The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: The Trial of The Flash

Did Barry Allen manage to find a way to save himself from a lengthy stint in prison?

That was the big question on The Flash Season 4 Episode 10, and things did not look good for him when the episode kicked off. Cecile took a leave of absence from the DA’s office. 

Anton Slater was on hand to take Barry down in the courtroom. Let’s just say things were not looking good after a knife was entered into evidence. The same knife someone bought Barry and Iris for their wedding. 

This gave Anton the ultimate leverage because he essentially said nothing was sacred to Barry, and it helped turn the jurors against the speedster. Barry had a severe lack of defense. 

It was painful to watch because we know that DeVoe and his sidekick cooked up the plan because DeVoe needed the new body to become The Thinker. 

Given that everyone in the courtroom was turning against Barry, the team needed to act fast. Ralph managed to get pictures of Marlize kissing The Thinker, and they were presented to the court. 

But Marlize knew how to weather the storm and said that her husband sent her to the man because he could fulfill needs that DeVoe could not. It was all very believable, and it proved something bigger was needed to get Barry out of the clutches of the law. 

Cecil admitted that the only for Barry to be set free was for him to confirm the truth, but Barry was against the idea of it. He felt like nobody would take him seriously if they knew who he was. 

That’s when Iris decided to take it upon herself to tell the world the truth, but Barry stopped her at the last second and used a new speed trick to have a full blown conversation with her in the courtroom. 

He did not want to put his loved ones in any danger and felt like everyone would be on the run and look over their shoulders. It would make more sense for Barry to let the iron fist of justice have its way. 

In the end, Barry was found guilty of murder and was shocked to find out that he would be spending the rest of his life in Iron Heights without parole. This was met with floods of tears from Iris. 

Barry argued with DeVoe before sentencing, and DeVoe said that there was no way Barry and his group could have won, but Barry said that he would find a way to save himself and his friends. 

In a poignant turn, Barry was sent to the same cell his father was in all those years ago. 

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: DeVoe Makes His Move!

As if Barry and Iris were going to return from their honeymoon and live happily ever after. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 9 got underway, the new husband and wife returned to Central City, and The Thinker wasted no time in stirring the pot. 

The villain whisked The Flash away, and quickly said he had a lesson for Mr. Allen and one that he would not forget: Not everyone gets happy endings. 

DeVoe then locked the superhero in a speedster prison, meaning he was trapped … until, at least, someone managed to find a way to save him. 

Meanwhile, Amunet made her triumphant return and confronted Caitlin at the bar. She kidnapped Caitlin and kitted her out with a cuff that rendered her Killer Frost powers useless. 

Amunet took Caitlin to an abandoned hospital and told her to perform surgery on Dominic because one of her shards were stuck in his skull. 

With two of their team missing, everyone at S.T.A.R. Labs worried what was going to happen. Iris struggled to take on a leadership role because her man and friend were in tough situations. 

Harry stepped in and noted that Iris ran the risk of losing both of them if she did not get it together. Iris thought Barry would be fine, so she sent Cisco and Ralph in pursuit of Caitlin.

Caitlin tried to make a swift getaway with Dominic, but Amunet caught them and forced Caitlin to carry out the surgery. One thing led to another and the man went into shock. 

As Caitlin quickly tried to save him, it became apparent that she had leaked gas into the building, and Amunet quickly dozed off. 

Cisco and Ralph were waiting in the street and took them through a breach. 

Then there was Barry who made it look like he was no longer in the prison by moving as quickly as possible. The villain then made his way inside the prison and Barry attacked him. 

Things took a turn when Barry’s suit helped shield him from a fall into the river. 

Sometime later, Dominic joined the team at Harry’s holiday-themed party, and Barry was called away to a security issue at the loft. 

Dominic called him and revealed that he was a vessel for The Thinker. Barry was in the loft and the villain’s original corpse was there. 

The police appeared and Barry was arrested for murder. 

Yes, that really happened!

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The Flash Recap: Who Got Married? Who Died?

DC TV’s Crisis on Earth-X concluded Tuesday night, and it did so in crazy fashion. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 8 got underway, the teams were still very much split up. Half of them were in Earth-X, and the rest were holed up in the walls of S.T.A.R. Labs. 

The heroes on Earth-X geared up to be executed, but Leonard Snart-X aka Leo appeared and saved them right in the nick of time, and it became apparent why. His boyfriend, The Ray was holed up with them. 

Leo and The Ray decided to help the heroes get back to their world before Supergirl was murdered and her heart removed for the Nazi version of the superhero. 

