Yasiel Puig’s Fourth Home Burglary Triggers Big Police Presence in Neighborhood

If Dodgers slugger Yasiel Puig’s house is hit by burglars again … it won’t be because of a lack of effort by cops. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops have significantly increased their presence in the San Fernando Valley area where Puig’s…


Kanye West & Kim Kardashian “On the Brink of Divorce,” Halting Plans For Fourth Child [Report]

For weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are planning to welcome a fourth child.

Sources claim the iconic couple has one embryo remaining and they’ve been hoping to welcome another child via surrogate sometime in the next year.

Unfortunately, it seems those plans may now be on hold indefinitely due to what sources describe as growing tension in Kim and Kanye’s marriage. 

“Kim and Kanye have been on the brink of divorce numerous times, but Kim only has one embryo, a boy, left and she’s not letting it go to waste,” an insider tells In Touch Weekly.

“Having another baby has become an obsession for Kim,” the source adds.

“It’s all she thinks about day and night. If she had to choose between the two, she’d go for the baby over her husband.” 

Unfortunately, it seems Kim may have to pull the trigger on that decision very soon, as Kanye reportedly has no interest in coming up with another eccentric baby name:

“He doesn’t want another child at this point,” the insider claims.

“He loves his kids, but he’s grown distant from Kim,” 

Sources say that Kim does not suspect that there’s another woman in Kanye’s life, but does feel as though she’s been “dumped” in favor of her husband’s many passions, including his music and fashion line.

“She’s tired of having to deal with his insane ego and playing his style muse,” the source said. “She considers Kanye her baby-maker at this point.” 

Yes, it seems Kanye has been reduced to sperm-donor status in Kim’s eyes.

And the insider claims she’s not terribly torn up about demoting her egomaniacal husband.

“Kim just wants another baby. Motherhood is the best thing that’s happened to her,” the source explains.

“It’s almost like she’s looking forward to being a single mom.”

Well, with the amount of time Kanye spends recording 5-track “albums” in Wyoming and serving as creative director for the Pornhub Awards, Kim certainly has plenty of experience being on her own.

As for Kanye, we’re sure he’ll be fine.

Dude has plenty of passion projects and voices inside his head to keep him company.

Just kidding, Yeezy!


Kate Middleton: ALREADY Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

It’s only been three months since Kate Middleton welcomed her third child, but if a new report from Life & Style is to be believed the Duchess of Cambridge is already expecting her fourth.

Mind you, that’s an if that would give Big Ben a run for its money in the size department.

The tabloid’s claim is based on specious evidence gathered by sources who have noticed things like Kate is eating food and wearing pants.

“Those close to Kate are saying she’s pregnant with baby number four,” one “insider” claims.

“Kate is showing all the signs of pregnancy, and she and William have always said they wanted four children to complete their family. Actually, William would like five kids — but Kate thinks four is enough!” 

Yes, the Royal Willie shows no signs of slowing down, but we still have a hard time believing Kate is knocked up again, just three months after giving birth.

That said, a set of Irish twins would be a good way for Kate to honor the part of that island that remained loyal to the crown, and she has spoken about wanting her kids to be close in age.

“It’s important to Kate for her own children to have a similar bond with their siblings, and she knows it’s more likely to happen if they’re close in age,” says the source.

Another supposed sign that Kate is in a family way is the fact that she skipped a recent birthday celebration for Prince Charles — but there are several possible reasons for that.

Maybe Kate was still hungover from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

Maybe she’s stick of this weird royal custom of people their celebrating birthdays whenever they feel like it.

(Charles was born in November, but his birthday party’s in May?! WTF is that?)

Perhaps she just (rightly) believes that Charles is a lame-ass.

Whatever the case it seems the clearest indicators that Kate is expecting are her fashion and culinary choices.

“One of the reasons for her not attending was that she was exhausted and felt sick,” the source claims.

“She’s wearing loose-fitted clothing again, avoiding alcohol, and craving curry, which she often does when she’s pregnant.” 

Yes, apparently “curry and biscuits” are Kate’s main pregnancy cravings.

Now, we’re assuming the source means “biscuits” in the British sense.

In America, we call them “cookies” because that’s what they’re called.

What’s less clear is if Kate is eating those two items separately, or if she’s combining them.

Now, if she’s crumbling up Oreos and mixing them with her tikka masala, then Kate is either George III-level psychotic, or stoned out of her gourd.

Frankly, either possibility would make for a more interesting story than her being pregnant again.


Maci Bookout: Pregnant With FOURTH Child?!

With all the drama surrounding her Teen Mom OG castmates, it's easy for Maci Bookout's more quiet and stable existence to get overlooked.

Most of the tabloid headlines surrounding Maci these days have to do with her ex, Ryan Edwards, and his battle with addiction.

And that's probably just fine by Ms. Bookout-McKinney, who's clearly found happiness in the quiet, domestic life.

