Floribama Shore Recap: The Stalker Returns

Just when the cast of Floribama Shore gets it together, something happens that drives them further apart. 

The latest installment of this MTV hit picked up mere moments after Jeremiah learned of his grandfather’s death. 

There were tears, fights and more tears, and we’re going to unpack all of the big developments from the episode right here. 

Everyone rallied around Jeremiah to make sure that he felt at ease, and Candace said a prayer for him and his family before he exited the house to be with his family. 

Before his exit, however, he wanted to hit the bar with his roomies and have a drink to celebrate his grandfather’s life. 

Everyone made their way to The Salted Goat. Yes, that’s actually the name of the bar. It’s ridiculous, but the cast is probably barred from every other fine establishment in Florida, so they had to make do. 

While most of the houseguests were upset, and drinking slowly, Nilsa partied a little too hard when she laid eyes on her ex-husband’s friend. 

It resulted in her running backward and forward to the bar to get some shots. It did not go unnoticed by the others, who were under the impression this was a quiet family night. 

Things got worse when a man appeared at the table asking about the cast. Kirk and Codi were happy to answer questions, but Nilsa was rude as hell. 

“Bye, bitch,” she yelled while waving her hand at the man. 

She continued to be rude, and the man ultimately left the situation red-faced. 

Back at the house, Nilsa flat-out refused that she was rude to anyone, and even asked the following:

“What bar?” 

This further irked her friends because they were only in one bar the whole night. Nilsa denied that she was drunk, and got especially mad when her BFF Aimee did not defend her. 

Aimee was right not to defend her. Nilsa was in the wrong and all the others wanted was for her to own it, and they could move on. 

But Nilsa called her friend, Shayla, and got ready to leave the house. The only thing that kept her there was a hug from Kortni (of all people!). 

Nilsa still played dumb the next morning, but Aimee said she was not ready to forgive her because the man was friendly, and that it’s no way to treat a nice person. 

Jeremiah made his exit, but Kortni put a letter in with his packed lunch for the road. She told him that she would always be there for him. 

That was enough to confuse Jeremiah because he knows there’s a burgeoning romance there, but he needs to decide whether he wants to leave the one night stands behind and get in a relationship. 

In a real shocker, Codi and Jeremiah managed to put their feud aside. As you will recall if you watch Floribama Shore online, Codi’s grandfather died last year, so they bonded over that. 

It’s amazing, but these two were so against each other earlier in the summer, but if they manage to put it aside, something good will come of it. 

The ladies went away on an all-female trip, leaving Kirk, Codi and Gus to do their own thing. 

The boys went to a bar and Gus opened up about his issues growing up. He recalled the time he found his mother sleeping with another man, and it paved the way for his father to leave with another woman. 

It was heartbreaking, but the biggest shocker was saved for the final scenes:

Logans Fairbanks aka Kortni’s stalker left flowers, a letter and images on the doorstep of the house at 3 am. 

How will Kortni react to her stalker’s return? 

We’ll find out next Monday at 10/9c. 


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: There’s No C In Disease

In some ways, Kortni Gilson would make a great mother. 

But making a child with the loser that is Logan Fairbanks would probably result in her early exit from the Floribama Shore house. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that Logan has been the definition of stage five clinger ever since he was revealed to be Kortni’s boyfriend. 

Shortly after Floribama Shore Season 2 got underway, we learned that he had been reprimanded for stalking Kortni and her castmates. 

Well, things only got worse from there, and the MTV reality series is covering all of that right about now. 

Before Kortni made her way to the doctor, her mother showed up at the house to check in with her daughter. 

In a truly bizarre scene, she said that if Logan were to cause any problems for her daughter, he would be chained up at the farm. 

She then said that the grizzly bears would lay waste to him. Yes, really. But this mother must be worried sick by Logan’s actions. 

When Kortni was out for some fun with her roomies, Logan showed up. He’s like that shark that appears when you least expect it. 

Kortni returned from the doctor with some news that was either good or bad, depending on whose side you are on.

After revealing to her friends that she would be taking on a healthier diet as opposed to drinking herself into oblivion like the Kortni we’ve watched on TV since the show debuted. 

She followed this up with a stunning bombshell:

She’s pregnant! 

As the shock started to set in, Candace was first to say that Kortni will make a great mother. 

But then Aimee noticed the look on Nilsa’s face, and it said it all. Kortni then confirmed she was pulling a prank and that she learned she was most definitely not with child. 


