Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Pay Birthday Tribute to Son Tyler: We Didn’t Forget This Time!

There are many challenges that come with raising 20 children.

You have to feed and clothe a small army, you have to yell out the right name when you’re angry, which is often a challenge even for parents with regular-sized families…

… and of course, you have to remember 20 different birthdays.

Lately, that last task has proven a considerable challenge for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Yes, despite their claims of being the planet’s foremost super parents, the Duggars have been forgetting birthdays lately.

But don’t worry, they’ve been doing their damnedest to cover their tracks.

First, they spaced on Jordyn Duggars’ birthday, and hastily threw together a last-minute celebration.

Shortly thereafter, Joseph Duggar turned 23, and his parents obviously forgot about his big day entirely.

They compensated by posting a video with a Jay Leno impersonator they’d just happened to run into, which sounds like something only the drunkest of stepdads would attempt to get away with.

Needless to say, the Duggars took quite a bit of flak, for their recent lapses in memory.

So it should come as no surprise that they’ve taken steps to ensure that no such errors occur again.

After all, forgetting your kids’ birthdays is one thing – being called out as anything other than models of perfect parenting is quite another.

Many fans of the family aren’t even aware of this, but back in 2016, the Duggars adopted a 20th child.

His name is Tyler Duggar and he celebrated his 10th birthday over the weekend.

Newly self-conscious about assuring the world that they remember the dates all their kids were born, the Duggars took to social media to pay tribute to Tyler.

The Duggars posted the above photo on Facebook, along with a caption praising the newest addition to their massive brood:

“Happy 10th birthday Tyler, a whole decade now!” Michelle and Jim Bob wrote.

“You are such a joy and a delight! We are so thankful for you! We wish you a happy birthday and look forward to another great year!!” 

Comments on the post served as a reminder that many fans were not aware of Tyler’s existence:

“Happy Birthday young man…Tyler. But, who is Tyler? All Duggar names start with a J,” one fan wrote.

“Who is Tyler? I thought all there [sic] kids’ names started with a J? Did they adopt?” another remarked.

So it looks like the Duggars haven’t been very good about celebrating all things Tyler on social media.

But hey, at least they remembered his birthday!

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Jordyn Duggar: Did Her Parents Forget Her Birthday?!

Last month, Jordyn Duggar turned 9 years old.

Her family celebrated Jordyn’s birthday in true Duggar fashion by assembling a massive crowd of siblings to sing to her about Jesus.

They even posted photos and video of the occasion on social media for all of their fans to enjoy.

But some of those fans believe something was amiss with the celebration.

You see, Jordyn’s birthday follows closely after that of her younger sister, Josie.

With 19 children, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are obviously accustomed to back-to-back birthday celebrations, but Josie’s is more of a special occasion than most.

Born three months premature, 8-year-old Josie is often referred to as the Duggar’s “miracle baby.”

As the youngest in the family, she reportedly enjoys the lion’s share of her parents’ attention and affection. 

It’s a situation the other Duggars have reportedly come to accept, but some fans feel the Josie-worship went too far recently, and they’re accusing Jim Bob and Michelle of getting so caught up in the birthday of their youngest daughter that they forgot about Jordyn entirely.

As we pointed out earlier, the Duggars did, in fact, celebrate Jordyn’s birthday, but fans on Reddit believe they did so only after being reminded of the occasion on social media.

“It’s mid-afternoon and still no happy birthday post for Jordyn. Because something always seems to be more important than Jordyn. The story of her poor, lost life,” one fan remarked on Jordyn’s big day.

“There is just such a history of the poor girl being overshadowed by Josie. It breaks my heart and I don’t even know the kid. I want to adopt her as an ‘unofficial niece’ and spoil her with love and attention,” another commented.

Other fans pointed out that Jordyn’s birthday was further eclipsed by the announcement that Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are expecting their first child:

“Wouldn’t whoever announced Jendra’s pregnancy have known that today is Jordyn’s birthday?” wrote one Reddit user.

“Common sense would tell them to delay announcing it for 2 days till Wednesday or the end of the week. But I guess we can wish her if her family can’t. Happy birthday Jordyn!”

