90 Day Fiance Fraud: Did Jon and Rachel Secretly Meet Before Filming?

We’ve only just met the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 2 couples, but one couple is already stirring up some controversy.

Jon and Rachel seem like a simple romance with only a few complications. They’re even both age-appropriate for each other — all too rare on this show.

But … are they trying to pull the wool over the eyes of producers and viewers with a massive fraud?

For original recipe 90 Day Fiance, the premise is that the couple is spending time together in America for the first time — which means that they have a time limit.

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days does not take place in America. Viewers often get to see the first time that a long-distance couple meets in person.

That is what they supposedly got with Jon Walters, who comes from Cornwall, England, and Rachel Bear, who comes from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

But a number of fan sleuths and conspiracy theorists suspect that Jon and Rachel may have secretly met before the show ever filmed.

They also believe that they were already engaged for a while.

The whole tagline on Jon and Rachel’s shared Instagram, @followourfairytale, is “Our first meeting will be on TLC’s #BeforeThe90Days.”

But, once upon a time, the two of them appear to have had a second Instagram account, titled @supportthefairytale.

That Instagram may not be around anymore, but it looks like they were using it to raise funds from people who supported their long-distance relationship.

Why does it look that way?

Well, because of this GoFundMe that they apparently used to raise funds.

Jon and Rachel gofundme

Even if we somehow believed that this was just a GoFundMe set up by two lookalikes who happen to have the same names, we can’t accept that any other couple could take selfies as poorly as these two.

Their financial goal was apparently met, and they raked in $ 1,872.

These funds would presumably be used either for Rachel to fly out to visit Jon or for him to fly out to visit her.

That said, there is no official date, so they could have been raising money for fare for Rachel to fly out for the show.

But the GoFundMe isn’t all that has people wondering if these two met in person before filming ever began.

Then, there are little things — little pieces of phrasing.

The couple celebrated their anniversary on September 1, 2017.

Rachel and Jon wrote on Instagram: “Over a year together before we first met in the flesh.”

They wrote met, in the past tense. Maybe a typo, maybe just their eagerness talking … or maybe they let something slip.

Rachel also shared a photo of her standing with two passports on August 3, 2017.

That was months before filming began (as you may have noticed, they began filming with Rachel some time around the winter holiday season).

Some fans wondered if she was just preparing, or if she rushed to meet Jon before the cameras began rolling.

There’s also this line: “I want to kiss your lips, touch your skin and finally say ‘I do.’ I love you, Jon Walters. I’ll be there soon.”

This was months before filming began.

We know that Rachel and Jon are already married, and tied the knot even before this season began airing, so it’s believable that they had met and were engaged before they were ever on camera.

That said … maybe they were just eager and wanted to line up their money and passports in advance. And maybe they’re just that crazy about each other.


90 Day Fiance Spoilers: A Before The 90 Days Couple Is Already Married!

We have only just met the new 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days couples, but we already have some major news for one of those pairs of long-distance lovers.

But beware, folks: even though Season 2 has scarcely begun, we have a huge spoiler for you.

Remember Jon and Rachel? Well … some cyber-sleuths have uncovered something major on this across-the-pond couple.

A lot of 90 Day Fiance have conspicuous age differences or deal with huge cultural obstacles. Some couples even have to grapple with racist family members.

Jon and Rachel are playing the intercontinental romance game on easy mode. They’re both white English-speakers, and they’re only a year apart.

Jon Walters is 34 and from England.

Rachel Bear is 33 and from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

And, here comes the huge spoiler: Jon and Rachel are already married!

Reddit may be an absolute cesspool, but that’s only because it’s a social media site that people use. Some of those people aren’t terrible.

And it was a pair of cyber-sleuths on Reddit who dug up a marriage certificate for Jon and Rachel.

Jonathan James Walters and Rachel Ann Bear filed for a marriage certificate in New Mexico on June 8 of this year.

Obviously, Jon and Rachel cannot tell the world about their marriage until the news breaks on the show. We’re sure that they can hardly contain themselves.

Honestly, shout-out to @clevelandcray and @JonInCa for some grade-A investigative work in accessing the Bernalillo County online records.

But … there’s more to this story.

Starcasm followed up on Jon and Rachel and did some digging of their own.

They discovered that Jon and Rachel appear to have gotten married in Cornwall, England.

According to the filing records, Jon and Rachel “solemnized” their marriage at BoHo Cornwall on May 31.

The two of them listed the same residence at the time of the marriage, leading some to wonder if Rachel is moving across the Atlantic instead of the other way around.

It may be that it just made the most sense to write that address since they were, after all, in England at the time.

