Farrah Abraham Gets Butt Injections, Has Daughter Film It, Is Still the Worst

Warning: this is weird. This is really, really weird.

But we’re talking about Farrah Abraham, so hey, you probably figure that out already.

And if you happened to read the headline before mindlessly clicking on the photo of Farrah because you knew that whatever the story was about, it would be entertaining and ridiculous?

Well, then you know that we’re in for a wild and crazy time.

Before we get into it though, it feels important to note that Farrah has never really understood that Sophia is a child and not a tiny adult.

She was waxing Sophia’s eyebrows when she was three years old, and when she was four, she spent a lot of time away from her promoting her sex tape and getting heavy into the adult industry.

At the time, she explained that it was OK because Sophia “has her own life and is doing her own thing,” and “it’s healthy that we have a break” from each other.

Again, Sophia was four.

Farrah often has very adult conversations with her daughter present, and she pulled her out of school so she could “homeschool” her, which seems to have meant getting her into modeling and bringing her along to places she has no business being.

And that’s what we’re talking about now.

Farrah gets lots of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, just in case you missed the memo or if you haven’t seen her face in the past few years.

She gets vaginal rejuvenation, she’s had a few boob jobs, that sort of thing.

But this week, she decided to get some butt injections, you know, since summer is coming up and all.

Which would have been fine, but she went and brought poor Sophia along for her appointment.

And she brought her in there when she was actually getting the injections. And made her stand behind her. And film it.

As you can see in the video above, Sophia was right there to witness the whole thing, which is just not great.

The whole thing is basically an ad, so we won’t bother transcribing the video — it’s just information about the injections, pretty boring stuff.

She did use a “mom life” hashtag in her caption though, which is pretty precious.

But obviously the thing everyone is zeroing in on with this video isn’t the injections or the details about the procedure or anything like that — it’s long-suffering Sophia there in the back.

Farrah injections

And boy, do people have a lot of feelings about it.

“Your daughter should not think she has to do this stuff to her body,” one person told her. “Keep her mind like a child as long as you can which u don’t.”

Can’t argue that.

Someone told her that she’s “the most disgraceful role model to that little girl,” and another said that “teaching your daughter about ruining her body at such a young age is very improper.”

“She doesn’t see the damage she’s causing to her child, consumed by money and greed,” one of Farrah’s followers wrote. “Sad.”

Believe it or not — just kidding, you’ll definitely believe it — there were several, several comments about how someone should call child protective services over this video.

Don’t worry though, Farrah herself jumped in the comments to explain everything.

“This is non-invasive just like blood work or getting shots,” the former Teen Mom OG star said.

She added that the person doing the injections “did an amazing job and our children our curious so more power to Sophia learning about aesthetics and health.”

Does she … does she think that this is part of educating Sophia? Is this one of her homeschool activities?

Also, let’s take a moment to consider the fact that the woman who wrote “our children our curious” is in charge of this kid’s entire education.

As for Sophia herself, she commented on the video as well, writing “This was weird. I would do squats my momma.”

Is this not the most bizarre story you’ve ever heard?


Jenelle Evans is NOT Fired … But She Might Refuse to Film

Jenelle Evans has been in career limbo ever since her husband, David Eason, was fired from Teen Mom 2.

Not only has the Carolina Hurricane not been filming, but she hasn’t even been scheduled to film. Which has led fans to wonder if she’s fired.

A new report says that she’s not fired, and that MTV is going to try putting her on camera again. If she’ll even agree to do it.

RadarOnline reports that Jenelle is scheduled to film … but that she might not be in a cooperative with producers.

“Jenelle really didn’t want to film again, because she wanted David to be on camera with her.”

In fact, Jenelle wanted two things — for David Eason to be un-fired, and for MTV to pay her more money.

“So she hired a lawyer but the network refused to give in to her demands”

But she must have gotten something … or decided that she had too much to lose … because she has reportedly relented.

“She finally came to an agreement with MTV.”

And she’s now scheduled to film.

There’s just one problem, RadarOnline‘s source reports.

“But no one is certain that she will actually film.”

You might be thinking that, gee, Jenelle Evans would have to be a fool to turn down that sweet Teen Mom money.

