‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland Feels Bad for the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Fiasco

The guy who co-created Adult Swim’s cult hit show, “Rick and Morty,” wants to apologize for making McDonald’s Szechuan sauce a thing again. Hear him out. We got Justin Roiland — who also voices Rick and Morty — at LAX and asked what he thought…


Little Girl Cries Over Pixar Movie, Elicits ALL the Feels


The following video may be the most precious and adorable thing you have ever seen in your entire life.

In a piece of footage that has gone viral across the Internet, a two-year old named Jentree is watching Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur alongside her grandmother.

"My mom sent me this video of my 2 year old niece jentree watching a movie and crying because the dinosaur fell and lost his mom…my heart," wrote the toddler's aunt, Emily, as a caption upon sharing the video on social media.

At one point in the animated film, a dinosaur named Arlo gets separated from his parents and ends up in a river, far away from home.

"He fell off," says Jentree upon witnessing this same event, barely able to hold back her tears.

"He wants his mamma," she adds, telling little Arlo to call out for his loved one.

Clearly shaken, Jentree can't take her eyes away from the screen as she blinks back more waterworks.

It's a scene so very cute and innocent and sweet.

"Get up dinosaur!" she yells at the movie.

Assured by her relative on the sofa that the creature is okay and that there's no reason to be upset, the two-year old calms down a bit.

"That made me sad," she admits, after the heartbreaking few moments come to an end.

The clip has been viewed over EIGHT MILLION times in Facebook, with every comment noting how sensitive and special this child is.

"This is the cutest, most purest & sweetest video I have ever seen. Her heart is so beautiful, oh my god," wrote one Twitter user, echoing our sentiments exactly.

Check out the footage now:

Little girl cries over disney movie elicits all the feels

Usher Accuser Comes Forward, Says She Feels “Violated”

Quantasia Sharpton says she feels violated by Usher.

And attorney Lisa Bloom says Quantasia Sharpton isn’t alone.

As previously reported, Usher settled a lawsuit back in 2012 for $ 1.1 million after he allegedly admitted in court that he misled a sexual partner about his earlier diagnosis of Herpes.

In short, he told this woman that he did not have the disease…

… only to later confess he was lying after she contracted it three weeks after she started boning the singer.

The artist then settled her legal complaint for the aforementioned amount.

This case was closed years ago, but the documents only just surfaced online last month.

As a result, other women who have slept with Usher in the time since have come forward because they learned from reading these reports that they were also exposed to Herpes.

(NOTE: Herpes never really goes away. You are always a carrier, even if you take medication and cure your own symptoms.)

At least one man has also apparently alleged sexual contact with Usher, and is none too pleased over the information he’s now discovered.

On Monday morning, meanwhile, Bloom stood along Sharpton as she held a press conference during which she detailed her sexual encounter with Usher.

” love Usher’s artistry and music,” she said at the outset, elaborating as follows:

“I went to a concert of his with some friends a few years ago to celebrate a birthday. I was wearing a birthday crown, and because of that, I was selected to go backstage before the show.

“Later, a security guard picked me out and asked me for my number.

“He told me Usher had seen me backstage and was interested in me.”

Sharpton was 19 years old at the time.

“I got a call from Usher on a blocked number, asking me what hotel I was staying in and the room number,” Sharpton continued.

“About an hour later, he arrived. We spoke for a while, and then we engaged in sexual contact. He never warned me about any STDs… I never heard from him again.

“When I first heard reports that he had herpes, I couldn’t believe it.

“I had a child a year ago, and I knew I was negative. But I contacted Lisa Bloom to find out what my rights are as a woman.”

Shaprton concluded that she may not have the disease, but she’s upset because she never would have consented to sex if she had known. She feels duped.

“I am doing this so he does not do this to anyone else,” she says.

“Usher, if you are negative, please say so. If you are positive, you need to warn your sex partners so they can make their own informed decisions.”

Indeed, Bloom also closed her remarks by walking the legal line of not outright accusing Usher of having Herpes.

That has never been proven true. 

Instead, the famous attorney simply made a plea to the famous artist:

“We hope the reports are not true. We hope that Mr. Raymond is negative and that this can all be cleared up quickly.

“No one in America, even a popular celebrity, is above the law, and everyone, even ordinary people who find themselves swept away by a superstar, has the legal right to be respected, which includes being warned about STDs so each woman can make a decision about her own health and her own body.”


Brad Pitt Takes Chris Cornell’s Kids to Universal Studios, Gives Us All the Feels

Folks, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we think it’s safe to say it’s been a bit of a tumultuous year.

Sure, 2017 hasn’t hit quite as hard as 2016 in terms of untimely celebrity deaths, but as we approach the halfway mark, there’s no question that some of the bonafide greats have shuffled off this mortal coil.

Just two weeks ago, for example, the music world was shocked by the death of Chris Cornell, the iconic Soundgarden and Audioslave singer who passed at just 52 years of age.

Cornell had many famous friends, and he’s been widely mourned both in Hollywood and in the Seattle music scene that he helped to create.

Among the most recognizable of the late legend’s A-list buddies is Brad Pitt.

Pitt was said to be devastated by Cornell’s death, and sources say he sank into deep depression upon hearing the news.

Word of Cornell’s passing reportedly reached Pitt within 48 hours of the death of Brad Grey, one of Pitt’s oldest friends and longtime business partner.

As you probably know, it had been a rocky few months for the newly single (and newly sober) screen icon, and losing two close friends back-to-back could have easily pushed Brad into a dangerous downward spiral.

But it seems Pitt’s a stronger believer that sometimes, the best way to help yourself is to reach out and help someone else:

That’s Brad with Cornell’s two youngest children, 12-year-old Toni and 11-year-old Christopher, at the Universal Studios theme park in LA.

The trio reportedly hit up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where they were spotted sipping on Butter Beers.

(Unlike the beverages served up at the Three Broomsticks, Universal’s Butter Beer is entirely N/A.)

Little is known about Brad and the kids’ visit to the park, but we imagine Pitt simply wanted to do something nice for some kids who recently lost their dad.

It’s not gonna bring Chris back, or solve any of the world’s major problems, but the gesture no doubt made a tremendous difference two young people going through a difficult time.

Let’s all take a moment to reflect on the impact that a single kind gesture can have in the confusing and chaotic universe we all inhabit.

Okay, cool.

Now that that’s over, you can get back to flaming each other on Twitter.