Priest Slaps Crying Baby, Internet Flips Its $hit

Well, this is quite disturbing.

We never thought we'd write that about a video that features a priest and a baptism… but here we are.

Footage of a priest slapping – yes, SLAPPING – a crying baby during a baptism has made its way around the Internet, sparking the sort of outrage you'd expect when, it bears repeating…

… there's footage of a PRIEST SLAPPING A CRYING BABY.

The YouTube video was initially shared on Reddit with a caption that reads what we just wrote: “A priest slaps an infant during his baptism.”

On Reddit, the user wrote: “this happened today in France, I’m really shocked.”

Well, yeah!

Who would not be?!?

In the 43-second video that we've shared above, the unnamed priest is shown holding the child’s tear-filled face as the boy sits in a woman’s arms.

We assume this woman is a loved one.

The priest looks like he's trying to comfort the young kid… until, in the middle of the video, the man of God is shown slapping the child across his cheek.

There's certainly no other way to interpret what we're seeing here.

The boy's parents react to this violent act with stunned expressions, as their son starts to scream even more.

We then see the priest pulling the child closer as a woman, who appears to be a church official, briefly approaches him.

"I saw this video on Facebook and I cried," wrote one Twitter user in response, adding:

"I was filled with anger and sadness. If I was the mother of that baby I wouldn’t hesitate to push or slapped the damn priest back!! I don’t care what he is!!"

At one point, the infant struggles in the priest’s arms, prompting a man nearby to forcibly remove the kid from the priest’s arms.

It's just weird and wild and disturbing stuff all around.

"This child will be traumatized by [priests] now," wrote another grossed-out social media user.

“This is so scary and sickening, that baby knew that’s the devil in disguise,” another added. “That’s no priest.”

Watch the controversial footage above.

Priest slaps crying baby internet flips its %24hit

Lani Blair Texts Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian FLIPS OUT

While even Kanye is calling out Tristan Thompson for his cheating scandal, Khloe has been doing her best to ignore it.

Unfortunately, one of Tristan’s “ex” side chicks apparently sent him a message. Recently.

And Khloe was absolutely enraged.

If you pretend like your relationship problems never happened, they just go away and never come back … right?

That seems to be Khloe’s response to Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal, at any rate.

HollywoodLife reports that Lani Blair texted Tristan, sending Khloe into a rage.

“Khloe became furious when she found out that Lani had reached out to Tristan with a simple text message wishing him good luck in the finals.”

Tristan, like so many of the men in Khloe’s disastrous romantic entanglements, is a professional athlete. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Khloe and Tristan have been working on their trust issues.”

Yep. Khloe apparently believes that the man who cheated on her with multiple women while she was pregnant can be redeemed.

“So he thought it would be best to let her know that Lani had hit him up and that he did not respond.”

That sounds very honest of him.

Apparently, it didn’t go so well.

“Khloe has little trust in Tristan.”

That is very understandable and, quite frankly, a relief to fans who worried that Khloe had lost her mind.

“So knowing that Lani continues to text him was a real punch in the gut.”

Knowing that your baby daddy used to slip it to a model and bartender on the side while you were cultivating his child in your womb is one thing.

Hearing that she had the audacity to send him a text message … that’s something else.

It’s hard to be in denial about cheating when the guy is still getting messages from his mistress.

Apparently, the whole incident left Khloe feeling rattled and confused.

“Khloe believed Tristan when he promised he would be loyal and faithful after getting caught cheating.”

We have no idea how he convinced her, since he wasn’t the first time.

“But now she doesn’t know what to think.”

We’d point out that Tristan was honest in this story. That should count for something.

But it sounds like Khloe just hated to be reminded of something that she’d rather forget.

“She is shocked Lani is still lingering and can’t wait for the season to be over.”

This season of Tristan’s sport, which is basketball.

We can’t confirm that any of that took place, but the report is intriguing.

But Lani is definitely still out there, and her pics are still getting hate from Khloe fans.

One commented on Instagram.

“You really think people are about to mind their own business while you out in public with a NBA player who’s dating a Kardashian?! You’re a stripper you should be used to people being all up in your business and then some.”

That commenter then accuses Lani of being a homewrecker, which has always been a stupid term. Except for, like, arsonists.

Lani clapped back, hard.

“First of all I️m not a stripper. I️’m a bartender.”

Good correction.

“Second you are another one writing me essays about s–t you know nothing about. If you were busy taking care of yourself you wouldn’t have time to be writing me and reading my comments waiting to pounce.”

That sounds reasonable.

“I’d never fix my fingers to write about anyone else’s life. You should reflect on this very low point in your life.”

The affair between Tristan Thompson and Lani Blair was wrong, but the report about Khloe’s reaction to the call makes it sound like Khloe is blaming Tristan’s side pieces for his actions.

Tristan is a grown man.

And we can only guess at what he may have told Lani, but her clapback seems to hint that Tristan may have told her things — true or false — about his relationship with Khloe.

It’s shameful that so many in society are willing to blame “the other woman” instead of the cheater.

