Naked Man Arrested at Planet Fitness Cites “Judgment-Free Zone” Policy

A man walked into a Planet Fitness, stripped down, and began doing naked yoga in front of the other patrons who absolutely did not need to see any of that.

The naked man protested when police approached him, saying that he thought that Planet Fitness was a “judgment-free zone.”

Oh boy.

Planet Fitness 01

Eric Stagno is a 34-year-old man in Haverhill, Massachusetts. That’s right — Massachusetts, not Florida. 

Police Captain Brett Morgan, whose name makes him sound like either an action hero or a porn star, told the Boston Globe all about the naked Planet Fitness guy.

“When officers arrived,” Morgan says. “They found him there, completely nude.”

Stagno was arrested at a Planet Fitness in Plaistow, New Hampshire after he arrived, disrobed, and began doing naked yoga poses, to the horror of other occupants.

Morgan says that Stagno was “on his knees in a yoga-type position,” when officers arrived.

Planet Fitness - Stagno Mugshot

Morgan continues, shedding light on the sequence of events that led to Stagno’s arrest.

“He walked into the gym,” Morgan says. “Stripped down at the door.”

There are places where you are allowed or even encouraged to strip down at the door. Planet Fitness is not one of them.

Stagno, Morgan says, “then proceeded to walk back and forth a couple of times.”

Please do not strut your stuff in front of a bunch of people who are just trying to live their lives.

The man apparently did this pacing “before settling in on the yoga mats.”

Planet Fitness - Stagno 2

Eyewitnesses apparently felt “disgusted, sick, and unsafe” at Stagno’s unwelcome display.

““I look up and I did a double-take,” one witness reports.

“This guy just walked right by me,” that witness continues. “Completely naked.”

Yikes. Yikes. And more yikes.

Nudity is, of course, a natural state of being. If you are in a place where nudity is permitted, please feel free to be naked — so long as you do so with respect for those around you.

Stagno, it seems, was not concerned with how others felt.

Planet Fitness - Stagno 1

When police approached Stagno, he apparently cited that Planet Fitness is supposed to be a “judgment-free zone.”

“At Planet Fitness, you belong,” the company writes on its website.

“Our non-intimidating, welcoming and supportive environment fosters a sense of community among our members,” the statement reads.

Perhaps Planet Fitness assumed that it was simply understood that nudity was not permitted.

“It’s not a clothing-free zone,” Morgan clarifies.

Planet Fitness 02

Stagno was arrested without incident, thankfully.

He was charged with indecent exposure/lewdness and disorderly conduct and released on $ 1,000 bail.

He is due back in court on September 21.

It is unclear if he was under the influence of any drugs — or perhaps lacking the needed influence of any potential prescriptions — when this incident took place.

If Stagno is in need of help, we hope that he gets it. Either way, we hope that he does not continue exposing himself to others without their consent.

Also … are we sure that he’s not from Florida? Because this whole story sounds like the twisted chronicles of Florida Man.


Sarah Stage: Fitness Model Shows Off TINY Baby Bump!


Remember Sarah Stage, the fitness model who astounded the world a couple of years ago with her very, very tiny baby bump?

Even in the days right before she gave birth to her son, her bump was extremely small, and somewhat hidden by her abdominal muscles.

People were outraged by her photos, because as they said, there was no way she could have a healthy baby while looking the way she did.

But they were wrong: Sarah did give birth to a healthy baby, a boy named James who weighed in at 8 pounds and 7 ounces.

It was a crazy time, and she really did get so much hate for her selfies.

And now it’s happening all over again … because she’s pregnant with her second child!

Here’s what she looks like today:

Just to be clear, that is a photo of a woman who is six months pregnant with her second child.

Six. Months. Pregnant.

You can just barely see a bump, and really it’s not so much a bump as it is a little bulge behind her abs.

And, just like last time, people on the internet simply cannot believe it.

“Are you seriously 6 months pregnant?” one person asked. “Is the baby okay??”

“I’m not hating, I’m just confused,” another wrote. “I’m just hoping that the baby and you are healthy.”

“Wtf how?” someone commented. “How is this female pregnant? The baby is going to come out dented!!!!”

(She’s six months pregnant in the photo above, too, by the way.)

And in addition to the confusion, there was a whole lot of criticism.

“She’s not pregnant,” a stranger on the internet assured the rest of the comment section. “And if she is her baby is either gonna be born premature or very under weight.”

Someone else exclaimed “I feel sorry for your baby! You’re way too selfish and do not deserve to have one!”

One person actually wrote “You are a f-cking sick bitch and you damage your babys healthy if you ever are really pregnant. Get some psykhiatric help for yourself!”

Also, in a disgusting but sadly unsurprising show of how awful social media can be, several people actually told Sarah that her baby is dead because she’s too thin to support a healthy pregnancy.

(Six months here, too, and with her healthy toddler!)

Go ahead and take a moment to sit with your disappointment and shame for humanity. It’s OK.

It’s just sad because obviously Sarah here simply doesn’t carry her babies like many other women do.

She’s very, very fit, and it’s clear her ab muscles are strong, which plays a role in how her baby bump looks.

There’s also a chance her uterus is positioned in a way that keeps her from showing as much as other people think she should.

And just in case you’re still a little concerned about that baby in there, she shared a photo from an ultrasound she had done just yesterday.

“Doctors appointment went great today,” she captioned the photo. “Baby is weighing a little over 2lbs with a strong heartbeat and huge hands lol.”

If she’s 26 weeks pregnant and her baby weighs a little over two pounds, then that’s right on track.

Plus, you know, we have a feeling Sarah and her doctors know more about her pregnancy and health than people who spend their free time bashing a pregnant stranger online.

We’re sure that come this fall, she’ll give birth to another big, healthy baby.

Congrats, girl!