14 Things We Doubt You Knew About Anna Faris

Anna Faris is pretty, talented and hilarious.

But you knew that already.

What about the actress may take you by surprise?

We just finished her memoir, "Unqualified," and we can think of a few tidbits, revelations and stories that may cause you to view Faris in a slightly different light.

To wit…

1. The Book is Dedicated To…

The book is dedicated to
… soon-to-be-ex-husband Chris Pratt! The dedication reads: “To Chris, Your wisdom and strength have made me a better person.”

2. Pratt Also Penned the Book’s Foreword

Pratt also penned the books foreword
Acknowledging that “”Anna is an important part of my life and she always will be,” Pratt adds: “I’m doing [this] because I love and respect her and told her I would,” saying Faris is the “person that I spent one amazing decade with.”

3. Inside Their Relationship:

Inside their relationship
“When I first met Chris, I was constantly looking for proof that he was not as great as he seemed,” she writes of their 2007 introduction on the set of a movie. At the time, Faris was married, but then she split from her husband and: “You might think that, fresh off an almost decade-long relationship, I would be hesitant to move on to the next, but I couldn’t have fallen more headfirst into my feelings for Chris.”

4. This Is the Chapter That Will Make You Vomit

This is the chapter that will make you vomit
That’s what Faris titled a chapter about all of Pratt’s romantic gestures, which included: sending a giant bouquet of flowers to the set of her sitcom each week and writing her “old-timey war letters that said things like, ‘Honey, I’m dreaming of the day I get to hold you again.'”

5. More Gushing Over Pratt

More gushing over pratt
Faris describes her husband as “amazing” when she was admitted to the hospital and placed on bed rest after her water broke at 30 weeks pregnant. In addition to sleeping with her in the hospital, Pratt decorated her room with photos and posters and brought her desserts every night.

6. Marry, F-ck, Kill?

Marry f ck kill
Sort of. “You have to hide a dead body with someone, call them to bail you out of jail, or get anal bleaching together,” says friend Cassie Daniels in the book. Faris replies that she’d hide a dead body with Regina Hall because she’s “cool under fire.”

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