It sounds like Khloe has a lot of processing to do. We hope that spending time with her family, who love and support her, will help her to do that.


Jax Taylor Flips OUT, Drives Scheana Marie to Tears

Jax Taylor has had a rough year.

Granted, many of his problems are self-created, such as the drama that ensued when he was caught cheating on Brittany Cartwright.

But Taylor has also encountered some misfortunes that were not of his own doing.

In December, for example, Jax’s father died following a long battle with cancer.

Though the Vanderpump Rules star and his co-stars have had their share of ups and downs over the years, Jax’s friends, former friends, and even ex-girlfriends rallied around him in his time of need.

In fact, the entire Vanderpump cast was in attendance at one or both of the two memorial events held in the elder Taylor’s honor … with one notable exception.

Yes, Scheana Marie not only failed to attend either funeral, according to Jax she couldn’t even be bothered to offer her condolences.

Granted, Scheana had a lot on her plate what with her fixation on Rob Valletta’s ability to mount a flatscreen on the wall in seven minutes flat, but she still could’ve taken ten seconds to fire off a text.

Of course, it’s a classic he said, she said situation, with Jax claiming he never heard from Scheana, and Scheana insisting that she texted him as soon as she heard the news.

We may never know for sure who’s telling the truth (smart money is on Scheana, obvi), but the situation made for some major fireworks during the first part of this season’s Vanderpump reunion show.

It all started when Jax aptly pointed out that it was sort of messed up of Scheana to try and set Brittany up on dates 

(Encourage your friend to dump her problematic boyfriend all you want, but don’t getting third parties involved in an already messed-up situation.)

It didn’t take long for Jax to leap from one sore subject to another, 

“You didn’t even call me when my father died,” he shouted.

Scheana became visibly upset, but as we learned earlier this season, once Jax loses his cool, it’s not easy to reign him in.

“F-ck you! You can’t even keep a boyfriend for more than five minutes,” he screamed, causing Scheana to run off stage.

Of course, Scheana’s absence didn’t bring an end to Jax’s tirade:

“Once in a while be a human being and don’t be an ‘I’m on a TV show all the time.’” he went on.

“Maybe that’s why half of her relationships have gone down the sh—ter.”

We can’t help but think there’s more going on between these two than social faux pas from six months ago.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more pasta-fueled insanity.


Jax Taylor FLIPS OUT on Lisa Vanderpump: Was He on Drugs?

When Jax Taylor appears on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, it’s not uncommon for callers to inquire as to the quantity of cocaine that disappears up the Vanderpump Rules star’s surgically-enhanced nose on a nightly basis.

Based on what we saw last night, the answer cannot be given in terms of grams or even ounces, and instead must be envisioned as a relief map of Tony Montana’s desktop.

What we’re saying is, Jax appears to have been halfway to the moon on Colombian marching powder during his latest tirade at SUR, and the resulting sh-tshow could cost him both his fake job (bartender) and his real one (reality TV powder keg).

We joke about Jax’s consumption of booger sugar (kind of), but it’s not hard to see how he ended up so wound up during the climactic of last night’s episode.

Basically, a series of escalating conflicts had Jax’s fight or flight brain in high gear, and we doubt even Kelsey’s magic reiki rocks could have calmed him down.

First, he confronted the random SUR waiter who we’ll call Zoolander about his alleged crush on Brittany Cartwright.

Shortly thereafter, he locked horns with Scheana Marie, who tried to fix Zoolander up with Brittany.

After that, Jax got into it with James Kennedy over allegations that James hooked up with Kristen during the recent group trip to Mexico.

Unfortunately for Mr. Taylor the situation came to a head just as Lisa Vanderpump walked into SUR to check otu “See You Next Tuesday” for herself.

Lisa tried to calm Jax down, and well … it didn’t go smoothly:

“F–k you all,” shouted a wild-eyed Jax in the middle of his place of employment.

“F–k you all, you f–king lying sacks of goddamn s–t. F–k you all,” he continued, making a solid case for hinself as the most unhinged individual in the realty television landscape.

Astonishingly, he then made the baffling decision to flip Lisa off, which predicably led to him getting expelled from the restaurant.

“Of all the places that you choose to have a meltdown, why choose the place that has paid your bills for the last seven years?”

“Of hundreds of employees, I’ve never had anybody speak to me the way you speak to me,” Lisa continued after Jax refused to leave.

“You’re arrogant and you’re obnoxious. You’re acting like a little f–king baby.” 

At that point, Taylor broke the fourth wall and removed his microphone, leading some viewers to theorize that he’d quit the show, especially since all of this comes on the heels of rumors about Jax breaking up with Brittany and movin to Florida.

Needless to say, #PumpRules Twitter went wild.

“It only took 6 years, but we, the fans of #PumpRules, finally get what we deserve: a full blown Jax coke tantrum,” wrote one fan.

“Could you imagine being at SUR as Jax had that ungodly meltdown? Bc that would be a dream come true for me,” joked another.

