Tristan Thompson: This is Proof I’m a Decent Father!

Tristan Thompson lost his starting job and didn’t play much throughout the regular season for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But then he regained the trust of his coach and his teammates and made an impact during the squad’s 2018 NBA Playoff run.

Might the controversial power forward be close to replicating this same pattern in his personal life?

We ask this question because Thompson is clearly attempting a comeback.

He was spotted last week at a gym class with Khloe Kardashian, as it’s apparent at this point these two are attempting to work out their issues.

Those issues, of course, being that Thompson cheated non-stop on his girlfriend throughout her pregnancy.

Sources have confirmed, though, that Thompson was in the delivery room when Khloe gave birth and the reality star only just returned to Los Angeles after living in Cleveland for a few months after becoming a first-time mother.

Was Tristan closely involved in the life of his daughter, True?

He would certainly like folks to believe so, based on the basketball player’s latest Instagram photo:

This is the first time, we believe, that Thompson has shared his own picture of True — and he’s actually done so via an image that also features his son, Prince.

Yes, Tristan Thompson also has a son.

The toddler is 18 months old and was born to Thompson’s ex, Jordan Craig, in December of 2018.

She has said on numerous occasions that Thompson dumped her (while pregnant!) when he started to date Kardashian.

As a caption to this parental snapshot, Thompson simply included a heart emoji.

“Tristan is a part of Khloe’s life,” an insider recently told Us Weekly, confirming the romance is far from over and adding:

“They are together, so he will be there. They’re continuing to work on their relationship.”

How do Khloe’s loved ones feel about this reconciliation?

“They know that in order to have Khloe back in their lives, they have to accept him,” this source adds.

And this appears to be exactly what is happening.

A few days ago, Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons went on a double date with Tristan and Khloe.

Moreover, the relatively new mother shared videos of her and her baby daddy doing push-ups and high-knee jumps at a gym in California, making it clear that she’s now cool with the public knowing her status with Tristan.

Will the whole cheating scandal be addressed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 15?

Yes, to an extent.

“They always discuss real life things on the show,” Us Weekly wrote this week, concluding:

“They’ve never ignored a topic.

“It will definitely be brought up, but they don’t know how much.

“They can film hours about it, but in the end, Khloé is one of the executive producers and will have final say on what actually makes air.”


Tristan Thompson Accused of Being an Absentee Father Who Really Sucks

Based on mountains of video evidence from the past few months, it’s clear that Tristan Thompson is adept at juggling multiple mistresses.

It would be impressive if it weren’t so immoral and disgusting.

But a new report aims to make it equally clear that Tristan Thompsonis terrible at juggling children.

Yes, children.

As in… more than one child.

By now, anyone with an Internet connection is likely aware that Thompson fathered a little girl with Khloe Kardashian last month.

She gave birth to a daughter named True on April 11, mere days afterthe aforementioned cheating allegations spread like wildfire around the Internet.

While he’s clearly a terrible boyfriend, has Thompson been a decent father to the one-month old?

It may be too soon too tell, considering he’s been traveling a lot for the NBA Playoffs, although Thompson ha at least acknowledged that True eats, sleeps and defecates.

Did you know, however, that Thompson also has a 17-month old son?

Here’s a recent photo of the child (named Prince) with his mother and Tristan’s ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig:

Writes Craig as a caption to the cute snapshot:

“There’s absolutely no feeling in the world greater than bringing a smile to your face! Forever in love with being your Mummy.”

Many insiders have said that Thompson dumped a pregnant Craig for Khloe back in mid-2016 when the basketball player and the reality star began dating.

We’d say this sort of move sounds out of character for Thompson, but…

… it sounds totally in character for Thompson.

To Craig’s credit, she has taken the high road of late, refusing to speak badly about her son’s father, even in the wake of his ongoing infidelity scandal.

“If you respect yourself and you respect others, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone,” Craig wrote when this scandal first went viral, adding:

“Nor would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others. Wishing peace for everyone.”

In Craig’s place, though, someone spoke to Hollywood Life and did share an unflattering assessment of Thompson as a parent to his son.

Says this anonymous individual:

“Tristan is pretty much an absent father, although he regularly pays his child support, that is something he can’t be faulted for.”

“But when it comes to parenting of his son, it’s pretty much all on Jordan.”

And also: “Of course Jordan wishes Tristan was more present in Prince’s life, but it is what it is.

“Jordan accepts that it’s all about Tristan and that basically he’s like a big kid, so she really can’t expect too much more from him really.”

Craig gave birth to Prince on December 12, 2016, about four months after Thompson got together with Kardashian

Tristan barely ever talks about that relationship, but did almost admit in a recent podcast that he doesn’t see his son often.

