90 Day Fiance Recap: You’re an Alcoholic!

An Uber was used to take one couple to a certain destination on 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days this week.

But a fight between this same couple in this same car left us unsure just where their future was headed.

Allow us to explain…

90 day peeps

On the latest installment of this oddly popular reality show, Jesse traveled to New York because he thought it was time to end things with Darcey… for good.

However, the latter was optimistic about meeting her man and thought he was only coming to America in the name of eternal love and happiness.

“The way this relationship has been going, I don’t know exactly why he’s here. I just hope it’s to work things out,” Darcey said. “He wouldn’t come all this way if he didn’t truly love me.”

What an adorable and unfortunate way to look at things, right?

Once the two got in a the aforementioned Uber to head to the hotel, though, hell broke loose; chaos reigned; and accusations flew.

The reality stars started yelling at one another because Jesse discovered that Darcey was arrested for hitting her sister and never told him.

He also added that she needed to “get therapy for (her) alcoholism,” prompting Darcey to storm out of the car.

“You don’t love me. You never did, you liar,” she screamed. “Get out of my life.”

other 90 day people

Elsewhere on this explosive episode:

Rachel and her child headed to Great Britain to be with Jon before their wedding day.

What should have been a glorious occasion, however, turned sour after she learned that Jon was corresponding with one of his exes over social media and voiced her very understandable concerns.

Evidently, Jon told his former girlfriend that he had loved her in the past, which is what really hurt Rachel the most.

Makes sense, right?

“It was like I was stabbed with a knife, and when I saw the world ‘love,’ the knife twisted,” she said sadly.

Jon tried to clear things up by explaining he was telling his ex about his great relationship and needed to apologize for breaking her heart. But this didn’t smooth things over much.

“I am ashamed of the person I was,” Jon said.

annoyed faces

As for the other couples? A quick rundown:

– Angela gave Michael an engagement ring AND an American flag — and he reciprocated! It was a double proposal!

“It’s the best day of my life,” Michael said. “Donald Trump, I’m coming to see you.”

– Ximena was willing to forgive Ricky for coming to Columbia for another woman, as long as he leaped into a freezing cold lake.

“For Ricky to regain my trust if he wants, he will have to show me,” she said.

Ricky obeyed, the crew rushed in to help him — and then he proposed and she accepted!


– Karine decided NOT to divorce Paul so they could raise their kid in a loving home, leaving Paul very excited, yet also a tad bit nervous about being a dad.

Tragically, Karine then learned she had suffered a miscarriage.

“I was praying for him to be OK but it wasn’t like that,” she said. “It was unexpected for me to find out he wasn’t OK.”

– Finally, despite family members not approving of their romane, Tarik and Hazel pushed on.

“I definitely love you and I don’t care what anybody says,” the former said.

On the final day, the pair reconciled and Tarik proposed to Hazel by playing her a rap he wrote about her. A very awkward silence followed.

“She took a long time,” he said, and then turned to Hazel. “Why did you take so long?”

90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days airs Sundays on TLC at 8/7c.


90 Day Fiance: Scottie Deem Charged with Child Molestation

Angela and Michael are one of the new couples on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. They’ve both raised a few eyebrows.

But while Angela Deem’s recent DUI arrest is troubling, her daughter has been indicted on charges that are infinitely more serious.

Scottie Deem, Angela’s adult daughter, has been indicted on 13 counts of child molestation.

Scottie Deem, 90 Day Fiance still

According to documents obtained by People, Scottie Deem was arrested on Sept. 27, 2017, in Hazlehurst, Georgia (yes, that’s how Hazlehurst is spelled).

She was charged with aggravated child molestation and aggravated sodomy.

According to the indictment, she was charged with 11 counts of child molestation, one count of aggravated child molestation, and one count of statutory rape.

These charges stem from alleged incidents that took place between July 1 and August 31 of 2017.

This is … grim and upsetting.

Scottie Deem selfie

On Sept. 28, 2017, Scottie was released on $ 38,700 bond just one day after her arrest, which tells you a lot about how seriously the justice system takes crimes against children.