“Next season. Jax: the intervention,” a third remarked.

But the tweet of the night belongs to Ira Madison III wh threw it all the way back to James’ “it’s not about the pasta” comments from earlier this season:

“How much pasta did Jax have tonight?”

We think it’s time for Mr. Taylor to put down the grated parm and stick to oregano.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more troubling behavior from the man we like to call the West Coast Situation.


Amber Portwood: FLIPS OUT on Marriage Boot Camp! Watch!

Amber Portwood has never been known as the most rational of the Teen Moms.

Sure, she might look downright level-headed compared to the likes of Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham or any of the losers that she's dated in recent years, but deep down, Amber is a violent nutjob.

And she reminded us of that fact in a big way recently.

You see, back when Amber was still engaged to Matt Baier, the couple appeared on We TV's Marriage Boot Camp.

We knew it didn't end well for them (Matt fled for Vegas before filming was finished, and Amber got pregnant by Andrew Glennon, a producer on the show.), but until today, we didn't know just how ugly things got.

In a preview clip released this morning, we see Amber absolutely lose it on rapper Jim Jones, who had the audacity to state that maybe "reality TV star" isn't the most promising career path.

“Especially when you look at the whole overall scheme of reality TV, it’s pretty much bullsh-t to make some money,” Jones said in a conversation that had nothing to do with Portwood.

This simple and 100 percent true statement was enough to make Amber fly off the handle:

"Get the f-ck out of her. Let me tell you something right now," Portwood interrupted.

"I've been on reality television for 10 f-cking years. I've been real since day one. That's not true. Not all reality television stars are like that."

She went to attack Jones' fiancee, Chrissy Lampkin, as well as pretty much the entire cast.

It's anyone's guess as to why Amber was even more temperamental than usual, but this may serve as confirmation of Brandi Glanville's claims.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says that while Amber claimed to be sober during filming, she often far from it.

Check out Amber's full meltdown below:

Amber portwood flips out on marriage boot camp watch

McDonald’s Flips Its Arches Upside Down for International Women’s Day

Today is International Women's Day!

If you've noticed a McDonald's sign where its famous golden arches are turned upside-down to form what looks like a yellow "W," no, it's not an elaborate prank.

McDonald's has simply chosen this as a symbolic gesture to celebrate International Women's Day.

Mcdonalds sign for international womens day

Obviously, the yellow "M" doesn't stand for "men" the other 364 days of the year.

But, as McDonald's announced via Twitter, they wanted to celebrate the role that women play in the world and in their company.

"Today, we flip our Golden Arches to celebrate the women who have chosen McDonald's to be a part of their story."

And here's a dazzling statistic that some may find surprising.

"In the U.S. we’re proud to share that 6 out of 10 restaurant managers are women."

Managers aren't the same as owners or board members, but that's not nothing, folks.

Mcdonalds twitter banner for international womens day

Not all restaurants flipped their signs, but a number have.

(You can see some of those in the video below)

Apparently 100 different McDonald's restaurants have the upside-down "packaging, crew shirts and hats, and bag stuffers" to celebrate on Thursday.

Responses have varied, and the move is certainly getting a lot of attention and free publicity.

Some who aren't on social media might have forgotten that Thursday was International Women's Day at all if the story weren't getting so much buzz.

Mcdonalds upside down

Wendy Lewis, McDonald's Chief Diversity Officer, elaborated on the company's motives behind the gesture.

"In celebration of women everywhere, and for the first time in our brand history, we flipped our iconic arches for International Women's Day in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants."

She continues:

"From restaurant crew and management to our C-suite of senior leadership, women play invaluable roles at all levels, and together with our independent franchise owners, we're committed to their success."

That's … a very corporate-sounding message, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Mcdonalds for international womens day 2018

Entertainingly, for copyright purposes, a lot of Japanese animation has, for years, featured characters attending unnamed fast food restaurants to eat burgers and fries.

These restaurants are represented by giant yellow "W" signs, clearly representative of McDonald's without directly infringing upon their trademark.

This ongoing workaround trope has led a number of anime fans to refer to such restaurants as "WacDonald's."

As a result, some people have joked on social media that anime McDonald's franchises had been celebrating International Women's Day for years.

Some on social media have joked that McDonald's now has grounds to sue "every anime ever made," though we don't know that the legal argument would hold up in court.

It is strongly unlikely that corporate leadership of McDonald's had this in mind when they decided on this gesture.

Mcdonalds exterior

Overall, responses have varied.

Some suggest that this symbolic move is "reductive," akin to offering pink things to "celebrate" women in an empty gesture that is almost insulting.

Some have pointed to the "W" signs as seeming like something out of a The Onion article.

And then some put the restaurant on blast, writing: "Instead of empty gestures like flipping your arches, how about improving working conditions for your women workers?"

Others, however, point out that International Women's Day is a holiday and that McDonald's putting up decorations is a nice reminder.

Take a look at this short video showing a few examples of the fast food franchise's transformed signs.

Mcdonalds flips its arches upside down for international womens