Matt Roloff Blasts “Fake News” About His Close-Knit Family

Matt Roloff has gone all Donald Trump on his Facebook followers.

No, the Little People, Big World star has not referred to African nations in a very derogatory manner.

But he has used his social media platform to call out “fake news” outlets and reports.

Having apparently surfed the Internet often of late, the TLC personality is none too happy about what he’s seen.

Roloff has stumbled upon various stories that paint his family as a bunch of loved ones at odds, which is a stark contrast from the way they are presented on television each week.

(When Little People, Big World is in season, that is; HINT, HINT, TLC executives: Bring it back soon please!)

“Just got caught up on my roloff family fake news… lol. Fake news is alive and well.. how sad,” wrote Matt, adding by way of defense and reassurance:

“The roloff family just keeps hanging closer and closer together despite these broken misleading headlines … matt, amy, Jer , zach Audrey, Tori, molly, Joel, Jacob, Izzy, Chris and caryn.

“All working together to surprise you all at how an American family can function together despite a few minor differences. Wait for it…… a few short months.”

We actually do have a pretty firm idea about what Roloff is referring to here.

roloff, m

Over the past several weeks, there’s been chatter, for example, that he and Amy are at odds.

The couple filed for divorce about two years ago and have each found love in the arms of someone new (Caryn Chandler for Matt, Chris Marek for Amy).

It has certainly seemed from the outside like an amicable split.

However, tension reportedly emanated between the ex-lovers late last year as a result of Roloff’s romance with Chandler and the way Caryn often treats Amy.

This was never confirmed any insider who used his or her name in public – and neither Matt nor Amy said a negative word about the other.

But you know how rumors spread online, right?

Elsewhere, some fans have started to wonder why no photos exist that feature both Audrey and Jacob.

Even we must admit, for a tight-knit group of relative, this is a bit off.

Could these in-laws truly not get along well due to their opposite religious beliefs?

That basically sums up the chatter going on around this alleged feud.

Thankfully for Matt, however, most of his followers aren’t buying any of these claims.

Just take a look at the comments in reply to his “fake news” post:

mr defense

We’re not certain where we stand, to be honest.

It does seem fishy that Audrey and Jacob are never in the same place, but so what, right?

Who says every member of every family has to be best friends?

Also, Caryn Chandler did serve as the Roloff family farm manager prior to dating Matt. She knew Amy pretty well.

So of course things would be awkward between her and Matt’s ex-wife. Wouldn’t it almost be strange if they were not?

None of this means the Roloffs don’t love each other and aren’t always there for each other.

It mostly just means they’re… gasp! … normal.

Once again, however, we beseech TLC to air new episodes of Little People, Big World.

We miss the show.

And only then can we see these stars in action and know for sure just what is going on.


Rose McGowan Tears Into Golden Globes, “Fake” Hollywood Activism

The 2018 Golden Globe Awards aired live from Los Angeles on Sunday night.

But talk afterward was less about big wins for Big Little Lies and more about the theme of nearly every speech, not to mention nearly every outfit:

Female empowerment in Hollywood.

As you can see in the photo gallery above, celebrities from all industries walked the red carpet in all-black, coming together to make a statement in support of the #MeToo Movement.

Speech after speech centered on this topic, which has been at the forefront of the entertainment world for months now, ever since producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a sexual predator.

There were multiple standing ovations.

There were many tears shed.

There was applause all around for the brave women (and men) who have spoken out against accusers and helped drive terrible people such as Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer out of a job.

In other words:

This was the sort of night Rose McGowan has been waiting for her entire professional life, right?

The actress came out long ago with accusations of rape against Weinstein and has finally seen these allegations proven right.

So, why didn’t she do a figurative victory dance on Sunday?

Because McGowan doesn’t care about symbolism.

She cares about action.

The star took to Twitter to slam her acting peers in response to the following Tweet from Asia Argento, an actress and singer who also says Weinstein raped her.