For what it’s worth, she was instructed to avoid any contact with children and to also avoid any public areas where children are likely to be (so, playgrounds, for one thing).

Scottie is a mother herself (Angela is only 53, but actually has six grandchildren), so we assume that this condition of bond made things complicated for her family.

It was not until nearly one year later, on Sept. 12, 2018, after prosecutors had built their case, that Scottie was indicted on all 13 counts.

Court documents accuse her of performing acts upon an underage male victim, including sodomy, oral sex, and “an indicent act in the presence of” 5 children who were also underage.

The indictment suggests that her suspected victim is a boy of under 16, but his age — and of course, identity — remain unknown.

Though Scottie’s attorney has refrained from commenting, her next court date is Monday, October 1, and it is reported that she will plead not guilty.

Scottie has appeared multiple times during Angela’s story on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, even though it is believed that she filmed these scenes following her arrest.

That may mean that Scottie’s family is either not fully aware of the charges against her, or doesn’t care. And some fans have questions for TLC, too.

90 Day Fiance is not the only show on which Angela and Scottie have appeared together.

Twice, the mother and daughter have appeared on Maury (of course) because, both times, Angela accused Scottie of having a different baby daddy for her young daughters.

“She’s a good woman; she ain’t a hooch,” Angela insisted on screen while also insisting that her daughter’s baby daddy was other than who she claimed.

Angela had strongly suggested that Scottie was sex-crazed, which at the time got laughs. It sounds a lot more serious in light of these charges.

For the record, on both Maury appearances, Scottie was vindicated by DNA, which showed that Terry was the baby daddy of her daughters.

Scottie Deem selfie

Scottie is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday at 9:30am.

Since she reportedly plans to enter a plea of not guilty, many are concerned that her alleged victim and perhaps other underaged individuals who were witnesses will be dragged through the agony of a trial.

TLC does not have a comment on Scottie’s arrest.

However, Scottie Deem will no longer appear on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.


90 Day Fiance Feud: Jon Walters Calls Jesse Meester a Small-Dicked, Abusive Beta!!

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Jon Walters is super in love with Rachel Bear. In fact, Jon and Rachel are married.

But while Jon may be happy with his relationship, he doesn’t think anything at all of another couple on the show — Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester.

Jon told fans exactly what he thinks of Jesse. Normally you have to wait for the reunion to see one star destroy another like this.

So, context: Jon and Rachel took baby Lucy to Stonehenge on last year’s Winter Solstice.

Often seen as a secular holiday, it is also a religious one, and Stonehenge is made available for druids and other people of faith for whom the day and site are sacred.

When Jon and Rachel shared this photo with their Instagram followers, fans praised the picture and the couple … and began to discuss how they feel tired of Darcey and Jesse’s storyline.

While fans seemed to agree that they don’t care for the couple, they were divided over whether Darcey or Jesse is to blame.

Jon shared his own opinion within the comments, and he had no uncertainty.

“If she had a man she who builds her up, loved her and treated her with respect, she wouldn’t be nearly as broken,” Jon asserts.

“Jesse is an abusive man with huge insecurities,” Jon declares.

He is referring to Jesse’s behavior, which many fans and viewers have said is emotionally abusive.

He then speculates that this is “probably because he skinny, used to have acne, and has a tiny d–k.”

Jon concludes his disparaging assessment by announcing: “He’s a pathetic beta.” Wow.

The alleged size of Jesse Meester’s penis notwithstanding, Jon is far from the only one disgusted with the Dutch model’s behavior.

Darcey and Jesse’s trip the United States should have been a romantic visit to the place that they both hoped they’ll one day live as husband and wife.

Instead, the two of them seemed to spend every waking moment arguing.

They argued over grocery lists, how to correctly cut a steak, and debated whether Darcey stepped on Jesse’s sneakers on purpose or it was an accident.

We know that it’s a reality show, and that producers can be selective and only show the worst moments. But no couple should be arguing like this. Period.

