‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ Fans Getting Scammed Out of Thousands in China

‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ fans are getting scammed into dropping tens of thousands of dollars for a prized ticket to the China show … and we’ve learned the tickets aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. We did some digging and…


Amy Roloff: Engaged to Chris Malek?!? This is Why Fans Think So

Just a few days ago, we posed a simple, albeit intriguing, question:

Is Amy Roloff ready to marry Chris Malek?

This seemed like a natural inquiry to toss out to the Internet, considering Amy and Chris have been dating for several months and are clearly very smitten with each other.

They spend holidays together, they go on vacations together, they are very much…together.

So now, as a follow-up to that aforementioned question, we now pose another:

Is Amy Roloff engaged to Chris Malek?

Instagram is abuzz with this possibility on the heels of Amy’s latest shared photo, which you can take a close look at above.

See that rock on her right hand? It’s definitely new.

And it may be an engagement ring!

“I am super excited to ring in the wintry season with my new @fabfitfun winter box!” wrote Roloff as a caption to the photo, adding:

“I can’t wait to use my new Ponte Studio Aloe Infused Socks! I definitely recommend you head over to and use my code ROLOFF for $ 10 off your first box!

“The box also raises awareness to The American Heart Association so be sure to show your support and snag a box of your own!!”

Look past the promotion of socks and the savings you can earn at that website and read that caption again.

Notice the sixth word in Amy’s caption?


Is she trying to tell us something? To point our attention to a certain piece of jewelry on her finger?

Amy and Matt Roloff filed for divorce two years ago.

Both have moved on and are now in serious relationships, with Little People, Big World viewers a tad critical of each.

Matt is dating Caryn Chandler, who served for awhile as his family’s farm manager, which means she knows Amy pretty well and was close to the stars back when they were married.

That’s awkward.

It’s less clear why anyone has taken issue with Amy and Chris.

They seem like a regular, perfectly content pair… and yet they’ve faced their fair share of criticism over the Internet.

Take this Instagram user’s recent comment, for example:

“Big mistake, believe me, Amy can do better [than Chris]. He’s just in it for the game [and] getting his face out there.”

There’s really no evidence to back this accusation up.

There’s no reason to think that Malek is using Amy for fame or money at all.

“Try not to make quick assumptions about anyone from what you see on an edited show,” Amy wrote in response to this critique, sort of slamming her reality series in the process.

Good for Amy for standing up for her man, right?

Or for her fiance, perhaps we should write?

We’ll be keeping a close eye on her Instagram and Facebook pages to see if she confirms this rumor or not in the coming days.


Rose McGowan: Arrested on “Drug Charges” While Fans Cry Foul!

One of the biggest fears that kept so many people silent about their experiences before the Harvey Weinstein rape accusations and the numerous outings that have followed was the fear of reprisal.

Well, Rose McGowan spoke up. In fact, she’s been one of the most prominent voices in the efforts to expose and cast out harassers and abusers in the entertainment industry.

And now she’s been arrested … for drug charges that date back to the beginning of 2017.

If you’d told us years ago that Rose McGowan was going to be at the forefront of a chorus of brave voices calling for a shift in the culture that makes women afraid to be alone with their male coworkers …

Actually, we’d have believed you.

It was in 2016 that Rose McGowen revealed that she’d been raped by a Hollywood executive.

We didn’t know by whom, at the time, though rumors have surrounded a number of powerful men in Hollywood for years and even decades.

Almost exactly one year after she revealed her sexual assault, Rose McGowan named Harvey Weinstein as her rapist.

She was, at that point, adding her voice to others — who had accused Weinstein of grotesque harassment as well as sexual assault.

But we still cannot imagine the kind of bravery that she needed to muster in order to speak up.

It appears that Rose McGowan’s outspokenness may have come back to bite her.

We don’t know if this is some sort of reprisal or just a very unfortunate and unjust coincidence.

Just at the end of October, we learned that a warrant for Rose McGowan’s arrest had been issued.

The warrant was issued in Virginia.

See, Rose McGowan apparently behind a bag on a plane.

(Never do that, folks — you might lose it, and someone might also assume that it’s a bomb and start a panic)

Allegedly, tests showed that there were traces of an illicit substance — cocaine — on the bag.

We’re talking about traces, here, so aside from the fact that every adult has the natural right to put whatever they want to in their bodies, this sounds like pretty thin evidence.