But this gave Kortni the drive to make things right with Candace. The pair has been bickering ever since Kortni failed to help Candace when she was arguing with Gus and Jeremiah. 

The two bonded over some Irish Car Bombs. From what we can find online, it’s an alcoholic drink that includes Guinness and Irish Cream. 

While the pregnancy plot is over, Logan is likely going to continue terrorizing this close-knit group of friends. 

Nilsa flat out refused to allow him to speak to Kortni when he called the house, leading to her uttering the following:

“Quit calling, you are not welcome here,” Nilsa screeched down the phone at him. 

Will this be enough to keep this shark at bay? 

In any case, Jeremiah was happy to offer to punch Logan if he persists in pursuing Kortni. 

The others in the house figured this meant there was a connection between the two that was not just platonic. 

A drunken Kortni seemingly admitted that if Jeremiah liked her in that way, then she would be happy to go there. 


Can you imagine the way Logan would react if they went there? 

Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV.  


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Is Kortni Gilson Pregnant?

Floribama Shore took viewers on a wild ride this week. 

Kortni Gilson, one of this MTV show’s leading ladies got the shock of her life when she tried to book an appointment with her OB-GYN after questioning whether she had something going on downstairs. 

She was told to conduct a pregnancy test because, well, she’d been having lots of unprotected sex with her scary boyfriend, Logan Fairbanks. 

Thankfully, Nilsa was on hand with one for her. That’s when thing took a crazy turn: There was a faint blue line on the stick. 

For those who are not familiar with pregnancy tests, that means there’s a chance someone could be pregnant. In this case, it was Kortni, and she did not know how to react. 

The next step was to visit the doctor to find out whether she had a little Floribama bun in her oven, but she had to wait several days for the appointment. 

Totally dramatic, right?

Nilsa was quick to point out that they should keep it to themselves because, well, even when you’re pregnant, it’s the rule of thumb to keep things on the down-low until three months have passed. 

With eager producers who are thirsty for all the drama, Kortni wasted no time in telling her fellow roomies about her dire situation. 

Aimee took it well but wanted her friend to use condoms in the future. Kortni did not seem too enthused about that thought but later confirmed that she had a miscarriage before and was worried about the prospect of the same thing happening again. 

As previously reported on The Hollywood Gossip, Kortni’s boyfriend and potential baby daddy, Logan is not father material and has been reprimanded on multiple occasions for stalking

Thanks to reality TV being filmed months in advance, we’re only just getting to the stalker drama, and boy, Logan is deluded. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that he’s made several comments about Kortni’s roommates being around when he is, threatened to fly off the handle, and just generally been a sucky person. 

It all came to a head on this installment thanks to Kortni going out and not drinking with him. Every single time he begs for attention, he does it in such an extra way that it bugs Kortni. 

It got so bad that Kortni had to flee a nightclub and head home with her friends to escape his clutches. 

Once home, she conveniently started doing more pregnancy tests as she awaited her appointment, but her own personal stage five clinger showed up as she was waving the pregnancy tests around. 

Jeremiah decided he would stand next to the room the pair were bickering because he was ready to rearrange Logan’s face. 

Logan flew off the handle and exited the house because everyone knew he was acting out of the ordinary. However, the episode closed with him waiting outside, potentially to go in for another go at it. 


Meanwhile, Kortni brought Aimee to the doctor and found out that the latter had contract bronchitis. That was enough for Aimee to get her own private house, three doors down to recuperate. 

It showed a different side to Kortni, who has punched holes in walls, threatened to beat people up and yelled at people all season long. 

Then there was Candace, and her boyfriend Gaytor, who continued to fight about all the phone calls the former was getting from dudes. 

They managed to brush it under the rug while sipping on mimosas for breakfast. That’s a positive, we guess. 

What are your thoughts on the latest action?

Hit the comments. 

Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV.


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: More Than a Boo Thang

The Floribama Shore cast sure knows how to bring the drama, and that’s likely why the show is achieving its highest ratings yet. 

Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 5‘s primary focus was Codi Butts and his desperate attempts to get close to Candace Rice. 

In a drunken moment, Codi proved how thirsty he was by saying that he wanted to take Candace out on a date and that he spent the whole of the previous summer getting close to Aimee to make Candace jealous. 

Yes, he went there, and Candace was oddly happy to know it. Let’s face it: They’re a mismatched couple. They are very different from one another, but that did not stop Codi. 

