Marjorie Jackson: Was She Using Josiah Duggar For Fame?

Last month, the world learned that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are engaged.

The news came as no great surprise, as Josiah and Lauren had been courting for several months, and Duggar courtships typically result in marriage.

But as Josiah knows from firsthand experience, that’s not always the case…

You see, unlike his brothers and sisters, Josiah’s first courtship was not his last.

Back in 2015, Josiah entered a relationship with Marjorie Jackson.

At the time, it was widely assumed that the young couple would follow in the footsteps of his older siblings by marrying and starting a family shortly thereafter.

After all, like other Duggar courting partners, Marjorie had been carefully selected and possessed all of the qualities prized by Josiah’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar:

Jackson was a fundamentalist Christian from a reputable family with a long history of service and involvement with the church.

So it came as quite a surprise when Josiah and Marjorie broke up.

For as long as the Duggars had been in the spotlight each and every new courtship had led to marriage and children.

Many fans stated that they were unaware that Duggars even had the option of ending a courtship.

Almost as surprising as the breakup was the manner in which the public found out about it.

No official announcement was made, and Marjorie simply disappeared from Josiah’s social media pages.

All photos of the two of them were deleted from Josiah’s Instagram account and that was that.

Shortly thereafter, rumors that Marjorie planned to write a tell-all about her time with the Duggars seem to lend credence to the widespread belief that this was a rather ugly breakup.

In an attempt to suppress the rumors, Josiah finally issued a statement and assured fans that he and Marjorie had simply decided to go their separate ways.

“Marjorie and I had a good time together. We were just trying to follow God’s lead on everything,” the statement read.

“She didn’t feel that it was the right timing then, so we called it quits for a bit.” 

But fans in the Duggar discussion group on Reddit believe there may have been a more sinister reason for the split.

As In Touch Weekly points out, Josiah’s split from Marjorie is once again a frequent topic of conversation on the boards, seemingly as a result of his engagement to Lauren.

It seems many redditors are convinced that Marjorie – who has published multiple books and has a large following on social media – was interested in Josiah due to his fame and fortune.

The theorists who fall into this camp propose different ideas about exactly why Josiah and Marjorie called it quits:

Some believe he got wise to her ulterior motives and called the relationship off.

Others feel that she realized he wouldn’t be good for her reputation (due to the Josh Duggar sex scandals) or her bank account (due to the fact that TLC earnings are split many different ways) and decided to seek her fortune elsewhere.

“It’s a widely spread belief that Marjorie was more into the fame than she was into Josiah, but what if it wasn’t the fame she was after?” wrote one fan.

“What if she wanted a slice of that sweet, sweet TLC pie, but split as soon as she found out that Josiah would likely never see a cent of it?”

“‘Would you like to enter a courtship?’ ‘Yes, I’d be happy to.’ [side hug] ‘Just letting you know I don’t get any money from the show, Dad takes it all.’ ‘Oh, then I guess I can’t court if you’re broke, it’s over,'” another redditor joked.

Still others believe that Marjorie initially hoped to weather the storm of the Josh scandals, but eventually decided an association with the Duggars would do her career more harm than good.

“She wanted fame and was using Josiah to get it. She was all in until the Josh scandal hit. They lost [19 Kids and Counting] when they began courting. Showed her true colors and its obvious she was a user,” one commenter theorized.

“Hey Marjorie, God is a good score keeper! I didn’t like her, user! Funniest thing yet?

“She didn’t know there would be another show featuring the older Duggars. She probably hates herself now. She puts on a good show she is happy. But, deep down she cringed.”

Yes, it seems Marjorie has brought Duggar fans and critics together in their shared disdain for her. No easy feat!

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Wendy Williams Slams The Weeknd: He’s a Fake Who USED Selena Gomez for Fame!

Wendy Williams is digging into the lyrics of The Weeknd's new, sad music and into all that was said of his past relationship with Selena Gomez.

And she thinks that The Weeknd is making himself seem more tender and vulnerable than he actually is in order to endear himself to fans.

We don't normally say this, but … Wendy may be right about this. You'll have to watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Wendy williams on her set

Even though Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up — to some degree — Selena hasn't gone running back to The Weeknd.

In fact, she headed down to go yachting in Australia.

The Weeknd, in the mean time, released a new EP, titled My Dear Melancholy

In it, he appears to confess a lot of tender feelings, a lot of vulnerabilities, and … that he almost gave Selena Gomez his kidney.

Wendy Williams believes that this is an act.

"I do not believe that in a 10-month relationship, The Weeknd was all goo-goo-ga-ga over Selena Gomez."

It's not that Wendy doesn't believe that Selena is lovable. It's just that she doesn't think that The Weeknd is all that emotional.

And she has other doubts.

"And I do not believe for a minute he was about to give her his kidney."

To be clear, he doesn't explicitly state that he offered his kidney … but his lyrics seem to imply that he was willing to undergo a transplant.

"You [The Weeknd] pull on the heartstrings of lonely girls [with your music] who actually believe a man would actually fall in love and give up a kidney and all that stuff."

Wendy Williams doesn't seem to have a very optimistic view of men. But you know what? That's fair.

And she sees what he has to gain from all of this.

"That is great album sales for The Weekend, and it makes him seem like this guy you want to throw your panties at."

Wendy williams shares her thoughts

Wendy goes on to accuse The Weeknd of having used Selena as a stepping stone to increase his own fame.

"The Weeknd, you used this relationship for exactly what it was."

"Because a lot of people did not know exactly who you were before you got with her…"

That is true. Sure, his music played on the radio and he has fans who've been with him so long that they still call him by his real name, Abel.

But his star is brighter than ever now that he just spent 10 months dating one of the most famous, talented women on the planet — and after having his photos featured on the world's most followed Instagram account.

"You got the best end of this deal particularly, The Weekend."

Selena gomez and the weeknd date night

Wendy cites what she sees as another problem with the fallout from The Weeknd's relationship with Selena.

"And Selena ended up going back to Justin Bieber, and her mother isn’t happy about it."

While Wendy doesn't seem to know Mandy Teefey's name, and even refers to her as "Ms. Gomez" at one point …

(Admittedly, it's possible that some of us are more invested in Selena Gomez than others)

… Wendy is very complimentary towards Mandy, and plays a brief blurb in which Mandy disavows any knowledge of Selena's current love life.

As we all know, Selena and her mother were feuding about her rekindled romance with Justin, but Selena and Mandy are getting along better than they were when they first came into conflict.

Wendy williams is aghast

Wendy may be a little unfair to The Weeknd, here.

But many people find it hard to believe that there was ever any real chance that he'd give Selena his kidney. (But, hey, sometimes complete strangers donate organs to each other)

And it's difficult to dispute that his relationship with Selena helped him.

It's similarly hard to disagree with the fact that his perceived emotional sensitivity and tenderness is going to, as Wendy says, get girls to want to throw their panties at him.

Watch this video and decide for yourself if Wendy is actually right about this.

Wendy williams slams the weeknd hes a fake who used selena gomez

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