But just because her indulgences are limited to the occasional Bud Light and her evenings are filled with baths and bedtime stories, that doesn't mean Maci's life is uneventful.

In fact, her social media are now convinced that the TMOG fan favorite has a major announcement on the horizon …

1. Mother Maci

Maci bookout and newborn
Maci has two kids by husband Taylor McKinney and one from her previous relationship with Ryan Edwards. But it seems she has no intention of stopping there.

2. Plans to Expand

Maci bookout photo
Maci has stated in the past that she’s not done having children, and the most recent season of Teen Mom OG saw her discussing the matter of a fourth child with Taylor.

3. A Difficult Conversation

Maci taylor photo
In fact, the discussion between Maci and Taylor made for one of the season’s most poignant scenes, as it featured a surprising revelation from Maci.

4. A Painful Memory

Maci explains
During the conversation, Maci reminded Taylor (who had apparently forgotten?) that she recently suffered a miscarriage.

5. Perseverance

Maci bookout bridal beers
Maci made it clear that she didn’t intend to let the trauma of her miscarriage prevent her from trying again. And now, fans think she and Taylor are well on their way to becoming a family of six.

6. Maci’s Day Out

Maci bookout tattoos
Maci Bookout celebrated Mother’s Day by taking her Jeep – and her family – into the mountains. Some fans think Bookout inadvertently showed off a baby bump in the video she posted online.

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Ed Westwick: Fourth Accuser Files Sexual Assault Report with Police

Last year, actress Kristina Cohen shared her #MeToo story, and accused Ed Westwick of rape.

Then another woman came forward. And then another. And then another. Each story about Westwick was horrifying.

The fourth woman to accuse him, Haley Freedman, has taken the next step and filed a police report.

Haley Freedman was the fourth to come forward about Ed Westwick.

Us Weekly reports that they can confirm that Freedman has now filed a report with police.

A statement that they received from a representative for Freedman states:

“I can confirm Haley filed a police report on Wednesday, regarding allegations that Ed Westwick raped her.”

The statement goes on to describe the next step in her quest for justice.

“She will be meeting with the district attorney next week.”

Kristina Cohen accused Ed Westwick of rape.

In addition to reporting it to police, Cohen bravely came forward with her story of napping in his guest room during a social visit … only to wake up with him on top of her.

Aurelee Wynn is a former actress. She was a friend of a girl who was dating Westwick’s roommate at the time, and she was invited over.

Though she included fewer graphic details than Cohen did, Wynn’s accusation against Ed Westwick involved him allegedly holding her down and tearing the one-piece that she was wearing in order to assault her.

And then there’s the story of former executive assistant Rachel Eck, who accused the Gossip Girl actor of assaulting her before the 2014 Academy Awards.

She says that he was pawing at her and trying to kiss her whenever her ex boyfriend left the room at a social gathering, and that he ignored her efforts to brush him off.

Eck says that he later lured her away in an effort to apologize to her, which is when he allegedly forced her onto the bed and violently groped her.

Fortunately, Eck says that she was eventually able to shove him off and leave.

Haley Freedman is a former stylist who accuses Westwick of making her his sex slave by refusing to allow her to leave.

She says that what began as consensual sex escalated when he asked her to treat him violently, because she refused.

When she declined to choke and spit on him, he allegedly became violent with her, giving her that treatment.

Though she says that she wanted to escape, she says that he detained her, delaying her departure so that he could continue to use her for sex.

It’s a horrifying, stomach-churching accusation.

And, again, this is the fourth woman to accuse Westwick of the unforgivable.

However, a source close to Freedman revealed to Us Weekly that, in her quest for justice, she went to the police “prepared with evidence including personal medication information from her doctors to back up her claims against Ed Westwick.”

We can only speculate as to what form that evidence might take, but sexual assault cases often lack physical evidence — which is why so many rapists avoid convictions or even prosecutions.

For those who hope to see Westwick answer for these allegations, this is good news.

“The police report will remain confidential since there is private medical information that Haley handed over.”

The source continues, saying:

“Haley plans on meeting with prosecutors next week and is fully cooperating with authorities.”

Ed Westwick has posted now-deleted denials about these alleged incidents of rape and sexual assault, saying things like:

“I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape.”

He has since deleted this message from social media.

The reason for that deletion is almost certainly on advice from his attorney, Blair Berk. 

(This isn’t a traffic violation, folks, so let’s not make any Chuck and Blair jokes, please)

Attorneys rarely want their clients making any statements on social media.


Kate Middleton: Will She Have a FOURTH Child?

As of this writing, Kate Middleton is a mother of two kids; one boy and one girl.

But she's due to give birth at almost any moment to a third child.

Because she's Kate Middleton, however, and because she's a member of The Royal Family, folks across the world aren't satisfied with these basic pieces of information.