But you have to remember that the Carolina Hurricane’s personal history is littered with terrible decisions with life-altering ramifications.

Her drug use, her criminal history, and it seems like every romantic relationship that she’s ever had — up to and including David Eason — has been disastrous.

So many Teen Mom 2 fans have a number of questions and concerns about Jenelle’s judgment. She might just balk at filming because she’s too proud to film without her husband.

“Jenelle is being so stubborn, and no one is sure she will show up.”

Imagine the awkwardness of being a television crew, standing around in one of the most sparsely populated areas of Eastern North Carolina, hoping that a capricious reality star decides to cooperate.

“There is so much money on the line, but Jenelle makes really dumb decisions since getting together with David.”

Hey, that’s unfair. Jenelle worked very hard on building a history of dumb decisions. David doesn’t deserve credit for all of them.

“MTV is worried she won’t let them film after all.”

It might come down to how she’s feeling that day.

There’s also a chance that Jenelle Evans might try to do her own show.

Recently, she’s been plugging her Off The Grid Adventures on social media.

This is just a YouTube channel.

Some people make a living — some even make millions — on YouTube, but whatever level of money Jenelle hopes to rake in through streaming her own content, it’s not likely to match up to what MTV can pay her.

In general, it’s said that people need at least a million subscribers before they start making real money on YouTube.

At present, Jenelle has under 50,000 subscribers. That’s not even 5% of what she’d need to start making headway.

David Eason was fired for, totally of his own volition, going on a homophobic and transphobic rant in which he bashed gay parents and trans parents, calling them immoral.

Perhaps the strangest thing was that it was totally unprompted. No one had asked about LGBT+ folks at all.

In fact, what had been brought up is the allegations that he’s aggressively violent with his family. Remember, this is a man who’s served time behind bars for domestic violence. He’s since been accused of being abusive towards Jenelle’s children.

Some fans may be happy that David is no longer on their screens or being paid by MTV, but others continue to be concerned about the children. And even about Jenelle herself.

It may be that the presence of cameras and producers is what’s best for everyone.

But there’s no guarantee that Jenelle will see it that way.


Kian Lawley: Fired from Upcoming Film for Being Very Racist

Move over, Logan Paul.

Another talent-free YouTube star would log to steal some of your negative headlines for a few hours.

Kian Lawley, a social media sensation with over 3.3 million YouTube subscribers and over six million Twitter followers for some reason, has been fired from the upcoming film adaption of “The Hate U Give.”

Per Variety, this is what a Twentieth Century Fox Films spokesperson said about the decision, which comes two weeks after a video surfaced online of Lawley saying lots of racist stuff:

Due to the controversy surrounding his past comments and behavior, Kian Lawley will no longer appear in The Hate U Give.

The studio plans to recast the role of Chris and reshoot scenes as needed.

The controversy cited above centers on a 12-second bleeped video on YouTube that made the Internet rounds in January.

It features Lawley very clearly using a racist slur and making other racially-offensive remarks.

“We’re all black drinking purple Kool-Aid and eating Kentucky fried motherf-cking chicken,” he says in the clip.

Check it out here:

Lawley had been scheduled to appear in the aforementioned movie as the boyfriend of Amandla Stenberg’s character.

The film is a widely anticipated release because it’s based on a critically-acclaimed young adult novel by Angela Thomas.

It tells the story of a 16-year-old girl who feels torn between the worlds of her poor and largely black neighborhood… and the suburban prep school she attends.

She later witnesses the murder of her childhood pal at the hands of a police officer.

Such big-time names as Issa Rae, Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby, Algee Smith, Lamar Johnson and Common are also attached to the project.

Shortly after the scandalous footage went viral, Lawley apologized for the video, Tweeting:

“if u don’t learn from ur mistakes, u can never grow as a person.

“i’ve learned a lot & i am grateful to have the power to change. i never want to be who i was yesterday. we’re in a constant battle to become a better version of ourselves, use ur voice as ur weapon.”

