Kanye West on SNL: Donald Trump Forever! Democrats Never!

Kanye West dressed up as a bottle of sparkling water on the Season 44 premiere of Saturday Night Live.

See what we mean here:

Because this is Kanye West, however, such a move was actually NOT the most bizarre thing the rapper did on stage at 30 Rockefeller Center this weekend.

Late in the evening, Kanye was wearing his Make America Great baseball cap when he got ready to perform the track "Ghost Town" in lieu of the traditional cast farewell to close the show.

First, however, he decided to lecture the audience about the state of American politics and how mistaken everyone is for thinking that the Democratic party cares about black people.

"So many times I talk to a white person and [they] say, ‘How could you like Trump, he’s racist?’ Well, if I was concerned about racism I would have moved out of America a long time ago," West said on stage.

(Mr. Kim Kardashian, of course, has made plenty of headlines for his support of the mentally unstable Commander-in-Chief.)

(He recently cried during a radio interview and sort of apologized for this stance, however.)

"The blacks want always Democrats… you know it’s like the plan they did, to take the fathers out the home and put them on welfare… does anybody know about that?

"That’s a Democratic plan," Kanye added in footage that was cut by NBC.

But it was actually captured on camera bu Chris Rock, who was sitting in the crowd and audibly gasping/laughing at West as he filmed this video.

At one other point, West took off his controversial hat and then put it back on, referring to it as his "Superman cape" and adding:

"You want the world to move forward? Try love."

Where does this rant rank among all-time great Kanye West rants?

We'll let you go ahead and decide.

But check out the bizarre footage now!

Kanye west rants in favor of trump on snl gets booed on stage

Julie Chen: I’m Quitting The Talk Forever!

After her husband was ousted from CBS following allegations of years of sexual misconduct, Julie Chen addressed the scandal on The Talk. It did not go over well.

She then took a “break” from the show, but it now looks like her hiatus will be permanent.

Julie Chen has now announced that she is quitting The Talk for good.

Multiple sources confirm to CNN that Julie Chen is leaving The Talk permanently — that she is quitting the show.

She has been absent from the talk show since last week, stepping back and signing off as Julie Chen Moonves in a display of support for her disgraced husband, Les Moonves.

From what a source tells CNN, Julie isn’t representing this as a retirement — she has other activities in mind.

“She has decided that her main focus needs to be clearing her husband’s name from accusations made 25-30 years ago,” the insider tells CNN.

So she will be allegedly doing that “And tending to her son.”

On Tuesday, September 18, Julie officially confirmed that she is leaving, via a taped message that aired on The Talk.

“I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son,” she claimed in the message. “So I’ve decided to leave ‘The Talk.'”

Getting emotional, Julie added: “I have been at ‘The Talk’ since the day it started nine years ago, and the cast crew and staff have become family to me over the years.”

“I will always, always cherish the memories we shared,” Julie announced.

“Most important, I want to thank you, the viewers,” Julie said. “For allowing me into your home every day. It was a privilege that I will forever be grateful for.”

Reports say that Julie will continue to host Big Brother through the rest of the season.

But considering that this season ends next week, that does not say much about her planned future at CBS.

It may be that she plans to quit in protest or in solidarity with her husband, Les Moonves.

it is also possible that she is concerned that she will no longer enjoy her former status as the network — and that she has already grown to dislike the stigma of her association with her husband.

Her husband is certainly wealthy enough that the two of them can live in almost comical luxury, and he may receive $ 120 million in a severance package.

Though many fans will be sad to see Julie leave The Talk, others have soured on her in recent weeks.

Obviously, she is not to blame for her husband’s alleged sexual misconduct. Guilt by association is almost always unfair.

But in defending Les Moonves and affirming that she supports him, Julie picked a side. 

That resulted in her getting absolutely demolished on Twitter.

Whether she’s doing it as a true believer or because she wants to cling to her husband’s hefty bank account, a lot of The Talk viewers are less than enamored with Julie these days.

As for the statement that Julie will be trying to defend Les’ name … we’re not sure what to make of that.

She’s not, like, the world’s greatest detective, and we don’t mean that as an insult.