“No one should forget that you were the first one who broke the silence,” she wrote to McGown, adding:

“Anyone who tries to diminish your work is a troll and an enemy of the movement. You gave me the courage to speak out. I am on your side until I die.”

Replied McGowan:

“And not one of those fancy people wearing black to honor our rapes would have lifted a finger had it not been so. I have no time for Hollywood fakery, but you I love, .@AsiaArgento #RoseArmy.”


Argento went on to note that neither she nor McGowan were invited to attend the Golden Globes.

This isn’t the first time McGowan has been critical of her fellow celebrities. She is nothing if not passionate and outspoken.

Late last year, for example, McGowan Tweeted about the idea for stars to wear black as a fashion/anti-harassment statement in a series of since-deleted posts.

“Actresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for The Pig Monster, are wearing black @GoldenGlobes in silent protest. YOUR SILENCE is THE problem,” she wrote at the time, adding:

“You’ll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real change. I despise your hypocrisy.”

Shortly after McGowan’s comments, Streep told Entertainment Tonight that she was “hurt to be attacked by” McGowan and insisted she knew nothing at all about Weinstein’s bad reputation when it came to women.

“I did not know about Weinstein’s crimes, not in the ‘90s when he attacked her, or through subsequent decades when he proceeded to attack others,” Streep said in response.

“I wasn’t deliberately silent. I didn’t know. I don’t tacitly approve of rape. I didn’t know. I don’t like young women being assaulted. I didn’t know this was happening.”

For the record, and for what it’s worth, Streep attended Sunday night’s ceremony.

She wore a black gown and she took activist/the Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Ai-jen Poo, as her date.


Faith Stowers Slams Lala Kent, James Kennedy: They’re Both Fake!

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules this season, then you know the show has delivered a satisfying mix of the old (Jax is still a colossal douche) and the new (he’s finding bold and innovative ways to express his douchiness).

At six seasons in, most reality shows are starting to wind down, but Vanderpump remains fresh largely because of just how low its principal players are willing to sink in the name of keeping their genitals stimulated and their livers pickled.

Thus far, this season has focused largely on the crumbling relationship between Jax and his well-meaning, but frustratingly naive girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright.

In the season premiere, we learned that Jax cheated on Brittany with former SUR girl Faith Stowers.

(He didn’t admit it until the following episode, but c’mon … Was there ever any doubt?)

For a while, there was reason to believe that Faith was pregnant with Jax’s baby, but it turns out that was just some BS Stowers cooked up to ensure she’d make it on the show.

But despite pretending to miss her period for the sake of like three minutes of screen time, Faith says she’s not the fake-ass one here.

No, she contends that that title belongs to her former friends James Kennedy and Lala Kent.

Recently, an Instagram follower expressed sympathy for Faith and stated that she hopes Lala is sticking by her during this tumultuous time:

“Lala is upset because she wanted to put this story out there so she doesn’t have my back and has been fake the whole time,” Faith responded.

In another comment, she went into greater detail, slamming not only Lala but her other former friend James Kennedy, whom she claims befriended Jax solely to ensure he wouldn’t get booted off the show due to his total lack of connection with anyone in the cast:

“James says he is back friends with Jax and says sorry faith just business, lol so sad. and Lala is mad because she wanted to deliver the scandal to bravo for more money in her contract and didn’t get to because of scheana party. They were fake friends and i learned my lesson.”

So that’s why Bravo felt it was okay to bring back serial woman-abuser James.

Clearly, Jax’s powers of persuasion know no bounds, as evidenced by the fact that he and Brittany are still together.

We’re pretty sure dude has hypnotic eyeballs, like that snake in The Jungle Book.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up in time for what’s alreadu been a bonkers season.

Just be careful not to lock eyes with Jax Taylor.

Dude will have you PayPal-ing him your life savings in no time. 


Sean Astin Responds to FCC’s Fake Comments by His Mother, Patty Duke, Against Net Neutrality

Sean Astin says if his mom, Patty Duke, were still alive today … she’d be marching on Capitol Hill to demand answers why her name was fraudulently used to oppose net neutrality. A little backstory — Sean’s bro, actor Mackenzie Astin, called out…


Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom is Too Fake to Win Awards!

