The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9 Episode 2 Recap: Teresa Giudice Reignites Her Feud With Joe & Melissa Gorga

Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reignited the feud between Teresa Giudice and her brother, Joe Gorga, and it looks like we’re in for a season of backstabs between the brother and sister. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know the season premiere found Teresa opening up about Joe steering clear of their father in recent months, signaling that things were going south for the family. 

“My brother used to be around more when my mom first passed away, and I’m really nervous to say anything to him because when I brought this up in the past, it got ugly,” Teresa explained of the situation in a confessional.

“My brother and I have been doing really well for a while now, and I definitely don’t want history to repeat itself. Life is short. I just don’t want my brother to have any regrets.”

In true Teresa fashion, she brought it up during a family gathering. Thankfully, she did not throw some tables. She’s learned from her mistakes. 

Things started to get heated during the dinner party, with Joe’s father Giacinto yelling about his son not calling him, going as far as saying “F–k you” to him. 

“Are you going to be around more for this one? He wants you around more,” she said. “The kid that’s not around the most, that’s the kid you always want.”

Melissa who has feuded with Teresa in the past because of her association with her brother took to a confessional to complain about the whole thing. 

“Who brings up a super sensitive, going-to-cause-a-problem conversation on Easter Sunday? Especially in front of my father-in-law, who is super upset as it is,” she asked.

“This is definitely not the day, the time, the place. Like, your timing sucks.”

“Not on Easter,” Melissa added.

“This conversation gets my skin crawling because I get instant flashbacks of the pain that Joe went through years ago over conversations that were similar.”

“I know my husband. When you push him, and you constantly say the same thing to him over and over again, I know he’s going to explode. Joe is a ticking time bomb. It’s going to happen.”

Joe made it clear that he was getting sick of the way Teresa was acting. 

“You gotta cut that out,” he snapped at Teresa.

“You always bring that up in front of Daddy. ‘Oh you work too much, you’re not around.’ Listen to me, if I was sitting in a bar all day, if I was sitting in restaurants, that’s a different story. But what am I going to do? When you put in 15 hours a day, hard work? I’m exhausted.”

“You know my life. You know the business, it’s crazy. I work hardcore, all day, every day, nonstop. Unbelievable stresses,” Joe added.

“My business takes all my freakin time. Is he going to pay my bills? No one pays my bills. What am I going to do, just give it all up?”

That was not all Teresa had to say, however. 

“I’m just saying, he bitches to me all the time,” she complained. “I got to hear him! ‘Your brother don’t call me. It’s been five days.’“

“Since I’ve lost my mom, holidays are more emotional. I’m just trying to make the holiday as best as I can for my dad. I just want to make him happy. He needs that,” Teresa said, addressing the cameras.

“Before I went away, I spent a lot of time with my mom. And right now all I can think about is how when I came home, I wished I spent more time with my mom. So it’s frustrating that my brother makes the effort to see my dad just on a holiday.”

Teresa’s daughter, Gia, turned to her uncle Joe with her take on what was going on. 

“It’s not fair,” said the teenager. “We get it so much from Nonno, you don’t even know. I know you have work, trust me, I know. But if you don’t call him for a day, he says something. … At least just try, in a week, just one designated day for Nonno.”

But there was no getting through to Joe who maintained that he was a busy man. 

“I don’t give a s—,” yelled Teresa. “You have to make time. In life, that’s how it is. Capeesh?”

While the fighting simmered down and everyone enjoyed the rest of the day, Joe confirmed in a confessional that he was mad at his sister. 

“Teresa was always like this when we were kids,” Joe admitted. “When it came to me, she would rat me out. Why are you still doing this? It’s going to cause a big problem again, which we don’t need.”

As if that wasn’t enough drama, Margaret informed Danielle that she was going to an event hosted by Dolores and things got a little bit crazy. 

“She invited me to this thing–,” said Margaret BUT Danielle butted in. 

“And you coulda said, ‘No, I’m not coming because that will make Danielle very upset and very hurt. It’ll hurt her!’ Because you coulda said, ‘This would hurt me if the tables were turned.’ You coulda said anything but, ‘Yes, I’ll come.'”

As Margaret tried to calm Danielle down, the former main cast member decided to storm off, but she came back with a parting shot:

“What is it that you two really have in common? You cheated on your husband, and she got cheated on?”

That has got to be one of the best one-liners in the history of the series, and just like that, it looks like another friendship is over. 

What are your thoughts on all the drama?

Hit the comments below. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey continues Mondays on Bravo. 


Kailyn Lowry vs. Lauren Comeau: Teen Mom 2 Feud Alert!

Back in March, Javi Marroquin got back together with Lauren Comeau, and the couple immediately started making up for lost time.

Within a few months, the couple announced that Lauren was pregnant with Javi’s baby.