Candace ultimately decided to give Codi a chance. Codi was a little too excited and made his way to the gym. The only issue was that he thought he was going to get an instant six-pack. 

Candace woke up in the morning and was worried about what a date with Codi would mean for her relationship with Gator, or whatever the heck his name is. 

The man was not impressed, telling Candace that if she disrespected him in that manner, he would do the same. Candace shut all the dating chat down, and Codi was mad, but he was trying to act like everything was okay. 

Codi told Kirk he was going to find a nice “black chick” to make Candace realize what she was missing. That night, he went to the bar and kissed several women as Candace egged him on to do so. 

But things changed, and she got mad about it. She grabbed Nilsa and Aimee, and they headed home. In the “thot mobile,” Candace aired her thoughts on Codi, and confirmed to Aimee that he said he just used her last summer. 

That was enough to upset Aimee. Back at the house, Codi denied it, but thanks to the power of editing, we got to watch him say it again. 

Candace was not impressed and flipped the eff out, and Codi ultimately tried to imply he never did anything wrong. 

Meanwhile, Logan, Kortni’s loser boyfriend flew off the handle when she failed to call him after a night out. You could tell she was so over the relationship but was continuing with it for the cameras. 

She allowed Logan to show up at the house, and she laid down the law with him. He obliged and left moments before Jeremiah returned home. 

Yes, we totally wanted Jeremiah to walk in because it would have surely kicked off yet another big argument. 

Also, Kirk, Codi, and Jeremiah started the job at Shore Dogs, and all three were blindsided to learn that they would be cleaning toilets, making food and serving customers. 

The girls were against it when they were told about it and said they would not be going. Yes, this is going to cause even more fights!

What are your thoughts on all the latest developments? 

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Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Miss La Vela

The drama kicked into high gear on Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 4 as we picked up mere moments after Kirk was arrested. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that he was in big trouble for slapping a dude at the bar who was making comments about Jeremiah. 

Kirk denied that he was the one who took the hit against the loser, but there was a witness conveniently located outside the house, and they were all too happy to put Kirk in the frame. 

As Kirk sat in the back of a squad car contemplating his future, Candace was still lashing out at the boys for not defending Kirk at the bar. 

She rounded up her belongings and continued to yell that she was getting out of the house and returning home. Then, she came to a stunning realization:

Kirk was not inside the house, so he must have been arrested. Gulp. 

Candace made her way outside the house to the cop cars, and despite being told she would be arrested, she persisted in seeing Kirk. 

Gus and Jeremiah looked on as she complained that they were sitting on the sidelines and letting their friend get arrested. 

But what did she expect them to do? They were smart by not messing with the cops. The man who Kirk hit subsequently dropped all charges. 

That was yet another convenient moment for the stars of this MTV hit. Kirk returned to the house, determined to lay low because of that scare. 

However, he had to contend with Candace who was still parading around the house saying that she was going home, but her Jeremiah, Gus, and Kirk had a chat to air their thoughts on the situation. 

Gus had the most sense: He knew they would all end up arrested if they got involved. He knew this was not a battle he wanted to fight in.

This helped Candace realize that she was drunk and causing an argument over nothing. She then apologized, and all seemed right in the world. 

While all of that was going down, Kortni was dancing on the bar, Nilsa and Aimee were getting drunk, and Codi was trying to bring a chick home for some slap and tickle. 

We kid, mostly, but Codi was adamant about getting the blonde woman back to the house because she was DTF. 

He rushed over to his housemates to let them know that he was ready to go home, but disaster struck: He accidentally spilled a bit of Nilsa’s drink on her white crop top. 

On this show, that’s the equivalent of murder, so Nilsa was pissed because she bought the top specifically for the summer vacation. 

She followed up her emotional tirade by throwing her drink over Codi. He ditched his date, started crying and got in the first cab home. 

Kortni accompanied him, and with her being a livewire, it was only a matter of time before something happened. 

In another cab, Nilsa could not keep herself together and decided it was a good idea to urinate all over the seat of the cab. 

We wish we were kidding, but she was deadly serious. Poor Aimee had to stand on the seat to avoid being drowned. 

When they returned to the house, it seemed like there was going to be another big blowout, but Nilsa and Codi forgot why they were arguing in the first place and opted to spoon the night away. 

The next day, the gang of eight realized they needed some money if they were going to survive the summer. It resulted in them calling multiple businesses to find out if they would be employed. 

One business agreed and said that three of them would need to be available the next day on a trial basis. 

