Proud Dad Patton Oswalt Says Daughter Doesn’t Even Know of ‘Fart Land’ Fame Yet

Patton Oswalt’s a proud papa, because his 8-year-old girl’s following in his footsteps and making people laugh … but she doesn’t even know it yet! We got the comedian and “A.P. Bio” star leaving a barbershop in Silver Lake Wednesday, and had to…


Kylie Jenner: Is She Done with Fame Forever?!

We’re going on four months now since we first learned of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy …

And it sure has been rough.

First we had to deal with the news itself, which was actually pretty shocking.

Stories about multi-millionaire 20-year-old celebrities getting pregnant by men they’ve been with for a few months usually are.

And then, after we got used to the idea of Kylie being pregnant — well, let’s be real, getting used to the idea was a whole additional step in this process.

So hearing the news, absorbing it, all very tough and super weird.

But after all that, we began to realize that Kylie wasn’t planning on publicly embracing the news. She wouldn’t be parading her baby bump around town like many celebs.

As the weeks went on, it became clear that she probably wouldn’t even publicly acknowledge the pregnancy. At all.

Now that her rumored due date is approaching, we’re going to go ahead and assume that we won’t hear anything about any of it until after the baby is born.

If we even hear about it at all, that is.

And like, we know that this isn’t about us, but it’s still been kind of a bummer to have Kylie completely disappear from the public eye like this.

Remember back in the day when we couldn’t go a single day without getting at least one selfie of this girl?

If not a selfie, she always made sure to hop on Snapchat and record herself listening to some music and making faces.

We became so accustomed to her constant show of vanity, and it’s been hard going from all that to this strange, sad new world.

But, according to this new report from Hollywood Life, we may have to get used to this tragic lack of Kylie in our lives.

Because there’s a chance she may never come back to us.

“She wants to be out of the spotlight right now,” a source explains, “and she just wants to focus on getting ready for the baby.”

That makes sense, and it’s certainly nothing we haven’t heard before.

But this insider also claims that “Kylie has even talked about wanting to be out of the public eye permanently, and focusing on being a mom and a businesswoman.”

Our hearts simply could not take it.

Could you imagine not having the absolute nonsense that is Kylie’s existence in our lives? Just seeing her promote makeup instead of putting her whole life out there for us to mock and ridicule?

Even worse, could you imagine missing out on watching Kylie parent on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!

Thankfully, the source adds that Kylie’s family is taking all that talk “with a pinch of salt.”

“Kris thinks there’s no way Kylie is ready for a peaceful, quiet, regular life just yet, and that once she’s had the baby she will want to be back out there.”

This seems much more realistic, and as they say, mothers know best.

Hopefully Kris is right, and we’ll have many, many more years of enjoying Kylie in all her glory.

Could we really live any other way?


Chris Marek: Is He Using Amy Roloff for Fame and Fortune?

Amy Roloff is once again facing heat for…

…. posing for photos with her long-time boyfriend?

Sadly, yes. For this singular reason.

As we’ve documented on The Hollywood Gossip for several weeks, fans of Little People, Big World can’t seem to fully accept Amy’s romance with Chris Marek.

The two have been together for nearly all of 2017 and Marek has given social media users no reason to doubt his intentions when it comes to Roloff.

But this doesn’t mean they haven’t gone in search of some on their own.

Just over a month ago, for instance, Roloff shared what appears to be a simple, basic, harmless, cute picture of herself and Marek.

Yet a few followers didn’t take it that way.

“Big mistake, believe me, Amy can do better [than] him, he’s just in it for the game [and] getting his face out there,” wrote one critic as an example.

What prompted this line of thinking?

We truly have no idea.

But it forced Amy to come out and defend Marek, as she even took a shot at her own reality show in the process:

“Try not to make quick assumptions about anyone from what you see on an edited show.”

Then, just a few days ago, Roloff again posted some sweet pictures of herself and Marek, only to be told by some troll that she should “dump” Chris and “find someone new.”

We remain confounded by all this disdain – but also almost impressed by the lengths users will go to in order to try and prove their misguided points.

Take the very first photo above, for example.

This is what Amy wrote as a caption to it:

What a great week bf Christmas week with getting together w/ good friends! This time of year reminds me What is beautiful about life – the gift God gave to us in Jesus, moments w/ friends, people you love, family, gathering around the table sharing , making moments to remember.

Have a good week ahead everyone.

And, amazingly/hilariously, this is what someone wrote in response in the Comments section of Instagram:

“Amy, Chris nearly blocked your head out!

“Your[sic] in love… but doubt he is! More in love with himself and the show. Please Amy watch for the red flags! Don’t want to see you get hurt!”

Yes, this person is accusing Marek of purposely using his head to block Roloff’s face in the aforementioned image.

This person is then insinuating that this is a sign Marek is only dating Amy because she’s rich and famous.

The argument is obviously preposterous simply on its own.