However, General Schott, the Earth-X version of Supergirl’s Winn was against the idea and wanted the only pathway home for the heroes blown up before weapons that could affect other worlds. 

Leo and The Ray managed to talk him around after Maggie tried and failed to play the “I know you from my Earth” card. So, the team set off for the device to get home, but they had to go up against a multitude of villains. 

Oliver took on the role of his Earth-X counterpart and got access to the compound, and while his plan was working, he was forced to shoot the Earth-X version of Felicity. 

This made everyone realize what was going on, and the jig was up. Oliver managed to take down the men inside, but when the other heroes appeared, it became clear they were not making it out without a fight. 

Winn-X called to say he was sending a weapon to destroy the device because there was no more time and the worlds were at stake. The Ray and The Flash went to do battle with the weapon, and they struggled to overpower it. 

In the midst of the battle back at the building, Stein saw an opportunity to emerge from the shadows and open the portal to allow them to get through. He was shot several times and bled out on the floor. 

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 9 picked up in the immediate aftermath and Stein was bleeding out while the battle continued. When they made it through, Jax canceled the connection to Stein and he was in a bad way. 

Gideon could not save him, and it quickly became clear his time on the Earth was over. Stein let himself die, and Jax revealed the truth to his wife and daughter. They all embraced in a beautiful scene. 

Ray Palmer helped Supergirl escape just in the nick of time, and Supergirl took the Earth-X version of the city, and the villain exploded. Oliver then put an arrow through Oliver-X’s heart. 

In the end, everyone attended the funeral for Stein and then made their way back to their respective planets. But Leo opted to stay behind and sent The Ray home. 

Barry then went to get Diggle to ordain his vows to Iris so they could get married, and Felicity decided she wanted to marry Oliver. They had a double wedding that was attended by five, including those who were getting married. 

So the two power couples are officially hitched, but the trouble will not be dying down for them anytime soon. 

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: The Truth About DeVoe

DeVoe was playing the long con with Barry on The Flash Season 4 Episode 7

The big bad tried to make Barry and his team think he was a professor caught in the crossfire of all the drama that was going on in Central City with the metahumans. 

Barry turned to his friends and family because he could not shake the feeling that DeVoe was putting on a front, and was actually the villain of their nightmares. 

Barry managed to steal a mug from the villain to check if the DNA was that of a metahuman. To his surprise, the test came back negative, and so his mission continued. 

Iris was not impressed because she felt like Barry was going to extreme measures to prove something that was not there, to begin with. 

“For the sake of your job and my sanity, please, let it go,” the future Miss. Barry Allen asked her fiancé.

Barry then breaks into DeVoe’s home, and he is landed with a restraining order and a suspension from his work. Looks like DeVoe’s plan to make Barry look bad is paying off. 

Iris was shocked that Barry continued his mission, but Barry claimed that he has more to lose now than ever and that’s why he was worried about the way everything was playing out. 

While Iris successfully put Barry’s fears at bay, but things went into high gear when Barry got confirmation he was the villain he thought he was all along. 

“For such a fast man, you’re rather slow,” Devoe barked at Barry when the scarlet speedster realized he had been played all along and now looked crazy in the eyes of his co-workers. 

How else would he be able to move on from this crazy occurrence?

We got some insight into how DeVoe became the fastest mind. He asked his wife to help him bring his design to life for a cap that allows his brain increase to an infinite capacity. 

It was then revealed that Harrison Wells turning on the particle accelerator helped bring the project to life. DeVoe was refreshed and ready for world domination. 

While DeVoe’s mind was in a speedy place, his body started to deteriorate. His wife removed his scalp and put him into the chair to help keep something in the way of the energy. 

That’s a wrap! Next week, it’s crossover time! 

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: When Harry Met Harry

Barry may have brought Ralph onto the team, but he wanted to make sure the new addition knew how to keep the citizens of Central City safe. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 6 got underway, Barry realized after a young girl found herself in the hospital that it was time to school Ralph. 

He wanted to reiterate that, more than anything, it was better to keep every citizen safe as opposed to going all guns blazing after the villains. 

Ralph took the words of wisdom to heart, and instead of taking the meta down, he decided it was a good idea to save the security guard in the first instance. 

Thankfully, Barry was on tap to deal with the meta. Barry later visited the little girl in the hospital to make sure she was okay and to make her laugh. 

See! This dude has a heart and making him part of the team was a good move, you guys!

