Britney Spears Gives Father Cash Bonus For Keeping Her Off Drugs

These days, Britney Spears has attained full-blown icon status and been granted admission into the pantheon of pop gods alongside Madonna and Michael Jackson.

But it wasn’t all that long ago that it looked as though Spears was headed for the kind of tragic flameout that’s all too common among stars who hit the big time while still in their teens.

Britney’s 2007 meltdown is the stuff of legend, and enough time has gone by that it’s easy to laugh at the shaved head and the umbrella-wielding attack on the paparazzi.

But the fact remains that all that erratic behavior was fueled by very real pain and mental illness — and serious indulgence in a wide array of substances.

These days, Spears is a sober and responsible mother and a consummate entertainer, still capable of wowing diehard fans on a nightly basis with her acclaimed Las Vegas residency.

It’s wonderful that she’s been able to move on from her harrowing past, but those who helped her through that difficult time are eager to ensure that she never forgets it.

And it seems there are two reasons that they want her to remain forever mindful — so that she doesn’t go down that road again, and so that she remains grateful to the ones who helped bring her back from the brink.

According to a new report published today by Radar Online, several members of Team Britney appeared in a Las Vegas courtroom today where a judge determined they were owed large sums of money by Spears’ estate in exchange for their services to the singer.

As you may recall, Britney was placed under a conservatorship in order to protect her from herself following her breakdown.

Since it seems to be working out for her, the arrangement has remained in place for over a decade.

And today, Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, and a “co-conservator” named Andrew Wallet were compensated to the tune of $ 426,000 for their roles in keeping Brit on the straight and narrow.

According to documents obtained by Radar, Jamie and Andrew argued that they provided “stability and leadership” to Britney and helped keep “literally hundreds of people in check.”

Now, bringing stability and keeping people in check are pretty vague boasts, but Jamie and Andrew’s lawyers went on to provide some specifics:

“By way of example, and not by way of limitation, at the planning stages of the Circus Tour, the Declarant instructed entertainment counsel to spread the risk of the Conservatee failing to fulfill her duties on tour because of some third party providing illegal substances,” they claimed.

“The financial stakes were high, and failure was not an option.”

That’s legalese for “Jamie and Andrew kept Britney off drugs so that she could continue making a whole lot of money.”

Andrew argues that he righted the ship of Britney’s career multiple times, including at the start of her Vegas residency, when she was apparently quite vulnerable:

“At the beginning of the conservatorship, the estate was nearly out of fund and cash equivalents,” Wallet said in the affidavit.

“The estate and person of the conservative were in total chaos with tremendous liabilities. The problems were of epic proportions over a period of years.

“Extraordinary skills have been employed by all in order to achieve the results enjoyed at the present time. Petitioner has had many months at a time where all of his professional time was spent in services rendered exclusively to the conservative.”

Again, it’s a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo, but there’s much to be learned here.

For example, like every recovering addict, Britney is never out of the woods and relies heavily on the support of those around her.

Also, being one of the supportive people around her is apparently quite a lucrative endeavor.


90 Day Fiance: Kalani Defends Sister, Father Against Viewer Backlash

Even though Larissa made Colt’s mom cry on this week’s 90 Day Fiance, she’s not the only target for the wrath of viewers.

Kalani’s sister and her father have both been the targets of intense fan criticism over how they treated Asuelu in the episode.

So Kalani took to social media to defend her family. She also took her social media private to block out the haters.

Kalani does not have time for haters who are coming after her family.

On this week’s episode, Asuelu met Kalani’s family and began his uphill battle towards being accepted.

It didn’t help that he took Kalani’s virginity and impregnated her while she was on vacation.

(That’s not a way to start things off on the right foot with someone’s deeply Mormon family, folks)

But Kalani’s sister also resented his sudden intrusion into the family — and the fact that he had cheated on Kalani.

Kalani’s dad had … other, more complicated concerns.

First, Kalani defended her sister, Kolini, after fans gave her a hard time for resenting baby Oliver’s dad.

“My sister WAS Oliver’s dad for his first five months,” Kalani writes on Instagram.

“She watched him when I had to go back to work for Asuelu’s papers,” she says.

“She bought all of the s–t I didn’t get from my baby shower,” she adds.

Kalani continues: “and let me skip rent/bills when I had to buy his plane tickets for his interviews and doctor’s appointments.”

That is one hell of a supportive sister — and a supportive aunt.

Kalani makes it clear that Asuelu deserved some of her sister’s ire.

“Asuelu wasn’t paid in coconuts, dumbasses,” Kalani says of her baby daddy’s job.

