David Eason vs. Leah Messer: Teen Mom Feud Alert!

It's been two months since David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2, but Jenelle Evans' troubled husband is still causing problems for his former castmates.

As The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out, Eason has recently taken to criticizing Leah Messer's parenting.

It may seem strange, given his fraught relationship with his own children, but apparently, Eason has major issues with the way Leah has chosen to raise her daughters.

Fortunately, Leah isn't taking David's criticism lying down, and she's got some powerful allies in her corner.

1. David Is Dumb

David eason on insta
In February, Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 after launching a homophobic tirade against fans on Twitter. Unfortunately, it seems he hasn’t learned his lesson about spewing idiocy on social media.

2. A War of Words

Jenelle evans david eason kids easter
For reasons that defy explanation, David recently decided to criticiize Leah Messer’s parenting on Instagram. We’re guessing he’s regretting that move right about now.

3. Leah and Her Girls

Leah messer daughters on instagram
Leah recently shared this photo of herself with her oldest daughters on Instagram. Seems innocent enough, but apparently, some folks saw cause for complaint.

4. What Would Corey Do?

Leah and corey simms
David dragged Leah’s first husband, Corey Simms, into the fray by expressing his belief that Simms shouldn’t allow his daughter to wear such heavy makeup.

5. David’s Two Cents

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
“I can’t believe Cory would allow her to wear that much makeup on her face,” Eason commented on the photo.

6. The Clap-Back

David eason jenelle evans kids
Not surprisingly, fans were quick to call David out for criticizing another father. And of course, he responded to their comments in his usual over-the-top fashion.

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Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes: Ending Their Feud?!

Check out your window to see if you spot any flying pigs, folks. In fact, check up and see if this is one of your culture’s signs of the end of days.

Because it looks like Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes, after years of intense feuding, have finally made peace.

And they’ve snapped a selfie to prove it. Yes, really.

Brandi Glanville posted this selfie with LeAnn Rimes on her Instagram.

It’s a photo that no one ever expected to see — not unless one or both of them were held hostage and forced to make nice.

Brandi explained the monumental photo in the captions, writing:

“Peace in #calabasturd hanging for Jakes bday.”

Jake Cibrian is Brandi’s son — and LeAnn’s stepson.

He celebrated his 11th birthday in Calabasas. He was born on April 7, 2017, but plenty of people celebrate their birthdays on other days.

The fan reaction was immediate and mostly positive.

“Love this!!! Peace for the kids is the way to go!”

Parents should always put their children first.

“I’m so shook.”

(Shook of course is a fun informal term that means shocked or surprised)

“This is everything. Well done both of you.”

They both look like they’re genuinely getting along.

“Oh I am so happy to hear this!!! Amazing!”

Another fan chimed in who sounded as if they were speaking from firsthand experience.

“she’s hanging with the stepmother of her kids….. so SHE can have more time with her children!!! Splitting holidays & birthdays isn’t easy. You end up missing a lot. This is beautiful”

Not everyone was put in a celebratory mood by the happy, peaceful photo, however.

“Wait wait wait wait what.”

While that person was shocked, another person still sounds bitter.

“Shes still a homewrecker…you are wayyyyy bigger than me.”

It looks like some of Brandi’s fans were Team Brandi because they relate to her story.

Memorably, Brandi Glanville and her ex, Eddie Cibrian, parted ways in 2009.

Because she learned that he had been carrying on an affair with LeAnn Rimes. Yikes.

He then went on to marry LeAnn, who became the stepmother to Brandi’s children, Mason and Jake.

To make matters worse, LeAnn has appeared to stoke the flames of Brandi’s distress multiple times over the years, with social media posts featuring Brandi’s children that seemed designed to rub Brandi’s nose into all that she was missing.

Last year, a clearly exasperated Brandi Glanville just wanted to be left alone instead of being taunted by her ex and his wife.

Since imploring Eddie and LeAnn to back off, Brandi’s life has still had its conflicts.

