Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: Conning Fans With Pyramid Scheme?!

If you pay attention to the sad wreckage that is their lives, then you’re probably aware that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are not exactly killing it financially at the moment.

In fact, they’re pretty much flat broke.

The past year has seen countless reminders that the McDermotts are in seriously dire straits:

At one point, Tori was sued by creditors after accruing multiple six-figure debts.

Dean almost went to jail for unpaid child support.

The couple was forced to sell their mansion in tony Calabasas and move their five children into much less-posh digs in Encino.

But don’t worry, Tori and Dean are currently turning things around, and they hope to continue doing so – with your money.

Dean posted the photo below to Instagram this week along with a caption in which he shamelessly tries to swindle you out of your cash:

“Enjoying a beautiful evening with my beautiful wife in Hawaii. This could be you and Your better half. Want to find out how to change your life and the life of your loved ones?” Dean wrote.

If you’re thinking it sounds like Dean is about to try and talk you into a very bad financial decision, congratulations – your prize for being so savvy is that you won’t get talked into a very bad financial decision.

“Earn trips to exotic locations, pay for you kids college, buy that car you’ve always wanted, spend more time with your family and not be stuck in an office!” he continued.

“Go to and find out how you can start your own beauty business. If you’re tired of working for somebody else, and want to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, go to”

Not surprisingly, fans were quick to point out that the business model Dean is describing sounds an awful lot like a pyramid scheme.

Naturally, Dean had a very scripted-sounding response for such allegations:

“Not at all,” replied an indignant McDermott.

“You have to pay money to get into a pyramid scheme. You pay money, and the business you bold is yours!! You can even pass it down to your children.

It’s true. If you really despise your children you can leave them your Tori Spelling cosmetic sales franchise in your will.

As many fans pointed out, even if this thing is on the up-and-up, the only real way to make a lot of money doing something like this is to have a massive online following like Tori’s.

In all likelihood, your Aunt Linda won’t need enough of the 9021-Oh! shade of lipstick to keep you afloat.

Yes, we made that up, but it’s totally possible that it’s an actual thing.

Whatever the case, the whole thing is evidence that the only McDermott you can trust is Dylan … or maybe we’re thinking of that Dermot Mulroney guy.

We always get those two confused.


Kate Gosselin Baits Fans, Leaves Collin Out of Early Birthday Pic

Last year, Kate Gosselin wasn’t shy about the fact that five of her sextuplets celebrated their birthday without Collin.

Kate has been beyond vague about his “treatment program” for alleged “special needs” that has kept him away from his siblings for years.

Now, as her children turn 14, Collin is nowhere to be found. But Kate seems to be trying to hide that fact.

In the captions of this photo, Kate writes:

“Rainy day ice cream. … #HowAreMyBabiesTurning14?”

Kate and John’s sextuplets will turn 14 on Thursday, May 10.

“#LoveThemAll (even the ones who refused to be in the pic)”

Despite a caption that many saw as almost begging for questions about Collin Gosselin, some commenters glossed over his absence from the photo to fawn over kate.

Others just ignored all of that to make simple, positive posts.

“WOW! 14 already?! They have grown so quickly.”

A number of Kate’s harshest critics noticed Collin’s absence and spoke up.

“This lady is evil all she cares about is herself, fame and having everything her way.”

That is a common characterization of Kate.

“She did it again, wanted to get people attention and got it.”

This comment seems to refer to her highlighting Collin’s absence, which people see as a (successful) strategy for getting a lot of Instagram interactions.

“FREE COLLIN!!!!!!!!!”

Some fear the worst for the poor boy.

“Collin could be away in some dungeon for all [fans] know.”

Others expressed disgust with Kate for shipping him off.

“Sick that she as a parent wouldn’t want to learn how to deal with any issues. I did. Rather have my children where they feel loved and part of the family no matter what. Families do that.”

Others would at least like an explanation.

“She could let the public know how he is doing. The saddest thing to me is that the dad to my knowledge has no contact with Collin. I don’t understand why he cannot take legal action to get to see his son.”

Others were more charitable in their view of Kate and even spoke in her defense.

“Poor Collin.. I know he’s getting help and she’s doing what she needs to do to be a good mom. I just feel bad he can’t celebrate his birthdays with his siblings.”

One person thinks that Kate is right to be so cryptic about Collin.

“When Kate (and Collin) are ready to let fans of Kate Plus 8 know more about their situation, they’ll do so. Not before, not for the sake of your curiosity or even your concern.”

Fans with comments like this should probably remember that Collin likely won’t be free to speak his mind. That’s for another four years.