When the Duggars did finally acknowledge Jordyn on social media, it was too little, too late for many fans:

“I wonder if they’ve seen comments surrounding how they ‘forgot’ her birthday because her b-day message seems longer than normal lol albeit the same generic stuff,” wrote one follower.

“They literally didn’t post it until darned near her bedtime. They probably had to edit Josie out of all her pictures,” remarked another.

With 18 siblings, we’re sure Jordyn is accustomed to not being the center of attention, but that doesn’t make the possibility that the Duggars forgot a 9-year-old’s birthday any easier to accept.

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Kailyn Lowry: Forget Chris Lopez, Our Baby Has MY Last Name!

If you’ve been keeping up with Kailyn Lowry and all of her baby drama, you know that the naming of precious little Baby Lo has been a little bit of an ordeal.

Like, it took her nearly two entire months to name the kid.

But then, in a trendy Instagram post, she revealed that she’d finally completed the task, and the world was introduced to Lux Russell.

Lux is … well, it’s an interesting name, we’ll say that.

And according to some quotes from an interview Kailyn just did with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the reasoning behind the name is just as interesting.

As she explains, “It took me so long to name the baby because I was trying to work with Chris to agree on the name. But we just couldn’t agree.”

“Until we ended things for good and I decided I would just pick something I loved and he agreed to the first name prior to me deciding it would be the name for sure.”

So they had a hard time settling on a name they both liked, but they both thought Lux was OK, so now that they’re completely done with each other, she just went with it.

“I finally decided on a name because it felt like I was going nowhere with Chris trying to decide,” she says.

Fair enough.

But when they were still trying to reach a decision together, they liked the name Lux because it’s “different but not completely off-the-wall.”

They were also strongly considering naming the baby Christian.

As for Lux’s middle name, Russell, Kailyn chose it because of Russell Vitale, a hip hop artist she likes who goes by the stage name of Russ.

It may seem like an odd choice, but Russell is a classic name on its own, and besides, her other two kids were similarly named.

Isaac, bless his heart, was named after Isaac Hanson of the beloved boy band Hanson, and Lincoln’s middle name is Marshall, after Marshall Mathers.

Lastly, Kailyn reveals the answer to another question we’ve been wondering for a while now: whose last name does the baby have?!

She says that her third son’s full name is Lux Russell Lowry — she gave him her last name, and she simply says that she “doesn’t know” how Chris feels about it.

Which is a little concerning, because it sounds like she and Chris have really had no contact for a while now, if he doesn’t know something so basic about his own son.

But all in all, it’s a solid enough name for a truly precious little baby.

Congrats again, Kailyn!


Jenelle Evans: Forget What You Heard, I Love My Kids!

If you’ve been keeping up with the comings and goings of Jenelle Evans, then you know that things aren’t going so great right now.

Things are actually going very, very badly.

Sure, she’s been doing her best to keep up that picture-perfect image she’s been so intent on creating for the past year or two.

And that’s where that admittedly cute family photo above comes in!

Jenelle shared that photo of all three of her kids together — there’s Jace, Kaiser, and little baby Ensley, all in one picture!

“All of mommas ducklings,” she captioned the sweet photo, along with the hashtag “Family First.”

It really is a special occasion that all of her offspring are able to come together in the same place — after all, all three of them have different fathers.

Her oldest child, Jace, lives with Barbara Evans, and though Kaiser and Ensley both live with Jenelle, she usually just shares photos of her little girl while Kaiser runs around unattended outside or gets yelled at for being a toddler.

So is it nice to see a photo like this?

Of course!

But is it nice enough to make us forget about the absolute mess that is Jenelle’s life right now?

Absolutely not.

In just two short weeks, she will be headed to court in the custody case for that adorable Kaiser — and despite her unbelievable luck when it comes to court, there’s a chance she could actually face some consequences for her actions this time.

Earlier this month, Kaiser’s grandmother — Nathan Griffith’s mother — Doris Davidson filed for emergency custody of Kaiser because, as she claimed, Jenelle and her soon-to-be husband, David Eason, had been abusing him.