Like feuding with Amber Portwood on Marriage Boot Camp and facing a court battle over Joanna Krupa’s alleged vaginal odor.

Neither of those were nearly as personal, though, because they did not involve Brandi’s children.

It’s a wonderful sign that Brandi and LeAnn were getting along well enough to pose for a selfie together. Perhaps things have really mellowed out.

We hope that the peace lasts. For the sake of everyone involved.


Kourtney Kardashian vs. Sofia Richie: Feud Heating Up on Instagram?

Scott Disick may not seem like the type of guy who’s worth fighting over.

Sure it seems like Scott’s alcoholism is relatively under control these days, but he’s still a guy who’s most famous for being terrible to the mother of his three children.

So reports of a feud between Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie are a bit unexpected, as we can’t imagine two successful women lowering themselves to the level of brawling it out over a man of Scott’s caliber.

Though to be fair, the ill will might have little to do with the Lord.

There have been reports that Kourtney believes Sofia is copying her style and generally displaying an unhealthy level of obsession.

Sofia hasn’t commented on the accusations, but we’re guessing she’s not too happy with rumors that she’s unhealthily fixated on her boyfriend’s ex.

But if she hopes to prove the critics wrong, she should probably be more careful about what she posts on Instagram.

It all started when Kourt posted the above photo earlier this month.

She captioned the shot “Paris, Texas,” even the location tag revealed that she was in Tokyo at the time.

We suppose it’s possible that Kourt had recently enjoyed a screening of the 1984 Wim Wenders-Harry Dean Stanton film of the same name.

But fans jumped to the conclusion that the caption was actually a thinly-veiled shot at Scott and Sofia.

You see, the couple had recently traveled from Paris to Texas, and though it seems a stretch to us, many believe this was Kourtney’s way of saying she’s traveling to more exotic locales in greater luxury.

Shortly thereafter, Sofia posted the above pic, which many have interpreted as a clap back.

The “Hit ‘Em Up” to Kourtney’s “Who Shot Ya?” if you will.

As you ca see, Sofia is similarly-posed, and her caption reads, “Mash up,” which many interpreted as a response to Kourt’s “Paris, Texas” jab.

Richie is also rocking two different shoes, which some fans took as a jab at the unusual footwear in Kourt’s pic.

Like we said, it’s a major stretch, but both women have shown themselves to be queens of subtle shade in the past.

We just hope that if ther is beef, it’s between the two of them, and has nothing to do with Scott.


Kim Zolciak vs. NeNe Leakes: #RoachGate Feud EXPLODES on Twitter

So, remember how that whole feud of Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak versus Kenya Moore started when Brielle pointed out on social media that she’d found roaches in NeNe Leakes’ home?

Well, that’s not over.

And now that #RoachGate was brought up again, NeNe and Kim are going at it on Twitter.

Because #RoachGate came up again, thanks to The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s recent episodes featuring the Barcelona trip, the old resentments are boiling over and onto social media.

“Wigfield & cigarette breath tried 2 discredit me all season long!”

By “Wigfield,” she means Brielle Biermann. By “cigarette breath,” she means Brielle’s mother, Kim Zolciak.

“They came [into] my house wit ROACH gate, I’m on drugs etc.”

NeNe has accused Kim of racism, for which Kim has said that she received death threats. That’s scary and serious.

NeNe’s rant continues:

“I tried my best 2 befriend them but This is why U can never WIN when U play DIRTY.”

Kim Zolciak hit back at NeNe with a series of tweets, writing:

“This is exactly why I said this b–ch has to be on something.”

Allegations of drug use aren’t really funny, but it seems that Kim believes that NeNe may be genuinely unstable.

“She’s insane! Nobody wanted to be befriended by a b–ch who consistently shows their ass.”

Remember, folks, that very few people become Real Housewives if they’re open to easily and quietly resolving interpersonal conflicts. They’re supposed to be entertaining, not nice.

Kim insists taht she knows who NeNe is and what she’s really like.

“WE know who you are. The REAL you! Nobody values your friendship. Haven’t for years! You have victims not friends.”

