Joy-Anna Duggar: Family Friend Sounds Off on Shotgun Wedding Rumors!

The news that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child drew a surprising reaction from fans of her famous family.

It seems not a month goes by without a Duggar pregnancy announcement, and usually the response from fans is universally congratulatory.

But the timing of Joy-Anna’s statement resulted in confusion from some Duggar obsessives and outright condemnation from others.

Here’s a recap:

Joy married Austin Forsyth in May.

Just three months later, she announced her pregnancy with an Instagram photo in which she appeared to be several months along.

The Duggars offered an official conception timeline to put to rest any rumors of premarital sex, which is strictly forbidden by their arch-conservative religious beliefs.

The family insisted that Joy got pregnant on one of the first nights of her honeymoon.

Fans were unconvinced, and rumors of Joy-Anna’s “shotgun wedding” began to circulate on social media.

The Duggars will likely never address the matter directly themselves, but a family friend spoke out about the rumors surrounding Joy-Anna during a recent “ask me anything” session on Reddit.

The friend chose to remain anonymous, but she appeared to be knowledgeable about a number of topics that the Duggars have not yet spoken about publicly.

Asked point blank if she believes Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding, the source responded simply that it’s “not likely.”

It’s important to note that elsewhere in the thread, the insider offered information and opinions that were not entirely favorable to the Duggars.

For instance, she confirmed that Jim Bob is a domineering force in his household and that women have few rights on the Duggar compound.

For the most part, however, she spoke about Counting On clan in glowing terms.

We supposed that’s not particularly surprising, considering she identified herself as a family friend.

So will these remarks put to rest the rumors that Joy-Anna conceived prior to saying “I do”?

Almost certainly not, particularly since fan theories regarding her date of conception are based on much more than Joy’s sizable baby bump and the timing of her announcement.

For one thing, Joy-Anna and Austin admitted to breaking her family’s courtship rules in an interview with Counting On producers.

Of course, given the draconian nature of those rules, that could mean many things.

The Duggars require chaperones on all dates involving non-married couples, and they even place time limits on hand-holding.

So while many consider Joy-Anna’s admission to be particularly damning, that’s not necessarily an indication of premarital sex.

There is one incriminating clue, however, that’s proven difficult for the Duggars to explain away.

Joy-Anna and Austin rescheduled their wedding from October of this year to May.

Many believe the date was pushed up five months to conceal the fact that Joy-Anna is expecting.

Thus far, her family has yet to offer a different explanation.

In all likelihood, the matter will never be settled to the satisfaction of the family’s most nosy fans.

But as long as Jim Bob and company openly engage in harsh moral judgement of others, fans will continue to look for signs of hypocrisy–and so far those signs have proven plentiful.

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Duggar Family: “Outraged” Over Derick Dillard Firing?

Earlier this week, we learned that Derick Dillard had been fired by TLC due to his continued harassment of transgender teen Jazz Jennings.

For most, the only thing surprising about the situation is that it took the network that long to give Jill Duggar’s husband the axe.

After all, most employers don’t look kindly on publicly bullying children, and in Derick’s case, the behavior was even more troubling for his bosses, as Jazz is also the star of a TLC reality series.

So for once, a group of powerful men in the entertainment industry made the right decision.

Derick is now unemployed, but don’t waste any tears on the volatile father of two.

He’s been jobless most of his life, and his wife pulls in enough 

(But you might want to dole out some sympathy for the poor souls who are being suckered in by Dillard’s pleas for cash. They could certainly use your pity.)

Anyway, the reaction from the world at large was not one of tremendous shock.

Within the Duggar compound, however, the response has been quite different.

Derick’s famous in-laws are reportedly appalled by his firing and divided on the question of who to blame.

“There’s a lot of outrage between increasingly divided factions,” a source close to the Counting On clan tells Radar Online.

The issue, it seems, is that the Duggars try to maintain a united front at all times, but Jill’s parents and siblings can’t being pissed at Derick for forcing them to deal with yet another scandal.

“Derick is really having a hard time,” says one insider. 

“They are extremely careful to not criticize each other. He wasn’t trying to hurt Jazz. She just conflicted with his belief system and he reacted without thinking it through.”

Jill Duggar is apparently attributing her husband’s insensitivity to the fact that the Dillards have spent much of the past two years living in Central America:

“A lot of times when you live apart from the people you love it takes time to adjust back to your original lifestyle,” the insider says, adding:

“Including family.”

Well, we suppose if you spend enough time in El Selvador, we suppose it’s natural to adopt some of the local customs, such as … hatred of teenage reality stars?

We’re gonna go out on a limb and assume that’s not really a thing.

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Roloff Family Photo Album: Little People, Lots of Love!

The Roloffs may be a successful reality TV family, but they are not the Kardashians.

Social media photos of this close-knit bunch do not depict teenagers in lingerie or grandparents in bikinis.

Instead, over the years, we've been treated to adorable snapshots at the family farm and/or precious pictures of newborns being cradled in the hospital.

Because we're such big fans of Little People, Big World, we've collected some of our favorite Roloff family photos in the album below.

Scroll around and enjoy!

1. Fun in a Blackout

Cute roloff photo
Amy said she went over to Zach and Tori’s house because her home lost power. And she found Jacob there as well, apparently!

2. Ember Jean: First Photo!

Ember jean first photo
Wow. What an amazing photo. Audrey Roloff has given us this look at the moment she welcomed her daughter into the world.

3. Such a Cute Family

Such a cute family
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff gush here over their daughter. Her name is Ember Jean.

4. Life on Their Farm

Life on their farm
How precious! Look at Ember with her parents in this photo on the farm. Looking good, Audrey and Jeremy!