As you may recall, one of the barriers to Jon and Rachel’s relationship was concerns over Jon’s past.

He has dated hundreds of women. Hey, the dude looks like a knight who would guard someone’s castle. A lot of folks go for that.

Another issue was that Rachel discovered that she was pregnant shortly after she and Jon began their online flirtation.

She had the baby but Jon seems cool with it, and they’ve been chatting for two years.

They’ve allegedly never met before 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, though there are some conspiracy theorists who believe that this is untrue.

It’s so exciting that these two are already married!

That said … that doesn’t mean that they’ll remain a couple forever.

We’re not just saying that because all marriages end, one way or another. We’re saying that because 90 Day Fiance marriages do not always last.

Just look at how things ended for Luis Mendez after his deeply toxic marriage to Molly Hopkins fell through.

But we’re holding out hope that things go better for Jon and for Rachel.

When are either of them going to meet someone ellse in their age bracket whose selfies constantly cut off the top of their heads? These two were meant for each other.


90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days – Meet the New Couples!

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is back with its second season.

This reality series follows international couples before they begin the 90 day K-1 visa process. Some of them meet for the very first time on camera.

Some relationships are clearly built to last. Others don't even make it to American soil.

Some of the couples that you're about to see are familiar, while others are new.

Take a look and decide for yourself who will make it.

1. Season 2 is here!

90 day fiance before the 90 days
Some of these names are so familiar that they’ll make your blood boil. Others are so new that we’re not even sure if both people involved are real. …

2. Tarik and Hazel

Tarik and hazel
Tarik (42) is an American father. Hazel (23) lives in the Philippines. The two met on an Asian dating app. Tarik’s brother is heavily skeptical of Hazel’s true motives, while Tarik is eager to get married — though a little hesitant about cultural differences, because he is not religious.

3. Daya

Daya from 90 day fiance
This is Daya (26). He is from Algeria. He hails from a strict Muslim family and does not speak English, but he loves Marta.

4. Marta

Marta on 90 day fiance
Marta (30) is a stripper from WIsconsin who supports two children. She and Daya have been calling each other “husband” and “wife,” but can he really accept her career?

5. Angela and Michael

Angela and michael
Angela (52) is American, while Michael (30) is Nigerian. Angela has six grandchildren (yes, at only 52), but was inspired when Michael reached out to her. Some of her family are suspicious of his motives.

6. Darcey and Jesse

Darcey and jesse
Darcey (42) and Jesse (24) are, of course, infamous. She’s from the US and he is from Amsterdam and these two seem to be constantly arguing. Sometimes, those squabbles spill over onto social media.

View Slideshow

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Reveals Her Boob Job Details, Shades Castmates

In last year’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell-All special, Jorge Nava claimed that his wife Anfisa got mean after her paid for her boob job.

Jorge and Anfisa are one of the show’s most controversial couples — with good reason — but Anfisa (reluctantly) opened up to fans on social media.

And one of her answers in the Q&A spilled all of the details about her boob job.

Anfisa has been known to troll her followers from time to time, but her impromptu Q&A on Instagram was the real deal.

She hit some of these answers out of the park, and we’ll get to that list, but let’s start with the most important part: the boobs.

Specifically, Anfisa was asked for details on her boob job by a fan who (allegedly) wants to get hers done to match. Which sounds a litlte Single White Female, but sure.

“Anfisa please tell me what size implants,” a commenter implored her. “They’re perfect and we are the same size and shape. I want to get mine done…”

Anfisa actually answered this very personal question.

“400 cc anatomically shaped moderate projection Natrelle style 410,” Anfisa replied. “Got them done in Russia so sharing dr is pointless. I hope we are done with boobs questions.”

Q: “Do you regret being on the show? Not necessarily being with Jorge, but having you life public?”

A: “No. I don’t regret anything I’ve done in my life. I believe that everything happens for the best.”

Q: “How do you deal with all the negative comments? So many people are so harsh to you.”

A: “Same way I deal with dogs barking at me. Just move on with my life.”

Q: “How old is Monkey? Did you get him as kitten or like an adult cat? Do you want more cats?”

A: “Monkey is a little over 2 years old now, I got him when he was 2 months old.”

Anfisa’s answer continues: “Yes I want more cats but not right now, when I am completely settled down and have my own house I want to have more cats and dogs and parrots.”

Q: “Do you have stretch marks? What treatment do you use?”

A: “Yes I do and I don’t use anything. They don’t bother me”

Q: “Does Jorge speak Spanish to you?”

A: “Si. Lol”

Q: “Do you mostly shop online or in stores?”

