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Mariah Carey Assistant Fires Back with Lawsuit Alleged Butt Slapping, Racist Language


Mariah Carey‘s former assistant has just fired back at the singer’s blackmail allegation with her own lawsuit, claiming she was the victim of horrible abuse by one of Mariah’s key people, and the singer did nothing about it.

Lianna Azarian claims in a new lawsuit, Mariah’s former manager, Stella Bulochnikov committed various acts of abuse, including slapping her butt and breasts, urinating on her, tackling her to the ground and sitting on her. Azarian also claims Stella called her the n-word, and a “f***ing Armenian whore.”

According to the lawsuit, Azarian says Stella ridiculed her breasts, “including placing objects under her breasts such as iPhones, television remote controls and utensils.”

Azarian claims a lot of the alleged abuse occurred in Mariah’s presence and she did nothing.

Azarian also says Mariah committed acts of physical, emotional and psychological abuse against her.

TMZ broke the story … Mariah sued Azarian, claiming she secretly videotaped embarrassing and intimate activities and then blackmailed after Mariah fired her … saying if she didn’t get $ 8 million she’d release the videos.

Azarian is suing Mariah, Stella and others. 

We reached out to Stella and are waiting for a comment. And, we reached out to Mariah’s folks … so far, no word back.

Photog Bruce Weber Fires Back at Male Model … You Solicited Me!!!


A male model alleging photographer Bruce Weber solicited him for sex is a total hypocrite … according to new legal docs filed by the photog.

As we reported … models Jason Boyce and Mark Ricketson claimed in December 2017 Weber forced them to touch their genitals during a photo shoot.

According to new docs, Boyce now wants to tack on a sex trafficking claim — alleging Weber lured him in for a meeting for the purpose of committing an illegal sex act. Weber’s calling BS and claims it was the other way around.

The photographer claims Boyce and his agents initiated the contact with him by sending a series of text messages for years including “pornographic poses in a desperate attempt to get Mr. Weber’s attention.” This includes a nude shot in 2014 from Boyce’s agent … and several others.

Weber claims when he didn’t respond to the texts, the model would be persistent and send more salacious pics himself “in a blatant attempt to be sexual, posing and bending shirtless in a manner to emphasize his genitals.”

Weber suggests the series of texts prove he was the one being solicited … and he wants Boyce’s sex trafficking allegations dropped from his lawsuit.

Andy Cohen Times Square Alliance Fires Back Pours Water On His NYE Umbrella Rant

It’s still raining on Andy Cohen, because he’s getting some serious pushback from the Times Square Alliance after he ranted on air about being singled out by officials who forced him to take down his umbrella during his CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast. 

During his fit, Andy claimed someone in the Times Square Alliance threatened to pull CNN’s credentials for its next NYE show if he didn’t lose his umbrella.

The Alliance fired back on Wednesday, issuing a statement to Page Six saying umbrellas are not allowed in certain media areas because they can block sightlines for other media.

The Alliance also denied Cohen’s claim CNN’s credentials were threatened, saying, “some tempers flared, but it was never the case, nor will it be the case, that CNN would be denied credentials or the ability to cover New Year’s Eve.”

Here’s to hoping rain steers clear of Times Square next NYE … although it did make for some pretty interesting TV.

UFC’s Jon Jones Fires Back at Cormier ‘Yeah, My Wife Does Have a Flat Ass!’


Jon Jones says Daniel Cormier‘s attack on his wife’s “flat” booty doesn’t faze him at all — telling TMZ Sports … Cormier is right! 

The UFC rivals have been going back and forth on social media — but things got crazy personal on Dec. 23 when they brought their wives into the feud. 

Jones started it … saying to Cormier, “I could slap your wife on the ass and you could literally do nothing about it. You’re my bitch D.C. that will never change.”

Cormier responded … “You couldn’t do sh*t you steroid abusing junkie! I swear I would never touch your wife’s flat ass lol.”

So, when we saw Jones after the UFC 232 press conference on Thursday, we asked if Cormier crossed the line by going after his wife’s cakes. 

“He said my wife got a flat ass? She DOES have a flat ass … but I love it!

He continued, “Oh, I love it. It’s nice. It’s good. I love my wife’s flat ass!” 

The takeaway here … Jon and Daniel finally agreed on something!!! 

Michael Rapaport Barstool Sports Fires Back He Cracked Herpes Jokes About Himself!!!


Michael Rapaport has no business suing anyone for saying he has herpes … because he himself has said it … according to the countersuit Barstool Sports just filed against the actor.

Barstool is firing back at Rapaport’s September lawsuit against them, saying it’s impossible to defame the guy because his reputation’s already “so badly tarnished that it cannot be harmed any further.” In the docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Barstool points out Michael commented on a 2015 photo of himself, saying, it “looks like” I have “a herpe.”

Of course, the Barstool guys included the photo as an exhibit in their lawsuit.

Barstool Prez Dave Portnoy told us back in September, Rapaport “claims to be the king of trash talk and then cries when people respond in kind.” Now, he’s included tons of examples of that in the docs. For example, Barstool calls out Michael for calling a sports show host a “twinkie-eating f**k boy” and a producer for the show a “Long Island Jew.”

In the suit, they also include social media posts where Rapaport caught flak for racist comments about ‘Real Housewives’ star Kenya Moore … and sexist comments about Fox News host Laura Ingraham. According to the docs, he also called a female sports reporter a “rail thin, no ass … looking to get piped at an R. Kelly concert … backstage and at the hotel.”

You get their point … Rapaport’s no choir boy, and has said enough vile things to make him defamation-proof.

And Barstool insists it did NOT breach his contract by firing him — quite the opposite. In docs, they say his contract included a clause that allowed for his firing if he put Barstool in “public disrepute” with his public comments … including several about Barstool staffers.

Barstool is suing Rapaport to get back the $ 400k it paid him. 

We’ve reached out to Michael … no word back yet.