Also, “trace evidence” of drugs is notorious for producing false positives. Most people just don’t have the resources to fight a charge and they cop a plea.

The warrant for her arrest was obtained on February 1st, but apparently nobody bothered to tell Rose McGowan until late October.

Maybe they saw her name in the news and somebody got excited at the idea of arresting a celebrity. But some, Rose included, have wondered if there might have been something more serious at work.

“Are they trying to silence me? There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia,” Rose tweeted. “What a load of HORSES–T!”

But, as ridiculous as the whole situation sounds, Rose McGowan traveled to Virginia and turned herself in.

She was booked, briefly, before being released on $ 5,000 bond.

This is Rose McGowan’s first arrest. She has a reputation for “making trouble,” but that’s only because she calls out people and has zero chill about it.

Is this suddenly revived warrant revenge or an attempt to silence her and others? If so, it’s not working. Women are still coming forward every day.

But with the timing of everything, we can understand why Rose and many of her fans would have their suspicions.

The whole scenario is very weird.


Leah Messer Addresses Drug Use Allegations: Should Fans Be Concerned?

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you're likely aware of Leah Messer's past struggles with substance abuse.

Leah checked into rehab in 2015, and while the decision to seek treatment came on the heels of a very public struggle with prescription pill addiction, Messer insists the two developments are unrelated.

In fact, despite footage that seems to indicate otherwise, Leah says she was never addicted to drugs.

Fans of the show beg to differ, and many have taken to social media to plead with Leah to be more straightforward about her past.

Here's a rundown of the situation:

1. Leah Messer: Victim of a Public Health Crisis?

Leah messer selfie
Leah lives in the heart of coal country, an area that’s been ravaged by opioid addiction in recent years. Many fans believe she fell victim to this modern plague, but is unwilling to publicly admit to her struggles.

2. Leah’s Rock Bottom?

Leah messer passes out sitting up
In one harrowing scene that was captured by Teen Mom 2 cameras, Leah passed out while sitting up and holding a friend’s baby. Many believe it was the rock bottom that convinced her to get help.

3. Leah Seeks Treatment

Leah messier
Not long after that incident, Leah checked into an in-patient treatment facility. Strangely, however, she still refused to admit that she’d been struggling with substance abuse.

4. Drugs, Depression, or Both?

Leah messer possible baby bump
Leah says she was struggling with a number of emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression. She does not, however, admit to using prescription drugs to self-medicate.

5. A Difficult Time

Leah messer calvert family
All of this occurred during an incredibly tumultuous time in Leah’s life. When she checked into rehab, Messer was in the midst of a divorce from her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, and a custody battle with her first husband, Corey Simms.

6. Perpetuating the Stigma

Leah messer teen mom 2 pic
Some fans feel that by refusing to admit she briefly struggled with substance abuse, Leah is perpetuating a harmful stigma and passing up the opportunity to spark a meaningful conversation about a deadly epidemic.

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Derick Dillard: Begging Fans For Cash After Being Fired By TLC?!

Over the weekend, fans of the Duggar family were shocked to learn that Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard had been fired by the TLC network.

The move came in response to Dillard’s continued harassment of Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen who is also the star of a TLC reality show.

Dillard voiced his objections to Jennings lifestyle in a series of transphobic rants that frequently crossed the line into bullying and harassment.

“What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality. ‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God,” Dillard tweeted back in August.

Dillard persisted in his attacks on Jennings even after being criticized by numerous public figures and former fans of the Duggars.

Bizarrely, despite no apparent provocation, Dillard picked up where he left off last week, once again haranguing the 17-year-old despite pleas for civility from fans and critics alike:

“Jazz is being taken advantage of, as part of a larger agenda,” Derick argued in his unprompted tirade.

“I hate seeing him used this way,” Derick continued, intentionally misgendering the teen.

The fixation may seem entirely inexplicable to casual fans of the Duggars, but those who have watched the family closely these past few years are aware of an ugly truth:

Derick has ambitions of rising above his status as one of the many Duggar in-laws, and it seems he’s decided to make a name for himself as an arch-conservative firebrand by beating up on Jazz.

Of course, his plan backfired in spectacular fashion, and now Derick finds himself on the offensive.

He took to Instagram today to practice two skills that will likely serve him well in his future career as a highly opinionated nobody–he offered a lame-brained defense of his earlier foolishness, and he begged for money from his social media followers.

