Bethenny Frankel Comforts Jill Zarin After Bobby Zarin’s Death

Earlier this month, Jill Zarin lost her husband to cancer after he had struggled with his health for nearly a decade.

After Bobby Zarin had seemed so much better in 2017, this loss is hitting her hard. Of course it is.

Bethenny Frankel, who only recently mended fences with Jill, is stepping up and supporting her friend as she grapples with this terrible loss.

It was just last year that Jill Zarin returned to The Real Housewives of New York City, with husband Bobby Zarin along for the ride.

RHONY has been around for a decade, so naturally it’s had its ups and downs. Back in season three, Bethenny and Jill had a falling out.

Now, they’ve mended fences.

Though Jill Zarin and Bethanny having made up was great, it was Bobby Zarin’s health that really seemed to warrant celebration recently. 

Bobby Zarin was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009, and responded by having it removed.

In 2013, the cancer had spread to his lungs. In 2016, he had a brain tumor that required Gamma Knife treatment.

But last year, it seemed that Bobby Zarin had recovered to the point where it was hailed as a miracle.

Then, earlier this month, he tragically passed away.

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that Bethenny is going out of her way to provide comfort to her once-again friend, Jill Zarin, during her time of grief and loss.

“Bethenny has gone above and beyond in private to be there for Jill since Bobby passed.”

Bethenny has also posted in public, but it makes sense that she wouldn’t use social media to harp on everything that she’s doing for her greving friend.

And the source gets specific about the steps that Bethenny is taking.

“She visits her at her apartment, calls her daily, and sends her food.”

That is so heartwarming.

This is a collage that Jill Zarin put together of photographs of Bethenny with her various family members.

It’s good to keep busy when you’re grieving, but it’s clear that she has a lot of appreciation for what Bethenny’s been doing for her.

ET‘s source goes on about how they made nice:

“Jill has wanted to put this in the past for a while and after so many years of not talking.”

Of course.

“It’s sad that a death had to bring them together again, but if there’s anything positive from this, it was that they were able make up.”

it’s so good to look at the positives. The two had set aside their differences last year, but based on reports, they seem closer even just in the past few weeks.

“Jill apologized for her role in it and Bethenny forgave Jill.”

If you’ve never lost an immediate family member, you may not be familiar with the tradition of bringing food to loved ones.

Some families are so inundated with food that they literally cannot eat it all. But that’s better than trying to worry about food plans or, worse, going out to eat when you’re juggling self-care and a lot of planning.

(There’s more to planning a funeral than picking out a casket, and there’s more to dealing with the death of a loved one than the funeral. Sad movies seldom delve into the grim logistics that follow a sudden death)

Bethenny is doing good things for her grieving friend. That’s no surprise, but it’s still heartwarming.

Our hearts go out to Jill Zarin as she processes this sorrow.


Bethenny Frankel Shares Devastating News About Her Dog, Cookie

Today is Manafort Monday, and we're all gleefully following the news of indictments, arrests, and plea deals. But not all news today is happy news.

Over the weekend, Bethenny Frankel shared some very grim news about her dog, Cookie, experiencing seizures. She asked fans for help and advice, and we have some video of that, below.

Bethenny shared a tragic update this morning.

Bethenny Frankel is more than just a star of The Real Housewives of New York City.

She and her team coordinate disaster relief efforts. She's been busy this summer, visiting disaster sites in the US such as Houston and Puerto Rico.

For some wealthy celebrities, charity is a means of self-promotion or even a way to alleviate a misplaced sense of guilt.

(Or boredom!)

For Bethenny Frankel, her work in devastated areas is a passion.

As I told my roommate when she arrived in Puerto Rico with private planes loaded with relief supplies: "Bethenny Frankel is not a chillful woman."

Even after everything that she's gone through in the past few days, Bethenny was sure to tweet shortly after noon on Monday:

"PR/USVI/MEXICO I am still working for you. Still donating, planning flights & working for the cargo ship. xoxo"

Bethenny is also an avid dog-lover.

(Aren't we all?)

Her dogs have their own social media accounts.

On Saturday, Bethenny took to social media to share the very upsetting news about the health of one of her dogs, Cookie.

In a series of truly hard-to-watch videos, a tearful Bethenny Frankel on Saturday revealed that Cookie was undergoing lengthy seizures.

Separated from her assistants and staff (she was staying in the Hamptons with her daughter, as she does on weekends), Bethenny turned to social media for advice — as so many of us do.

Though Bethenny reportedly took Cookie to the veterinarian after about three minutes of Cookie's frightening seizures, she got flack from fans for reaching out to social media.

Bethenny replied: "Bc u cannot call dog 911, so I needed you. I literally didn’t know if lifting her would kill her or if she’d swallow tongue."

She took Cookie to the veterinarian, who was 40 minutes away.

In addition to the videos (below), Bethenny also shared updates in a series of tweets.

"My peanut & I experienced a 45 min dog seizure & have obvious decisions to make &” in case” goodbyes to say. @co​okiedabooboo is still alive."