Meanwhile, Harry turned to three different iterations of himself – one of them from Earth-12, one from Earth-47 and another from Earth-22. 

He wanted to find a way to unmask the elusive DeVoe. Harry was not impressed with the help from the men and seemingly disbanded the group. 

Not one to let Harry make a mistake, Cisco stepped in and told him that he should stop being so hard on himself and try a little less hard to get some results. 

With the team back together, they managed to identify Clifford DeVoe. If anything, it showed that Cisco’s wise words are always worth listening to. 

The man knows what he’s talking about. He’s been giving pep talks since he was born. No, seriously. 

Barry was ecstatic with the knowledge because he thought his team could finally get the upper hand against the villain. 

When the team set off to find them, they were presented by a husband and wife who did not know what was going on. 

In reality, they knew exactly what was going on and knew the meeting was going to occur, so they orchestrated the whole thing to imply they were do-gooders. 

This was an excellent cliffhanger, but what will the team do now to ensure a victory against the villains? Will they strike, or will they try and make them prove they are villains?

We have no idea, but we are so excited!

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: Girls Night Out

The girls had a night out for Iris’ bachelorette party on The Flash Season 4 Episode 5, and it did not go to plan. 

Felicity Smoak from Arrow stopped by to attend the event, but it was ruined by the arrival of someone from Caitlin’s past who let his eyeball fall out of his head to reveal a tentacle. 

This made Caitlin turn into her icy alter ego, Killer Frost, and she took the man down right in front of everyone. 

When everyone assembled at S.T.A.R. Labs, Frost dished to the other ladies that Caitlin was going to make her way out of town because she was in a lot of trouble. 

Surprisingly, Iris jumped to Frost’s defense when Cecile claimed that they should not believe a word Frost says because of the whole kidnapping thing. 

Iris said that Frost ultimately came through and helped them defeat the villain when it was all said and done, so they were good with her. 

When Frost went to visit her old boss, Amunet, Iris saved her before the boss managed to dole out a harsh punishment that involved metal. 

Frost told Iris that Caitlin wanted to find a way to keep her meta side at bay, and she accomplished the goal. However, she had to work for the leader of the black market. 

Frost returned to her former boss and found herself being attacked, so it was a silly move to return in the first place, but she wanted to find a way out. 

When Iris found Caitlin trying to cover up her wounds at the lab, Caitlin revealed that the only reason she returned to the team was so she could make up for some of the bad she did. 

Caitlin then kept herself out of the mission and allowed Iris, Felicity, and Cecile to continue with it. They wanted to stop Amunet from selling The Weeper and his tear supply. 

In the end, Killer Frost showed up to save them from Amunet and her band of misfits. Cecile switched on a magnet which helped take down Amunet. 

In the end, Amunet got away, but the episode served as a way to bring Iris and Caitlin closer together, and that’s what was so great about it. Iris also asked Caitlin to be her maid of honor, so it’s clear they are more than work friends now. 

Barry’s night out was all over the place. He got a little too drunk, but they did find out that Cecile’s daughter was working in a strip club, so that was fun. 

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Who Joined Team Flash?

Barry Allen has been trying to get the team back to its former glory, and he may have accomplished that goal on The Flash Season 4 Episode 4

When the episode got underway, Cisco and Gypsy were enjoying a date, but things took an exciting turn when a man appeared and started attacking Cisco.

It was then revealed that he is Gypsy’s father, Breacher. 

Harry was not impressed because he felt like they did not know much about this new person to decide for him, and he was right. He also gave Cisco a pep talk when he revealed he was terrified of Breacher. 

Breacher was not really impressed with Cisco and said he would hunt him like he did all of Gypsy’s boyfriends. Yes, the dude takes his parental role a little too seriously. 

In the end, the two men went to war, but Cisco stood up for himself, and that earned him a little respect with the father. 

Meanwhile, Barry and Joe continued their search to find the metahumans from the bus. They went after someone named Ralph Dibny, a cop who was kicked off the force for some less than savory actions. 

When they caught up with him, he claimed he was not on the bus, and that they were mistaken. The power he was gifted with was elasticity. 

Caitlin wanted to find a way to fix the man, but she realized it was not going to be an easy task because something as simple as sneezing made his face stretch out. 

For Caitlin, it was a personal mission because she claimed that the man could change. She was living proof of that and said that everyone is too quick to judge. 

Barry wanted to label all the metas as villains, but Caitlin was against this thought process from the scarlet speedster. The reason Barry hated the cop was that when he was junior CSI, the man was found to be planting fake evidence. 