They want more! They always want more! 

They are always speculating and asking questions, especially when it comes to the status of Middleton's womb.

Might she one day get pregnant for a FOURTH time?

This is what millions of people are wondering already, and it's the topic we delve into below…

1. This is Kate Middleton

Kate middleton with a smile
Yes, we’re stating the obvious. What we mean here, though, is that Kate Middleton may legitimately be the most beloved and talked-about young woman on the planet. Given her reputation and her standing in the monarchy, questions constantly abound about this Duchess.

2. This is Her Family

Royal christmas card
A handsome prince by her side, a son and a daughter? Middleton really does have the perfect life, it seems.

3. This Was Her Announcement

Kate middleton and her hot prince
In September of 2017, Middleton and William broke the exciting news to the world that they were expecting once again. Click on the headline above to read all about it.

4. So That Will Make Three Kids

Kate and will on red carpet
Will Kate be finished at that point? Or might she try for a fourth? This is a topic constantly being debated among those who care about her life.

5. Will the Future Queen Emulate the Current One?

Kate middleton outfit
Queen Elizabeth II had four kids and some British folk believe Kate will try to do the same. “I reckon Kate will try to emulate the Queen and have four!” a resident of Bucklebury recently told People.


Kate middleton is very pregnant
A resident of this same town has a different take, simply based on Kate’s history: “I can’t imagine Kate will want any more given the ordeal that she goes through every pregnancy. I should think that three children is enough.”

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Kourtney Kardashian: I’m Thinking About a Fourth Kid!

Move over, Kim Kardashian.

And Kylie Jenner.

And Khloe Kardashian.

Yet another member of this famous family says she's thinking of having a baby.

Yup, we're looking at you, Kourtney Kardashian.

In a clip from this Sunday's new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney tells her two sisters that she's thinking way ahead and considering what will happen if she wants to expand her family at some point.

"So I've been thinking about freezing my eggs," Kourtney says pretty simply, prompting shocked responses from both Kim and Khloe.

"Are you serious? You want another kid?" a shocked Kim asks.

"What if I do though? I don't know what I want," Kourtney explains, adding:

"What if I want a kid in the next 10 years? Wouldn't you rather have the insurance sitting there?"

Kim (and her weird hair) then follow up by wondering with whom Kourtney would want to procreate, a subject matter Khloe focuses on prominently as well.

Basically, she really wants her to utter the name of her young and hot boyfriend, Younes Bendjima.

"I don't need a baby to have a baby, I have three kids," Kourtney elaborates. "I'm saying if I am like in love and the person wants to have a kid…"

This person being Bendjima, right? Right?!? Just admit it, Kourtney!

It's worth noting, meanwhile, that Khloe wore THOSE earrings throughout this discussion.

But anyway.

Added Kourtney at one point:

"If I wanted to have it with my situation right this second I would take out my IUD and I would get to work. Right now I'm good."


Kourtney kardashian who knows maybe ill have a fourth kid

Jenelle Evans: Is She Pregnant With Her Fourth Child?!

Rumors about Jenelle Evans’ life are almost as prevalent as the constant drama that defines her existence.

And yet again, the most frequent mumur these days is that Jenelle is pregnant with her fourth child.

Jenelle says she’s not, but she has a history of lying about this sort of thing.

And at this point, if she’s not expecting, then she’s just trolling her fans.

Evans posted the above photo of herself and David Eason, and even though her stomach can’t be seen, it’s got fans talking.

The image appears to have been strategically cropped, and many of Jenelle’s Instagram followers believe she did so to hide her baby bump.

Some fans have gone beyond the speculation stage and skipped straight to spreading the word that Jenelle is expecting.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bump? Looks Like

“I can’t wait until you announce Baby D!” one follower wrote on the pic.

Interestingly, the comment was removed, and according to In Touch Weekly, it’s not the only such comment that’s been deleted.

It’s enough to lead some fans to the conclusion that Jenelle is the one quietly deleting remarks about her pregnancy.

Whatever the case, some of the more speculative comments have remained on Jenelle’s page.

“She looks like she has a little Prego pooch! Happy birthday Ensley!” wrote one fan.

“Deff pregnant her hand is blocking the rest of her stomach,” commented another follower.

“It’s her life she has the $ $ to have another child, a beautiful home, etc. Congrats

No official word from the Teen Mom 2 star, but Jenelle lied about her last pregnancy for months before finally coming clean.

These days, she’s married to David Eason, so if she is expecting, she might not be quite as secretive about it.

Of course, she also has plenty of drama going on, and she may choose to wait until things calm down a bit before she makes any big announcements.

In addition to her two simultaneous custody battles, Jenelle is feuding with Eason’s sister, and the hostility between the two women seems to only grow by the day.

Just the latest in a long line of intense conflicts for the Carolina Hurricane.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on the bizarre world of Mrs. Evans-Eason.