He also now says he agrees with the studio’s decision to drop him from the film.

kian tweet

Said the young star in a statement:

“Words have power and can do damage. I own mine and I am sorry. I respect Fox’s decision to recast this role for The Hate U Give, as it is an important story, and it would not be appropriate for me to be involved considering the actions of my past.

“I understand the impact and I have grown and learned since then. From now on I plan to use my voice for positive change.”

However, just because Lawley has acknowledged his mistake and accepted his punishment, this doesn’t mean his fans have done the same.

Many have bombarded Thomas with hate in light of this recast.

“Y’all are screenshotting me and coming at my friends without knowing the details of the situation. There is so much more that you don’t know, and I’m honestly sad for you.

“But I’m unprofessional?” the author Tweeted this week.

thomas tweets

As you can see above, it looks like Thomas has faced an onslaught of misguided abuse.

She’s clearly pained about what transpired with Lawley, but she also is clearly NOT the person to blame here.

Give her a break, Kian Lawley fans, and realize that your very own hero has taken some responsibility for his awful actions here.


Solo: A Star Wars Story – Teaser for Han Solo Origin Film is Here!

Everything about Solo: A Star Wars Story — from the lead's casting to whatever backstory they've given a beloved character to the fact that this story introduces yet another white brunette leading lady — is bound to be controversial.

Get excited, or angry, or nervous along with fans and watch the highly anticipated story teaser trailer below!

And check out Donald Glover's comments about playing the iconic Lando Calrissian.

Young han solo

The IMDB synopsis of Solo: A Star Wars Story is very succinct:

"During an adventure into a dark criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion."

There's a lot to get people excited in this film.

True, many people feel that there's no way that anyone can live up to Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

Also true, there were apparently some difficulties in the film's production, to the point that they switched directors.

And, admittedly, as wonderful as Emilia Clarke is, we're starting to get the impression that every woman in Star Wars is in fact a white brunette. (Rey, Jyn Erso, Leia, Padme)

Solo a star wars story

But let's look at the positives.

It looks like there's going to be some sort of heist, and I am all about some heist movies. Especially in a science fiction setting. (Yes, I know that Star Wars is technically science fantasy … my excitement stands)

The cast includes Donald Glover (Community, Atlanta), Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Woody Harrelson (I'm straight up not going to list stuff because he's been in so many great things), and Thandie Newton (Westword, The Chronicles of Riddick).

And, from the teasers that we've seen so far, it looks like there's going to be some sort of Dark Sided individual whose nature we don't know. It doesn't look like an Inquisitor (because he lacks a lightsaber), so … we'll all find out together.

At the start, Han Solo is trying to enlist in the Empire in an effort to become a pilot. As we all know, life will end up taking him in a very different direction.

Solo don glover

We cannot strongly enough emphasize that everyone's reaction to the TV spot during the Superbowl was a positive response to seeing Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian. Wearing black fur.

Seriously, the delight was almost universal.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Donald Glover reveals what little he can about his experience becoming part of Star Wars.

"I remember going on set one of the first times and [Howard] was like, ‘Yeah, I want to follow you onto the Millennium Falcon and do this.’ I was like, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen the outside go into the inside.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, no one’s ever done that shot.'"

I'd never really thought about it, but you normally only see the Millennium Falcon from the outside or from the interior. It looks like viewers will be getting a tour of what it looks like when you enter the ship.

"As a fan, I was like, ‘I’m really excited!’ For me, it was a dream."

Obviously, we're sure that he'd have liked to share more, but he cannot.

Solo woody harrelson

Speaking to ABC, Ron Howard spoke of directing the film but refused to leak any spoilers.

"Those are challenging projects. And they take, you know, a lot of very talented people’s energy to try to live up to the legacy of Star Wars and everything that it means."

No one person can control the fate of Star Wars. There's an entire team that makes sure that everything is consistent with established canon and lore and with future plans for the franchise before production begins.

"Of course, no spoilers coming from me but I had a great experience and I think fans are going to really enjoy it."

That's quite a contrast. Famously, when a reporter asked George Lucas what titular "phantom menace" was before the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Lucas simply replied "Palpatine."

Unlike George Lucas, however, Ron Howard actually has to answer to Disney.

Solo emilia clarke

A lot of fans are somewhat hesitant to become excited about Solo.