Many believe that Jesse’s youth and good looks are behind his rudeness — that he doesn’t respect Darcey because she’s older. Others think that he’s just … like this.

Entertainingly, TLC shaded Jesse earlier this month with a tweet about his trip back to the airport.

“During the ride to JFK, Darcey had to slam the brakes,” TLC’s tweet reads. “Jesse hit his face against the sun visor because he was checking himself out in the mirror.”

Despite their deeply toxic arguments, the two of them left things on a good note when Darcey sent Jesse on his way at the airport.

They hugged and, for worse or for worst, seem to be very much in love.

Some 90 Day Fiance viewers are not quite aware of how deep these arguments run.

Jesse and Darcey have been seen quarreling on social media, and even appeared to break up a few times only to, days later, insist that they were still a couple.

Even if you believe that Darcey is just as much to blame as Jesse, these two seem to be a toxic combination — like bleach and vinegar.

We’re glad that Jon didn’t mince words about Jesse. Jon and Rachel seem to have found their happily ever after and fans really like them as a couple.

Who says that a couple has to be dramatic to be popular with viewers? Sometimes, people want to see a success story.


90 Day Fiance Season 6 Trailer: See the New Couples!

90 Day Fiance is coming back!

The series that brought you Jorge and Anfisa and Danielle and Mohamed is returning for its sixth season.

Take a look at the explosive trailer and get to know the new couples. Which will make it, and which won't even last the 90 days?

90 day fiance kalani and asuelu

First up, we have Kalani and Asuelu.

Kalani is 29 and comes from Orange County, California. Asuelu is 23 and is from Samoa.

This photogenic couple met when Kalani was on vacation in Samoa. One thing led to another, and the Mormon woman ended up losing her virginity to him.

She also got pregnant, and now the two of them have a 5-month-old.

Kalani's family has their doubts, and it looks like cultural differences are going to play a huge role as they try to make this work.

90 day fiance jonathan and fernanda

Now, let's talk about Jonathan and Fernanda.

Jonathan is 32, and comes from Lumberton, a small and very old city in North Carolina.

Fernanda is 19 years old and comes from Mexico.

The two met in a club in Mexico, and now they are engaged. Their age difference is raising some eyebrows — they're both adults, but marriage is not the same thing as a hookup.

They got engaged only three months after meeting, but it looks like Fernanda may have some jealousy and maturity issues for them to work out.

90 day fiance colt and larissa

Next, there's Colt and Larissa.

Colt is a 33-year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Larissa is a 31-year-old from Brazil.

Colt began looking for a woman internationally after having a run of bad luck in searching for a partner while in the U.S. Some would consider that a huge red flag.

He is very close to his mother and hopes that his new bride will make a good impression with her.

It looks like others in Colt's life are concerned that Larissa is just after his money.

90 day fiance ashley and jay

Ashley and Jay are definitely causing a stir among Ashley's friends and family.

Ashley is 32, and comes from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Jay is only 20, and comes from Jamaica.

The two of them met in a club in Jamaica while Ashley was in town for a friend's wedding. Now, they're engaged.

These two have the exact same age gap as Jonathan and Fernanda, but since no one is a teenager, it doesn't look like that will be the focus.

It looks like Ashley's loved ones are concerned that Jay is a womanizer or even a cheater. Fans hope, of course, that their suspicion is not fueled by racism.

90 day fiance eric and leida

Eric and Leida are certainly putting a fun twist on the kinds of stories that we expect to see.

Eric is 40 and comes from Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Leida is 29 and comes from Indonesia, where she lives with her son and with her wealthy family.

The fun twist that we mentioned is that Leida, though not American by birth, is accustomed to living with a certain degree of wealth.

Eric, in the mean time, lives … a little like a college student. And it looks like Eric's children aren't certain of Leida's intentions.

90 day fiance steven and olga

Steven and Olga seem like they might be the most toxic couple of this new season. At least, that's the impression that we're getting from the trailer.

Steven is 20 and comes from Bowie, Maryland.