Believe it or not, Teen Mom has been nominated for an award!

That’s great news for fans of the franchise who have longed for it to receive better recognition for showing the lives and struggles of these young mothers.

You know who isn’t loving this news? Farrah Abraham. 

Great news for MTV and for Teen Mom fans!

MTV’s official Twitter account tweeted out this:

“NEWS: #TeenMom Is nominated for Best Unstructured Reality Series at the 2018 #CriticsChoice Awards! @AmberLPortwood”

Their competition in this category includes:

Born This Way

Ice Road Truckers


Live PD

Ride With Norman Reedus

We’re willing to bet that most people haven’t even heard of every series on the list, but this is the Critics Choice — it’s about which series they believe is best-executed, not necessarily which show is most popular with all viewers.

But Farrah Abraham was not in a celebratory mood:

Farrah replied to the tweet, writing:

“I don’t think it will win as it’s very structured, manipulated by the network.”

So, this is the sort of stuff that Farrah — like so many disaffected reality stars — love to say about a reality show once they’ve left.

Farrah’s tweet continued: “production & almost scripted story lines at this point…”

So, nothing that we haven’t heard from her before.

Cattily, MTV’s Twitter account replied to Farrah:

“Well it’s a honor being nominated it’s at pretty big award show.”

Honestly, part of what must have gotten under Farrah’s skin was that MTV had directly tagged Amber Portwood in the announcement.

Farrah really doesn’t like Amber Portwood.

But another issue that Farrah has lately is that she, well, is being forced by a producer to choose between continuing with her sex work or being a Teen Mom OG star

(It’s a little more complicated than that; we’ll get to that)

We all remember how Farrah Abraham has rambled about “hate crimes,” which she apparently believes are just things that people hate.

She accused Viacom, MTV’s parent company that also owns like, most things that aren’t owned by Disney (we’re exaggerating … barely) of shaming her.

She first announced that she was fired … and then clarified that she was not fired, merely hate-crimed and sex-shamed.

The real story behind Farrah Abraham’s “firing” is that a producer who represents neither Viacom nor MTV presented Farrah with the ultimatum: quit camgirling or quit Teen Mom.

He didn’t have the authority to do that. He also appeared to stage the situation so that Farrah’s reaction could be caught on camera. Maybe he was just looking for drama.

However, he caused a serious rift between Farrah and MTV and Viacom, because Farrah tends to explode with anger and resentment instead of, you know, realizing that one dickish producer overstepped his bounds.

In the process, she may have alienated herself from the decision-makers who do matter.

And that’s what Farrah’s response to MTV’s nomination was — she’s still bitter and resentful and, as usual, spent a lot of time and energy taking it out on the wrong people while making things worse for herself.

It is, if nothing else, very on brand for her.


Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom is SOOO Fake! Watch THIS Show Instead!

You know, it’s starting to look like Farrah Abraham really was fired from Teen Mom OG

Because you don’t normally bite the hand that pays you … unless it’s no longer paying you.

And Farrah is now singing the praises of a new reality series about pregnant teens … and bashing Teen Mom in the process.

It’s still not entirely clear what went down behind the scenes, but Farrah Abraham ranted and raved to the world that she had been fired from Teen Mom OG in a “hate crimes” committed by MTV.

Farrah Abraham not knowing what a hate crime actually is and apparently thinking that it’s just when someone does something that you don’t like is … not surprising.

It seemed that she was fired for her sex work — specifically, for Farrah’s adventures as a camgirl when she strips down and masturbates for paying viewers.

Apparently, that totally honest (and legal) work ruffled someone’s feathers at MTV. But did they really just fire her over it?

Things only got more confusing when Farrah said that she wasn’t actually fired, apparently after talking with someone at Viacom. So … had someone at MTV told her that she was getting fired? And, if so, was it a lie?

