90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Who’s Returning in 2018?

It’s a brand new year, and that means brand new seasons of 90 Day Fiance and its various spin-offs.

But which couples will be returning to film? Which fan-favorite couples will be saying farewell to the cameras — or each other — in 2018?

To our delight, TLC has announced that they’re bringing back not only 90 Day Fiance, but all three spin-off series.

That means that viewers will be getting:

90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiance: What Now?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

It’s a coup for fans of the franchise. It also means that some folks’ DVRs are going to be overflowing. That’s life.

But … which couples will be returning?

Let’s start with a couple that seems very, very unlikely to reprise their roles on 90 Day Fiance.

Luis and Molly.

Luis is Dominican, Molly is from the US. Molly is a bit older and Luis and has a spotty driving record, and was nervous to see how the much-younger Luis would do as a potential stepfather for her daughters.

They did get married. However … we don’t even need to wait for cameras to know if they lived happily ever after.

Right at the beginning of the year, they broke up. Molly is divorcing him, and Luis has threatened to sue TLC after claiming that they refuse to pay “trash” immigrants (how he believes that the network views non-Americans).

Paul and Karine are a couple that has the interest of a lot of viewers.

Karine is younger, Paul has a shady past (he’s violated a protective order and been convicted of arson; he’ll be on probation until 2020).

Also, there was that time that Paul put a protective “sheath” on his penis that totally wasn’t a condom before swimming in the water, because he’s apparently that terrified of a candiru asu lodging itself in his urethra.

Good news for fans who are invested in this awkward couple — Starcasm reports that Paul and Karine will almost certainly appear more.

The only question is which show. Will Karine begin her K-1 visa process at last?

Moving on:

As we previously told you, Josh and Aika got married.

It looks like these two didn’t hook the right interest level for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Not everyone does, and that’s okay.

Josh shared some pretty clear evidence that he and Aika are filming for 90 Day Fiance: What Now?

Nicole and Azan seemed on the rocks as Azan ghosted Nicole during the Tell All special.

Things seem to be okay-ish between Nicole and Azan, but the two aren’t yet married.

Will they do yet another trip to Morocco? As Starcasm has observed, that would only be worthwhile if it’s for a Moroccan wedding.

Nicole does seem to be filming more, but we don’t know the details behind that.

Now, for another couple:

Starcasm‘s sources say that Cortney and Antonio have continued to film.

That’s a little surprising, since the tension between the two of them has not been the most positive.

Remember when Cortney arrived in Spain and promptly followed Antonio to … sit separately from him from a couple of hours while he ogled attractive women? Yeah. That sort of set the tone for their relationship.

So it may bet hat Cortney and Antonio are filming separately.

Jesse and Darcey are one of 90 Day Fiance‘s most captivating couples, and they’re yet another pairing of an older American woman with a young, ludicrously handsome foreign man.

(Let’s just say that this dynamic really appeals to part of 90 Day Fiance‘s demographic)

Now, Jesse and Darcey are not married just yet. But thanks to their appeal as a couple and their dramatic squabbles on social media, they’re a powerful draw for audiences.

They seem to still be filming, but it’s not clear for which series.

Then there’s Elizabeth and Andrei.

You might remember Andrei as the somewhat scary alpha male dude with “traditional” views on “a woman’s place.”

Elizabeth Potthast posted a now-deleted photo of a cameraman, so it seems that these two are filming.

This past season’s primary villain was Evelyn, no question. She managed to get under everyone’s skin in the worst way.

Except for David, we suppose. But since David and Evelyn may have started flirting when Evelyn was only 15, he has a lot invested in this creepy relationship.

Evelyn is trying to launch a music career, so her thirst for fame may take priority over the animosity that the audience feels towards her.

Then there’s David and Annie; Starcasm confirms that they will be on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

David’s storyline, involving his son’s shooting accident, will likely have a compelling part to play.

Finally, some oldies but goodies.

Anfisa and Jorge may or may not still be together, but there are indications that the polarizing couple will make a return.

If so, that would explain why Anfisa seems so reluctant to confirm or deny their relationship, and instead teases followers with vague statements.

And while there’s no sign of Mohamed Jbali filming with any camera that he’s not holding in his hand — remember, he’s working in Dallas, Texas these days — apparently Danielle Mullins is filming.

If you’ll recall, Danielle Mullins is not getting a makeover show after she was accused of unstable behavior. 

Whatever alleged personality issues she may have, apparently TLC has no problem continuing to work with her.

It would be a pleasant surprise to see Mohamed, as the two are much more interesting when their storylines align. That may take place in the form of their court battle with each other.