When fans say that, they should remember that four years isn’t an inconvenience — that is a massive chunk of a teenager’s life.

The Kate apologists continued to post, and some got very defensive.

“She posted a pic of her children who I believe she loves greatly. I don’t believe he was ‘kicked out’ and all I am saying is stop asking where Colin is every time she posts something.”

That person doesn’t think that people should even ask? About the whereabouts and well-being of a minor?

Other fans were weirded out by that assertion.

“I think it’s should be ok to ask where Colin is people who has watched the show from the beginning, [they] are just curious.”


“I find it sad how some of Kate’s fans are telling other Kate fans to stop talking about Collin. It’s been 3 years since he’s been gone and nothing from Kate. Now before you bring up the privacy argument,simply telling fans that hes home is not exposing details about anything.”

Many feel that such a level of privacy — where someone can just disappear for years without explanation — goes out the window when you use your children as props to become reality stars.

Other commenters decided to try to steer away from the Collin discussion, writing:

“I’m sure Kate is referring to the twins not wanting to be in the picture.”


What may be our favorite comment was this one:

“Shouldn’t be Kate +7.”

It’s hard to tell if this person is saying that Collin should be there, or if they mean shouldn’t it, suggesting that the show’s name should be changed for accuracy.


Grey’s Anatomy Fans: Sarah Drew Begs You to Be Nicer to Kelly McCreary

Just last month, Sarah Drew departed from Grey’s Anatomy

Since then, some of her fans have apparently been harassing her friend and colleague who continues to act on the long-running ABC drama.

Sarah is speaking out … and pleading with her fans to be kind.

Taking to Twitter, Sarah Drew writes to her followers:

“I need to say something to some of you.”

Note that she is not blaming everyone for the actions of bad apples.

“I say ‘some’ because I know that many of you are not participating in this.”

She acknowledges that fans are, of course, passionate about the media that they consume.

“Look, I know these characters mean so much to you — believe me, they mean a lot to me, too — but I do not feel defended when you attack my friends.”

Sarah Drew tweet

Some of her fans have been giving Kelly McCreary a very hard time.

“My beautiful, loving, loyal sister, Kelly, is a brilliant, fiercely talented team player who ALWAYS shows up and dedicates herself to the stories she is asked to tell.”

Actors should not be attacked for the roles that they play. Obviously.

“Please stop attacking her for doing her job.”

She implores them to remember that the actors are friends.

“When you hurt her, you hurt me.”

She hopes that people will support McCreary as they supported her.

“When you show kindness to her, you show kindness to me.”

She then has a message that we should all take to heart.

“Please be Kind.”

See, Sarah Drew’s character on Grey’s Anatomy, for those of you who haven’t watched the series since the Bush Administration, was in a relationship with Jesse Williams’ character.

A lot of fans, as they watch a show, grow attached not only to characters but to relationships. These fans are known as “shippers,” whether the relationship that they adore is canon or exists only in their hopes and dreams.

Now that Drew’s character has departed from the series, Kelly McCreary’s character is in a relationship with Williams.’

Though these fans, of course, are perfectly aware that these are fictional characters played by actors, sometimes, when you’re passionate about something, it can be easy to blur the lines.

And they’ll send real hate to real people.

Drew is absolutely right for speaking up in defense of her friend. Obviously.

One of the problems with the ready accesibility of actors these days is that they can see their fans at their worst.

For every few dozen people who just tweet politely at their faves, there is some bad apple who tries to ruin social media for everyone else.

A lot of people don’t realize that they are sexually harassing their favorite celebrities. Telling your friend that you’re crushing on a hot actor is one thing. Tweeting to them what you’d like to do with them is … something else.

Livetweeting can then become a hazard, because people might tag an actor as they tweet their hate at a character.

That’s not appropriate. it’s harassment. It’s toxic. It’s also, quite frankly, embarrassing.

It may be that what has fans really upset is the shocking departures of two beloved actors — and their characters.

But that wasn’t McCreary’s fault.

There were also people who tried to blame series star Ellen Pompeo, claiming that her hard-fought salary increase was responsible for the series thinning its cast to save money.

That has been widely dismissed as absurd.

Sometimes, when fans are angry, they blame the wrong people.

We just wish that social media did not make it so easy for them to lash out. Please think before you tweet.

Please be kind.


Matt Roloff Roasted by Fans: You Took Credit for Amy’s Idea!

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff has found himself in a bit of a pickle. Over pumpkin salsa.

See, he recently celebrated the Roloff Farm Pumpkin Salsa being more prominently displayed in select grocery stores.

