Jerry Jones Won’t Fire Jason Garrett, Says He Can Lead Cowboys To A Super Bowl!

Sorry, Cowboys fans … looks like you’re stuck with Jason Garrett — ‘cause Jerry Jones just went to bat for the embattled head coach, saying he won’t fire him!!!! “Jason Garrett is absolutely the real deal,” the Cowboys owner said on 105.3 The…


Alaskan Bush People Finale Trailer Teases Fire, Ami’s Health, and a Wedding!

In real time, Matt Brown has checked into rehab. That is a brave and smart decision. On television, the Browns have other concerns.

Alaskan Bush People Season 8 has scarcely begun … but it is almost over. This season ends on Sunday.

But we have the season finale promo trailer for you, promising danger, medical news, and a wedding.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 04

The official Twitter account for Discovery's Alaskan Bush People tweeted this promo for the season finale.

"We're not ready to say goodbye," the tweet laments.

No one is — like we said, we're only a few episodes into the season.

"Join us for the season finale," the tweet invites fans and followers. "Sunday at 9p on Discovery and Discovery GO."

Time passes so quickly these days.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 03

Within the promo trailer itself, the family faces a new menace as they battle the elements in Washington.

"We've had floods," Gabe lists.

Gabe continues, saying: "We've had road issues."

"And now," he laments. "Fire."

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 01

"The fire seems very serious," viewers hear.

"I've never seen that much smoke," Bird confesses.

Those of us who have been around massive wildfires can attest — it's a unique experience. And it is not a fun one.

Bird explains: "The fires are just that close."

Watching the trailer, fans can see that for themselves.

We just hope that Ami Brown was in California. That much smoke is not good for a lung cancer patient.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 05

Speaking of Ami, the finale shows her return from her checkup.

"How'd it go?" the family asks.

"We finally got the results in," Billy begins.

His voice sounds a little uneasy. Whether it's genuine emotion or played up for the cameras (or both) is difficult to say.

"Everything is, uh …" Billy continues.

Naturally, this is a teaser trailer., so his words cut off there.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 06

Fans do not get to hear those results until they watch the episode.

That said, Ami's cancer was reportedly in remission as of last July.

We expect that they'll deliver good news after the show plays up the tension.

Ami's health is not the only (hopefully) good news to which viewers will be treated.

"And a new Brown joins the family," one of the trailer's internal cards teases.

Alaskan bush people season 8 finale preview 02

We know, of course, that Noah Brown married Rhain Alisha back in August.

At the time, we had hoped that viewers would get to see this special occasion. Clearly, they will.

Additionally, that card's phrasing — referring to Rhain as another Brown — is further confirmation that Rhain will take Noah's last name.

Hopefully, that will lay those nastily persistent fan rumors to rest.

Not every family, even on reality television, has to be consumed by feuding just because that is more entertaining to viewers.

We look forward to the finale — and to even more of the Brown family.

Alaskan bush people finale trailer teases fire amis health and a

Jim Carrey Under Fire for Painting “White” Aretha Franklin

Actor Jim Carrey has been pouring his heart and soul into paintings and sharing them on social media.

Those paintings — like his unflattering portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders — have sometimes proven to be controversial.

He did a portrait of the late, great Aretha Franklin, but it is not going over well. Did he paint her as a white woman?

The legendary Aretha Franklin passed away at 76 years of age after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Jim Carrey, known for posting his paintings on Twitter as a form of commentary on current events, shared a portrait of her.

“Look how beautiful a life can be,’ Carrey wrote as he shared the image.

Carrey continued: “Thank you, Aretha!”

The painting that he included of the Queen of Soul, however, caused quite a stir.

Jim Carrey Paints Aretha Franklin

Do you see what was controversial about this painting?

In life, Aretha Franklin was a dark-skinned black woman. She is one of the most famous black women on the planet.

In Carrey’s painting, Aretha’s skin looks very, very white in tone.

So much so that, without context, some would never have recognized the subject of his work.

And folks on Twitter took to the replies to notice.

Jim Carrey Aretha Franklin Painting Whitewashing Discourse

This is not a unique phenomenon, unfortunately.

Whitewashing is found in fanart from all sorts of fandoms. People have drawn famous black women, from real ones like Beyonce to fictional ones like Storm or Tiana, with skin so fair that they don’t even look like tan white people.

Sometimes, there is a genuine prejudice behind it. Racism is real, and sometimes that malice makes its way into art.

In other cases, however, it comes from a lack of familiarity with how to draw or paint someone with dark brown skin.

Some art classes simply don’t train people in it. And because so many white faces dominate pop culture, a lot of white artists do not get much practice.

Aretha Franklin Jim Carrey Painting - Fixed

(As you can see, one person even tweaked the image to pay more accurate tribute to Aretha’s skin tone)

We do not think that Jim Carrey was in any way malicious or racist in his intentions.

Rather, his very light painting was the result of white supremacy’s impact on our culture and the arts as a whole.

This can be a useful learning experience for Carrey and for aspiring artists.

And if you’re ever unsure of how you’re portraying someone, you can always look up online resources — or just ask someone.

The spirit of what Carrey did was, of course, great.

Aretha Franklin touched countless hearts and minds with her incredible voice.

It is only fitting that he and other artists want to honor her and her passing.

But sometimes, people screw up — even if it’s something seemingly small. And that can come across as an unintended insult to marginalized communities.

We all need to be conscious of what we do and how we do it in order to be good people.

Otherwise, our respectful tributes seem like an insult.