The two of them quickly got engaged, bought a house together, and set about the business of sweeping Javi’s promiscuous past under the rug.

On the outside, it looks as though Javi and Lauren are well on their way to creating an idealized white picket fence future.

The view is particularly convincing if you’re able to ignore the fact that Javi was sleeping with two other women at the time he got Lauren pregnant.

But on closer inspection, the rapid transition into quiet domesticity seems to be resulting in some serious growing pains for both Javi and Lauren.

And perhaps this is most evident in the strained relationship between Lauren and Javi’s ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry.

Kail and Javi, of course, are parents to 4-year-old Lincoln, which means whether she likes it or not, soon-to-be-stepmom Lauren is now a permanent fixture in Lowry’s life.

And in a new interview with something called Teen Mom Time, Javi admitted that the arrangement is currently less than ideal.

“Co-parenting is fine,” Javi said when asked about his relationship with Kail. 

“I’ve been so busy. We rarely talk. When we do, it’s, ‘Don’t forget his soccer cleats.’ That’s really it. Things are fine.”

Asked how Kail and Lauren are getting along, however, Javi was considerably less optimistic:

“I hope they eventually say hi to each other,” Marroquin said.

“If she needs anything, Lauren can help out. It will come eventually.”

Javi went on to say that he hopes his ex and future wives will be able to work out their differences someday:

“We know it will happen naturally and whenever it’s right,” he added.

“There are a lot of moving parts right now.”

Well, relationships between exes and new loves are often tense.

Of course, the situation tends to be even more fraught when you were banging both of them at the same time, but who knows — maybe these three can beat the odds and make it work.


Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Feud: Twitter and The Maury Show Pick Sides!

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are feuding. It's intense, but at least nobody's throwing shoes anymore.

Cardi claims that she passed over working with artists like Little Mix, and that Nicki is essentially getting her leftovers.

Nicki's stans believe Nicki, Cardi's stans believe Cardi, and most people are just enjoying watching the two fight.

After Cardi ranted and raved and invited Nicki to physically fight, Nicki had a counter-proposal.

Nicki said that Cardi doesn't write her own lyrics … and "offered" for them to both take lie detector tests to prove it.

Naturally, as soon as someone mentioned that, The Maury Show had to weigh in.

Twitter is losing their minds over this whole beef. Take a look.

1. Nicki calls for peace

Nicki minaj vs cardi b twitter beef reactions 01
As you will see, some applauded her appeal to reason. Others weren’t buying it.

2. Did someone say "lie detector?"

Nicki minaj vs cardi b twitter beef reactions 02
The Maury Show is famous for their love of texts and then revealing the results after a lot of dramatic build-up.

3. Maury got some replies

Nicki minaj vs cardi b twitter beef reactions 03
One person was Team Nicki, another was Team Cardi, and another was just there to enjoy the feud. That more or less sums up Twitter’s reaction to this whole thing.

4. Someone is betting on Cardi

Nicki minaj vs cardi b twitter beef reactions 04
This fight sequence is one hell of an illustration of how this person imagines that the fight would go down

5. Team Cardi spoke out

Nicki minaj vs cardi b twitter beef reactions 05
From their point of view, Cardi had come with plenty of receipts — in addition to her hot-headed threats.

6. Some Cardi fans think Nicki is envious

Nicki minaj vs cardi b twitter beef reactions 06
We’re leery of cherry-picked lists, but it’s clear that these two very talented women do not get along

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Bristol Palin vs. Dakota Meyer: The Feud Explodes!

Remember a week ago when Dakota Meyer said things between himself and Bristol Palin were “the best [they’ve] ever been.”

Well… a lot can change in a week.

dakota v. bristol

On this past Monday’s episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers watched Bristol and Dakota basically end their marriage, as both sides apologized for their mistakes and both acknowledged Meyer’s PTSD had become too much for the relationship to handle.

It seemed as though the divorce was mutual and, hey, at the time, maybe everything was amicable.

In a new MTV-sponsored video, however, Palin advised viewers not to rush into relationships and pregnancies, telling her audience the following:

“I got engaged and pregnant within a month. Planned a wedding. And I was like, ‘I can’t get married.’ Called off the wedding. Went through the whole pregnancy by myself.

“Friggin sucked.”

That scenario does sound like it would friggin suck.

And Palin made it sound even worse when she said she felt guilty that her second child essentially had no father and, as a result…

“I got back together with him. Got married right away. Had another baby right away. And then we got divorced just recently.”

Meyer, however, has taken EXTREME exception to this portrayal of both himself and the situation between him and Palin.

He grants Bristol the basic facts of her pregnancies, but points most of the blame in her direction when it comes to the decisions she made and the way she handled it all.