But fans say that there’s a problem: it’s Amy’s salsa, and he’s claiming credit for it now that it’s a success.

Amidst worry that he will leave Roloff Farms, Matt took to social media for a happy announcement:

“Tori and Jackson pointed out last week at @toriroloff … our Roloff Farm Pumpkin salsa has been promoted to right smack dab in the middle of the store in the All Natural area… (at markets in our area).”

This, he says, is great news for fans who are looking to taste it.

“No more spending hours trying to find it.”

For other stores that aren’t putting it on prominent display, he suggests that people can request it.

“If it’s not already at your local store be sure to ask for at any @krogerco brand store.”

Kroger is America’s largest grocery store chain.

“It’s delicious and healthy!”

All of that sounds great!

(Especially the pumpkin salsa itself, honestly)

But fans noticed one particular detail about that post.

“I remember the show during pumpkin season where Amy had to dress up like a honeybee because you told her that HER salsa wasn’t selling and she had to do something to promote it.”

Every fandom’s memory is long. That is certainly true for reality fans.

“Funny to see that you refer to it as OUR salsa now”

Another fan wrote:

“The salsa was prepared by Amy, and Matt wanted to take over … then all of a sudden he started calling it our salsa.”

That person continues:

“As usual, he wanted all the credit for himself, and when it was a success, he changed his mind.”

That fan is not wrong.

Even as they were in the process of divorcing — remember when Matt was living in a double-wide trailer? — Matt and Amy disagreed over salsa.

Matt, as fans have seen over the years and as Amy reminded fans on the Little People, Big World season premiere, likes to dive headfirst into each project.

He doesn’t pace himself, and can sometimes go overboard. That probably worked out well for him when he worked in Silicon Valley. That isn’t always good for relationships, however.

In turn, he becomes frustrated when he sees someone else’s project moving along at a slower pace.

Even aside from the chicken incident to which the commenter refers, Matt expressed a number of doubts about Amy’s salsa project.

And, for a long time, it really did seem that he was just leaving it to Amy.

Matt’s enthusiastic fans weren’t going to take that criticism without a fight.

“Without Matt there wouldn’t be a Roloff Farms of any kind! Like it or not Matt made Roloff Farms practically on his own.”

That seems a little beside the point to some.

“He’s had almost every vision that is there today.”


“Matt might not have made the salsa, but he knows how to market it.”

Either way, he and Amy did work on it together. So calling it our salsa is probably fair.

Perhaps some fans wish that he’d put more faith in Amy in the past, but he can’t change that now.

Honestly, pumpkin makes for a fantastic ingredient in salsa.

For anyone interested (I have to say, i was pretty curious), you can get their pumpkin salsa from Fred Meyer, QFC, and Roth’s Fresh Markets.

And, of course, at some Kroger locations — Kroger owns Fred Meyer.

If you’re looking to order it online because it’s 2018 and that’s how most of us do most of our shopping anyway, Roth’s gives you the option to order some online.

That’s not an endorsement — we have no idea how it tastes. But we figured that some folks probably got a little curious as they were reading the #salsagate discourse.


Amy Roloff Fans: Chris Marek Doesn’t Love You! He’s Gay!

On this week’s new episode of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff and her boyfriend, Chris Marek, got into a bit of a disagreement on camera.

They made up, and Amy spoke about how their open and honest success was the reason for their relationship’s success.

Some very vocal and negative fans are urging Amy to dump him, accusing him of being greedy, fame-hungry, … and secretly gay.

While there absolutely were plenty of positive messages showered upon Amy on social media after the recent episode, a number of very vocal trolls have taken to her Facebook comments.

And, as always, there is no love lost between them and Chris Marek.

“Yeah red flag with this guy, yeah so left you Amy got up walked out of the restaurant on your motorcycle road trip to talk to HIS friends, so why not tell you and take you with him.”

He apologized for wandering off. Yeah, it was weird, but it’s weird any time that a couple has a disagreement. That’s life.

“What were they talking about that didn’t include you, YOU’RE RUDE Chris your a fake and the reason everyone has bad feelings about you.”

The person continues to direct their comments towards Chris … under a post by Amy.

“That was disrespectful to Amy on any level, she deserves better than to be treated like that. maybe this is why your have never been married!!”


Another commenter left a message that starts as condescendingly as possible.

“Amy dear, you should of gave Chris the silent treatment for awhile for what he did!”

The silent treatment might be one of the most toxic things that could manifest in a relationship. Amy and Chris talk about the importance of communication.