So far, no word on Paola Mayfield and Russ, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.


90 Day Fiance: Luis Lashes Out, Threatens to Sue TLC!

Oh, boy.

This past season of 90 Day Fiance had its ups and downs for all of the relationships, but one of the new 90 Day Fiance stars is so unhappy that he’s publicly ranting against TLC and the show’s producers.

And he’s also announced his intention to sue.

Molly Hopkins is 41 years old. She’s an American — specifically from Georgia.

26-year-old Luis Mendez is Dominican.

He and Molly met and fell for each other outside of the US, when she was on a trip and when he was working in a bar.

The two of them decided to not only pursue their relationship, but to go on 90 Day Fiance so that the rest of the world could watch the highs and lows of their relationship.

Oh, and so that they could make a little cash.

And one of the big concerns that Molly had was seeing how good of a stepfather the more-than-slightly younger Luis would be to her daughters, one of whom is 7 and the other of whom is 16.

In addition to the all-important test of whether or not Luis would fit in with Molly’s family …

(After all, your kids should always take precedence over your romantic pursuits)

… The couple had a few hurdles to cross. Molly Hopkins has a shady criminal history that mostly involves what we’ll delicately describe as reasons why you don’t want to ride in a car with her.

Also, Luis would have to get along well with more than just Molly’s family. His romance with Molly needed to click when they were living together.

(Sometimes, what’s sexy and romantic on vacation turns into an annoyance back at home, in the real world)

Finally, some wondered if the younger man who had tended bar in Santo Domingo was really interested in Molly Hopkins for romantic reasons … or if he was using her, hoping to land legal residence in the United States.

As we already told you, Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez did get married.

But married isn’t the same thing as happily ever after, folks.

See, after the couple got married — which they apparently did without informing TLC of the event, which kind of defeats the purpose of appearing on the show in the first place — things went south.

The two separated, only reconcile before the Tell All special was filmed.

But then the husband and wife seemed to have trouble again. 

At the beginning of January, Molly told Luis that she was filing for divorce.

That is part of what has led to Luis Mendez’s dissatisfaction, we assume.

But that’s not the focus of his rant, which he posted to social media:

“TLC is a piece of s–t.”

Wow, tell us how you really feel.

“They only use the immigrant people for make million dollar, they don’t pay to us in the first 90 days and they destroy our lives with bad fame.”

That’s quite an accusation.

“But I don’t receive any money, only the American people bc we are trash for them.”

He added another message with similar points … and expressed a strong desire to take legal action.

“Immigrant people only are trash for TLC. I want to meet a lawyer in NYC to sue those bastards.”

Now, it seems that he’s complaining about money. 90 Day Fiance stars are paid for their work, but in comparison to other reality salaries, it’s not all that much.

We should point out that, although countless companies employ immigrant labor and pay them less than they deserve, that isn’t necessarily what’s behind this.

You need a work visa in order to work in the US if you are not an American citizen. It’s possible that they aren’t legally permitted to pay Luis until he gets one.

Now, if there’s been anything improper in terms of paying him, maybe Luis can get that money through a lawsuit. But our guess is that Luis just needs to have a work visa.

It sounds like he’s complaining about his portrayal on the series. That … well, he presumably signed a contract saying that he can be edited in any way that the show sees fit. Tough luck.


Offset: Is Cardi B’s Fiance Avoiding a Paternity Test? What’s He Hiding?

Celina Powell is the latest woman to claim that Offset, Cardi B’s fiance, is her baby daddy.

Cardi B and Offset both say that the woman is lying … but now we have to wonder if Offset, at least, is afraid that she’s telling the truth.

Because, to hear Celina tell it, Offset is ducking and dodging her attempts at a paternity test. If he’s not the baby daddy, why not go ahead and prove it?

Cardi B and Offset made a “sex tape” — after a fashion — and released it to the public. They’re engaged.

it’s safe to say that they have a pretty good relationship, right? But they’re facing their first real test, as a woman is claiming that Offset is the father of her baby girl.

Celina Powell doesn’t seem like she’s willing to back down, either.

After Offset sent her a cease & desist, she publicly called him out.

So it looks like she intends to hound him until he can prove in court that he’s not the father of her child.

Offset's Alleged Baby Mama Ultrasound

We should mention that there’s a credibility issue.

Despite being only 22, Celina Powell has identified famous “baby daddies” in the past who turned out to not be the fathers of her children.

She acknowledged her dubious history when she shared with the world her claim that Offset is this child’s father … while assuring her fans that she’s not crying wolf this time, she promises.

