Kim Kardashian Eyes Fancy Cars, Fishes for a Push Present to Rival Kylie Jenner’s

It looks like those rumors that Kim Kardashian aims to take down Kylie Jenner aren’t going away any time soon. If anything, it looks like this sisterly competition is heating up.

So, remember how apparently Kylie Jenner got a $ 1.4 million Ferrari as a ridiculous “push present” after giving birth to Stormi Webster?

It looks like Kim is out to one-up her baby sister with a fancy, pricey new car of her own.

Kim Kardashian, for over a decade now, has been the Kardashian — she’s the face of the family and their brand.

(While Kris is the mastermind behind most of it)

On top of her success as a reality star and a branding icon, her video game for phones that came out a few years ago was a tremendous success.

But Kylie Jenner, at an astonishingly young age, is on the rise.

Kylie Cosmetics is worth a sicking amount, and is projected to be worth one billion dollars within just a few years.

Which of these successful sisters will win the race to a billion dollars?

We won’t know who wins the race to the top for years, most likely.

But Kylie sure is enjoying her status now.

Though it’s not clear where her brand new Ferrari actually came from, it’s believed to be a gift from baby daddy Travis Scott as a thank-you for, you know, giving birth to Stormi.

Push presents are normally sentimental jewelry or some sort of home redecoration thing. They’re not really supposed to cost a small fortune, but … Kylie and her family live on another level than the rest of us.

There’s one problem with Kylie’s $ 1.4 million push present … you can’t fit a carseat into it. Whoops.

But that’s not why Kylie’s family thinks that it’s ridiculous — they reportedly think that Kylie’s fondness for flaunting her wealth with expensive cars is tacky and childish.

Now that she’s a mom (at 20), they hope that she’ll mellow out.

At the same time, however, Kim seems to have her eye on the prize.

So long as the “prize” means outshining Kylie Jenner’s fancy new car with one of her own.

Over the course of several days, including just a matter of hours ago, Kim Kardashian has been pointing out super expensive, fancy, largely impractical cars on her Instagram.

She’s written things like:

“I want …”

and, days later

“I want this too …”

Does a taste for needlessly expensive vehicles that are jarringly low to the ground (but maybe they don’t care because they’re short anyway?) run in the family?

Or is this a competition?

Some fans were quick to comment, wondering why in the world Kim would be posting about wanting these particular items when, you know, she could just buy them.

But it’s easy to connect the dots.

If Kylie really got her car from Travis Scott as a push present, as is widely believed, then Kim buying herself one wouldn’t be a match for Kylie.

For Kim to match Kylie, she’d need it to be a push present from Kanye, her own baby daddy. And husband.

Of course, some would point out that Kim and Kylie are sisters, who likely have convergent tastes in many areas.

There’s so similar that they both had babies within a couple of months of each other. Chicago was Kim’s third and Stormi was Kylie’s first, and Chicago was born via surrogate, but those are just details.

So maybe they have similar tastes in cars because they’re similar people.

For that matter, maybe they’re both in the makeup business and both wildly successful because they have similarities in their personalities?

It can be fun to pit sibling against sibling, but we shouldn’t let that narrative cloud our perspective.

We don’t know what’s going on in their minds.


Nicole Walters: Rants About “Fancy” Bus Stop Moms, Wins Our Hearts

If you haven't yet seen this suburban mom's viral rant about "bus stop moms," then you're missing out an on experience.

As you can see in the video below, Nicole Walters is funny. She's just funny. Her viral rant isn't angry or defamatory, and countless people find it relatable.

In related news, where can we get an "Oprah Wasn't Built In A Day" shirt?

Bus mom nicole walters 1

So, Nicole Walters went on a Facebook video rant about the "fancy" moms (her words) at her child's bust stop.

Nicole is a married mother of three, and she and her family have only recently moved to the affluent suburban neighborhood.

Her "rant" isn't vicious or heated as some of the "rant videos" that we've seen recently floating around the interwebs.

Instead, her video reads more like stand-up comedy, but set in the environment that she describes.

It's 8am, so she hasn't showered yet or dressed for the day. She sent her nanny to walk her child to the bus.

(The nanny bit might not be relatable to everyone, but pretty much everything else about this should resonate with anyone familiar with suburban living)

Sporting a shirt that reads: "Oprah Wasn't Built In A Day," Nicole tells you exactly what she thinks of the other neighborhood moms.

Bus mom nicole walters 2

First, she's very direct and honest about her outfit.

She's wearing a bonnet, she hasn't showered (she has washed her face though, which is more than most of us do before showering).

She's wearing a loose-fitting, on brand tee shirt.

She also looks great, honestly. She really knows how to work a camera, and we don't just mean operate one.

The way that Nicole emotes throughout this video is pretty fantastic.

It was, you see, her 6-year-old's first day of kindergarten.

(Keep in mind that many kindergarten classes start two weeks later than fellow elementary schoolers)

And Nicole just could not bring herself to go out and deal with the other moms at the bus stop.

Bus mom nicole walters 3

(Nicole points her camera at the "fancy" mom and at her own nanny as they return from the bus stop after seeing the children off)

The bus stop moms are, you see, entirely too "fancy."

As she continues, you realize that it's not exactly the case that she's intimidated, though you'd understand it if someone did find these women intimidating.

Nicole singles out one neighborhood mom in particular.

"You don’t know how perfect she is. She’s so fancy. She’s so fancy. She’s skinny. She wears tennis clothes every day. Tennis clothes and a visor every day."

"Every day she wears that.”

Nicole says that this unnamed woman “is just so good at life. She’s just so good at life."

Rather than being intimidated, though, it seems clear that Nicole is annoyed by their superficial conversations.

Bus mom nicole walters 4

She mocks the use of vocal fry in some of the other moms' voices, but mostly her teasing seems to be in good fun.

We'll be honest, actually turning the camera on one of the moms, even from that distance, seemed a little invasive to us, right?

The woman's not a public figure; she's just a mom seeing her kid off to school.

But we have no idea who she is and, quite frankly, this funny video is a gift and we're glad to have gotten to witness it.

See it for yourself:

Nicole walters rants about fancy bus stop moms wins our hearts