“Yes, we got pregnant right after our engagement,” he captioned a photo of himself and his daughter Sailor, 2.

“We planned a wedding with our families and friends and Bristol decided to leave me a week prior. I spoke with her family every month and made it clear I would be the father of my child.

“I reached out to her before Sailor was born and asked what the plan was to co-parent. She told me to go through the courts to establish paternity.”

Moreover, Meyer argues, if Bristol felt so guilty… if she actually wanted him in the picture… why wasn’t he invited to the birth of his child?

“I found out my child was born on Twitter,” he wrote this week in response to Bristol’s video, adding:

“Can you imagine being a dad and not being allowed to be at your child’s birth? She denied my paternity until it could be proven, at which point Sailor was born.

“For Bristol to state that Sailor didn’t have a dad is laughable.

“What really happened is Bristol kept our daughter from having a father present at birth and until the courts ruled that I was her father.”

Meyer concluded his angry post like this;

“I can promise you this, Sailor and Atlee always had a dad, and always will have a dad.”

Pretty straightforward and to the point from Meyer.

And we can understand why he’s so upset here.

Palin is doing what all Teen Mom cast members almost have to do: stir up drama.

She and Dakota can’t just have a friendly divorce and pleasant co-parenting arrangement and nothing more because why would viewers tune in each week?

But Meyer is a veteran.

He suffers from anxiety and depression and constant nightmares because everyone in his platoon except for himself was killed years ago in a battle in Afghanistan.

This is anything but your run-of-the-mill Teen Mom or reality show fodder.

After all he’s been through, Meyer isn’t about to sit back and let his life story be turned into a ratings or publicity-grab by his ex-wife.

And, really, can you blame him?!?


90 Day Fiance Feud: Jon Walters Calls Jesse Meester a Small-Dicked, Abusive Beta!!

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Jon Walters is super in love with Rachel Bear. In fact, Jon and Rachel are married.

But while Jon may be happy with his relationship, he doesn’t think anything at all of another couple on the show — Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester.

Jon told fans exactly what he thinks of Jesse. Normally you have to wait for the reunion to see one star destroy another like this.

So, context: Jon and Rachel took baby Lucy to Stonehenge on last year’s Winter Solstice.

Often seen as a secular holiday, it is also a religious one, and Stonehenge is made available for druids and other people of faith for whom the day and site are sacred.

When Jon and Rachel shared this photo with their Instagram followers, fans praised the picture and the couple … and began to discuss how they feel tired of Darcey and Jesse’s storyline.

While fans seemed to agree that they don’t care for the couple, they were divided over whether Darcey or Jesse is to blame.

Jon shared his own opinion within the comments, and he had no uncertainty.

“If she had a man she who builds her up, loved her and treated her with respect, she wouldn’t be nearly as broken,” Jon asserts.

“Jesse is an abusive man with huge insecurities,” Jon declares.

He is referring to Jesse’s behavior, which many fans and viewers have said is emotionally abusive.

He then speculates that this is “probably because he skinny, used to have acne, and has a tiny d–k.”

Jon concludes his disparaging assessment by announcing: “He’s a pathetic beta.” Wow.

The alleged size of Jesse Meester’s penis notwithstanding, Jon is far from the only one disgusted with the Dutch model’s behavior.

Darcey and Jesse’s trip the United States should have been a romantic visit to the place that they both hoped they’ll one day live as husband and wife.

Instead, the two of them seemed to spend every waking moment arguing.

They argued over grocery lists, how to correctly cut a steak, and debated whether Darcey stepped on Jesse’s sneakers on purpose or it was an accident.

We know that it’s a reality show, and that producers can be selective and only show the worst moments. But no couple should be arguing like this. Period.

Many believe that Jesse’s youth and good looks are behind his rudeness — that he doesn’t respect Darcey because she’s older. Others think that he’s just … like this.

Entertainingly, TLC shaded Jesse earlier this month with a tweet about his trip back to the airport.

“During the ride to JFK, Darcey had to slam the brakes,” TLC’s tweet reads. “Jesse hit his face against the sun visor because he was checking himself out in the mirror.”

Despite their deeply toxic arguments, the two of them left things on a good note when Darcey sent Jesse on his way at the airport.

They hugged and, for worse or for worst, seem to be very much in love.

Some 90 Day Fiance viewers are not quite aware of how deep these arguments run.

Jesse and Darcey have been seen quarreling on social media, and even appeared to break up a few times only to, days later, insist that they were still a couple.

Even if you believe that Darcey is just as much to blame as Jesse, these two seem to be a toxic combination — like bleach and vinegar.

We’re glad that Jon didn’t mince words about Jesse. Jon and Rachel seem to have found their happily ever after and fans really like them as a couple.

Who says that a couple has to be dramatic to be popular with viewers? Sometimes, people want to see a success story.