Candace and Nilsa then embarked on a bikini challenge, and Candace came in third place. Nilsa was then shocked to the core when she came in second place. 

She flipped out and claimed she would never return to the bar, and rounded up her pals to leave. 

Back at the house, Codi got to work to try and get Candace in his bed because he thought they would make for a good pairing in the house. 

“I’ve been wanting to get with Candace for a while, so this is where I’m going to make my move,” Codi declared in a confessional.

“Some people think that by being friends with somebody first, it gets you put in the friend zone — not Codi. I can get out of the friend zone faster than you can snap your fingers.”

“Candace, my bed is empty,” he calls out. “And it needs you in it.”

Candace did not show up in his room, so Codi decided to meet her in her room, and snuggled with her. 

“What the f— are you doing?” Candace said with a laugh.

“I’m getting into bed,” he says. “I just want to snuggle up and go to sleep.”

“Codi and his flirting, I don’t take him seriously,” said Candace with a grin. “You can’t take Codi seriously!”

The duo then proceeded to go to sleep, but Kortni and her loser boyfriend, Logan appeared and wanted to have sex. 

They then took a trip to the shower and started going at it. But Nilsa got wind of it and went in to admire their naked bodies. 

Kortni then said that Nilsa could join them if she wanted to get closer. That was enough to scare Nilsa away. 

What did you think of this episode?

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Floribama Shore continues Monday on MTV. 


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Who Got Arrested?

It was only a matter of time before the drama got too much. 

On Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 3, there were multiple fights, insults, a houseguest parading around the house with a soiled diaper and an arrest. 

When the episode got underway, we picked up with Gus and Nilsa chatting about what they both wanted from life, or something. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that the duo started a relationship last summer, but it fizzled out because Nilsa was just out of a marriage and was not entirely ready to commit to anyone. 

This summer, however, Nilsa is ready for a relationship, but Gus is in a completely different headspace, and there was no telling whether a relationship could work. 

Gus went up to bed and left Nilsa on the couch, but there was a moment of weakness for him. He wanted to go back downstairs, but he was confronted by Aimee, who was too drunk to walk. 

He helped her to bed, and that signaled the end of the night. 

But there was trouble for Aimee, she was ill for the whole next day, and it resulted in her roomies calling an ambulance to check on her. 

In a hilarious segment, a fire truck and an ambulance showed up as though there was a mass casualty at the house. Either that or the emergency services wanted to try their hand at reality TV. 

We quickly learned that Aimee’s affliction was a hangover. Yes, really. She was told to keep drinking the water to ensure a speedy recovery. 

With these houseguests, however, it’s difficult to imagine them on the water for long, so it was only a matter of time before the action resumed. 

Gus had a moment of weakness and called his mother to find out her thoughts on the way he was feeling. It paved the way for Nilsa to comfort him as a friend, and she noted that the roles had reversed in just one year. 

Kortni then confirmed that she was still part of the show by wearing a huge diaper, urinating in it and parading around the house, trying to hit everyone with it. 

Does it get more ridiculous than that? We don’t think so. Everyone was horrified but had to try and dodge the diaper for dear life. 

It had the potential to cause another blowout argument, but that was saved for when the group went out to celebrate Jerimiah and Gus turning 23. 

The moment the team pulled up a chair in a bar, a man yelled, “Where the hoes at?” 

It’s a particularly disgusting way to treat celebrities. We kid, mostly, but Nilsa went straight on the offensive and got all up in the man’s face, yelling at him. 

Kirk responded in a typical Kirk way: He lobbed crackers at the villain. It resulted in all of them being kicked out of the bar, and Candace got into it with the law. 

Before we knew it, Candace was yelling at Gus for not defending his friends. But Gus was right: Kirk was throwing things, and that’s why they were thrown out. 

The fighting spilled over to the second bar when a group of men yelled insults at both Jeremiah and Kirk. Kirk wasted no time in slapping one of the men on the face. 

It resulted in him, Jeremiah, Candace, and Gus fleeing the scene and returning to the house. But it was just too much drama for Candace to handle, so she decided she was done and made plans to leave the house. 

The cops showed up and arrested Kirk on the spot. Oh yes, Floribama Shore Season 2 is off to a wild start, and we cannot wait to see what comes next. 

What did you think of the latest fight?

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Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV. 


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: World War Toothpaste

Don’t mess with Aimee’s toothpaste, bruh!

On Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 2, Aimee flipped the eff out over some wasted toothpaste as a new prank from Codi sent her into an emotional meltdown. 

