Mackenzie Standifer: Teen Mom OG Is Fake AF!

Back in July, Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards quit Teen Mom OG.

Or so they say.

All these weeks later it's still not totally clear if the troubled couple quit the show, or if they were fired at the behest of Ryan's baby mama, Mackenzie Standifer.

Whatever the case, Ryan and Mackenzie are royally pissed off at the network that made them famous, and they recently accused MTV of playing a dirty trick on TMOG viewers.

1. The Not-So-Happy Couple

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
Ryan and Mackenzie are MTV stars no longer. But that doesn’t mean they’re through offering their thoughts on the network and its practices.

2. Hard Times

Mackenzie standifer with ryan edwards
Ryan and Mackenzie were already having a rough go of it when they were struck by news that their time as reality stars had come to an end.

3. The Downward Spiral

Ryan edwards teen mom og picture
Ryan’s ongoing drug and legal troubles have put his marriage to the test repeatedly over the past year.

4. The Low Point

Mackenzie ryan bentley
There was a time when they even prevented him from seeing his son, Bentley, as Maci was able to secure a restraining order as a result of some violent threats made by Ryan.

5. Maci’s Claim

Maci bookout on teen mom o g
According to Maci, Ryan threatened to murder her husband, Taylor McKinney, and she had legitimate reason to fear for her family’s safety.

6. Open and Shut

Ryan edwards mug shot new
A judge agreed with her … and so did MTV. The network allegedly fired Ryan and Mackenzie as a result of his ongoing troubles. And now, the couple is striking back …

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The ACE Family: Did YouTube Vloggers Fake Their Own Burglary?!

The ACE Family is a successful YouTube channel with over 10,800,000 subscribers.

A few days ago, they reported that their home had been broken into while they were at Disneyland. They even uploaded a lengthy video about the aftermath, showing broken glass and a police presence.

But some believe that they may have staged the entire thing, right down to fake police. And the evidence is mounting. …

The ACE Family isn’t actually named ACE — it’s an acronym of their names.

Austin McBroom is a former basketball player. Catharine Paiz is his very pregnant wife. Elle McBroom is their adorable toddler daughter.

On August 16, they shared a half-hour video on their YouTube channel featuring their home, broken glass, and police. The story is that their home was burglarized while they were at Disneyland.

Burglaries can happen anywhere and to anyone, but they are an all-too-common danger in affluent L.A. neighborhoods.

But an array of cyber sleuths says that, despite the video evidence, they don’t think that this really happened.

They think that the family faked a break-in for views.

The ACE Family Gif 01

Now, vloggers are famous for drama and hyperbole. Nobody — nobody — does clickbait like a YouTuber whose clicks pay the bills.

A book fell over? I’M BEING HAUNTED. Someone bumped into you at the mall? I WAS ATTACKED

But a lot of folks on social media think that this wasn’t exaggerated — that it was totally staged. Some even asked what kind of family would pose for a YouTube thumbnail photo after a burglary.

While a robbery on that street was reported to the LAPD, no one can confirm if it took place at their address.

People nioted that the super friendly police officer’s interactions with the camera looked odd, and wondered if he was even really with the LAPD.

@YouTubeShadeRooms shared a literal receipt after a fan of the page dug up evidence that Top Cop Shop LA rented out fake police and fake police cars on August 16.

The ACE Family Gif 02

Catherine took to Twitter to decry these theories as a “smear campaign” that aim to deligitimize their family and also the LAPD. That last part seems like a stretch.

But Starcasm has a different theory — that the ACE Family was burglarized, but then had to remake part or all of the video the next evening.

In this scenario, what may have happened was the family suffered a break-in, but what they recorded wasn’t enough or wasn’t good enough to be a nice dramatic YouTube video.

So it is possible that they then rented out reenactors, which is not uncommon on reality shows, to recreate everything the next day to make a video that they could market on YouTube.

That would be a lot of work … but is it true? We don’t know.

Ace Family Break-In Thumbnail

(Seriously, they posed for a YouTube thumbnail photo)

Some would ask why anyone would go to such elaborate lengths and possibly spend thousands of dollars to either fabricate a break-in or recreate the aftermath for the camera.

The answer may be simple: either the sympathy story or, if they’re caught, the scandal, would be a welcome distraction from their last bit of press.

Because they had a very different scandal just a couple of weeks ago.

The ACE Family, Elle

See, some of Austin McBroom’s old tweets surfaced earlier this month — not two weeks before the alleged break-in.

In these tweets, Austin, who is biracial, says a lot of disparaging things about black women, and seems to pick on black women in St. Louis in particular while claiming that he is attracted to blue-eyed white women.

After the controversy of those haunting, regrettable tweets, a burglary of their home must have seemed like an act of divine providence to give them a new narrative.


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