Let’s imagine that Les Moonves is totally innocent of sexual misconduct and also never set out to personally ruin various women’s careers for no conveivable reason beyond capriciousness and spite.

How exactly is Julie going to prove that he’s been framed for this? And how does quitting The Talk free her up to make her case?

Many fans believe that Julie is just using this as an excuse to step back from the camera because she is embarrassed.

Julie certainly seems to be either embarrassed or not interested in hearing anyone else’s opinion.

She has turned off Instagram comments — on posts going back for months.

We understand that the topic is upsetting, but if she wishes to continue to enjoy the privileges of being a public figure, she may want to accept that people who don’t personally work for her are going to have thoughts about her husband.

If she decides to fade from public life along with her husband, well, people may give her a break eventually.

But it’s harder to imagine fans being so forgiving if she really does try to set about proving that her husband is innocent.


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: No Prenup for Us! We’ll Be Married FOREVER!

On Thursday, September 13, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were spotted in a courthouse. Eyewtinesses reported that the two of them were in the marriage bureau.

Though Hailey was quick to insist that obtaining a marriage license was not the same thing as already being married, fans were overjoyed.

But we’re now learning that the two may have made a mistake that could cost one of them a whole lot of money.

Us Weekly reports that, according to a legal insider who spoke to them, Justin and Hailey did not have a prenup when they went to that courthouse to get hitched.

A pre-nuptial agreement is a legal document that helps to hash out division of property before a marriage — in the event of a divorce.

These are not uncommon when one spouse is considerably more wealthy than the other.

Hailey is worth an estimated $ 2 million. Her father, Stephen Baldwin, has been largely unable to get work because he is so notoriously unpleasant, and it worth about $ 500,000.

In contrast, Justin Bieber’s estimated net worth is about $ 265 million. If these two get divorced, the Biebs could lose a sizable chunk of that.

On Friday, September 14, Hailey insisted that she wasn’t married yet, addressing the report on Twitter.

“I understand where the speculation is coming from,” Hailey wrote. “But I’m not married yet!”

Hailey has since deleted the tweet.

According to reports, it sounds like she doesn’t consider herself married until she has a wedding — which is fair.

For many people, the marriage license is for legal rights and conveniences. It’s the ceremony — or even the commitment to each other — that makes the marriage.

Fans should keep in mind that both Hailey and Justin are devoted Christians, and place more significance in the religious ceremony of marriage than in its legal recognition.

This may also be why the two of them did not opt for a prenup.

They’ve only been engaged for a few months, and got engaged after a few weeks of dating — just a few months after Justin and Selena Gomez split again.

But despite all of that, Justin and Hailey may be planning to take their marriage very seriously, and may feel a religious obligation to avoid divorce if possible.

Some people feel like they have something to prove when it comes to marrying without divorcing.

Of course, there’s another possible explanation for their lack of a prenup — that Justin and Hailey are young.

Hailey is 21. Justin is 24. They may be old enough to get married, but neither of them are even old enough to rent a car.

So we cannot help but wonder if they didn’t think about how incredibly common divorce is, or how catastrophically expensive it can be.

That said, maybe we should give them more credit. Maybe they’re not being foolish.

It may be that they thought about it, but Justin decided that if it comes down to it, he’d want Hailey to come out fo their marriage with her fair share.

It’s easy to be dismissive of two young stars who are head over heels in love and might not be thinking realistically about the future.

But while most of us might view this kind of “we’ll-beat-the-odds” optimism as little different from some poor gambler at a blackjack table telling themselves that they have to win sooner or later, that may be unfair.

At any rate, if Justin and Hailey are viewing this marriage as a sacred commitment, maybe they don’t want to get it bogged down in legal trappings.

We wish them the best — whenever they decide to get married on their terms.

A New York state marriage certificate is valid for 60 days, so we’re guessing that they’re planning their nuptials for some time between now and early November.


Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Tia and Colton Forever?

Will they or won’t they?

And will viewers even care once they do or do not at this point?

On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Tia Booth and Colton Underwood were once again in the spotlight, with the status of their relationship once again up for debate and analysis.

But did they actually arrive at a resolution this time around?

To kick off this installment, Tia gave Chris crap for kissing Krystal behind her back, but Chris tried to argue that nothing had changed between him and Tia.

