series that would focus on the couple’s then-newlywed daughters, a premise reflected in the series’ original title, Jill and Jessa: Counting On.

Ratings-wise, the show struggled from the start, and it has yet to hit the same heights of popularity as its predecessor, 19 Kids.

In season two, producers made the decision to broaden the focus and feature the entire family–except, of course, for Josh.

It seems most fans assumed that Jim Bob would eventually leap back into the spotlight, but many were surprised that he made the move quite so quickly.

As several industry analysts predicted, the change proved to be a misstep, and the show’s ratings continued their slow decline,

On October 23, the sixth season of Counting On came to a close with little fanfare.

Tellingly, TLC has yet to announce that the show has been picked up for a seventh season.

In a rare move, even the Duggars are admitting that the future of the series is in question.

Or at least the “close family friends” who operate The Original Duggar Family Fan Blog are admitting it:

“As of right now, a new season has not been announced,” the webmasters known only as Lily and Ellie wrote recently.

“But we will let you know as soon as it is.”

Obviously, it’s not a full-blown cancelation announcement, but it’s the closest the Duggars have come to admitting TLC might be having second thoughts about keeping the Duggars on the air.

This is hardly the first time that rumors of Counting On being canceled have circulated online, but it is the first time that sources close to the Duggars have publicly admitted the show might not be back.

And it’s tough to imagine that the Duggar media empire could survive a second cancelation.

Of course, like so many others, we predicted their demise the first time they went off the air, as well.

But like everyone’s least-favorite pestilential insect, Duggar TV ventures are nigh-impossible to kill.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Kevin Spacey: Facing Jail Time Over Latest Sexual Assault Allegations?!

It’s only been one week since actor Anthony Rapp went public with accusations that he was sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey at the age of 14.

But in that short time, the former House of Cards star has watched his career and public reputation come tumbling down in dramatic fashion.

Earlier this week, Spacey was fired by Netflix over allegations of misconduct, and as with Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby before him, Spacey’s list of accusers just keeps getting longer.

The latest to level charges against the 58-year-old actor is a former Boston news anchor named Heather Unruh.

Baco on October 13, Unruh tweeted that “a loved one” had once been assaulted by Spacey.

“The #weinsteinscandal has emboldened me,” she wrote.

“I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one. Time the dominoes fell.”

Today, Unruh went into shocking specifics.

At a press conference held this afternoon, Unruh revealed that her then-18-year-old son was groped by Spacey last year:

“[Spacey] stuck his hand inside my son’s pants and grabbed his genitals,” Unruh told reporters.

“Nothing could have prepared my son for how that sexual assault would make him feel as a man,” she added.

“It harmed him and it cannot be undone.”

Forced to answer the usual questions about why her son didn’t immediately file a police report, Unruh responded:

“He knew the kind of attention that would result from making an accusation about such a public person. I can assure you that this is not the kind of attention anyone wants.”

Unruh says Spacey plied her son with “drink after drink” prior to assaulting him.

She says her son falsely told the actor that he was of legal age to consume, but adds, “whether he was over 21 or not, Kevin Spacey had no right to sexually assault him. There was no consent.”

According to Unruh, the molestation continued for over an hour and ended only when Spacey went to the restroom and a stranger advised her son to flee.

Unruh says she would like to see Spacey put behind bars for his crimes, and notes that she and her son have filed a police report in Nantucket, where the alleged incident took place.

We will have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.