“He made $ 600 American a month,” she shares. “With no bills.”

“As a sister, if you know you’re throwing downtime and money to help your nephew,” she says.

Kalani continues: “and know that the father isn’t helping in ways that he could — YOU’D BE SALTY TOO!”


As we mentioned, things were a little more complicated for Kalani’s father.

Her dad didn’t want her to be with a Samoan man, which sounds racist until you remember that he himself is Samoan.

“You know how I feel about you being with my kind of people,” he told her on 90 Day Fiance.

“It’s just the way I was born and raised,” he said. “It’s a fast life here and it’s a slow life there.”

That sounds like internalized racism — when people absorb prejudices about themselves — and fans were upset.

Kalani says that some of her statements about her dad wanting her to be with “white men” were taken out of context.

(We absolutely had to include this — both Asuelu and baby Oliver’s first Halloween!)

90 Day Fiance is absolutely no stranger to scenes in which things were taken out of context.

We don’t think that Kalani thinks that white men offer more stability than Samoan men.

We hope that her father doesn’t really feel that way.

It is totally understandable that Kalani opted to make her Instagram private after dealing with all of that backlash following this week’s episode.

We all might wish that her family had been a little more open to Asuelu, but that doesn’t make them monsters.


Angela Simmons Mourns Murder of Ex-Fiance, Father of Her Son

Tragedy has struck close to home for Angela Simmons.

According to The Atlanta Police Department, officers responded around 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 3 to gun shots fired around a home in the southwestern part of the city.

A victim, who authorities did not identify at the time, was subsequently found with multiple gun shots inside an open garage.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office later confirmed that that deceased was Sutton Tennyson, the former fiancé of Simmons and the father of this Growing Up Hip Hop star’s son, Sutton Jr.

He is pictured above with his child and with Angela and he was 37 years old when he died.

Based on a preliminary investigation, the aforementioned shots were fired after a conversation with another male escalated into a serious argument.

After firing multiple shots, the suspect then “sped from the scene in a car,” police wrote in the official report.

On Sunday morning, the Growing Up Hip Hop cast member – who is the daughter of Run D.M.C.’s Rev. Run – shared a series of emotional tributes to Tennyson, starting with the photo below.

“Thank you for leaving behind my greatest gift . I’m hurting . I’m numb. Thank you for the out pouring of love everyone,” reads Angela’s caption to this image.

“I cant believe I’m even saying Rest In Peace Sutton,” she added. “I promise to hold SJ down in every way I promise.”

Sutton Jr. is only two years old.

Simmons then went ahead and posted a video of her son looking at videos of his dad. It’s heartbreaking.

“Reflecting,” her affiliated message reads. “He keeps replaying it RIP Sutton.”

made an angel

“We made an angel,” Simmons wrote alongside the snapshot here, adding of another image:

“Rest easy Sutton.”

Elsewhere, Angela’s’ siblings also shared condolences on social media.

Her sister, Vanessa Simmons, said she was “literally at loss for words my heart breaks for my sister and nephew .. RIP Sutton.”

rest easy

And there was this from Simmons’ brother, Joseph Simmons.

He penned a lengthy post that read, in part, “I’m here to be the man for your son to look up to and call whenever he needs me ! #RIPSutton @angelasimmons I GOT YOU.”

Simmons confirmed her split from Tennyson in December of 2017.

As you can see by these photos, however, he remained a vital part of his son’s life.

We send our condolences to the friends, family members and loved ones of Sutton Tennyson.

May he rest in peace.


Gia Giudice Makes Desperate Plea to Inmate Father

We often mock Teresa Giudice and members of her family.

It’s typically for good reason, too.

Teresa is just so self-centered and spoiled and she lacks any semblance of self-awareness and she broke the law awhile back by lying about her finances and has never really shown a hint of remorse.

This is all true.

But it can all be true and we can still feel very badly for her kids.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Joe Giudice really will face deportation after he completes his current prison sentence.

This had been rumored ever since Joe entered jail on tax evasion charges, but a judge dropped the deportation hammer once and for all in immigration court on Wednesday morning.

“Based upon the law, I find you deportable and ineligible for any kind of relief,” the judge said at the hearing, according to various sources, adding:

“Mr. Giudice, no matter how this turns out, I wish you the best. I decided this case as a matter of law.”

This is obviously quite a blow to Teresa and her four kids.

Joe is due for release next year, at which time, unless something significant changes, he will be sent back to his native country of Italy.

While various members of The Real Housewives community have reacted in sadness to this development, 17-year old daughter Gia Giudice is now here to speak out for the first time since the decision was handed down.