“Our culture has accepted two huge lies,” Derick wrote.

“The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise conviction to be compassionate.”

Yes, a grown man who was recently fired for bullying a teenage girl is now lecturing you on compassion.

Welcome to 2017.

From there, Derick did what he does best and groveled for cash.

Dillard has a history of begging for money online, but these days, he’s clearly more desperate than ever.

“BIG NEWS,” he latest hilariously began. “I am currently serving through a program at my home church, called the Cross Church School of Ministry!

“I am so excited about this incredible opportunity for further ministry development, and I would like to invite you to share in this excitement with me.”

He added

“I started a fundraiser on gofundme to raise the funding I need for various missions opportunities I will have throughout the year. I have a donations goal of $ 10,000.

“This will enable me to fulfill my specific calling to ministry this year, including trips for Gospel-advancement and humanitarian work in Northwest Arkansas, North America, and abroad.”

In the past, Derick has been kicked off all of the the fundraising sites that hosted his cash-grabs, and that’s probably the fate that awaits him here.

Whatever the case, his pleas appear to be falling on deaf ears.

His fundraising efforts appear to have stalled out at  $ 2,714.

If this keeps up Derick will have to face the one thing he hates more than beloved teenage television stars–full-time employment.

Watch Counting On online to relive D-Dill’s brief time in the spotlight.


Hannity Fans Destroy Coffee Makers, Urge Nation to #BoycottKeurig

As previously reported, Roy Moore has been accused of child molestation.

The Alabama Senate candidate reportedly made sexual advances toward a 14-year old back when he was 32 years old.

The Washington Post spoke to 30 sources for this bombshell story and has stood by every detail, despite threats of a lawsuit from Moore and a few harsh words from his supporters.

One of those supporters, of course, is Sean Hannity.

The Fox News host has gone to extreme lengths to attempt and explain why Moore's alleged actions really aren't a big deal, much to the shock and outrage of those who do think pedophilia ought to disqualify one from public office.

In response to Hannity's support for Moore, Keurig is among the companies that has stopped advertising on the conservative host's talk show.

And, as you're about to find out, loyal Hannity viewers have certain feelings about this decision…

1. Excuse Us, Keurig?

Excuse us keurig
The official Twitter account for this coffee maching responded to a concerned user by saying it has pulled its support for Hannity.

2. And From There?

And from there
Well, the #MAGA floodgates opened wide, with various Fox News viewers finding unique ways to destroy their Keurig machines over the Internet.

3. Pulling an Office Space

Pulling an office space
If you haven’t seen Office Space… what is wrong with you?!? Go rent Office Space! Also, this means the guy is about to use a hammer and other tools to break his Keurig into many pieces.

4. A Couple Quick Points to Make:

A couple quick points to make
1. LOL. No liberal is “offended” by the destruction of a Keurig. 2. You can’t boycott a product you already purchased.

5. Deplorables Unite!

Deplorables unite
It will be ironic when these people are too tired to go vote in the 2018 mid-term elections.

6. Liberals are SO Offended

Liberals are so offended
Or… you know, not.

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Jeremy Vuolo Drives Duggar Fans WILD With Tight Pants!

You have to see this “sexy” photo of Jeremy Vuolo that has Duggar fans losing their minds.

But you’ll need to decide for yourself whether he really looks as dreamy as they say …

… Or if all of this thirsting says more about Duggar fans than it does about Jinger’s husband.

Last winter, Jinger Duggar started wearing pants. The Duggars are famous for forcing their women to wear skirts, lest their sinful leg-shapes ensorcell a man to lustful thoughts.

It was with the permission of her lord husband (or whatever), Jeremy Vuolo.

In the particular vein of extreme Christian fundamentalist that runs (and ruins) the lives of the Duggars, women are the property of their fathers until they are married off, when their husbands take the reins.

And Jinger’s gone so far as to wear ripped jeans, sending Duggar fans into a state of shock.

Though the cold weather of Laredo, Texas has been brought up as an “excuse” for her devilish new wardrobe, Jeremy Vuolo’s theological beliefs are what allows it.

“Jesus does not save people to make them wear skirts,” he has stated in the past.

Of course, Jinger isn’t the only one who dresses for the weather in Laredo. And she’s clearly not the only one in her marriage wearing pants.