Unfortunately, Farrah is not a clear source of information on anything except maybe what she looks like in lingerie.

Whatever her situation, Farrah is now taking to Twitter heaping praise on a new reality series, Unexpected.

Farrah tweeted:

“Love Unexpected @TLC how honest and non scripted it is!! Honest story telling! @MTV needs to take notes their fake teen mom quality is not even credible to watch anymore.. OG real talk.”

For some reason, when Farrahy says “fake teen mom” we hear it in the same tone as when Trump tweets about the “failing New York Times.”

Not a flattering comparison for either of them, really. Trump would hate to be compared to a woman, and absolutely no one wants to be compared to Trump.

A fan tweeted (and was retweeted by Farrah):

“Farrah’s right. Teen Mom is so unrealistic that people don’t even know what being a teen mom is really like anymore. I hope this new show gets the message out better than MTV has.”

There’s no telling if that fan is sincere or if they were just agreeing with Farrah in the hopes of getting a shout-out.

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Unexpected follows three pregnant teen girls.

Yes, teen pregnancies are down among Millennials and Generation Z (both generations have members in high school at the moment), but there are still 15-year-old girls who get pregnant. Often because their schools and parents fail to educate them properly.

But there’s a twist that sets Unexpected apart from Teen Mom:

All three girls’ mothers were also teenage mothers.

(You might think that they’d have taken extra steps to impress upon their daughters how their lives were transformed by their pregnancies and how best to use birth control … but maybe these moms still aren’t making great life decisions)

Anyway, so there’s extra emotional baggage attached to these girls and their situations.

And previews for the series have shown that, to no one’s surprise, girls who get pregnant in high school don’t always have the most realistic ideas about pregnancy, motherhood, or whether or not their baby daddies will stick around.

But whether or not it’s really less scripted … who can say?

We think that we know why Farrah’s loving it, though. And there’s more to it than spiting Teen Mom.

Remember Heather Walsh from Teen Mom OG?

She was fired from that show after breaking professionalism rules. Basically, because she became friends with Farrah Abraham and crossed some boundaries.

(Not sex boundaries, you perv, just platonic sleepovers that producers were told that they should not be doing)

Well, Heather is now a producer on Unexpected.

So it’s no surprise to see Farrah Abraham praising her friend’s show while bashing the show that (maybe) fired her.

To Farrah, that’s two birds, one stone.


Amy Roloff Defends Boyfriend, Calls Little People Big World Fake!

It’s sadly no secret that Amy Roloff gets hated online by “fans.” It’s unfair in so many ways. It’s also undeserved.

Often, Amy lets it slide. She’s a grandmother and she has her own life and, quite frankly, doesn’t have to listen to trolls who comment on Instagram.

But one fans comment must have hit just the right nerve, because Amy spoke up to defend her boyfriend against the haters.

Amy Roloff has been dating Chris Marek for a while now.

And there are some haters out there who cannot stand it.

To hear some fans tell it, you’d think that Amy Roloff had developed a meth habit, set fire to Roloff farms, and flipped off her children while riding off on a motorcycle after having joined a biker gang.

In reality, Amy Roloff just … got a divorce from Matt Roloff.

Yes, they had been married for 27 years. That’s a long time to be together.

But no, she’s not a villain. She didn’t abandon their family. She still lives on Roloff farms, and she still loves her family.

Though Amy must be thoroughly accustomed to seeing and ignoring hate directed at herself from people who think that she’s a bad mother or who slam her grandma pictures, this comment got under her skin.


Because this time, the hate wasn’t directed at her.

This was clearly one of her fans.

This time, the fan’s ire was directed at Chris Marek.

Remember, in the past, Amy Roloff’s been slammed for vacationing with Chris because it was “too close” to Audrey giving birth to precious baby Ember Jean.

But that was more about shaming Amy Roloff for daring to have a life than it was about questioning Chris Marek’s motives.