A: “Online. Sometimes I go into a store to try something on and then order it online because I like the feel of a brand new thing that nobody tried on before. Is it weird.”

That’s pretty standard. Plus, when you order something, you get a sense of anticipation.

One of Anfisa’s best answers came when she was asked about having children.

Q: “Are you and Jorge planning on starting a family?”

A: “We started it 2 years ago. We are husband and wife. That’s a family.”

Great answer! And hey, at least that person didn’t mention Jorge’s alleged lovechild.

Q: “How did you end up on the show? Like how did that come to be?”

A: “When Jorge and I decided to apply for a fiancé visa we were looking up info about the whole process and came across a casting call for the show. We decided to apply and got chosen.”

That offers some insight into how other couples may have joined the franchise.

Q: “Paola and Lauren were really mean to you in the final episode, even racist, but you didn’t react, were you mad?”

A: “Honestly I was more disappointed because I thought we all should support each other as fellow cast members and we are all in the same boat. Maybe them drinking behind the scenes made them that way, I don’t know.”


Finally someone asked about Anfisa’s academic career.

Q: “Which classes do you enjoy the most and the least?”

A: “I like everything math and hate writing.”

Well, not everyone can relate to that (I emphatically cannot) but, you know what? Good for her.


90 Day Fiance: Has Luis Mendez Been Deported?

It’s been a little over a month since 90 Day Fiance saw shocking footage that may have shown Molly Hopkins abusing Luis Mendez during their marriage.

Ever news broke that Molly and Luis are divorcing, and fans have worried that their short marriage would cost Luis his shot at American citizenship.

Unfortunately, Luis has taken to social media to reveal that those worries have been realized.

Over the weekend, former 90 Day Fiance star Luis Mendez shared a photo that, curiously, lacked a location tag.

For ages, he’s been staying with his brothers in New Jersey, and he hasn’t been shy about sharing that data with his followers.

The curious lack of location data prompted one fan to ask, in spanish, if he had been deported.

Luis replied: “Si estoy en DR hace una semana.”

Translated, that means: “Yes, I’ve been in the Dominican Republic for a week now.”

Luis Mendez talks deportation on IG 01

Another follower then asked Luis where he is within the Dominican Republic.

(This follower used the initials RN, as in la Republica Dominicana, which is the country’s name in Spanish — and it’s oddly weird that other languages have other names for each other’s countries)

Luis replied that he is at the capitol.

The Dominican Republic’s capitol is Santo Domingo, which is where Luis was working at a bar when he and Molly first met.

He’s back to square one.

Luis Mendez talks deportation on IG 02

If you’re wondering why his marriage to Molly didn’t automatically warrant citizenship, you should remember that it’s much more complex.

Marriage can put a person on a path to citizenship, but it really just allows them to get a two-year green card — and even then, it’s a conditional card.

Luis was not married long enough to receive one.

Even if he had stayed with Molly long enough for that particular card, he would be at risk of deportation at the end of that two-year period.

Even before the U.S. began implementing anti-immigration policies that shock the world, deporting legal residents and caging children, it is not easy to become a naturalized citizen.

Some suggest that it’s Luis’ own fault that he got deported.

From the beginning, there were people suspicious of why a young man would suddenly become so interested in a woman twice his age that he’d happily uproot his entire life to be with her.

Some suspected that he was a golddigger.

Others suspected that he was just trying to use her to obtain American citizenship.

The tumultuousness of their relationship — which was, at the very least, a verbally toxic and short-lived marriage — proved that marriage, for the right reasons or the wrong reasons, is not always so easy.

Part of the appeal of 90 Day Fiance is that viewers want to see if these relationships can work out.

Cultural differences can be a major factor in the outcome of any relationship. And so can the race to the altar.

As the reality series’ name implies, people with K1 visas have only 90 days to spend in the United States with their intended before they have to either get married or leave.

Viewers also tend to speculate about motives of different spouses. Some non-Americans are eager for citizenship. Some Americans on the show seem to fetishize the idea of a foreign spouse.

Hopefully, Luis will have better luck in love on his next venture.


90 Day Fiance: Russ Mayfield SLAMS “Benighted” Critics of Paola

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Russ Mayfield has had it up to here with so-called fans who want to shame his marriage.

Recently, Paola Mayfield clarified that she’s still with Russ, and she really let some followers have it for their negative takes on their relationship and on her career.

Now, Russ is following in her footsteps and telling followers exactly how he feels about their unsolicited commentary.

Russ begins: “There’s much more to me than what you see on tv.”

That is usually the case! Reality television works through intelligible, often simple, storylines.