But it’s Jeremy Vuolo’s “tight” pants that seem to be driving Duggar fans into lustful fits.

Jeremy Vuolo definitely looks stylish here.

We don’t know that we’d call these pants anything similar to skinny jeans, but they look like they actually fit him.

A lot of Duggar men wear “dad jeans” that don’t fit so well or flatter the wearer.

(We guess that dressing in an appealing way is some kind of unforgivable sin — unlike Josh Duggar’s child molestation, which they seem to consider a forgivable slip-up)

While current temperatures in Laredo, Texas are in the 60s and 50s, which is hardly “cold” to most people who aren’t senior citizens and wouldn’t strike everyone as jacket weather, Jeremy looks all dressed for winter.

A normal response is “wow, this guy looks stylish,” possibly mixed in with “too bad he thinks that the Duggars aren’t anti-LGBT enough.”

Duggar fans, however, have been commenting under Jinger and Jeremy’s shared Instagram account (have we mentioned how weird joint marital accounts are? don’t do that, guys) and under this photo.

And they are heaping praise on “sexy” Mr. Vuolo.

The comments range from politely complimentary to thirstily direct. Take a look at some real comments that some real people wrote:

“Jinger got the best catch of all the married sisters.”

“Sexy man, I would I could find a husband like that.”

“That’s a Dapper Dan right there!!”

“Very dapper. Jing is a lucky lady.”

“Great photo of a handsome guy styled perfectly by his sweet wife!”

“Jeremy be stylin”

“Your husband looks like a model. You two are very handsome couple”

“Love the outfit so handsome”

“Your husband is hot”

“Your husband is such a stud”

“Love his style! It’s so classy and handsome! Wish this [were] the ‘norm’ again!”

We’re not sure what that last comment means — this is a normal outfit (for colder weather, anyway), not a throwback to the wardrobe of yesteryear.

But a lot of Duggar fans are the very specific sort of conservatives who like to wax nostalgic about an “idealized” past that never really existed.

We doubt that any of the Duggars set out to be fashion icons, but Jeremy Vuolo is looking stylish here.

That doesn’t mean that we share his values or think that he’s a good person. But hey, credit where credit is due. It’s a good look.

We would love to know what Jim Bob Duggar thinks of such a “flashy” outfit, though.


Alaskan Bush People Fans: Outraged at Billy Brown!

One photo of Billy and Ami Brown has ignited two controversies.

First, as previously reported, Alaskan Bush People fans analyzed the photo below on Facebook and determined that Ami Brown is in Colorado with her family.

Why would this be cause for controversy?

Because Brown sadly has stage four lung cancer and she had been spending the past several months in California, under the best doctor supervision possible.

Would her loved ones really have moved her away just so they could start filming a new season of Alaskan Bush People?

It’s unclear, but there has been a lot of talk these days that filming will resume shortly.

Elsewhere, meanwhile, other fans who took a close look at the picture above focused less on where Billy and Ami are and more on a certain something in the former’s pocket:

Yes, that’s a pack of cigarettes.

And, yes, as previously mentioned Ami has lung cancer.

Put those two facts together and you can understand why folks are peeved, can’t you?

“He actually has a pack of smokes in his pocket?” one person asked in the Comments section of Facebook in response to the image.

Added another critics:

“Ohhhhh wait…. I thought none of them smoked, and Ami’s cancer is from cooking over all of those campfires for 30 years. I guess he forgot to hide his smokes.”

As you can see below, though, Billy does have his defenders.

We can’t really know what someone in his situation is going through, can we?

We need to be careful when we judge others.

apb screen shot

Earlier this year, Billy opened up to People Magazine about the struggles he and his kids are going through.

Whoile gushing over his sick wife at the same time.

“She’s the strongest person I know, so if she’s saying it hurts, it really hurts,” the reality star said, adding at the time:

“She tries to hide it from everybody but four or five times a day she bends over like a baby and cries. She bends over and tears run down.

“She put out seven babies without a grunt. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Ami, but I’ve got a lot more now.

“She makes me feel like a wuss.”

This is then what Ami said in her own interview with People:

“Worrying about it only makes it worse. There is hope and that hope is having faith in God. You can’t give up. I tell people be happy. Just be happy. It’s a choice.

“Things can be hard and you just want to curl up but you have to shine.”

We wish her nothing but the best.