She said that she’d been documenting bruises she’s seen after picking the kid up for his visits, and she even said that he’d told her David had punched him in the head.

On top of that, she claimed that Jenelle and David had been neglecting him, letting him play outside by himself.

He just recently had his third birthday, by the way.

So, you know, he’s a little too young to be taking care of himself.

Another issue Doris listed is Jenelle’s recent case with child protective services — the case began right after Ensley was born with marijuana in her system.

That case is what really heated up the custody battle for Jace — Barbara was informed of Ensley’s drug test and the madness that followed, and that’s when she banned Jenelle from seeing him.

It’s also probably why Jenelle agreed to visitation in mediation instead of fighting for full custody.

The whole thing is just the biggest mess that ever was, right?

And though she’s obviously trying to make it seem like everything’s fine with photos like that one of her with all of her “ducklings,” not many people are fooled.

“So easy to pose in a photo for five seconds,” one person commented on the photo. “Try taking care of all of them everyday.”

“Is it just me or anyone else find it comical that #familyfirst was used for a hashtag?!? Lol…” another wrote.

One person decided to mock Jenelle, writing “Look I’m such a great mom…. But only on social media for likes.”

But hey, it’s nice that on this one particular occasion she was able to get all three kids together and take such a good family photo.

This might be a whole lot harder to do after her upcoming court case …


Farrah Abraham: Forget Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout is an Alcoholic!

Farrah Abraham doesn’t exactly get along with the other girls on Teen Mom OG.

But then again, if you have eyes and ears and have found yourself on parts of the internet that discuss Farrah Abraham, you already know this.

She and Amber Portwood used to be friends, but they became enemies after Farrah dared to point out that Matt Baier is a giant, good-for-nothing creep.

Amber didn’t appreciate it, and she even tried to throw a swing at Farrah over it.

She and Catelynn Lowell haven’t been getting along either, and Catelynn takes every possible opportunity to slam her somehow.

But, if you can believe it, the feud between Farrah and Maci Bookout predates all of these spats.

Remember, when Teen Mom first returned to our televisions, Farrah wasn’t involved. When producers brought her back mid-season, Maci threatened to quit the show.

The issue, she said, was that she didn’t want her son to share screen time with a porn star — which, hey, that’s her prerogative.

Though Maci eventually gave in, she and Farrah have been catty towards each other ever since.

To this day, really.

During one of her many birthday parties, Farrah was approached by In Touch, and she was asked about Ryan Edwards’ newly revealed drug issues.

Specifically, she was asked about the Teen Mom OG scene in which Maci tearfully revealed to Amber and Catelynn that Ryan’s drug use had gotten out of hand.

“Everyone else around him is too afraid of what it will look like more than his health,” Maci explained on the show.

“I’m just sick of cleaning up his mess. I get tired of dealing with the sh-t. Just being the only one that f-cking sees everything and cares.”

It was a sad scene, one of the most intense things we’ve seen on the show in a while.

But Farrah didn’t see things that way.

“Who is she to talk about someone else’s substance abuse when she’s like an alcoholic?” she wondered.

Shots fired.

There are many Teen Mom OG fans who suspect that Maci may have a drinking problem — she’s often seen with a beer in her hand in her scenes.

There was also a widespread theory that she was drinking throughout much of her pregnancy with her third child, Maverick.

The “Maci is an alcoholic” went on for so long that she even confronted the rumors in her new book.

“Folks I am an adult, over the legal drinking age, and just because I’m a mom that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a beer on a Sunday evening with my husband,” she wrote in one section.

“Newsflash: Mothers Are Human Beings. We are flawed, hard-working, well-intentioned, exhausted individuals; we do our best, we make mistakes, but above all we love our children.”

She wrote that “obviously I don’t condone excessive drinking,” but “having a beer — or even smoking the occasional cigarette — does not warrant a call to Child Services, and it does not make you a bad mother.”

So if she even bothers to respond to Farrah, it looks like we’ll be in for a fun new chapter in the never-ending saga of Farrah vs. The World.