Mama June Shannon Flaunts Her Size 4 Body!

Some people lose weight for themselves, Some people lose weight for their health.

But, really, what’s the point of losing a massive amount of weight if you don’t trot yourself out to show it off?

That’s exactly what Mama June Shannon is doing at the Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta premiere. And she even brought her daughters with her.

June Shannon’s weight loss journey has taken her so far!

Surgeries to limit how much food she can eat, another surgery to remove nine pounds of excess skin …

(Dramatic weight loss like hers can leave a lot of rolls of leftover skin; yet another sick joke that the human body plays)

… combined with diet and exercise gave her a stunning physical transformation.

In fact, her transformation is so complete that, in her show’s new season, June is going to be a beauty queen!

Of course, Mama June has more reasons to smile than just her total body transformation.

There is, as we’ve recently seen, a new man in her life.

We don’t know much about him yet, but June Shannon’s secret lover taught her how to love again, apparently.

In the teaser for her show’s new season, we found out very little other than that he exists.

Oh, and that June is apparently a terrible liar, because she kissed the guy and then tries to tell her daughters that they haven’t kissed yet.

Like … her kids had already seen it. Their house has windows.

So, Mama June Shannon strutted her stuff in a form-fitting blue dress at the premiere for Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. It’s pretty standard for reality stars to promote their “sister shows.” It’s good for the network.

But premieres aren’t just a time to mingle with other whatever-list celebrities, folks.

They’re a time to get photographed. They’re a time to build your brand and remind everyone else that you exist and, oh by the way, you have a show, too.

Mama June didn’t come alone, either.

She may have left her mystery man at home (well, not at home — you get the idea).

But she brought her family, including the daughter who made her whole family famous in the first place.

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is growing up so quickly!

Kids will do that.

Her lustrous red outfit wasn’t quite her mother’s dress, but that’s okay. Not everybody dresses up; this was not the Golden Globes.

And honestly, we’re glad that neither of them were wearing black, because between June’s cobalt dress and Alana’s burgundy, we were living for their bold color choices.

Honey Boo Boo wasn’t June’s only daughter there, however.

From left to right, you’re looking at June Shannon, Alana Thompson, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, Lauryn’s one-month old daughter, Ella, and Joshua Brandon Efird.

On the first season of From Not to Hot, Mama June lost 300 pounds, which is how she now fits into a Size 4 dress.

She can’t exactly lose another 300 pounds, which is why the second season is going to focus on her new life. On her continued dieting and exercise, on her romantic life.

And, again, on her journey to become a beauty queen. It’s going to be wild.

We can’t wait.


Demi Lovato Flaunts MASSIVE Cleavage on Instagram, Internet Rejoices

At some point in the past year or so, Demi Lovato became one of the hottest celebrities on the planet.

It’s not as if this development happened entirely out of nowhere–Demi was always attractive, but while no one was paying attention, she somehow attained previously unimaginable levels of smoke show-ness:

Maybe it happened when Demi got sober.

Maybe what we’re seeing is the positive benefits of removing Wilmer Valderrama from one’s life.

(Fact: Mila Kunis is the only member of the cast of That ’70’s Show that it’s okay to be attracted to.)

Whatever Demi’s doing, it’s working.

Demi Lovato swimsuit pics are nothing new, but it’s not hard to see why this is one of her most popular to date.

Despite going live less than 24 hours ago, Demi’s bathing suit selfie is already creeping up on 3.5 million likes.

Those are “break the internet” numbers.

As a general rule, anything that’s posted online that doesn’t involve kittens will attract haters and trolls.

So it’s possible that Demi has set some kind of record by posting such a popular pic without drawing any real criticism.

We suppose there might be some trash talk in the comments section somewhere, but it’s been buried by marriage proposals and declarations of undying love.

“I love you so deeply, I would die for you,” wrote one fan.


You get the idea.

Sadly, the image wasn’t accompanied by any info about how we might all be more like Demi.

“In [heart emoji] with this bathing suit…” Lovato captioned the pic.

That’s not gonna help us get rid of our post-holiday guts, Demi!

Fortunately, we know a little bit about how the 25-year-old singer stays in such incredible shape.

Demi’s battled eating disorders and addictions in the past, but these days she’s militantly devoted to maintaining her physical and mental health.

Demi was recently awarded a blue belt in  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and she’s reportedly dating a mixed-martial artist.

So yes, she looks incredible, but more importantly, she can kick ass.

We’re beginning to understand all those marriage proposals on her IG page.


Hailie Jade Mathers: Eminem’s Daughter Flaunts Boobs on Instagram!