Kim goes on to shoot down NeNe’s accusations.

“‘Cigarette breathe?’ I haven’t smoked a cigarette in years.”

Smoking is gross, but it’s a powerfully addictive habit and, until very recently, there were widespread social pressures for people to pick up the habit when they were very young.

Even now, there are still pressures to smoke within certain pockets of society, such as in intensely rural areas and in industries such as modeling.

Good for Kim Zolciak for ridding herself of that addiction.

Kim goes on to double down on the presence, which was recorded on video, of roaches in NeNe’s house.

“The bug was in your house just a few months ago. FACT What else?”

As you may recall, when NeNe slammed Brielle Biermann as a Kylie Jenner wannabe, she also accused her of planting the bugs.

Specifically, she said that they must have emerged from Brielle’s genitals, though she did not phrase it that way.

Kim continued her retort to NeNe’s angry post.

“I pray to god I’m not this miserable and bored at 50 Imagine being so sad and stupid that the only time anyone’s mentioning you is if you’re mentioning someone you ‘have no time for.'”

Notice Kim’s dig about NeNe Leakes being older. That’s come up already during this feud.

Kim Zolciak, though a mother of six children, is only 39 years old.

“Off to film my OWN show!” Kim concludes.

She then sends her best wishes to her fans.

“Have a great day you guys! Stay blessed not stressed/pressed.”

At the beginning, Kenya Moore was involved in the feud, but fans assume that she was only so outspoken because she was trying to save her job at the time.

Now that Marc Daly has made his RHOA debut, she doesn’t need to fight with everyone in sight in order to have a storyline.

But NeNe Leakes … is still who she’s always been. And the same goes for Kim Zolciak.

Their explosive feud doesn’t show any sign of dying down in the near future.


Chris Marek Settles the Matt Roloff Feud Question Once and for All

Is there or isn’t there… a feud?

Do they or do they not… get along?

Will they or will they not come to blows… over Amy Roloff?

Chris Marek has finally spoken out and provided an answer to these questions, which continue to circulate all around the Internet.

Despite there not being any outward bad blood between Marek and his girlfriend’s ex-husband, Matt Roloff, fans of Little People, Big World continue to pit this pair against each other.

Earlier this week, for instance, Amy Roloff shared a photo of her and Marek, who have been a romantic item for about a year now.

It was simple. It was sweet. It should have been harmless.

But it led followers to somehow attack Matt, claiming he never showered Amy with the sort of affection Chris shows her on a regular basis.

In other words: social media users want there to be a rivalry between Marek and Matt Roloff.

But does one actually exist?

“To be honest, Amy was concerned in the beginning about how Matt and I might interact,” Marek admitted in a recent interview with Radar Online.

However, he continued…

She has “no concerns about that now. Everything is good. Matt and I get along just fine.”

Oh, well… okay then.

That’s far less dramatic and interesting from the perspective of a celebrity gossip website.

But it’s definitely a positive thing for the Roloffs as a whole.

Marek and Amy started dating about nine months after she finalized her divorce from Matt.

The Little People, Big World stars announced to the world in June of 2015 that they were splitting up after 27 years and four kids together.

“We are proud of what we have accomplished together including raising four wonderful children who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful businesses,” they said, adding:

“Our kids and our ever growing family, and the love and support we have for them, will be our priority.

“We will continue to work together side by side in the daily responsibilities for our many current ventures.

“We would like to thank our family, friends and all our fans for their continued support and understanding during this difficult time.”

And this is exactly what has happened.

Amy and Matt remain integral parts of each other’s lives and spend plenty of time together with their kids and grandkids, as you can see in this photo from January:

There are no hard feelings here, as much as a certain segment of the population may want there to be.

Matt is actually dating Caryn Chandler, the former manager of the family farm who was once sort of close to Amy.

Has this created a bit of tension between all parties? Probably.

But have they done an excellent job hiding it and is none of this really our business and we should therefore just butt out and get excited instead for the return of Little People, Big World on April 3?