R. Kelly Survivor Comes Forward With “Sex Cult” Horror Story!

Over the summer, we heard allegations that R. Kelly keeps teen girls captive in a “sex cult” in which he controls every aspect of their lives, from how they eat to how they serve him.

While these aren’t the first stomach-churning accusations about R. Kelly that we’d heard, this really shed new light on the sort of monster that he allegedly is.

It’s important to recognize that adults can be victims as well. One woman, Kitti Jones, has come forward with accusations of how R. Kelly lured her into a relationship, convinced her to quit her job, and subjected her to a two-year horror show of control and abuse.

R Kelly and Kitti Jones

In 1994, R. Kelly was 27 years old.

In 1994, he married Aaliyah, who was only 15 years old at the time.

That’s horrifying enough, but when you listen to people talk about their accounts of their experiences with R. Kelly, you start to see a grotesque pattern of not only sexual predation upon minors but of alleged abuse.

In the ’90s, R. Kelly settled at least three suits with women who alleged that he’d preyed upon them when they were minors, and at least one of those women alleged that he’d encouraged her to participate in group sex with him and other minor girls.

Until this summer,t he most notorious thing about R. Kelly was the video tape that surfaced in 2002 and showed a young girl calling R. Kelly “daddy” before he urinated into her mouth.

Though dozens of witnesses identified the girl as having been 14 at the time, jurors somehow acquitted R. Kelly of multiple counts of child pornography … because they “couldn’t” verify her age.

So, you know, another great example of the justice system and how it works … well, how it operates.

All of that is enough reason for you to want to hide your kids.

As it turns out, where R. Kelly is concerned, you might want to hide your wife, too.

Because we heard allegations this summer that indicate that R. Kelly is also a danger to adult women.

(Honestly, a college classmate of mine shared several years ago that a man hit on her in a bar and she assumed that he was just fishing for free drinks — and later learned that it was R. Kelly. I can’t help thinking that she really dodged a bullet)

Back in July, we heard allegations that R. Kelly keeps a number of young women, teenagers included, in a cult-like environment that revolves around them servicing him, sexually.

Beyond that, he is said to keep them isolated from their families and the outside world. He allegedly controls what they eat and when they eat it and even when they go to the bathroom.

According to these accusations, R. Kelly does all of this slowly, grooming them, and effectively brainwashes them into defending him when anyone expresses concern.

Most seriously of all, there were allegations of verbal and physical abuse.

R. Kelly denied these accusations, to no one’s surprise. He was similarly dismissive of the infamous underage pee-tape.

Even back in July, a sex partner of R. Kelly’s confirmed the allegations contained within the damning expose.

And then in August, another alleged sex abuse victim of R. Kelly’s came forward.

Well, a Rolling Stone article titled “Surviving R. Kelly” details the experiences of one survivor named Kitti Jones.

She says that she was a huge fan of R. Kelly growing up — like, a superfan who would get up close to the stage at his concerts. He was her “Brad Pitt,” she says.

On the night that she first met him, they exchanged numbers and he told her to call him “daddy,” not “Rob.” This was back in 2011, and the happy beginning to Kitti’s nightmare.

They texted back and forth and she would send him risque photos. When they saw each other again, Kitti describes R. Kelly as walking into the hotel room, sitting down, and whipping out his penis.

“I was attracted to him and was just like, ‘Well, OK. Fine.’ Maybe he just has weird ways of getting off.”

Well … we guess she’s not wrong.

The two had oral sex that weekend, Kitti says, with R. Kelly saying things like “I gotta teach you how to be with me” and “I gotta train you.” So … yikes.

“He was like a drill sergeant even when he was pleasuring me,” Kitti describes. “He was telling me how to bend my back or move my leg here. I’m like, ‘Why is he directing it like this?’ It was very uncomfortable.”

But his celebrity status, her attraction to him, his months of having groomed her over the phone, and the way that he made her feel special added up to her not worrying about it too much.