Eminem is back in the news these days, largely because of his vocal criticism of Donald Trump, which seems to have befuddled many a pissed-off white dude, forcing them to turn to scripture and Kid Rock’s Twitter page for answers.

But regardless of where you stand on Em’s politics, there are certain Shady-related truths on which we can all agree.

For example:

1. He’s one of the most gifted rappers to ever pick up a mic.

2. Cheddar Bob was the real hero of 8 Mile.

3. Em’s daughter is a total smoke show.

That third point may seem a bit strange if you grew up listening to Mr. Mathers rap about his baby daughter Hailie and being harassed by this fat kid named D’angelo Bailey, but allow us to put your concerns to rest.

At 22, Hailie Jade is very much a grown woman

And she looks like this:

See what we mean?

Her dad may be a psychopath with an unhealthy chainsaw obsession, but it’s pretty much impossible not to comment on his daughter’s hotness 

We may wind up getting brutally murdered, but hopefully the confession will come in the form of a blistering freestyle in which the word “orange” is rhymed several times.

Proving that being born into fabulous wealth and fame should never interfere with one’s basicness, Hailie captioned the photo, “Happy early birthday to me.”

(Hailie turned 22 on Christmas Day.)

We kid Hailie, but it really is a relief to see her mature into such a stable and grounded young woman.

Eminem gushes about Hailie every chance he gets, and it’s certainly not hard to see why.

In addition to being beautiful, Hailie is bright and ambititious, set to graduate from Michigan State University in 2018.

Earning a degree is an impressive feat for anyone, but for Hailie it’s downright miraculous, considering how poorly things could have gone.

She’s been a fixture in her father’s music since before she learned how to talk, but it certainly doesn’t seem like she’ll be giving in to the child star curse any time soon.

Em defied the odds when he emerged from a Detroit trailer park to become one of the most celebrated musical artists on the planet, and in her own, more quiet way, it seems Hailie is following suit.


Matt Rolff Flaunts Romance with Caryn Chandler, Gets Put on Blast

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff have been divorced for 18 months now.

And they’ve been separated for even longer than that.

Still, however, neither have of this former couple has been able to fully move on without fans of Little People, Big World expressing their irritated two cents.

Heck, sometimes it’s even two or three cents.

We’ve seen this many times over the past few months when it comes to Amy and her relationship with Chris Marek.

Remember when she was dragged for going on vacation with Marek because their trip coincided with Audrey Roloff’s due date?

Just three weeks ago, meanwhile, Amy had to defend Marek against a bunch of Internet haters, actually kind of insulting her own reality series in the process.

“Try not to make quick assumptions about anyone from what you see on an edited show,” she told critics.

Now, Matt is the one feeling the burn of the World Wide Web.

In light of this holiday season, along with his successful relationship with Caryn Chandler, Matt shared the photo above on Instagram and included with it the following caption:

I want to stop and take some time out to wish you all a Happy Holiday season.

No matter where you are, I hope you appreciate the little things and special time with your loved ones.

Caryn gave me the okay to post this photo we have from dinner last night here in Arizona..

I’ve had a great few days here full of sunshine and R&R but I sure can’t wait to see those grand babies of mine tomorrow.

Love Love to You All!

Matt rarely takes this step.

He rarely flaunts his romance with Chandler, possibly because he knows there’s some controversy behind it.

See, Caryn worked as the Roloff Farm Manager for awhile.

She has been close to the family for a long time and she knows Amy pretty well.

So it’s understandable why Matt’s relationship with her would be frowned upon a bit… and that’s before we even get to the way Chandler has allegedly treated Amy.

Caryn supposedly snubbed Amy while organizing a birthday party for her boyfriend last month.

This has reportedly led to tension between the exes, as you can learn more about below:

It has also led to a divided fan base.

There’s a segment of Little People, Big World viewers who feel a need to take sides between Amy and Matt, even if the former spouses appear to get along just fine.

“I am team Amy. Matt seems to be a bully in a relationship,” wrote one critic, seemingly out of nowhere.

This person added: “I think it’s time for the family to get real jobs. Not reality TV.”

Another took one look at the picture of Matt and Caryn and just wrote: “Disgusting!!!!!”

Some fans, meanwhile, wondered whether Chandler is in the relationship for the right reasons.

“Her official title is farm manager,” one follower speculated. “She knows everything, including financials. I do hope, for his sake and his heart, that she’s sincere.”


Can’t say we even thought about that sort of scenario before.

Thankfully, not everyone on the Internet is a conspiracy theorist.

