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USC Fans Face 3 Years In Jail For Allegedly Vandalizing UCLA Statue

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Two USC fans have been charged for allegedly vandalizing UCLA‘s on-campus statue and now face up to 3 YEARS in JAIL.

Louis Torres (19) and Willie Johnson (18) allegedly hit up UCLA’s campus on Nov. 13 — just days before the Trojans’ rivalry game with the Bruins — and sought to violate the bear statue.

Officials say the two men doused the statue in Trojan-colored paint … and also inked the letters “SC” into the landmark’s pedestal.

It’s interesting … ’cause in preparation for the big game — UCLA officials actually boxed up the bear … which means the vandals had to go the extra mile to get to it … physically prying open the box to get to the statue.

Reports estimate the vandalism caused $ 15,000 worth of damage … and now, officials say both suspects could face up to 3 years in jail, if convicted.

This ain’t the first time the Bruin bear has been subject to USC antics … back in 2009, it was also doused in red and yellow paint — which caused a reported $ 20,000 of damage.

For their part … USC fans make sure UCLA can’t retaliate by wrapping their on-campus statues in duct tape and having students guard them throughout rivalry week.

Seahawks Fan Gets Ass Kicked By Cowboys Fans … After Playoff Game



This Seattle Seahawks fan had a painful Saturday night — because after his team lost to the Cowboys, he tried to fight a bunch of Dallas fans at AT&T Stadium … and lost. 

The person who shot the footage tells TMZ Sports … the Hawks fan was runnin’ his mouth to Dallas fans after the game and finally, one of the locals had enough. 

You can see in the footage, the Seattle fan was throwin’ haymakers — but never really connected. Turns out, having long hair in a street fight can really work against ya. 

The Hawks’ fan’s friend tried to help his buddy out — but like the Seahawks, it just wasn’t his night. 

We’re told event security eventually got into the middle of the action and broke it up — unclear if anyone suffered any major injuries. 

Dallas ended up winning the game 24-22. 

‘Bird Box’ Fans Flock to House for Pics … Bring Your Own Blindfold!!!


Sandra Bullock‘s latest hit movie is racking up record-setting Netflix views, sparking tons of memes … and also turning a small California suburb into a tourist attraction.

Small spoiler alert … there’s a house in “Bird Box” where the film’s stars take refuge from an evil force. The exterior shots of the property — including the stone stairway entrance — were not shot on a studio back lot, but at a real home in Monrovia … about 20 miles Northeast of L.A.

The owner tells TMZ … a handful of visitors have been showing up to take photos at the house every day — including Christmas Day — since the movie was released on December 13.

We’re told everyone who’s stopped by to snap a pic of the “Bird Box” house has been very polite, and some have even knocked on the door to ask for permission.

The owner says she got $ 12k for the exterior shots — and despite her house’s central role in the movie … she has no plans to watch “Bird Box.” She doesn’t have Netflix.

The Hollywood thing’s kinda old hat for her because she says her home’s been featured in at least 3 other films in the past 20 years, although she couldn’t remember specific titles.

We’re trying to research which ones but, honestly, some of us still have on blindfolds after watching the movie. We scare easy.

Antonio Brown Rallies Steelers Fans WE GOTTA ROOT FOR THE BROWNS!

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The Pittsburgh Steelers’ season rests on the Cleveland Browns beating the Ravens this weekend … which is why Antonio Brown just became the new LEADER OF THE DAWG POUND, BABY!!!

Yeah, they’re divisional rivals … but forget all that, AB knows he needs Baker Mayfield and company to shut down Terrell Suggs or they can kiss the playoffs g’bye! 

So, Antonio decided to make some slight tweaks to his Steelers jersey to show his commitment — changing the name on the back from “Brown” to “BROWNS.”

The WR posted pics of his gear on social media with the caption, “Who else has their #84 browns jersey ready for this weekend?” 

Of course … even if Cleveland takes care of business in Baltimore — the Steelers still gotta beat the Bengals to get to the playoff party. 

Sounds pretty easy … but Pitt has lost 4 of its last 5 games — so anything can go down Sunday.

Getchya popcorn ready!!!