The oldest child of Joe and Teresa, Gia has shared a video created by a man named Fred Rubino.

In this footage, he called for an appeal of Joe’s impending deportation, alleging that the ruling on Giudice’s case was “racist” and “political” because Joe is Italian. 

That seems like quite the unverified leap, but Gia appears to concur.

“Spread the word, could’ve said it better myself.” Gia wrote in the caption. “I love you daddy, let’s fight this! @fredrubino.”

The despondent and angry teenager also shared a throwback photo on her Instagram Story of herself as a little girl holding onto Joe’s shoulders, and wrote on the image:

“New post!!!! Spread the word, let’s fight.”

It’s quite the image, that much is certain:

gia throwback

For whatever it’s worth, Teresa was not in the courtroom Wednesday when the judge made his ruling.

Joe now has 30 days to file an appeal; which we’d have to imagine he will do.

For those wondering…

Yes, Giudice has lived in America since he was a child.

However, he never obtained American citizenship, and immigrants can be deported from the United States if they are convicted of “a crime of moral turpitude” or an “aggravated felony,” according to U.S. law.

Does that seem unfair? Not to Donald Trump, probably.

Although Teresa has thus far remained silent on the ruling, a source told People Magazine that she “never imaged Joe would really get deported.”

Adds this insider:

“This is going to break her. She always knew that this was a possibility, but she put it out of her head. That’s the only way she could go on living day to day.”

In this one instance, we actually do feel badly for her.


Colin Evans: Brother of Jenelle Evans Accuses Father of Sexual Abuse

While Teen Mom 2 villain Jenelle Evans is making peace with Barbara, she’s still having plenty of conflicts.

In addition to feuding with other Teen Moms, she has also attracted the ire of her own brother, Colin Evans.

Colin is hitting back at claims she has made about him … and accusing their father of having sexually abused him for five years.

“She lies more than Donald trump,” Colin writes in a scathing post on Facebook.

In case there was any doubt, he makes it clear that he is talking about his sister by adding, in parentheses, “Jenelle Evans.”

In her book, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, she claims that Colin had developmental problems and that he once accidentally burned down their home.

“My entire house was not burnt down to the ground at all,” Colin insists.

“Keep on all the lies and for ur info lil sis I’m not developmentally challenged,” he asserts.

Colin Evans house

Colin shared a photo of a fully intact house, then demands that Jenelle “stop lieing for ur fame.”

This is when his post takes a much more serious turn.

“I’m PTSD from our father sexual abused me for 5 years and beat me and starved me,” Colin writes.

Colin continues: “and i almost died in prison and all u care about is your money (jenelle Evans) lil sis.”

“And u never say hi u don’t care about any one but your self,” Colin concludes. “So keep up the lies lil sis.”

Now, Colin did accidentally start a fire when he was a boy when one his toy cars caught on fire.

Afterwards, he was sent to live in group home in Texas for two years. Colin was only 9 years old.

Starcasm notes that Colin has had legal troubles as an adult.

His rap sheet includes larceny, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, injury to personal property, and communicating threats.

None of those sound especially serious — a couple of them shouldn’t even be crimes — but they paint an unflattering portrait of Colin as a troubled man.

We have to say that Colin’s history of petty crimes fits a profile of someone who is overcoming childhood trauma.

That of course does not mean that everyone who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse commits a string of petty crimes, or vice-versa.

But it’s not uncommon to see someone struggle to cope with their traumatic childhood as they enter adulthood.

Children are not equipped to handle trauma in the way that adults are, and can suffer lifelong consequences as a result.

Some would suggest that Jenelle’s history of drug use and her relationships with terrible men and her poor quality as a parent are indicators of someone who came from a deeply troubled home.

Colin Evans Illuminati post

Colin has recently shared that he is hoping to avoid appearing on MTV in the near future.

It looks like he has also grown paranoid about “the Illuminati organization.” Sometimes, people who are troubled can fixate on fictitious entities.

He has said that he doesn’t want anything to do witht he Illuminati or with Satan, saying that he doesn’t have a family of his own, but that Jesus is all of the family that he needs.

It looks like he also went through a breakup with a woman very recently, and is heartbroken over it.

Obviously, the accusations of sexual and physical abuse that he has leveled at his father are very serious.

While adults are of course responsible for their own actions, these allegations do help to explain his behavior, if not excuse them.


Ryan Edwards: Is He REALLY the Father of Mackenzie Standifer’s Unborn Child?!

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer … well, they've had an eventful relationship, we'll say that much.