“That was ignorant and very ‘RUDE’ of him. Was it that important he had to up and not tell you where he was going and to leave you alone.”

Then this person shares her theory.

“Nope, I am trying to figure this guy out but I believe your farm looks too good for him!!1 Please be careful!!!”

In other words, this commenter believes that Chris Marek is after Amy’s money.

For the record, he makes his own money … but there’s no use telling some of these people that.

Another made what may be the most outlandish claim about Chris yet.

“Will start watching show again when Amy realizes that Chris just in it for the money!”

Again, there is no evidence of this.

“Always knew he wasn’t what everyone thought he was… no straight guy hangs around gay bars ..”

That is categorically false. Plenty of straight men who aren’t wildly insecure about their sexualities go to gay bars to hang out with friends.

“Now just walking off leaving Amy without saying anything… no commitment in Chris not when it comes to women…”

Oh boy.

That same person’s comment continues:

“And that one expression half way a smile something behind those eyes like he is just acting like he is a good guy.. something shady about this character!!”

She says that she won’t be watching until the show focuses once again upon the younger Roloffs.

“Anyway when it’s about the kids and grandbabies and the farm I’ll start watching again!”

Someone else chimed in, writing:

“I wondered if anyone else thought of Chris of being gay! He was hiding something to be gone that long from Amy!”

It’s still a ridiculous claim, given that the two of them are constantly all over each other.

“Can’t wait for Amy to wake up with this dude!!!”

Then came even more comments, this time by people who don’t have so much in the specific accusation department as they do just … general “bad vibes.”

“I think he is with her just because of her fame on t.v.”

Plenty of people date famous people, but very few get this kind of vitriol.

“There is something about him. I would not trust. Sorry.”

Wow, we guess she’ll break things off right away,t hen.

“I hope I am wrong, but I think he’s in it just for his 15 minutes of fame.”

He’s been dating her for a lot longer than that.

“Something about him,I can’t put my finger on it!”

Then don’t date him.

“I am trying to like him….. I still have a bad feeling .. hope I am wrong.”

Try harder.

Another critical comment takes more or less the opposite approach of claiming that Chris Marek is gay.

“Have watched the show from the beginning, but about to quit watching, getting tired of everything about Amy and Chris.”

A lot of Little People, Big World fans love their romance. It’s heartening to see people find love after divorce.

“They look like 2 teenagers always kissing, acting like idiots.”

Yeah, what kind of dumb idiot kisses the person they love.

“If they truly love each other fine, but lets get back to the way it used to be, at Least Matt and his girl act like adults when they are together.”

You heard it in these comments, folks. Chris is apparently a fame-hungry, money-seeking gay man who can’t keep his hands off of Amy.

Can the haters give it a rest?


Audrey Roloff Details “Empowering” Delivery Experience, Asks Fans for a Favor

Audrey Roloff gave birth on Tuesday night.

Okay, not quite.

As all Little People, Big World fans know quite well, Audrey Roloff really gave birth in mid-September.

But the TLC series on which Audrey has risen to fame took fans behind the scenes of this miraculous experience this week, documenting the labor that led to Ember Jean’s entrance into the world.

It was pretty special to watch.

Now, in a new Instagram post, Audrey has provided followers with even more details about what has to be the most memorable day of her existence.

It started with her afraid that she would be so long past her due date that it would be unsafe to have a natural delivery.

“This was the hardest and most empowering day of my life,” opened Amber as a caption to the image above, adding:

“When I went into active labor at 2:30 in the morning I quickly reached into my nightstand drawer, grabbed a sharpie, and wrote ALWAYS MORE on my hand.”

This may sound like a bunch of hooey coming from some people, but we buy it coming from Audrey.

She has never shied away from discussing her faith or from what this saying means to her, as she did again here.

“These words have propelled so much of my life, and they have become my mission – to inspire women to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is within them. 

“I knew that this day, more than any other day, I needed to be reminded that I ALWAYS had MORE strength, endurance, and hope through Christ.”

Roloff continued to get personal with her Instagram followers, writing:

“During labor, these words increased my faith and permeated my body with unexplainable peace and power.

“Every now and then during contractions I would catch a glimpse of my hand, clenched tightly to Jeremy’s, and I would see those words, blurred by sweat and tears – ALWAYS MORE.”

As any mother knows, there’s nothing that can come close to giving birth.

It’s an experience unlike any other.

And Audrey used this motto to get her through it:

“Always more strength through contractions, always more hope when I felt discouraged, always more purpose through the pain, always more perseverance to endure, always more opportunity to be courageous, always more reason to trust, and always more victory through Christ.