Barry and Iris found a bomb in the man’s apartment and had to make a mad dash to safety. 

The duo questioned who hated him enough to try and blow him up. Barry chatted with the mayor and learned that Ralph was blackmailing him with photos because he had an affair. 

When Barry confronted Ralph, the supposed criminal revealed that case he tampered with got the right outcome because the man was terrible. 

Things changed when the mayor sent his men to murder Barry and Joe, and they realized Ralph was the next in line to be killed. Cisco stays at the lab with Ralph, but Breacher showed up to try and kill him. 

The mayor then sent Joe on a helicopter ride above the town and attempted to kill him, but Barry saved him thanks to Ralph. That was enough for Barry to realize he could be good and offered him a place on the team. 

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Luck Be a Lady

The residents of Central City were not amused when everything seemed to be going wrong for them. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 3 got underway, The Thinker revealed that Becky Sharpe was a casino dealer who found herself in a lot of awkward situations. 

The team learned that Becky was in town when she casually robbed a bank and managed to swindle a lot of people into thinking she was doing them a favor. 

Their issue with the whole meta side of things was that she arrived in town three years ago, so there would be no way she could be a meta.

With some digging, and the help of Harry Wells, everyone learned that Barry’s return from the Speed Force kicked off a new wave of metas. This made things scary because of the prospect of all of the villains roaming around the streets of Central City. 

When Barry confronted Becky, she revealed that she felt like she was being rewarded for a life of bad things and that this luck was giving her a new lease on it. 

But, Becky then felt the need to return to the casino world to get as much money as she thought was necessary to remain happy. In the process, this destroyed the luck in the town. 

When the bad luck continued, S.T.A.R. Labs’ particle accelerator switched on, and it became apparent that an explosion was imminent. Harry opined that letting the thing explode would help them. 

It did, and Becky’s good fortune was reversed, and that made her return to her former self, but will she return down the line to try and cause some more drama?

Something tells us we have not seen the last of her. 

Wally then appeared and revealed that they managed t press on without him. He was away trying to find a way to get Jesse to stay in a relationship with him. 

She wanted time apart to find out who she was and whether she could be in a relationship. With that, Wally said goodbye to his team because he needed some time away. 

He returned home to Blue Valley to recuperate, but could this be the end of Wally’s tenure on the show? We have no idea. 

Harry then dropped the bomb that the samurai dude from the season premiere knew Barry’s return would signal a new form of metas in town. 

The big twist came at the end when Cecile dropped the bomb on Joe that she was with child!

Yes, that came out of nowhere, so things were getting good in Central City again. 

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: Did Barry and Iris Split Up?

Barry Allen and Iris West have been through a lot during the last three years, and just when they managed to right the ship, Barry had to leave for six months. 

On The Flash Season 4 Episode 2, the pair questioned their relationship and whether they would be able to make it work as a full-fledged couple. 

Just when it appeared that things were returning to normal, Iris learned that Barry had gone out of his way to speed through her wedding planning for her. 

At S.T.A.R. Labs, things got more strained for the couple when Iris found out that Barry had ditched a training session and did not think to ask her about it. This annoyed Iris because she felt like they were drifting apart. 

Caitlin opened up to Iris about her and Ronnie going to couples counseling when they started working together, but Iris did not want to hear it. 

As the day went on and Barry ignored advice from his wife-to-be, Iris dropped the bomb that they had an appointment thirty minutes later. The root of the problem was that Barry went into the speed force without consulting her. 

Barry opined that if she asked him to stay, he would have and it would have just made things worse. The whole shrink session only served to make the couple stronger and claimed that, “We are The Flash.” 

How romantic. 

Barry and Iris may have solved their issues, but Gypsy was not impressed with Cisco because he kept blowing off their dates for work. 

Gypsy had a reason to be mad: On her version of Earth, it was “1-1-1 Day” which meant two become one, or something. Cisco did get the opportunity to make it up to his girl. 

He went all out for a beautiful, romantic dinner that we even wanted to attend. 

The team went up against “Kilgore” who was going after all of the people who stole his crazy malware. The villain managed to get one up on Barry because Cisco added some changes to the suit. 

Kilgore managed to hack and control it. Iris said it would be best for Barry to shock himself to short circuit the suit, thus, allowing him to eke out a victory against the villain. 

Barry did so and crept up on the meta with a cure for his virus. Kilgore revealed that there was plenty more of him to come. 

The Thinker and The Mechanic then confirmed they were out to find all 12 of them. Yes, Barry and the team should be worried!

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