Ogla is also 20 and comes from Moscow, Russia. They met when she was vacationing in the U.S.

She quickly became pregnant when they hooked up, and are now raising their baby in America.

From the trailer, it looks like Steven takes a harsh view of their relationship and of Olga, which she finds very hurtful. These two could be painful to watch.

90 day fiance season 6 trailer see the new couples

Pauly D: Angelina Pivarnick Cheated On Her Fiancé With Vinny Guadagnino!

If you’ve been watching the show this season, then you’re probably aware that producers keep introducing the Staten Island Hamster into the festering rodent cage that is Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Thus far, the decision to have Angelina Pivarnick haul her duct-taped garbage bag full of clothes all over the country in pursuit of the housemates’ friendship has yielded mixed results.

Sure, Angelina remains annoying AF, but if it weren’t for the rage she brings to the table, the show would be nothing but non-stop Ronnie baby mama drama.

Plus, having packed up her Hefty Cinch-Sack and exited the Shore house (twice!) early on in the show’s original run, Angelina provides an interesting link to the guidos’ past.

The rest of the cast has mostly moved on from the pettiness of the pasts, but Angelina is still all about that mess.

It’s sort of like if you met up with your best friend from third grade and found out that paste is still his favorite food.

Try not to think too hard about that Angelina/paste eating analogy as we continue with this story. Trust us.

As we discussed last week, Angelina hooked up with Vinny — and, well, just about every other guy in the house during her initial, short-lived tenure on JS.

It was all thought to be ancient history, but now, a new rumor holds that Angie and Vin visited the smush room together while filming the show’s current season.

That may sound like a tough one to swallow (again, we apologize for our choice of imagery), but believe it or not, Vinny’s most trusted confidante says it’s totally plausible.

“I believe it, I don’t know, I believe it,” Pauly said, when asked about the rumor by OK! magazine.

“He’s allowed to hook up with women, just no other guys,” the DJ joked, referring to his bromance with Vinny.

Kidding aside, Pauly proceeded to point out that Angelina might be in trouble if it turns out the rumors are true:

“She’s engaged, though, so if they did [hook up], that’s a problem for her.” 

Perhaps we’ll find out later in the season if Vinny and Angelina really went there — or perhaps not.

Either way, the housemates’ romantic past has been a frequent topic of conversation on the current season of JSFV.

“You guys fight all the time. You have like, one more hate bang to get out,” Ronnie joked on last week’s episode.

But unlike Stormy Daniels, who seems to vividly recall the horrid fungal dimensions of Donald Trump’s penis, Angelina is suffering from a severe case of dong-related amnesia when it comes to Vinny.

“No, I’m not f–king DTF anymore, Vin,” she said on Thursday’s installment.

“Been there, done that with you. I honestly don’t remember your dick. I’m not being mean. I’m not saying it’s small. I’m saying I don’t remember!”

Sounds like Angelina may be in need of a crash course on Vinny’s peen.

Of course, in this case, we guess you’d call it a smush course.


90 Day Fiance: Will Anfisa Return to Cam Girl Work With Jorge in Prison?

Now that Jorge Nava has been sentenced to prison following his marijuana arrest, what is Anfisa going to do for the next 2.5 years?

Obviously, Anfisa can work — but she is a full time student right now.

Is she going to have to quit school to support herself while Jorge is behind bars?

Anfisa reacts

Jorge was caught with a massive amount of marijuana in his car.

He grows medical marijuana for a living in California but, unfortunately, he and his car and that marijuana were in Arizona, which has some of the most absurd drug laws in the nation.

As we reported, he has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

Anfisa says that Jorge may have a shot at getting out after 22 months, but she is clearly looking at two years without her husband.

But she might not have to quit her role as a student — because Anfisa could really make it as a YouTuber.

Jorge nava and anfisa arkhipchenko discuss his prison sentence

We know what you're thinking — Anfisa may be younger than Jorge, but she's a few years older than your average YouTuber.

But, as Starcasm notes, Anfisa could make money via YouTube in a major way, she's already shown that she has the skills for it.