“I remember saying them outloud repeatedly just before I stared to push.”

And then Ember was in her arms.

Amazing. The whole thing really is pretty amazing.

“Guess what you guys….” Ember added. “The hospital room that i delivered Ember in was room 320 are you kidding me God?!? ah. Always more is based on Ephesians 3:20.

“You can’t make this stuff up!!!”

You can try to profit off it, however.

As we’ve cited in the past, Audrey transitioned against here from honesty about her faith to an attempt to sell her followers on something she makes money off.

“Because ALWAYS MORE has helped me through some of the toughest trials in my life, I created a 7 Day Always More Devotional that I hope might encourage you through whatever hard circumstances you might be facing today!” she concluded on her page, adding:

“Click the link in my bio to download it for FREE! ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is with you. #alwaysmore #emberjean.”

Audrey Roloff request

Now, yes, the Devotional is free.

But as we point out above, Roloff asks for your personal information in order to send it along.

And you know she’ll use this to include you on her newsletter and to make other offerings, many of which will ask for money.

Is this just an example of Audrey being an entrepreneur and it’s all good?

Is her heart in the right place and she just wants to help your religious efforts.

Or is this pretty tacky, writing a lot about God and then using her birthing experience to build up her email database?


Audrey Roloff Outrages Fans Over Baby Formula Diss

Over the first few weeks of her foray into motherhood, Audrey Roloff was very candid about her difficulty breastfeeding.

The Little People, Big World star talked at length about her battle against mastitis and how VERY painful this condition caused it to be when she brought baby Ember up to her chest to suckle.

Or even when she tried to pump.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the pain that I’ve experienced while breast feeding has been comparable to unmedicated labor contractions,” Audrey said last fall, adding:

“Inevitably, all of this has left me feeling like I am failing my baby, frustrated, discouraged, and heart ached.”

We felt terrible for Roloff at the time and we still do. That must have been awful.

On this past Tuesday’s episode of her family’s reality show, however, Audrey elaborated on just why this experience was so awful for her and… well…

… we feel a tiny bit less bad because her view on the topic seems so effed up.

Acknowledging the aforementioned challenge she had with breastfeeding early on, Audrey said the following in a Little People, Big World confessional:

“We just don’t have feeding figured out yet. It just didn’t come easy for me, my body, for her.”

That part of the admission was fine and understandable.

And also very relatable; plenty of new mothers and new human beings need awhile to figure the whole breastfeeding thing out.

During a checkup just a week after giving birth, though, Audrey was told by a doctor that, if her baby wasn’t getting enough sustenance via breast milk, then Audrey and Jeremy would need to supplement with formula.

This is also something very common among new parents.

But Audrey simply was NOT having it.

And her reason for why has angered quite a few people on the World Wide Web.

“I was very adamant about breastfeeding exclusively. Formula is like a sin,” she actually said.

It does sound like Audrey eventually gave in (“I never thought I would do that, but at the same time I need to feed my baby so we have to do it.”), which at last makes us breathe a sigh of relief.

At least she wasn’t extreme enough in this view to actually harm her child.

But… formula is like a sin?!? Excuse her?!?

As you might imagine, many social media users were outraged that she would utter such a thing.

“‘Formula is a sin,’ girl shut the f–k up,” one fan Tweeted succinctly, while another said:

“Did she say, ‘Formula was a sin?’ I want to slap her.”

And one fan pointed out, “Oh Audrey, formula is not a sin. Fed baby is all that matters.”

audrey critique

Seriously, right?

If Audrey feels this way, we guess she’s entitled to that somewhat ridiculous opinion. (Okay, totally ridiculous opinion.)

But to come out and make such a public statement is casting quite the judgmental net over millions of women, many of whom have no choice but to use formula and all of whom just want what is best for their child.

What is sinful about that?!?

Audrey, it should be noted, has not commented on this controversy or issued any sort of apology.

The TLC personality is very open about her faith, as anyone who followers her on Instagram knows well.

She often tries to be encouraging to her fellow mothers, too, recently writing a message online that concluded as follows:

“Moms… You’re not the only one who has been criticized or glared at for doing something wrong. I have too. You’re not the only one.

“You’re not alone. Even though you might feel like it sometimes, we are all figuring out this motherhood thing as we go.

So I’ll be here.

“Sharing what I’ve learned, where I’ve failed and how the Lord is encouraging, empowering, and equipping me as I embrace all that it means to be a mother.”

It’s a nice sentiment.

But perhaps Roloff should have considered how her “sin” talk would make these same mothers feel before she made the remark.