We’ll let this level-headed individual speak for us with her take on the Roloffs:

Everyone has their own battle in life. If things [don’t] work out in one marriage … choose to move on and be happy with someone else, or just lay around and pout …

In Matt and Amy’s case, they were no compromising in salvaging the relationship. So they both chose to move on with someone else.


Kylie Jenner Flaunts HUGE Diamond Ring; Is She Engaged?!?

Kylie Jenner has a bun in her oven.

But the 20-year old reality star won’t talk about it.

Kylie Jenner also has a huge diamond ring on her finger now.

And it’s all the Internet is talking about!

En route to sister Kim Kardashian’s baby shower over the weekend, Jenner shared a Snapchat video of herself behind the wheel.

Not exactly the safest idea of all-time, we’re more focused at the moment on the enormous rock that Jenner has placed right in the middle of the frame.

It seems pretty clear Jenner is trying to tell us something by flaunting this new sparkler, is it not?

Kylie, of course, is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby.

The couple has only been together since March and most followers think they won’t last much longer.

Many have even speculated that the stars have already split because they haven’t been spotted together in public in weeks and because Kylie refuses to confirm her pregnancy.

Might she be hesitant to do so because it’s embarrassing to admit you’re pregnant by an ex-boyfriend?

Or might she have been waiting to do so until this moment? Until Scott popped the big question?

(Third and most likely option: She’s waiting to do so until the optimal time to leverage the pregnancy news for ratings, exposure and money.)

While Kylie is yet to tell the world she’s expecting, she has been dropping hints here and there.

For example, various sources say she has a baby girl in her womb.

And she opened this month by sharing the following snapshot on Instagram:

How very pink of her, right?

Over the past few days, Jenner has shared several images featuring rose-colored décor and a bright pink manicure.

The reality star has claimed the photos were for a Kylie Cosmetics holiday shoot, though, not for any kind of gender reveal.

She’s also alleged that recent paparazzi pictures of an alleged baby bump were Photoshopped, going as far out of her way as possible to delay a pregnancy announcement.

It has to be coming soon, though.

It simply has to be.

Kylie is reportedly due in early spring, which means a baby bump really will be showing any day now.

She can’t wear baggy sweaters forever, especially not when she lives in California, where the temperature almost never drops below 60.

She also can’t keep trolling fans with tampons without eventually earning some backlash.

After all, aren’t the Kardashians and Jenners so popular because they supposedly keep it so very real at all times?

As for Scott, he hasn’t said a word in public about his girlfriend’s pregnancy, either.

But if he has stepped up and proposed… good for him. It would be the right thing to do.

It doesn’t mean we think these two will last, but it does mean they at least acknowledge what a big deal having a baby together would be.

Might as well give the whole marriage thing a shot, no?


Kate Middleton Flaunts Baby Bump In Surprise Appearance

Obviously, the internet has enriched all our lives in countless ways, but sadly, it’s also given a platform to some of the more inexplicably angry members of our society.

As a result, everyone has haters these days.

You no longer have to be famous to have strangers tell you they hate the way you look, and it’s also impossible to be so famous that strangers will shut the hell up about your appearance.

Just ask Kate Middleton.

Last week, Kate stepped out in public for the first time since confirming that she’s pregnant with her third child.

Based on the comments on the photos, however, the reaction from many of the Duchess’ subjects and foreign fans was not relief that Kate’s horrendous morning sickness had subsided, but rather this stunned outrage about her appearance.

The critiques online seem to mostly center around Kate’s baby bump and the fact that a surprisingly large number of folks believe it’s not big enough.

Fortunately, you can’t keep a good duchess down, and Kate showed the haters how a true royal brushes the dirt off her shoulders by making a surprise appearance yesterday.

Prince William and Prince Harry were already scheduled to attend an event celebrating Coach Core, a mentoring program designed to train the UK’s next generation of sports coaches.

Kate was a surprise bonus for the attendees, and naturally, she stole all of the focus away from her husband and brother-in-law.

As you can see, Kate isn’t letting a difficult pregnancy interfere with her famous sense of style.

According to People magazine, Kate rocked a blue blazer by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.

Once again, no bump was visible, but hopefully, the haters will keep their asinine remarks to themselves this time.

As for the attendees, many gushed about meeting the Duchess, with some boasting that their proximity to Kate would earn them extra cool points with their kids:

“I told my little girl, who’s only 8, that I was coming to meet the royals and she was so jealous,” says West Ham club captain Mark Noble.

“I can’t wait to show her photos. She’ll think I’m more of a great dad now than I was yesterday.”

Maybe Will and Kate’s next project should be a mentoring program that teaches comment board trolls how to act more like that guy and less like bitter jackasses.