Anfisa edits her own clips for YouTube, and it really shows.

She is very particular about controlling what viewers see and do not see, and about making sure that there are only pauses at appropriate moments.

The evidence in her videos, which have smooth transitions from moment to moment, shows that Anfisa can keep her YouTube channel crisp and clean.

Anfisa and jorge kiss

Then there's the fact that Anfisa has plenty of business savvy when it comes to marketing herself on social media.

(No jokes about her alleged sex work, please … we'll get to that in a moment)

The titles of her YouTube videos cover frequently searched items, which means that she's followed not only by fans of 90 Day Fiance, but by people who have randomly come across her page.

This is part of how you diversify your audience. Some come to see how her life is going after the show, but others are there for makeup tips.

She knows how to stay relevant, and it works — her YouTube videos average 1.37 million views each. One got up to 4 million.

Anfisa arkhipchenko camgirl gif

Back in July, and despite Anfisa's denials, it looks like Anfisa's alleged camgirl work was exposed.

While there is of course nothing wrong with being a camgirl or with any other kind of sex work, fans took an interest in her backstory.

Evidence was uncovered featuring a woman who looks conspicuously like Anfisa on furniture that looks like Anfisa's old furniture, in an apartment that looks like Anfisa's old Moscow apartment.

Even the camera angle was the same as the one that Anfisa used to audition for 90 Day Fiance.

Some have wondered if Anfisa might use sex work when those bills start piling up. 

Anfisa arkhipchenko flashes major sideboob

If she wants to do that, good for her! But Anfisa has denied that she appeared in the video. Jorge also claims that the camgirl is not his wife.

Anfisa might not need that. According to our research, it looks like your average YouTuber is going to bring in about $ 2,000 for every 1 million views on any video of theirs with ads.

Obviously, as with any advertising gambit, pay can vary according to factors such as audience demographics.

If Anfisa turns out a few videos a month for the next couple of years, that might help her to stay afloat until Jorge gets out.

Then again, some have speculated that she might run his — legal — medical marijuana business. Until Anfisa tells the world herself, we just won't know.

Anfisa returning to cam girl work while jorge is in prison

’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Jorge Nava Gets 2.5 Years for Weed Bust, Says No Split with Wife

Jorge Nava — the “90 Day Fiancé” star who was arrested with nearly 300 pounds of weed in his car — has received his punishment and he’s pissed … but he says there’s a silver lining. Nava tells TMZ … his lawyer was able to get his class 2…


90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Is One Couple Already Married?!

Last month, we reported that 90 Day Fiance stars Jon and Rachel got married.

Not every couple is ready for the altar after 90 days, but documents showed that they had tied the knot.

Now, Jon seems to be hinting to followers that he and Rachel did get married. Take a look:

“On the 20th December 2017,” Jon’s Instagram post begins.

The fact that he thought that the date was significant really piqued the interest of a lot of fans.

On that date, Jon writes: “Rachel and I walked down the aisle in a small 12th church.”

Obviously, walking down the aisle is a significant phrase. It’s a euphemism for marriage.

He says that this took place “in a small undisclosed location.”

Jon’s next words show that he may have been simply teasing their fans.

“The church was open to the public,” Jon continues.

Well, if it was open to the public, then it sounds like the two of them may have simply walked in, walked around, and left.

“After a short walk around the church,” he says.

Jon concludes the anecdote: “We went and had a nice hot cuppa.”

Getting married in December would have been sort of sudden.

It is believed that 90 Day Fiance began filming for this season during the 2017 holiday season.

Of course, there are those who believe that Jon and Rachel secretly met before filming for the show.

If so, the marriage in December would not have been that sudden, right?

Fortunately, we know the truth, thanks to some cyber sleuths on the internet and some court documents.

Johnathan James Walters and Rachel Ann Bear have been in an online relationship for ages.

The show teased that they would have hurdles and conflicts to overcome.

But considering that Rachel learned that she was pregnant with another man’s child very early during her long-distance relationship without it breaking them up shows how much they like each other.