5. All The Roloffs

All the roloffs
What a happy family! Look at this photo of every Roloff member on their beloved farm.

6. Jer, Auj and Ember

Jer auj and ember
Audrey, Ember and Jeremy Roloff make quite a sweet family, don’t they?

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Duggar Family: Facing Cancelation AGAIN?!

The Duggar family’s reality shows are not unlike cockroaches.

Before you get offended, note that we’re applying that analogy to the Duggars’ TV series, not to the members of the family themselves. 

And while that’s certainly not a compliment, it’s not quite an insult, either. Hear us out:

Back in July of 2015, 19 Kids and Counting was canceled by TLC in response to growing outrage over the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

Astonishingly, the decision didn’t come until two months after the world learned that Josh had molested five young girls, and even then, it took the loss of advertising revenue for network execs to finally act.

At the time, Duggar fans and detractors alike assumed that was the family’s time as a television staple had come to an end.

After all, surely viewers wouldn’t be quick to forget crimes so egregious and a cover-up so corrupt as the one perpetrated by Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, right?

Well, as it turns out the morals of the Duggar faithful proved to be more malleable than we would have thought.

To be fair, Jim Bob and Michelle did make the concession of assuring fans that Josh Duggar would never appear on their new show, Counting On.

In fact, the show was pitched as a limited-run documentary series that would focus on the couple’s then-newlywed daughters, a premise reflected in the series’ original title, Jill and Jessa: Counting On.

Ratings-wise, the show struggled from the start, and it has yet to hit the same heights of popularity as its predecessor, 19 Kids.

In season two, producers made the decision to broaden the focus and feature the entire family–except, of course, for Josh.

It seems most fans assumed that Jim Bob would eventually leap back into the spotlight, but many were surprised that he made the move quite so quickly.

As several industry analysts predicted, the change proved to be a misstep, and the show’s ratings continued their slow decline,

On October 23, the sixth season of Counting On came to a close with little fanfare.

Tellingly, TLC has yet to announce that the show has been picked up for a seventh season.

In a rare move, even the Duggars are admitting that the future of the series is in question.

Or at least the “close family friends” who operate The Original Duggar Family Fan Blog are admitting it:

“As of right now, a new season has not been announced,” the webmasters known only as Lily and Ellie wrote recently.

“But we will let you know as soon as it is.”

Obviously, it’s not a full-blown cancelation announcement, but it’s the closest the Duggars have come to admitting TLC might be having second thoughts about keeping the Duggars on the air.

This is hardly the first time that rumors of Counting On being canceled have circulated online, but it is the first time that sources close to the Duggars have publicly admitted the show might not be back.

And it’s tough to imagine that the Duggar media empire could survive a second cancelation.

Of course, like so many others, we predicted their demise the first time they went off the air, as well.

But like everyone’s least-favorite pestilential insect, Duggar TV ventures are nigh-impossible to kill.

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Ben Affleck: Back to Rehab Following Family Intervention

Back in March, Ben Affleck checked himself into rehab to be treated for an alcohol addiction that had been plaguing him for several years.

Affleck first got sober in 2000 following his first stint in rehab, but sources say he fell off the wagon shortly before his initial separation from Jennifer Garner in 2014.

In a public statement from earlier this year, Affleck admitted to battling alcoholism and stated that he hoped his newfound sobriety would enable him to be a better father and form a closer relationship with his children.

Unfortunately, as anyone who’s been down that road can attest, even the best of intentions can prove insufficient to the task of defeating an addiction.

That’s a lesson Affleck reportedly learned the hard way over the summer when he decided to experiment with light social drinking just months after being discharged from rehab for the second time.

Affleck is dating Lindsay Shookus these days, and sources close to the couple say that their day trips and shopping sprees often concluded with wine-fueled dinners at upscale restaurants.

In September, Affleck and Shookus were spotted drinking together during a trip to her hometown outside of Buffalo, NY.

By this time, insiders say, Affleck was back to imbibing on an almost-daily basis, but remained in denial about his relapse.

Eventually, Affleck confronted his demons and quietly checked into rehab for a third time on September 25.

But according to a new report from Us Weekly, it took an intervention orchestrated by Garner and Ben’s brother, Casey Affleck, to get the Oscar winner to realize he was careening toward rock bottom.

Yes, it seems Garner still plays an active and beneficial role in Ben’s life, and she eagerly volunteered to help upon learning that the father of her children was once again spiraling out of control.

“After everything they’ve been through, she is going to continue to be there for him when he needs her,” a source tells the tabloid.

“No matter what the circumstances.”

A second insider adds:

“From the smoking to drinking and gambling, Jen has always been the person who can get through to him. She keeps Ben in line as much as she can.”

Apparently, it didn’t make much for Jen and Casey to convince Ben to seek further treatment:

“Ben reached a breaking point,” says one source. “He knew he was spiraling and was unhappy.”

That same insider says Affleck’s inner circle is more confident than ever that he’ll be able to maintain his sobriety this time, thanks to a radical change in the way the actor thinks about his addiction:

“[In rehab, Ben] got into a great headspace,” says the source.

“He has learned that dealing with his addiction is an ongoing battle. He understands he cannot just wake up one morning and say, ‘OK, we’re all done.’ Treatment is like a job.”

And once again, it seems Ben’s primary motivation for keeping clean is his love for his children:

“Ben will do whatever it takes to be a great ­parent,” says one insider.

We wish Ben all the best and hope that he continues to receive the support he needs.


Ex-Boston Anchor Speaks Kevin Spacey Alleged Sexual Assault on Family Member (LIVE STREAM)

A former Boston TV news anchor is moments away from holding a news conference to share details alleging Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted an 18-year-old family member … and TMZ will be streaming live. Heather Unruh – who will be flanked by…