The presence of cameras alone is going to impact a narrative, and editing does the rest.

“I’m honestly not the jealous type,” Russ insists.

He is famously uncomfortable with Pao’s modeling work.

Russ does admit: “I’d had preferred to keep my wife’s curves a mystery, especially when it comes to the lusting creeps out there.”

That last part sounds more like he’s protective of her.

Admittedly, the bit about her mysterious curves sounds more like guarding her jealously, though.

“I accept and am proud of my wife for the beautiful woman she is,” Russ continues.

Good for him. And for her.

Russ makes it clear that he has no doubts of her fidelity, saying: “And she’s all mine”

“But like most relationships,” Russ says. “We find ourselves with differing opinions at times and love costs and takes effort for it to work.”

That is why they argue. Many couples argue, unfortunately.

“I am tired of the comments from the marriage “experts” stating I deserve better, my wife doesn’t respect me, or she only loves me for my money and so on and so forth,” Russ says.

Russ goes on to remind followers that 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? cannot, by its very nature, show the whole story of his marriage.

“The mere glimpse of our lives shown doesn’t always show our best moments,” Russ writes.

What viewers see, Russ says, are “but impressions and expressions from our cultural differences and how we are coming together as an even stronger couple.”

That’s a beautiful and powerful story! It’s just not the whole story.

“If I or my story bores you and creating a mocking meme or mocking comment of me and/or my wife is how you make yourself feel better about your unshared and perfect life,” he says.

To those people, Russ says: “well thank you for your benightedness as it only spices us up even more.”

Yes, Russ wrote “benightedness” unironically. His diction in the post is very goofy at times.

“So go on,” Russ says. “And keep hating and commenting to better your dull lives because your opinions are meaningless in my eyes.”

That’s an understandable point of view, but perhaps not polite. But he wasn’t really trying to be.

“But you’re only hurting yourself hiding behind your keyboard,” Russ warns. “Which proves nothing to you or me.”

That’s true for every troll.

“Especially when I have yet to meet someone to end a conversation with me with such nescience and mockery,” Russ says.

Again, his vocabulary is absolutely correct but does not quite match the intended tone of his post. The results are worth a chuckle or two.

“I am proud of where I come from,” writes the Oklahoma native. “And where I am going and that’s with the love of my life.”

That is very precious.

Russ reminds followers that Paola is his wife, “whom I love for better or for worse.”

For better, surely.

“I am not perfect,” Russ admits. “And only look for support from my followers, not hypocritical and judgmental ignorance seeking ‘like’ attention.”

If he wanted marital advise, he’d probably go elsewhere than social media.

It’s interesting that Russ singles out the people who shame Paola and think that Russ is the good guy when the couple argues.

We so often see people shaming Russ for being (seemingly, on camera) insecure about his wife’s modeling work.

But sometimes it is easier to see yourself get hate than it is to see people say negative things about someone whom you love.

That is, perhaps, why he was lashing out at those who speak ill of his beautiful and talented wife.


90 Day Fiance: Are Paola and Russ Still Together?

Gorgeous 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Paola Mayfield is answering some nagging questions that followers can’t help but ask.

(Though curiously, she leaves one major question off of the list)

The biggest and most important query is whether or not she and Russ are still together and whether they’ve finally stopped fighting over Paola’s job.

Pao starts her post with: “I hope this photo gets your attention!”

You’ll see the photo in question in a moment. Suffice it to say that she was successful.

“Frequently asked questions: Did my husband ever get over me taking photos like this?” Paola says.

This is just the first of several FAQs that she wishes to address.

“Well,” she answers. “Yes and no but it doesn’t affect him as much as some of you.”

Believe it or not, Paola actually gets hate sometimes from fans who think that she should abandon her career to just, like, iron the curtains of her lord husband’s house.

“He accepts me,” Paola says. “Loves me and respects me the way I am and lets me work even when he is not 100% comfortable.”

“We fight and we make up,” Paola says. “Girls talk like never they fight with their spouses, talking about me not being a “good wife” just because the gigs I take are ‘too sexy'”

Some people don’t argue with their loved ones, but those are definitely a minority.

“But let’s be honest,” Paola continues. “None of you have seen photos of me completely naked or rumors of me being unfaithful to my husband.”

Definitely not! Though there is of course nothing wrong with posing nude.

Paola writes: “My only ‘sin’ is my work.”

It is good that Pao put sin in quotation marks, because, even if you believe that there is such a thing as sin, it’s hard to imagine that looking pretty in photos qualifies as one.

“God will be the only one judging me,” Paola says. “Not wannabe perfects!”

