Kaley Cuoco Shares the BEST Wedding Photo, Featuring Her Furbabies

Three weeks ago, Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook got married! And while their honeymoon was wasn’t exactly picture perfect, the actual wedding was beautiful.

Now, Kaley has taken to social media to share the best wedding photo of them all.

It features the newly married couple with their five most important guests.

“#tbt,” Kaley wrote on Instagram late Thursday evening. “To what I think is the best family wedding photo ever.”

While some would argue that it’s not really a throwback if it’s from a few weeks ago and you’re only now sharing it, it’s difficult to dispute the rest of her claim.

In this precious photo, we see Kaley and Karl … and their family.

Their four dogs stand lovingly with them, but that’s not all.

Look in the background and you’ll see Kaley’s horse.

Kaley and Karl actually have a number of pets, including a couple of rescue pit bulls named Shirley and Norman.

In the photo at the top, you can see Kaley holding little Ruby in her arms for the portrait.

The couple has multiple show horses, plus a mini-horse named Shmooshy.

Kaley is particularly passionate about pit bulls, in part because they have a massively unfair reputation that leads to their mistreatment and even death.

Contrary to how they are portrayed by alarmists and in the media, pit bulls are naturally gentle dogs with a caretaker’s disposition. Like humans, they can become aggressive if they have been tormented with violence or otherwise mistreated.

Biologically, the most aggressive dogs are actually dachshunds. (Yes, really)

Before Kaley and Karl even began to date, she was telling friends and family that her next man needed to be a dog lover.

It is so important for couples — particularly those looking for a long-term commitment with each other — to have certain things in common.

Sometimes, religious differences can be managed — especially if a couple isn’t planning on having children.

But if one loves dogs and the other does not, that’s a potential problem.

And plenty of dog-lovers would consider someone not lovings dogs to be not just a deal-breaker, but a huge red flag.

As we mentioned, their wedding was great. Their honeymoon wasn’t exactly a romantic dream.

In fact, Kaley Cuoco spent the honeymoon in the hospital, undergoing some much-needed shoulder surgery.

Fortunately, the surgery was not emergency and had been planned about a year in advance.

It was non-urgent, and Kaley decided that she’d rather wait to recover from surgery (recovery is usually painful and is never fun) until after she and Karl tied the knot.

She’s spent the past couple of weeks recovering at home.

If Kaley’s family wedding photo rubbed you the wrong way — maybe because you object to the idea that dogs (or a horse) can be family — keep that in mind.

Specifically, when you’re dating. If you don’t feel that special connection to dogs or horses or other animals, maybe find someone who feels the way that you do.

We’re so glad that Kaley found Karl, because the two of them can share their passion for their furbabies within their relationship.


Taylor Swift Releases “Endgame” Music Video, Featuring Ed Sheeran & Future!

Taylor Swift's "Endgame" music video quietly dropped, folks! It features partying, drinking, dancing, and more drinking.

Oh, and some hefty appearances by Ed Sheeran and Future. Check it out below!

Taylor swift endgame

Taylor Swift was tremendously popular, even a decade ago. But, for a while, she was a very niche celebrity. Not only was she a hopeless romantic, her music was primarily of the Country variety.

That changed with her 2014 album, 1989. And those of us who weren't already became obsessed with the undeniably pleasant music of one Ms. Swift.

For more than a year, Taylor Swift was sailing high above the clouds. Everyone wanted to be on her side and no one wanted to cross her.

Until, in 2016, she broke up with underwear model and DJ Calvin Harris. After it was revealed that she had written (and even performed some uncredited vocals in) his biggest hit song, he lashed out at her on Twitter, referencing her feud with Katy. A number of people, fatigued with Taylor's overexposure in the media, began to turn on her.

And that was when Kim Kardashian struck, releasing a series of months old, edited videos of a conversation between Taylor and Kanye that appeared to frame Taylor Swift as dishonest or "playing the victim."

Taylor swift endgame picture

What's important to remember about the fued-related songs on Taylor Swift's Reputation album is that … they're not really part of the feud.

These songs aren't weapons designed to hurt Kim Kardashian.

And we don't know how someone would go about "hurting" Kanye with music.

She slams Kanye with her music, but the guy basically lives on his own private planet.

Taylor's purpose — in addition to telling her story — is much more practical.