Legal documents show that the two of them applied for a marriage license in Arizona, where Rachel is from, back in June.

And British records show that the two of them solemnized their marriage while still in the UK — back in May.

Jon and Rachel have fewer obstacles than some 90 Day Fiance couples.

They don’t have a language barrier — well, except for a few goofy British phrases that your friend who gets way too into watching BBC America used and then dropped back in 2012.

They don’t have to deal with racist backlast like some of the biracial couples face from their own families.

They are also almost exactly the same age.

It wouldn’t have been the biggest surprise in the world if they’d gotten married in December, but that they appear to have waited until the beginning of summer shows that they were serious about getting to know each other in person.

That sounds like a very healthy sign to us. We’re sure that Jon is only teasing his fans because he is so eager to announce that they married.


‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Gets Engaged, Fiance Declares His Love

Lala Kent is officially off the market, and her fiance is a guy who’s so in love … he calls himself a bitch. Uh, congrats? The “Vanderpump Rules” star got engaged this weekend down in Cabo San Lucas with her Hollywood producer boyfriend, Randall…


90 Day Fiance: Wait, Is Melissa NOT a Catfish?!

Ricky Reyes is a 33-year-old father who lives in Ohio. He has been sending money to the stunningly beautiful “Melissa” in Columbia.

Curiously, though Ricky had seen some gorgeous photos of “Melissa,” their attempts to video chat had always seemed to fail.

A lot of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days fans believe that she is a catfish. Now, we finally know the truth.

Ricky is the first to admit that he is taken in by the good looks of “Melissa” even though they have never met.

“Obviously, man, she is fricken hot,” he gushed on camera. “I’m already in love with her. I’m infatuated.”

“Her personality is awesome,” he clarified, in case he sounded shallow. “The way we talk, she wants to strive to do something better. She wants to be a nurse.”

Even then, he did lament that she doesn’t videochat with him — at least not without “mysterious” technical glitches.

The photos of her, however, were always hot.

Ricky, along with TLC’s cameras, flew down to Columbia so that they could finally meet in person.

They made arrangements to meet at a restaurant for their very first date.

Ricky, flowers in hand, made excuses for Melissa’s late arrival.

“In my experience, women take a while to get ready,” Ricky said. “I bet she’ll look hot as hell for me.”

Ricky waited for Melissa for two-and-a-half hours.

Fans had a number of theories. Some thought that he was being Catfished, for fun or for money or maybe a little of both.

Honestly, it might be weirder that Melissa showed up, looking exactly how she looks in the photos, two-and-a-half hours late.

But there she is, dressed up and looking outrageously beautiful.

From what we saw, it looks like she mostly smiled and let Ricky do the talking.

It may be that she’s not a catfish, but many fans believe that there’s something weird going on with this relationship.

Did Ricky lie to TLC and to viewers about the nature of his relationship with Melissa?

Some eagle-eyed redditors noticed that the cameras actually showed some of Ricky’s texts with Melissa while he was waiting … and waiting … and waiting for her.

And it looks like these two aren’t as close to getting engaged as we expect from this show.

“Seriously as friends, I want to invite you to a luxury restaurant in Medellin, one of the best,” Ricky wrote in Spanish, as translated by a redditor named MetallicPeacock27.

“Please think about it,” Ricky, who was already at the restaurant, begged. “I promise you it’s like just friends. Thank you I promise that I am a respectful man.”

So, maybe Ricky lied, maybe Melissa was just a little nervous — who can say?

Some think that Melissa showing up in person and smiling politely isn’t the same thing as proving that this was not a Catfish.

Think of it this way: if you were going to Catfish a guy, would you use some random model’s photos or, if you have the option, would you use pics from someone you know?

Some fans speculate that this person panicked when Ricky actually showed up in Columbia and had to convince and beg their friend, whose face they’ve been using, to keep the lie alive.

That would, these fans reason, explain why she was so very late showing up to dinner. And why she seemed to be just smiling and letting Ricky do the talking.