He still liked her and didn’t understand why she had an issue with how the game is played: You flirt with everyone, you develop some connections, you kiss a bunch of people.

Rinse and repeat, right?

Krystal, meanwhile, awkwardly interrupted Tia and Chris’ conversation to give her point of view… margarita in hand.

“It’s weird talking about someone I like who likes someone else who likes someone else,” she said.

When Tia told Chris she was taking herself out of this love triangle, he made it sound like it was his idea.

That meant that Chris was suddenly available, much to Krystal’s excitement. 

As for Tia?

She realized she was still interested in Colton after he came to her about Chris and Krystal.

But she grew emotional when Jacqueline arrived and asked Colton on a date.

(Are you following along? Don’t worry. There won’t be a test later.)

However, Colton turned Jacqueline down because he wanted to finish his conversation with Tia.

Still, this exchange didn’t appear to be going anywhere until Bibiana lit a fire under Underwood and he decided… the heck with the dilly and especially with the dallying.

He wanted to give a relationship with Tia a chance!

And she felt the same way! Hooray! At last, the back-and-forth of the past six months was over!


There was some non-Tia and Colton news as well this week…

Annaliese, for instance, had been hanging out with Kenny and lot and was about to take things to the next level… when Jacqueline swooped in and asked him on a date. Darn it!

He and Jacqueline had “interesting conversation,” to use his words, over dinner and kissed as they watched fireworks.

But Kenny also kissed Annaliese after she expressed feelings for him and ended up giving her his rose — after he also made out with Jacqueline and Bibiana at the cocktail party.

Also on this episode:

– Jordan went a bit crazy when David gave Jenna a huge stuffed dog for her birthday.

– He dragged the plush animal across the beach, choked it and threw it into the ocean in a fury.

– Then he flipped out on Chelsea and Jubilee when he felt like they were gossiping about him.

– Jordan eventually apologized after some prodding from Eric and Annaliese.

In closing, here is how the rose ceremony played out:

  1. Kimball gives his rose to Cooper.
  2. Ravitz gives his rose to Chelsea Roy.
  3. Randone gives his rose to Nielson.
  4. John Graham gives his rose to Jubilee Sharpee.
  5. Joe Amabile gives his rose to Kendall Long.
  6. Kevin Wendt gives his rose to Astrid Loch.
  7. Underwood gives his rose to Booth.
  8. Eric Bigger gives his rose to Angela Amezcua.
  9. Kenny Layne gives his rose to Annaliese Puccini

This all meant that Bibiana Julian, Caroline Lunny, Nysha Norris and Trumbull packed their bags and were sent home.


Lindsay Lohan Is “Canceled Forever” After Bashing #MeToo Movement

In a perplexing interview, Lindsay Lohan slammed the #MeToo movement … and said that coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse makes the accusers "look weak."

"I think by women speaking against all these things, it makes them look weak," Lindsay said. "When they are very strong women."

As if that weren't bad enough, she then went on to imply that maybe some of the young women shared harrowing stories of sexual harassment, abuse, and even rape were just in it for, you guessed it, "attention."

While that has been debunked time and time again, a lot of people were outraged and horrified.

We can only guess that they had forgotten that Lindsay had supported Harvey Weinstein, of all people, and encouraged his wife to stand by him.

Aisha Tyler, like so many others, took to social media to slam Lindsay.

When Aisha announced that Lindsay is canceled, it prompted a lot of discussion. Take a look:

1. Aisha Tyler said what many were thinking

Lindsay lohan slammed and canceled tweets 01 aisha
Aisha received a lot of thoughtful responses. And also a lot of less thoughtful replies.

2. A classic internet burn

Lindsay lohan slammed and canceled tweets 02 who
This is obviously a joke, poking fun at the fact that Lindsay hasn’t really been culturally relevant for about a decade.

3. Survivors spoke up

Lindsay lohan slammed and canceled tweets 03 tough not weak
This tweet is absolutely right — speaking up takes a tremendous amount of strength.

4. Others chimed in with support

Lindsay lohan slammed and canceled tweets 04 courage
Speaking truth to power is a brave act.