Honestly, Celina’s background makes you wonder if she’s a terrible schemer — like, if she watched fake paternity scams on soap operas and wondered if they were that easy in real life.

Or if she might have other issues. Anybody else remember that girl who’s not pregnant who went on Dr. Phil claiming that she is pregnant with God’s child? Claiming random rappers as your baby daddy isn’t much more grounded than that.

But … if Offset is just another falsely accused man, then why has he allegedly balked at taking a DNA test?

At least, that’s what Celina has claimed that he’s done, after responding to a tweet inquiring about a paternity test.

“No her father didn’t accept the dna papers.”

But that doesn’t mean that she’s given up.

“But lawyers will do their job and he will take it…one day”

So … you’d think that Offset would be the one insisting on a paternity test.

Even if he didn’t want to bring one up — maybe putting on a show of absolute confidence that it’s not his for Cardi B — you’d think that he’d go along with a request, right?

Unless he’s worried about what the results might be.

That said … we have to acknowledge that we don’t know, for sure, whether or not any “DNA papers,” as Celina calls them, were actually sent to him and then rejected.

It’s a weird situation, folks.

We know that Cardi B and Offset are making a show of not believing Celina Powell’s claims about her daughter, Karma, being Offset’s.

But what if she is?

If so — and that’s admittedly a big if — what does that mean for Offset and Cardi B?

Would that make Celina just another baby mama receiving support, or might it spell doom for Cardi B and Offset’s million dollar wedding?

We’ll all have to wait before we know more. Offset included.


90 Day Fiance: Azan Ghosted Nicole; Have They Split?!

So, remember how it looked like Nicole had cheated on Azan again, slipping off her engagement ring to hang with a guy friend … and also lying about it?

At the time, Azan seemed to forgive her. But … suddenly, things looked bleak for the two.

Azan didn’t appear on the reunion special or even answer the phone when Nicole called him on the air. Are they over, officially?

Of all of the new 90 Day Fiance couples introduced this past season, Nicole and Azan were the least new.

In that they were not new at all, and had also been stars on Season 4.

This season, they had some of the same problems — worries about Nicole’s possible infidelities, concerns that Azan’s interview for his K-1 Visa won’t go well, and wondering if Azan could be the father that Nicole’s young daughter deserves.

(This time, in fact, Nicole brought her daughter to Morocco to see how the two bonded)

Throughout all of this, Nicole has also worked to convince her father that Azan is a worthy partner for her.

There’s been a lot on this couple’s plate, even before the revelation about Nicole’s dishonesty.

As we said, Azan said that he forgave her at the time for taking off her ring to spend time with a guy friend.

We don’t know why she had to remove her ring to hang out with him (even if she were looking to cheat … she’s literally on a TV show with the guy she wants to marry; it’s not a secret).

We don’t know why, if nothing happened, she felt the need to lie about it.

Regardless, though, Azan let it slide. He also got past her previous infidelity (to be fair, it was before she went to Morocco to meet him in the first place).

Or … did those instances weigh on him more than he initially let on?

During the 90 Day Fiance Tell All special, Nicole was accompanied by her mother but not by Azan.

You figure, okay … he hasn’t had his K-1 visa interview yet, so he’s still in Morocco and can’t come to the taping.

But you don’t need a visa to pick up a phone, now do you?

Azan basically ghosted Nicole through the Tell All, though TLC did tweet afterwards:

“Azan ended up calling Nicole back after filming concluded! #90DayFiance

Even so, it seemed to many fans that Azan was just trying to avoid getting interviewed on the special.

(Because, seriously, how do you just “forget” that the special’s happening? You’d stay up to any hour to do your part … unless you don’t want to share some bad news)

However, it looks like Azan and Nicole are still together.

We don’t know for sure, but the two have been gushing about each other on social media as recently as November.

Though a lot can change in the space of one month, our guess is that we’ll be seeing Nicole and Azan together in the US in season 6.

Assuming, of course, that Azan was able to secure his K-1 visa.

It might be odd for one couple to get three consecutive seasons of 90 Day Fiance, but hey, a lot was uncertain. Plus, they want to get paid (Nicole works at Starbucks and, even as little as 90 Day Fiance stars get paid, every little bit helps) and they have an interesting story.

That’s why 90 Day Fiance; Before the 90 Days and 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? now exist.

If all goes well, they’ll get married at the end of their 90 days (and the end of season 6), then move on to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

But … let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Azan has to come to the US and they’ll need to tie the knot before any of that happens.