At first, she says, she believed their relationship to be monogamous, despite some … warning signs.

“He said, ‘I have friends and I have girls I’ve raised.’ I didn’t know what he meant by ‘raised’ at the time. He said, ‘I eventually want you to meet them, but I want to make sure you’re mentally ready for that.'”

FYI, folks, everything that Kitti just described R. Kelly as having said is a huge, huge red flag. And then it gets worse.

R. Kelly would insist that she not interact with men, even male drivers. Also, he convinced her to quit her job, promising ot pay her double her salary as a DJ.

Even before he got her to quit, though, Kitti says that he already had her feeling emotionally tethered to him, and very defensive against any criticism.

“Rob kinda makes you feel like you have to defend him. It’s like you and him against the world. If someone brought him up [in conversation], immediately a wall went up.”

Once she quit her job and moved to be with him, Kitti says that she surrendered even more control to R. Kelly. He dictated how she could dress when she went out in public and required constant check-ins, even texts like “Daddy, I need to go to the restroom.”

The first instance of alleged abuse took place less than a month after Kitti moved in with him, as a result of Kitti challenging him about the pee tape.

His response was fury, and she describes him spending a car ride berating her while striking her in the face and kicking her while she apologized.

The next day, she says, he took her shopping and neither of them addressed what had happened. She says that she considered leaving him, but that she’d have felt silly after having quit her job to be with him.

Unfortunately, as any abuse survivor could tell you, the first incident was not the last. Kitti says that there were 10 instances of R. Kelly inflicting physical abuse upon her during their first year together, and that the abuse happened more frequently the following year.

When R. Kelly went on his “Single Ladies” tour, however, he treated her “like a princess,” which dashed many of Kitti’s misgivings.

(Remember, it’s classic abuser behavior for them to play games with their victims, rewarding them and even making them second-guess how bad things had really gotten)

After the tour, R. Kelly housed Kitti alongside two of his other girlfriends, monitoring their movements with cameras and punishing them by taking away their phones — at one point, taking Kitti’s for two months.

Losing your phone sucks, but in their case, this meant that they couldn’t request food.

In fact, Kitti says that R. Kelly would also use starvation to punish his “girlfriends.” At one point, she went without food for two and a half days.

And though they were living in neighboring rooms, the three women didn’t even know each other’s real names at first, Kitti says. They were also supposed to report on each other if one of them was breaking the rules.

“If you disclose your relationship with him [to another woman] — how long you’ve known him or whatever — you can get beat. He doesn’t want in any way for one girl to feel more like, ‘Oh, we’re closer than you guys.’ Even though we knew deep down we’re all living there, we didn’t address it.”

In March of 2013, Kitti says, R. Kelly once again escalated their relationship by bringing in another young woman, naked, and having her and Kitti have sex with each other.

“He told me, ‘I raised her. I’ve trained this bitch. This is my pet.'”

Calling someone your “pet” in roleplay is fine, but this is more severe. And Kitti says that it was the beginning of R. Kelly forcing her into group sex.

“You can’t say no because you’re going to get punished. You just become numb to what’s happening. It’s so traumatic the things that he makes you do to other people and to him.”

And she says that yes, he still enjoys urinating on women in sexual situations.

“He videotapes everything that he does, and sometimes he’ll just make you watch what he’s done to other girls or girls that he had be together. He would masturbate to that and then have you give him oral sex while he’s watching what he did with somebody else on his iPad.”

After six months of “hell” in which Kitti says that she was being punished every week — either being struck in the face or being starved or having her phone taken — Kitti was able to break free.

Fabricating a desire to take her son shopping, she went to Dallas with only a pair of suitcases. That was her escape.

In November of that year, R. Kelly showed up, ostensibly to return her possessions that she’d had to abandon. Instead, she says, he lured her onto his tour bus and inflicted more physical abuse upon her to punish her for leaving.

The two have never seen each other since.