Paola cites another question: “Why do I not end up my friendship with Juan?”

Russ had some insecurities about his wife’s friendship with Juan, leading some fans to absurdly demand that she end a friendship.

“It is easy to say it,” Paola says. “But you wouldn’t call it a friendship if you don’t care about someone after 16 years of friendship and without trying to make it work.”

She’s right!

“I don’t have many friends,” Paola continues. “Maybe because I don’t trust people that easy and I am ok with that but giving up part of my life and past isn’t easy for me.”

“I love my husband but I also love my friends,” Paola explains.

That’s good. Any boyfriend or husband who insists that you stop having friends is toxic.

“My life didn’t end when I got married,” Paola explains. “it was the beginning of a new chapter.”

Last but not least, Paola addresses questions about “My ‘delusional’ modeling and acting career. This is one is easy.”

“I really don’t know why people care so much if I model or act at my age,” she admits.

For the record, Paola is drop-dead gorgeous. But that’s beside the point. Even if she weren’t, it would still be her choice to model.

Paola asks and answers: “Is it your business if I succeed or fail? No.”

“Is it your life?” Paola asks, before answering: “No.”

She’s right.

“I’m living my life to the fullest,” Paola writes. “And I’m having so much fun with all that I do!”

“My conscience is clear and clean,” Paola writes, followed by a red heart emoji.

Paola then says that she is “just happy that I’m doing great and I’m chasing my dreams.”

Good for her!

As we mentioned, there was no effort to address lingering questions about whether Paola Mayfield is pregnant.

But though she is a reality star, that’s still her business.

Perhaps it was so far from her mind that she didn’t even think to include it on the list.



90 Day Fiance: Jorge Might Be Having a Baby … But Not With Anfisa

While recent episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? have shown us that Jorge was taking steps to divorce Anfisa last year, we know that this troubled couple is still together.

But that isn’t the only drama facing one of the show’s most controversial couples.

See, Jorge Nava might be having a baby … and not with his wife, Anfisa Arkhipchenko.

The trailer for this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? teased that Jorge was being accused of fathering a woman’s child.

That woman was not Anfisa.

In the preview, Anfisa says that if Jorge really did father this child, she’ll never have anything to do with him ever again.

Jorge says that he would be happy to take a DNA test to prove that he is not the baby daddy.

But … offering to take a paternity test is not the same thing as denying that you slept with someone, you know?

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Threatens to Leave Jorge Nava

If Jorge cheated on Anfisa with this mystery baby mama, this would (allegedly) not be the first time.

Jorge allegedly cheated on Anfisa with the late YouTuber Stevie Ryan about a year before the latter’s tragic death.

(Everyone still mourns Stevie; she was a treasure)

So … did he cheat on Anfisa? Or is this something that happened during the couple’s separation?

Anfisa might look the other way at Jorge sleeping with someone else during their separation — if she overlooked him implying that she’s a sex worker on camera, then she can overlook anything.

But sex during a separation might be fine … but fathering a child with someone else might be a dealbreaker.

(Not to mention that child support would be a strain on Jorge’s financial resources … which, knowing Anfisa as fans do, would probably be a deal-breaker)

Here’s the thing, though.

These episodes were all filmed months ago.

We know from very recent social media and YouTube updates that Anfisa is still with Jorge.

It stands to reason that Jorge did not become a baby daddy by some random woman, because Anfisa would have every right to get the hell out of Dodge if he had.

But she has not. So it strikes us as unlikely that Jorge’s paternity nightmare has ended with anything other than a ruling that it’s not his kid.

If that’s what happened, it must have been such a relief to them both!

But if you’re worried that the lack of an extramarital baby is going to reduce drama for Anfisa and Jorge … you needn’t be concerned.

These two are nothing if not dramatic.

Honestly, anyone who loves either of them should probably be advising them to go their separate ways. Toxic couples get worse over time, not better.

But their inability to have a normal healthy relationship makes for great entertainment on reality television.

We already mentioned that Jorge was filmed while exploring his potential options for divorcing Anfisa — even though it could potentially jeopardize her green card status.

Well, Jorge was also arrested with a huge amount of marijuana. Totally legal in California but very illegal in Arizona, where he happened to be at the time.

Like we mentioned, there is always drama with these two.

We don’t know who the mystery baby mama might be, but we hope that anyone who owes her child support money pays up.

But we’re relieved to be reasonably confident that it’s not Jorge. If he and Anfisa did break up, viewers would miss them and their perpetual nonsense.

They are many things … including entertaining.

We hope that Anfisa and Jorge are at a better place, emotionally, if and when they decide to have kids of their own.