Taylor swift endgame photo

You know they say that success is the best revenge? Well, Taylor Swift is really good at revenge.

Reputation was the top-selling album of 2017. Because of course it was.

Taylor's success is taking everything that Kim threw at her in 2016 and singing about it for heaps of cold, hard cash. Several of the songs directly reference the feud.

Kim, though she's never had trouble being wealthy and is arguably a master at turning bad press into a financial gain, won't find it so easy to directly monetize her side of the feud.

Unless she, like, comes out with some kind of fragrance line called "Snake Repellant" or whatever.

Taylor swift endgame pic

Based on what Taylor put into her "Endgame" music video, you'd think that she'd taken to drinking to cope with her epic feud and the resulting fallout.

Of course, the music video just shows her at a bunch of parties, where drinking is pretty standard. So there's that.

Taylor's big guns for the music video are her guest stars.

Remember when Reputation came out, and people were like "wait, did she just get Ed Sheeran to rap?"

That was this song. Long the original track, this music video features both Ed Sheeran and Future.

Taylor swift endgame image

Overall, this video is less powerful than "Look What You Made Me Do" or the high-ish concept video fro "Are You Ready For It."

And, in my opinion, so is the song. (My bestie likes "Endgame" a lot, though)

Some of us prefer the videos with stunning visuals to the ones with drinking and partying. We can all drink and party, even if we can't do it with quite Taylor's budget.

You know what music videos we'd really like to see from Taylor? "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" and "Getaway Car." Those were two of the best songs on the whole dang album and don't get the attention that they deserve.

A nice music video or two could change that.

Taylor swift releases endgame music video featuring ed sheeran a

Little People, Big World: Filming Its 13th Season, Featuring Baby Jackson!

Season 12 of Little People, Big World ended with the birth of Tori and Zach Roloff’s son, Jackson.

It was a hugely emotional event and, obviously, fans and viewers adore Jackson almost as much as his family does.

Thanks to a sneak peek offered up by Tori Roloff, it now looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in Season 13. Because they’ve started filming again.

Thanks to improvements in technology, baby pictures may be way, way more common now than they used to be.

That doesn’t make them any less precious or any less treasured.

(Abundance doesn’t always depreciate the value, folks — each baby picture is unique; we’re not talking about sportsball cards, here)

In fact, something incredibly special about photos these days is that you can share them with the world.

Tori Roloff isn’t hiding Jackson away from fans and viewers.

Remember this super cute photo of Jackson Roloff at 3 months?

Admittedly, if we were going to do a photo surrounded by numbers like that, we’d have done them like a clock.

Jackson’s a little too young to cooperate by holding his hand pointed to the “3” as if it were the hand of a clock, but whatever. We can dream.

She was going for a rectangular image, here, and the photo is super adorable so we’ll stop nitpickily musing about the photo that might have been.

(Babies are cute, okay? They’re so precious and soft and every experience is brand new for them)

Well, Tori shared a short video to her Instagram story.

First, we get to see the very latest photo of Jackson:

For a split second, Tori panned her phone over to show that cameras were set up.

We’re talking about a TV crew.

Which probably means that she’s filming Season 13 of Little People, Big World.

And that she’s bringing Jackson along.

Now, maybe she was just bringing him along because she’s his mom.

Like, she appears on camera for what’s essentially a confessional moment and Jackson’s there because he likes being in his mom’s presence and she can comfort him if he needs anything.

But many fans are very hopeful that they’ll get to see a lot more of Jackson and even get to, within reason, watch him grow up.

Realistically, we don’t think that they’re going to hide Jackson from the cameras.

He’s a baby, so he’s going to be around his parents and also his grandparents, obviously.

(Jackson and his grandma take cute pictures together)

Editing him out sounds pointless and a like a total pain (just as, it’s been said, editing family black sheep Jacob Roloff out of some scenes from Molly’s wedding has been less than fun).

Recently, there’s been hope that Jacob Roloff might return to the show.

He’s apparently done some growing up since he raged against his family’s series.

Sometimes things like a wedding and becoming an uncle can change a person.

(He’s about to be even more of an uncle, as Audrey Roloff is due soon — at the end of August!)

Between Season 13 filming and the very real possibility of Jackson getting plenty of screentime, fans of Little People, Big World have a lot to look forward to.


Floyd Mayweather’s 40th Birthday Bash Featuring Mariah, Bieber (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

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