5. As the young people say: we been knew

Lindsay lohan slammed and canceled tweets 05 been canceled
In other words, Lindsay Lohan was canceled a long time ago, in this person’s eyes.

6. Others were more sympathetic

Lindsay lohan slammed and canceled tweets 06 care about brokenne
A lot of people believe that Lindsay Lohan was just saying in the interview what she tells herself about her own life.

View Slideshow

Ninja Says He’s ‘Being Smart’ with Gaming Fortune, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

Pro gaming legend Ninja says he’s not going out like Antoine Walker — telling TMZ Sports he’s saving every penny of the FORTUNE he’s making playing video games so he doesn’t end up broke.  Ninja is considered the best Fortnite player on the…


Danielle Bregoli: My Last Words to XXXTentacion Will Haunt Me Forever …

On Monday, rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead in Miami. While some shed no tears over the death of a man accused of horrific abuse against his ex, others are in mourning.

One of those grieving is Danielle Bregoli, whose Cash Me Ousside line spawned a meme and launched her very own rap career.

She revealed her chilling final conversation with XXXTentacion, and the words that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Danielle Bregoli took to Instagram to share her grief.

“Yesterday,” Danielle writes. “I lost one someone very important to me.”

Before his passing, most fans of either of them weren’t even aware that the two were friends.

Danielle explains: “x was not only a close friend but he was a inspiration.”

Though she’s 5 years younger, she, too, is a rapper.

“He gave me the best advice,” Danielle tells her fans. “And was always there for me when I needed him.”

It sounds like she regarded him as a mentor. But things weren’t always good between them.

Danielle says: “Even when we would argue or he would call me yelling and mad or disappointed because I did some dumb s–t he would always say ‘Ight I love you mamas’ before he hung up.”

That sounds like quite the friendship.

“The feeling of him being gone kills me,” Danielle confesses. “He would always be one call away.”

The suddenness of that loss can really hit you.

“And I hate the thought that when I’m in the need to talk to him when I’m upset he won’t be here to tell me everything’s gonna be okay,” Danielle says.

Danielle also reveals, to her horror, what her last words to him were.

“Bc of that dumb Trippie and 69 s–t,” she says. “Unfortunately the last call I had with x ended with me saying ‘i don’t ever wanna talk to you again’ and nothing is killing me right now more than that.”

Danielle has recently been lamenting the toxic gangster imagery that some rappers project and even embrace as part of their brand, and the feuds that arise from it.

But she must be plagued with so much undeserved guilt over those words.

“And the crazy thing is,” Danielle says. “Sunday night I had the urge to call him and I forgot.”

It happens.

Danielle describes how she got the news: “Then yesterday afternoon I plugged my phone in in the car and randomly ‘sad’ came on then my phone buzzed i looked down and I had got the message saying he passed away.”

That must have been a terrible experience.

“I didn’t know what to say and my mind couldn’t process it,” she confesses.

She says that, at first, it did not feel real.

“I just couldn’t believe he was gone and I still can’t,” Danielle admits, adding the tag: #ripxxxtentacion”

Danielle also revealed that XXXTentacion had made a video call to her.

She didn’t give any context, but some of his last words to her were:

“I was wrong. I was wrong,” the late rapper told her over a video call.

XXXTentacion continues, saying: “I’m not afraid to admit I was wrong. I care about your emotions.”

We don’t know the specific context, but it’s clear that 15-year-old Danielle and the late rapper had a close friendship.

Danielle Bregoli may have risen to fame for being a barely-teenage troublemaker, but she has some serious words of wisdom to share.

“This needs to be a wake-up call,” Danielle tells TMZ, to all of the rappers who try to present hardened or thuggish images of themselves.

“People are gonna get a hold of them,” Danielle fears.

“It’s not funny anymore. We’ve lost X ‘cause of this.”

She laments that so many individuals “want to act all big and bad.”

“Is this what you all needed?” Danielle asks tearfully. “Now X is gone. Does this make any sense to you, now? Do you understand this is real life and not a f–king video game?”

In video games, people can adopt new roles without real-world consequences. In real life, portraying yourself as a hardened criminal who doesn’t back down can lead to your death.

Though we don’t know if XXXTentacion’s death was the result of anything of the sort.