A commenter wrote on Amy Roloff’s Instagram:

“Big mistake, believe me, Amy can do better [than] him, he’s just in it for the game [and] getting his face out there.”

Referring to Amy in the third person tells us that maybe this person was hoping to engage with other fans … and not expecting Amy to read and respond.

But Amy did, writing:

“Try not to make quick assumptions about anyone from what you see on an edited show.”

That’s good advice, really.

But it’s also interesting that Amy Roloff would point out that Little People, Big World is edited.

Is she calling the series fake?

We know that Amy Roloff has been spending time with Jacob Roloff, so now we’re wondering if Jacob’s belief that the series is too fake for him to support has rubbed off on her.

It’s also possible that she’s just trying to deflect criticism from Chris. That’s totally fair — she shouldn’t have to defend her relationship to total strangers.

As for the people who are spinning “theories” about why Chris Marek is dating Amy … have they considered that he likes her?

Or do these haters believe, on some level, that little people are somehow unlovable?

If so … what the heck are they doing watching Little People, Big World in the first place? Ugh.


Scott Disick: Kourtney Kardashian is FAKE!

On last night's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott Disick had a heart-to-heart with Kim about how he and Kourtney are (or aren't) getting along. Kim had hoped that she'd cleared up some things.

This promo for next week shows that Scott is still getting into conflict with Kourtney.

In the video below, Scott calls Kourtney "fake" in a heated confrontation. 

Kourtney kardashian scott disick split kuwtkScott disick in glasses on kuwtk

If you've read our latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians recap, you know that, well, Scott still sucks.

He had a heart-to-heart with Kim, who was basically his sister-in-law for ages (not literally, since he and Kourtney never married).

And Kim will always be the aunt of his three children: Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

Kim noted — to the camera — that it's taking Scott longer, or perhaps a lot longer, to deal with his breakup from Kourtney than Kourtney has taken.

Probably because Kourtney is a grown-up while Scott is just … old enough that he should be handling this more maturely.

But Scott has every conceivable privilege under the sun, so we suppose that it's no surprise that he isnt' responding well to not getting his way — in this case, to not being back in Kourtney's life.

Kourtney kardashian listening to scott disick

Even before last night's Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired, we knew that Scott Disick was whining about hooking up with models.

Speaking to Kim Kardashian (who mostly managed to keep a straight face as Scott talked about how miserable he was), Scott complained that hooking up with so many young, hot models in Cannes and beyond didn't do anything for him.

He felt "unfulfilled," where he pointed to Kourtney's vacation with Younes Bendjima as something that he envied because Kourtney was enjoying a happy, content bond with just one man.

Scott seemed to be positively blown away when Kim said that she figured that Kourtney would be happy for him if he settled down with one woman.

(Again, there's nothing wrong with sleeping around if everyone involved is cool with it; but it's hard to keep that kind of thing secret from your kids when your family is famous and your sexual misadventures are so public)

Maybe that's what inspired Scott to "go steady," as they used to say back in olden times, with Sofia Richie.

Scott disick calls kourtney kardashian fake

But apparently that pep talk only had a limited effect.

Because next week, we'll see Scott basically blow up at Kourtney.

As you can see below, Scott is clearly stressed after having been left out of a Kardashian family event.

Kourtney explains it very matter-of-factly: "You think [that] you can hurt me and still get invited to everything."

Scott clearly doesn't take it well.

We don't know what he's replying to, directly, because promos are heavily edited and sometimes misleading, but he appears to direct his ire at Kourtney:

"It's funny how fake you really are."

That is … very rude and very confrontational. 

Kourtney kardashian kuwtk promo

These two are going to have to work things out, because Scott and Kourtney will always share their three children.

It will be interesting to see upcoming promos and the episode itself to get a much clearer idea of how this confrontation goes down.

And it will be nice, eventually, to see how it all gets resolved.

Because Scott and Kourtney can't coparent while they're at each other's throats like this.

Something, as they say, has got to give.

(And that something is Scott and his big ol' ego)

Scott disick kourtney kardashian is fake