“Nilsa, who squirted my toothpaste all on the f–king floor?” she asked Nilsa Prowant after noticing what happened. 

“In this house, since I walked in here, there’s been nothing but bullshit,” Aimee subsequently said in a confessional. “I’m so angry right now. This isn’t some off brand f–king toothpaste. This is the good stuff.”

Aimee then made her way downstairs in a robe and a blue wig to unleash holy hell on her fellow houseguests. 

“Y’all better say a prayer for us up in here because it’s about to go down,” said Nilsa as her friend made her way downstairs to confront Codi and Gus. 

The duo previously pulled a prank on Kortni by moving all of her belongings into another room in the aftermath of a huge fight. 

“Bitch, I know your messy ass did that shit,” Aimee said to Codi, who denied having anything to do with the incident. 

The pair went at it, argued, and Aimee even hit Codi when he called her a “Cotton Candy Bitch.” 

Aimee did not grow up in a wealthy household, so she admitted that she likes to look after what she does have and felt betrayed at the way it all went down. 

Gus was mad because he came from a similar family to Aimee’s and was cut up about how this affected his friend. In the end, the houseguests managed to put the feud to bed. 

But then there was Jeremiah and Codi. If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that the pair hates one another and would probably rather speaking to Angelina Pivarnick than each other. 

Yes, the relationship is that frosty.  

Codi was especially mad that Jeremiah shut him down when he tried to help calm Kortni down after her bust-up with Logan.

Codi waited until the next day to call Jeremiah out for his actions and maintained that if anyone is a tough situation, they should not look to Jeremiah for assistance. 

Jeremiah made a good point: He was the one who helped Codi when he returned to the house following his grandfather’s death. Jeremiah struggles to build connections, and it could be attributed to the fact that he lived a sheltered life before the show. 

As for Kortni, she was all over the place following her argument with Logan. While the show seemed to edit Logan in a good light, we now know that Kortni has a restraining order against Logan

Oh, and we can’t forget the myriad of mugshots of Logan floating around the internet. It’s amazing how reality TV can conceal so much and build a false narrative. 

There’s something different about Kortni when she’s around Jeremiah. He manages to keep her grounded in a way that we never thought was possible. 

Her actions are questionable at best, but there’s a good chance the two will wind up in a relationship down the line. 

Speaking of relationships, Nilsa wants to get jiggy with Gus again. They had a tumultuous relationship on Floribama Shore Season 1, so we’re not sure what a relationship between them would look like this time around. 

Gus is a player and is using his newfound fame to have sex with as many willing females as he can. Will that stop Nilsa from going there?

It’s doubtful, but we will need to tune in to future episodes to find out. 

Floribama Shore continues Mondays on MTV. 


Floribama Shore: Kortni Gilson Files Restraining Order Against Boyfriend Logan

If you’ve been keeping up with recent episodes of Floribama Shore, you know that Kortni Gilson seems head over heels for her boyfriend, Logan.

But reality episodes air months after being filmed.

In real life, Kortni got a restraining order against Logan for stalking and violence. And he has already been charged with violating the order.

Logan from Floribama Shore Mugshot

Starcasm reports that, on April 23, Kortni Gilson filed a restraining order against Logan.

The protective order was filed for violence and for stalking.

They also report that, on May 18, Logan was charged for violating the restraining order.

He was apparently seen riding his skateboard in front of her residence. He is said to have then illegally entered a club where she was located.

Within that club, he allegedly ran up to Kortni and other victims, plural, and only left when he saw that someone was on the phone.

The specifics of the alleged violence that prompted the order are unknown, but he was cited for disorderly conduct at Diego’s Bar and Grill just before 3 PM on the same day on which the order was filed.

“Upon arrival, I observed the defendant standing in the roadway doing inappropriate hand gestures (shotting [sic] the bird) to the restaurant staff,” the responding officer’s report reads.

“The defendant proceeded to yell “f–k you” loudly towards the staff,” the officer writes.

“During this,” the report says. “The restaurant was open for business.”

This apparently happened across the street from a location where families were shopping with their children, as the officer notes.

Fans and viewers are not necessarily surprised by this grim turn of events.

Many minds immediately went to Logan’s toxic, unhealthy reactions on the show.

Remember when Kortni was hopelessly drunk? Okay, that’s too vague. Remember when she was so drunk that she had to be carried into the vehicle?

She was goofing around while Logan seemed to be looking at her and seething.