There's a lot that can go wrong when you're telling a character's backstory. Many fans already felt slighted by Han Solo's portrayal in The Force Awakens.

And, speaking of the Sequel Trilogy, The Last Jedi was a controversial film among Star Wars fans. Many felt that there were poor decisions made with respect to characterization, pacing, continuity, and the canon of the series.

(Gotta admit that I'm one of those fans; the review that I wrote up was like 11 pages because I had a lot to say)

Those fans who felt massively disappointed by the most recent film are leery of getting themselves hyped for a new movie that no one really asked for.

That said … I know that I'm going to see it. Watch the trailer and decide if you're going to see it, too.

Solo a star wars story story teaser for han solo origin film is

Patty Hearst Blasts TV, Film Projects for Romanticizing Her ‘Rape and Torture’

Patty Hearst won’t be involved in any film or TV series depicting her hostage ordeal … and, in fact, she’s blasting the people behind the upcoming productions for glorifying her rape. Patty tells us … “Over the years I have been approached many…


Tide Pod Challenge: Teens Film Themselves Eating Detergent Pods! Why?!

What happens when you mix the internet, the neo-dadaist humor shared by Millennials and Generation Z, social media, YouTube's "challenge" culture, and millions of years of evolutionary instinct?

Well, you get teenagers recording videos of themselves eating Tide detergent pods.

As you'll see in the video below, this unbelievable (and very inadvisable!) stunt is the latest "challenge" video that's taking the internet by storm. Oh, dear.

So, you know when you were a kid — and, honestly, now — and some things looked like food and, on some primal level, you felt the impulse to try to eat it?

Recently, people on social media have been talking about detergent pods and other "forbidden snacks."

From little colorful bouncy balls to salt lamps to translucent dice to detergent pods, there are certain small items that we have to resist the impulse to devour.

Why? Because our instincts — we're talking, like, lizard brain instincts — see a small, colorful object that might be partially see-through, and it registers as fruit.

Not just fruit, but some sort of nutrient-rich morsel full of flavor, vitamins, and simple carbohydrates that our bodies need to survive.

So people have joked about "forbidden snacks." Memes were born.

Unfortunately, while the vast majority of people talking about these detergent pods were just remarking on the absurdity of their impulse to eat them, well …

Some people have been taking things a step further by recording themselves putting a detergent pod in their mouths.

They took a perfectly good, almost wholesome, meme, and turned it into one of those stupid "challenges" that could easily poison someone.

As the Taylor Swift song says, "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things."

Now, some of these "challenge" videos are funny. Genuinely, truly funny.

Artistically created, they're even set to music.

Many of them use tricks, via editing or camera movements, in order to simply make it appear that someone has eaten one of these "tasty" pods.

They are made of extremely concentrated soap, folks. They do not taste good. When eaten, they are also super, super bad for you.

Some of these videos are, again, illusions.

In fact, some videos include artificial detergent pods, made of safely edible things like candy and jello, which reminds me of that game show where people bite onto everyday objects in a room in order to discover which are chocolate.

(You can view an edible Tide Pod recipe here)

But we're sad to say that at least some of these videos are for real.

Many companies make detergent pods, for the dishwasher or the washing machine.

Tide pods, for whatever reason, have been singled out by the meme and particularly by the people taking the "Tide pod challenge."

We can only imagine what a PR nightmare this must be for all of the people working at Tide, who must either be scratching their heads or screaming as they see their cleaning products ingested all across the internet.

In fact, Tide actually put out a statement:

"Our laundry pacs are a highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes, and they're used safely in millions of households every day. They should be only used to clean clothes and kept up, closed and away from children."

Their statement continues:

"We have seen no indication of an increase of cases seeking medical treatment amongst infants and teenagers associated with the recent uptick in social media conversation or in consumer calls."

So, that's good, at least.

We should note that the reason that detergent pods in general are so colorful is because that appeals to our instincts. (That's why products and packaging, in general, look colorful)

We don't think that it's Tide's fault, or any other company's, that some people make terrible choices because they want their videos to get views.

Tide pod challenge teens film themselves eating detergent pods w