Well, that’s all horrifying.


Montia Sabbag Comes Forward as Alleged Kevin Hart Mistress

Montia Sabbag has identified herself as the woman at the center of the ongoing Kevin Hart scandal.

How can we be so certain?

Because high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom has come forward and Tweeted that she representing Montia Sabbag, “the woman at the center of the Kevin Hart scandal.”

This scandal centers of a video that purports to feature Sabbag and Hart in a sexually explicit situation.

The former is a stripper who met and partied with Hart for an entire weekend last month in Las Vegas.

The video in question is NOT a sex tape, per se, but it does make it pretty clear that Hart had sex with Sabbag.

And Hart himself also made this clear by recording himself apologizing to his wife and kids last week.

“It’s a sh-tty moment. It’s a sh-tty moment when you know you’re wrong and there’s no excuses for your wrong behavior,” Hart said in his own video, emphasizing that he isn’t a “perfect” person and adding:

“At the end of the day, man, I just simply gotta do better.”

So, yeah… Hart totally cheated on his wife – he pregnant wife! – with Sabbag.

But did Sabbag really try to extort the star? Did she demand millions of dollars from him in exchange for keeping their video private?

According to Bloom, Sabbag “was briefly involved with Kevin Hart a month ago. Since that time, she has been the subject of false, vicious attacks on her character.”

The attorney, who has made a living out of repping celebrities, says she will hold a press conference with her new client on Wednesday.

During this gathering, Sabbag “will speak out … about the true facts of this situation, and will announce their next legal move.”

How can Sabbag, who seemingly got this whole scandal rolling by threatening to release her video with Hart to the public, take legal action against anyone in this instance?

We’ll find out soon, we guess.

As for the state of Hart’s marriage to Eniko, it’s doing just fine, insiders say.

“She has accepted his apology and is focused on her pregnancy and what’s to come,” a source tells E! News.

“She has no plans for divorce. She believes Kevin is a good husband and always comes home to her.”

Just two months why of giving birth, Eniko is more concerned with the ongoing media coverage than anything else.

“She is bothered that these stories find their way into the press and that people are asking her about it,” the source adds.

“But she does her best to ignore it all and move forward. She listens to her husband and is not going to get stressed out. She is supporting him and standing by him.”

Hart, who apparently cheated on his first wife as well, also said the following in his mea culpa a few days ago:

“I made a bad error in judgment and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did.

“And in doing that, I know that I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, who’ve I talked to and apologized to, that would be my wife and my kids.”

He shares two kids with the aforementioned first wife.

Should Eniko really forgive Hart?

She can perhaps take comfort, for some reason, is knowing Hart is far from the first celebrity to ever cheat…


R. Kelly: Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim Comes Forward With Shocking Accusations

Last month, BuzzFeed published a scathing report accusing famed R&B singer R. Kelly of running a “sex cult” that preyed on underage girls.

Attorneys for Kelly denied the accusations, but now the author of the original piece, Jim DeRogatis, has published a follow-up interview with a woman who says she was personally victimized by the singer.

Jerhonda Pace claims she became involved in a sexual relationship with Kelly when she was just 16 years old.

Several years ago, Pace accepted a payout from Kelly’s team in order to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

After reading DeRogatis’ exposé, however, Pace decided that she could no longer remain silent in good conscience.

Pace says she met Kelly at a house party in 2009, and a sexual relationship developed shortly thereafter.

A fan of Kelly’s from childhood, Pace frequently cut class to attend his statutory rape trial the year prior.

She says Kelly was quick to exploit her worshipful fandom and quickly brainwashed her into a veritable sex slave.

In an account consistent with the appalling details in the original Buzzfeed piece, Pace says she was forced to follow a strict set of rules that included wearing baggy clothes so as not to attract other men, and asking permission to shower, eat, and leave the property where she lived with Kelly.

“I had to call him ‘daddy,’ and he would call me ‘baby,’” Pace says.