They've only been together for a couple of years, but boy, have they been through a lot.

And now, after two weddings and several arrests, they're expecting their first child together, a boy due in October.

But could there be a chance that Ryan isn't the baby's father?

1. A Fairytale Romance (Or Not)

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer selfie
It feels like we’ve been hearing about drama centering around Ryan and/or Mackenzie for decades, but if you can believe it, these two crazy kids have barely been together for two years now.

2. Moving Fast

Mackenzie standifer pic
Yep, Mackenzie got divorced from her first husband in July of 2016, she met Ryan sometime after that, and by December, they were engaged.

3. Making It Official

Mackenzie standifer ryan edwards
They were married in May of 2017, a quick little affair down by the river for reasons we’re still not entirely sure about. Ryan was super high when it happened.


Mackenzie edwards pic
But at that time, Mackenzie insisted that she didn’t know Ryan was even using drugs, much less that he was shooting heroin. Like, he was arrested that March for having heroin and a bunch of needles in his car, but she claimed that she had no idea.

5. Anyway …

Mackenzie standifer and ryan edwards going strong
But regardless, they got married, then Ryan went to rehab, but he graduated from his program early, and Mackenzie seemed to think that was a good thing.

6. Cool, Cool

Oh, and during this whole time (and now, probably) Mackenzie blamed Ryan’s drug problem on Maci Bookout, because apparently she was a “trigger” for him, and also because she knew about everything and didn’t magically stop him somehow.

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Father Spots Creep Snapping Upskirt Photos, Tackles Him in Target

Not all heroes wear capes. But some heroes, it seems, shop at Target.

A surveillance video is making the rounds after it shows one seriously creepy dudes snapping upskirt photos of girls … and then paying the price.

It was a father, out shopping with his daughter, who noticed what the man was up to and took action. Take a look:

Jorge a ibarra jr mugshot

On Wednesday, August 1, 29-year-old Jorge A. Ibarra Jr. was arrested.

The arrest was over "suspicion of invasion of privacy," which seems like a major understatement after you watch this video and hear the story of what went down.

See, surveillance photos appear to have captured him snapping "upskirt" photos of girls, some of whom were minors, at a Target store in Cypress, California.

If you're not familiar, "upskirts" are what they sound like — a man takes pictures up a skirt, hoping for a glimpse at a girl's thighs and underwear and any potential glimpse of their butt or genitals that might come with it.

Upskirting is gross, it's predatory, it's a nightmarish invasion of privacy, and, in this case, it will get you tackled in a Target store.

Ismael duarte pic

Ismael Duarte is the hero of the hour.

He was shopping with his 15-year-old daughter on Tuesday, July 1 while Ibarra was allegedly on the prowl.

According to Duarte, he noticed that something was odd about Ibarra's behavior.

It sounds like it didn't take long before he realized that the man was (allegedly) snapping upskirt photos of unsuspecting women, including his own daughter and another girl.

Duarte leapt into action, chasing and tackling Ibarra, who fled the store.

Ismael duarte confronts ibarra

"My daughter, and the girl that actually was getting their picture taken without her being known," Duarte says. "That’s what got me"

The surveillance video appears to show Duarte kicking the man's phone away and then chasing the man, confronting him, and perhaps pushing him.

The man, later identified as Ibarra (who looks 46 and not 29; we don't know what that's about), flees from Target.

Duarte gave chase.

Though Ibarra did get away, Duarte was able to snap a photo of the man in his car.

Ibarra car pic

Duarte provided his photo and a description of what happened to the police.

Though he wishes that he had somehow been able to do more, Duarte says that he did not appreciate Target's security team's inaction during the confrontation.

"All they did was stand behind," Duarte laments. "And that's very disappointing."

Target released a statement, affirming that "the safety and security of our guests is very important to us and we have no tolerance for this behavior in our stores."

"Immediately upon learning of these recent incidents," Target continues. "Our teams called police to investigate and shared video footage with them."

Target concludes: "We will continue to help law enforcement in any ways that we can be of support to their investigation."

Upskirt creep at target

Ibarra was arrested and booked at Orange County jail on $ 25,000 bail.

It may be tempting for some individuals to dismiss upskirt photos as a hobby of perverts.

But there are victims — the women involved.

There are plenty of moral and legal rationales saying that a person has the right to record video of anything that they can see in a public place (though sharing that video is another matter), but upskirts are not part of public view.

That's someone peeking inside someone else's clothing. In this case, it sounds like at least one of the alleged victims was a minor.

Good for Duarte and the police for taking action.

Father spots creep snapping upskirt photos tackles him in target