Instead of supporting her or checking on her health, he instead walked over to her and, in front of everyone and the cameras, chastised her for “embarrassing” him.

Logan Mugshot (Floribama Shore)

After seeing that display of fury, it is all too easy for a lot of Floribama Shore viewers to see his anger turning violent.

But it appears that Kortni was not the only person who took out a restraining order on Logan.

It was apparently Sean Hogan, a producer on the series, who called the police when Logan barged into the club.

Which is why it is now believed that perhaps the entire cast and crew of Floribama Shore is included within the protective order against Logan.

We don’t know what he did to prompt this. But we do know that this is not his first time getting in trouble with the law.

Logan has multiple mug shots for a reason.

In October of 2016, Logan was arrested for harassing communications.

In June of 2016, Logan was charged with felony first-degree theft of property.

In June of 2017, Logan was charged with disorderly conduct.

This kind of criminal history suggests that Logan is a person with behavioral problems.

We hope that the entire cast and crew of Floribama Shore remains safe.

Viewers will now have to cringe their way through the final episodes depicting Kortni’s romance with Logan.


Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Psycho-Ass Beach

MTV’s trashier and more extreme version of Jersey Shore returned to the air Monday night, and it meant we got to catch up with the wild cast once again. 

At the top of Floribama Shore Season 2 Episode 1, we learned that Nilsa had been messaging Kortni to get her to give up the room she had on Floribama Season 1 and settle for a smaller room. 

The reason for this request? Nilsa wanted to bunk with Aimee and felt like she had the right to ask for someone else to give up their space for her. 

If you watch Jersey Shore online, or any other reality TV series that focuses on a group living in a house together, you know that the room situation is generally dealt with in a reasonable manner. 

If you get to the house first, you get a good room. If not, you get to sleep outside with the alligators. We kid, mostly, but you get our drift. 

Needless to say, Kortni was not at all amused about it and admitted that she was ready to fly off the handle with Nilsa if she tried to pull any crap with her during the summer. 

Also, Kortni was the one who urinated all over the room on the series premiere, so we think it’s fair to say that she had every right to want that room back. 

It’s best to keep the bed wetters contained to the one room because, well, the whole house could be deemed unfit for purpose if it smells of urine. 

Kortni has always been a livewire and has the potential to throw in enough drama to cause World War III. Codi and Gus wasted no time in using the room situation to their advantage. 

They swapped her belongings with Nilsa’s, and it sent Kortni off on an expletive-filled tirade that would give Jenelle Evans a run for her money. 

Kortni wanted to know who was “f–cking with my s–t.” She might as well have been a robot created by the same people who made the Sammi doll on Jersey Shore. 

Codi made his way to the loo and claimed that if she thought he was dropping the kids off at the pool, it would take him out of the frame. 

Well, he did not put it quite like that, but he was freaking the eff out in case Kortni lashed out at him. Instead, Kortni went straight to his belongings and started throwing them down the stairs. 

Codi wants to look good, and that’s why he walked into the house with all of his clothing on hangers. Despite his freshly ironed shirts being put in jeopardy, the thing that set Codi off was that she threw his white pants down the stairs. 

Kortni called a house meeting, but that did not do anything to diffuse the situation. She subsequently punched the wall, leaving a huge dent and claiming that she would do the same to anyone who crossed her. 

Kortni did finally calm down, but the damage was done. The wall was busted. We should probably say her hand was busted, too, but we do not condone violent behavior. 

When Codi fessed up, Kortni was happy to know it was not Nilsa, but there was visibly something going on behind those eyes. She was all over the place. 

The roomies went out to make sure they had the best first night ever, and bumped into Kortni’s new squeeze, Logan, who was surprisingly calm. 

They do say that opposites attract, right?

Kortni was dancing on the bar for some free shots, and just generally making an ass of herself. Logan did not like this and flipped out when his girlfriend and Kirk started playing stupid games in the cab. 

Kortni was too drunk even to know whether she needed a poop or a haircut. In true Kortni fashion, she raced out of the cab and got ready to start throwing punches at Logan. 

Is it Monday yet? 

The other houseguests were overshadowed by Kortni’s antics, but the other most notable scene involved Aimee and Codi thinking they had somehow made their way to Washington, D.C. 

The pair thought they were standing outside the White House and started chatting about independence. Little did they know the rest of the world was laughing at them.

What did you think of the premiere? Did Kortni go too far?

Hit the comments below. 

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