“He wanted me to have two pigtails, and I had to go out and find little schoolgirl outfits.”

Pace says she’s aware she’ll likely face a lawsuit from Kelly as a result of coming forward with her allegations but considers that a small price to pay if she can prevent others from suffering the way she did.

“If I can speak out and I can help them get out of that situation, that’s what I will do,” she tells Buzzfeed.

“I didn’t have anybody to speak up on my behalf when I was going through what I was going through with him. He’s brainwashed them really bad, and it kind of reminds me of Charles Manson.”

Pace is the fifth member of Kelly’s alleged sex cult to come forward with similar accounts of abuse and predatory behavior from the Grammy winner.

Attorneys for Kelly have already issued a statement denying her allegations:

“The allegations against Mr. Kelly are false, and are being made by individuals known to be dishonest,” reads a press release issued today.

“It is clear these continuing stories are the result of the effort of those with personal agendas who are working in concert to interfere with and damage his career. Mr. Kelly again denies any and all wrong doing and is taking appropriate legal action to protect himself from ongoing defamation.”

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Usher Accuser Comes Forward, Says She Feels “Violated”

Quantasia Sharpton says she feels violated by Usher.

And attorney Lisa Bloom says Quantasia Sharpton isn’t alone.

As previously reported, Usher settled a lawsuit back in 2012 for $ 1.1 million after he allegedly admitted in court that he misled a sexual partner about his earlier diagnosis of Herpes.

In short, he told this woman that he did not have the disease…

… only to later confess he was lying after she contracted it three weeks after she started boning the singer.

The artist then settled her legal complaint for the aforementioned amount.

This case was closed years ago, but the documents only just surfaced online last month.

As a result, other women who have slept with Usher in the time since have come forward because they learned from reading these reports that they were also exposed to Herpes.

(NOTE: Herpes never really goes away. You are always a carrier, even if you take medication and cure your own symptoms.)

At least one man has also apparently alleged sexual contact with Usher, and is none too pleased over the information he’s now discovered.

On Monday morning, meanwhile, Bloom stood along Sharpton as she held a press conference during which she detailed her sexual encounter with Usher.

” love Usher’s artistry and music,” she said at the outset, elaborating as follows:

“I went to a concert of his with some friends a few years ago to celebrate a birthday. I was wearing a birthday crown, and because of that, I was selected to go backstage before the show.

“Later, a security guard picked me out and asked me for my number.

“He told me Usher had seen me backstage and was interested in me.”

Sharpton was 19 years old at the time.

“I got a call from Usher on a blocked number, asking me what hotel I was staying in and the room number,” Sharpton continued.

“About an hour later, he arrived. We spoke for a while, and then we engaged in sexual contact. He never warned me about any STDs… I never heard from him again.

“When I first heard reports that he had herpes, I couldn’t believe it.

“I had a child a year ago, and I knew I was negative. But I contacted Lisa Bloom to find out what my rights are as a woman.”

Shaprton concluded that she may not have the disease, but she’s upset because she never would have consented to sex if she had known. She feels duped.

“I am doing this so he does not do this to anyone else,” she says.

“Usher, if you are negative, please say so. If you are positive, you need to warn your sex partners so they can make their own informed decisions.”

Indeed, Bloom also closed her remarks by walking the legal line of not outright accusing Usher of having Herpes.

That has never been proven true. 

Instead, the famous attorney simply made a plea to the famous artist:

“We hope the reports are not true. We hope that Mr. Raymond is negative and that this can all be cleared up quickly.

“No one in America, even a popular celebrity, is above the law, and everyone, even ordinary people who find themselves swept away by a superstar, has the legal right to be respected, which includes being warned about STDs so each woman can make a decision about her own health and her own body.”


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Ariana Grande is moving forward with her benefit concert in Manchester Sunday … despite another terror attack in neighboring London the night before.  Ariana’s manager, Scotter Braun, said early Sunday morning that Ariana and co. feel an…