But let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

First, Amy isn’t all that rich and famous.

We don’t mean that as any kind of insult; it’s simply a fact.

We’re sure she’s doing perfectly well for herself, but we can’t imagine she’s banking anything deep into seven figures per year or anything.

Second, Marek is a very successful real estate agent and has been for years.

He has no need to dig for any gold.

But try telling this to abusers of the World Wide Web.

“What a delusional person she is,” one hater actually wrote about Amy, adding:

“Left the old short man for a tall homeless unemployed tall ugly man… split after she took all of his money and property.”


For the record, not that this even needs to be said:

Amy did not take all of Matt Roloff’s money; and Chris has a home and is employed.

But thanks for playing, loser Internet person.


David Eason: Is There PROOF That He’s Using Jenelle Evans For Fame?!

As we reported earlier this week, Jenelle Evans took legal action against several of her Teen Mom co-stars for reasons that remain unclear.

Evans and her husband, David Eason, had their attorneys send cease and desist letters to a handful of regulars on the MTV reality series, including Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska … and Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans.

The letters appear to have backfired as everyone on the cast responded by publicly clapping back at Jenelle, including Babs, who is now armed with evidence that everything in the Easons' relationship is not what it seems.

Buckle up, folks. 

The long-standing feud between Jenelle and Barbara is about to go nuclear:

1. Mother vs. Daughter

Jenelle evans with barbara evans
To hear them tell it, Jenelle and Barbara have NEVER gotten along. Their relationship has further deteriorated in recent years, of course, as the mother and daughter have fought for custody of Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace.

2. Jenelle Takes a Jab at Babs

Jenelle takes a jab at babs
Yesterday, Barbara posted a blurry selfie along with a caption revealing that she too had received a cease and desist from Jenelle and David.

3. Join the Club!

Barbara evans at the beach
“Well Girls I’m joining the group!!!!!! I also got my Cease and Desist Papers today,” Barbara wrote.

4. The Mystery Remains…

The teen mom 2 cast reunion pic
Babs has a lot in common with the other ladies of Teen Mom 2 these days. They’ve all received cease and desist documents from Jenelle, and none of them are at liberty to say why!

5. Jenelle’s Big Mistake

Jenelle evans promoting lipstick
What Jenelle failed to consider is that she’s widely despised by the show’s fan base. If she was concerned about her public image, taking legal action is the last thing she should’ve done, as fans are now overwhelmingly siding with Babs and company.

6. New Evidence Against the Easons

Jenelle evans with david eason
Now, Jenelle may be soon to pay a major price for her misstep, as a Teen Mom Deepthroat has emerged (no, we’re not talking about Farrah), and the informant has some seriously damaging things to say about Jenelle’s husband, David Eason.

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Kailyn Lowry: Javi Marroquin Married Me For Fame!

Considering the final documents were signed amost a year ago, you’d think Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s divorce would be old news by now.

But Kavi drama keeps making tabloid headlines, and for now at least, it seems Lowry and Marroquin aren’t too bothered by the continued interest in their relationship.

In fact, Kailyn and Javi are releasing a pair of memoirs in which each will offer their take on what went wrong in the marriage.

As part of their promotional duties, Kail and Javi have been offering some of their most candid interviews to date.

In the past week alone, we’ve Javi has revealed he’s nervous about traveling with Kailyn during their upcoming book tour, as well as that he once considered the possibility of a reconciliation, but now believes that ship has sailed.

Now it’s Kailyns turn to spill the tea, and she certainly didn’t disappoint while opening up today on Olivia Caridi’s Mouthing Off podcast.

In a revealing interview, Kailyn revealed that she believes Javi was not completely honest with her in the early days of their relationship.

Lowry says she and Javi met while she was working at a Delaware mall.

She had already achieved a measure of fame, but Marroquin insisted he didn’t know he she was.

“Apparently he knew who I was and acted like he had no idea,” Lowry said.

“Javi had me fooled. He actually knew who I was and pretended he didn’t know.”

Kail says she didn’t learn the truth until eight months into their relationship, and by that time, she had already fallen for Javi.

Asked by Caridi if she believes Marroquin used her to attain fame, Kailyn replied:

“Oh absolutely. 100 percent. But I don’t think that he could have ever predicted that he would have fallen in love with me like the way that we were together.”

Kailyn says that while she was in love with Javi at one point, her feelings had faded by the time she got pregnant with their son, Lincoln.

Lowry says that while she’s sure Javi is sad the relationship didn’t work out, she assumes he’s happy with all he gained from their time together.

“It couldn’t have worked out better for him,” she tells Caridi.

In a statement issued to Radar Online, Javi was indignant about Kailyn’s remarks:

“That’s crazy. I’m the only person that still has her back and she talks about me that way,” he told the outlet.

Interestingly, he did not deny using Kailyn to help boost his own public profile.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Kailyn and Javi’s tumultuous time together.