Not that he seems too concerned about the effect this will have on Prince. The little guy will survive, after all!

He said to Allie Clifton on May 8:

“I think with a girl, you’re just so much more emotionally like… with a boy, it’s just like, ‘Hey man, you’ll be all right man. Stop crying.’” 

“But [with True], it’s like, ‘True, it’s gonna be okay. You know, we’re right here. Daddy’s here to feed you. It’s me! Look, yeah!’ It’s way different.”

“But it’s fun, though. It changes you.”

Nice to see that Thompson is sexist on top of all his other bad qualities, isn’t it?


Liam Hemsworth Shares Photo of Crazy Hot Father, Internet Catches Fire

This Apparently Just In:

Liam Hemsworth comes from good genes.

Such a statement may be the least surprising sentence we’ll ever write, but it still seemingly comes as a shock to many on the Internet.

Earlier this week, The Hunger Games star and the fiance of Miley Cyrus shared a photograph of himself, his dogs, his mother and his father.

With a gorgeous backdrop behind them, the family is smiling proudly, having clearly just hiked up some steep and challenging terrain.

This beautiful outing and setting prompted Hemsworth to write the following as a caption:

Climbed a mountain with the oldies this morning and came across a rattlesnake after telling my brother there were no rattlesnakes in this area! Ha!

Check out the image below… and prepare to drool, ladies:

Not over Liam, no. But over his father!

Perhaps because the actor is wearing a shirt and his father is not, followers have focused their reactions far more on Craig Hemsworth here than his son.

And they like what they see!

“Ur dad is jacked!” writes @tronn7.

“Apple’s don’t fall from the tree. How’s them apples,” agreed @lynn67manning.

“Maybe oldies… but definitely goodies! Like father, like sons… great job Mom and Dad!” responded @foster1204.

Indeed, Mrs. Hemsworth also received some love in the Comments section of Liam’s page.

Ahead of attending The Dressmaker premiere in 2015, Liam posted the following picture of his parents, marking one of the first times we saw their attractiveness on full display.

Hemsworth referred to his mother and father as “legends” in the caption to this image, which is pretty darn awesome and accurate.

Liams, at 28 years old, is the youngest of his three siblings; Chrisis 34 and the often-underrated Luke is 37.

The trio is very handsome and also very close, spending a ton of time together in their native Australia.

The next time they hang out there, though, they may need to prepare for their parents getting more cat calls than they receive.

“How ripped is your old man Jesus!!” wrote another impressed follower in response to Liam’s recent picture, adding:

“Mums a banger too! But go old boy.”

And go young boy!

Just in case Liam gets upset that is dad is garnering so many positive reviews at the moment, we figured we’d remind readers that Liam can work his sexiness, too.

See the photo immediately above as proof.

You’re a lucky young woman, Miley.


Meghan Markle Issues Statement on Father: Sadly, He’s a Jerk!

In just two days, Meghan Markle will marry Prince Harry in the kind of lavish ceremony that most folks can only dream about.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, she’s being made to tolerate a metric ton of bullsh-t from her wildly trashy family.

For months now, Meghan’s shady half-siblings have been talking trash to anyone who will listen, clearly hoping that her fairytale romance will somehow equate to them never having to work again.

Now, her father is doing his best to one-up his own children in order to retain the title of Worst Markle of Them All.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Thomas Markle had suffered a heart attack and would not be attending the royal wedding on Saturday.

Now, we know that Thomas is not in poor health, but will still not be making the trip to London for his daughter’s big day.

The reason?

Well, as far as anyone can tell, Thomas is embarrassed by a bizarre scandal involving paparazzi photos that he sold to a media outlet.

It’s really not that big a deal on its own, but Thomas seems hell-bent on making it a big deal.

Rather than face the possibility that someone might make fun of him for cashing in on his daughter’s fame, Thomas has decided to piss off one of the world’s most powerful families by casting a dark cloud over a very important day.

The situation is so bad that Meghan has been forced to issue an official statement – her first as a member of the royal family – regarding her father’s absence.

“Sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding. I have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health,” reads the statement.

“I would like to thank everyone who has offered generous messages of support. Please know how much Harry and I look forward to sharing our special day with you on Saturday.”

Officially, Thomas is sticking to the excuse that he’s too sick to travel. 

“He has told Meghan he cannot attend due to medical reasons,” a source tells People magazine.

“She is ultimately concerned, as Prince Harry is, for her father,” the insider adds.

“They have both been in touch with Thomas Markle in recent days, as they have for some time. They have been in regular contact.”

Does this guy know his daughter will have the power to behead people as of Saturday morning?!

We haven’t done much research, but we’re pretty sure that’s a thing.