Bethenny's young daughter, whom she shares with Jason Hoppy, experienced all of this, too.

"It’s clear what’ll happen, but panic/trauma w 7 yr old is a lot. Constant seizures for 45 mins in car to vet 45 mins away. #sadhelpless​"

Bethenny thanked her fans for their advice and support.

"And u are amazing. When ur alone in something terrifying, u don’t know whether to move dog,put stick in mouth or sit still. This waa rough."

She updated how she was doing throughout the weekend.

"My dog had too long a seizure & I’m pissed the closest vet is 40 mins away. I’m in a bad place. She will be put down"

And the updates got worse.

"She is not regaining consciousness. It’s to be expected but this was a horrifying experience."

Someone asked why she didn't take Cookie to the vet right away — but she did.

"We did 3 mins into foaming/seizure.Holding 30lb convulsing dog w 7 yr old&driving w bone in dying dog’s mouth is rough."

That is truly heartbreaking.

"Thanks for the love. @cookiedab​ooboo is alive but had a very high temp & 45 min seizure so she’s resting at hospital. Not time yet…."

She reported good news.

"She is 17 & did have 108 fever & 45 mins of seizures, but she licked Bryn & reacted to my belly rubs. Better today but TBD"

But Bethenny has always been a realist.

"Yes. I’m not delusional abt it, but she oddly seemed peaceful & MD said she’s in no pain & it would be a miracle"

She thanked fans again for their outpouring of love and support.

"I’m grateful. People are loving & caring. Part of me thinks the crap in the world is to bring us closer & make us better. Thank you."

And then, early Monday morning, Bethenny provided another update:

"My baby had 2 more seizures last PM. My heart is broken."

A lot of stories have happy endings.

Tragically, this one does not.

Bethenny posted this morning, on both Twitter and Instagram, a photo of her giving Cookie a kiss.

Her caption reads:

"My furry first baby, May your next life be as beautiful as this one was over the last 17 years. Thank you for all the love you gave to me and my peanut. See you on the other side my love. Xo"

This is devastating news.

Some hateful people will doubtlessly try to tell Bethenny that she's in the wrong, here.

She is not.

It's the responsibility of everyone with a pet to make medical decisions for their furry (or scaley or feathered) friend. Cookie was 17 and did not deserve to suffer.

It sounds like Bethenny did the right thing every step of the way. This is heartbreaking news, but sometimes death is the preferable option to slowly suffering.

Our thoughts should be with Bethenny Frankel and her family as their mourn losing a loved one.

Here is the video and, be warned: it can be tough to watch.

Bethenny frankel shares devastating news about her dog cookie

Bethenny Frankel: Does She Have Cancer?!

Bethenny Frankel is devoting pretty much all of her time this week to relief efforts for Houston and other areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey. She’s certainly not the only celebrity helping with the relief effort.

We say “pretty much” all of her time, because Bethenny Frankel has also experienced what sounds like a major health scare.

One serious enough that she’s reportedly undergoing screening … for cancer.

The polarizing star of The Real Housewives of New York City has never held back an opinion, ever, in her life, and she’s taking her usual lack of chill and putting it towards a great cause: desperately needed hurricane relief.

She’s raised at least $ 500,000 for those impacted in Corpus Christi and she’s making sure that much-needed resources, including clothing, go directly to women and their families in those areas hit hardest by the massively destructive storm.

In the process, Bethenny showed her face, where you can clearly see that roughly circular bandage on one of her cheeks.

It’s not subtle, folks.

Among the comments (most thanking her for devoting her time and resources to such a good cause), some fans and followers expressed curiosity or concern over Bethenny’s bandage.

And Bethenny answered.

Bethenny explained in the comments that she had “had a growth removed.”

That was instantly alarming to some people.

One followers, however, asked if the growth was a reaction to face-fillers.

“No. [Basal] cell. I don’t do fillers.”

She had accidentally written “basil,” which sounds more delicious but less worrisome.

Then, in classic Bethanny Frankel fashion, she makes sure that people don’t think that she’s being defensive or vain.

“My jaw is the size of Pittsburgh. Nothing needs enhancement.”

Basal cell carcinoma, of course, is the most common form of skin cancer.

Did you know that as many as four million cases of basal cell carcinoma are diagnosed each year, just in the US?

That’s more than 1% of the population.

Every year.

Pay attention to your moles and don’t neglect your sunscreen, folks.

Us Weekly reports that Bethenny Frankel is now being screened for cancer.

We assume that this means that Bethenny’s growth, that has now been removed, has been sent to a pathology lab for analysis.

We also assume that she might undergo a battery of other tests to determine whether or not she might have skin cancer elsewhere or even another form of cancer.

Cancer is weird, dangerous, and deadly, folks. You can never bee too careful.

Bethenny Frankel, though, has the resources to cover medical care and also the exact sort of fighting spirit that can give people an edge if they do have a cancer diagnosis.

She didn’t wage this battle against Jason Hoppy for years only to fall to cancer just as she reaches the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

And it sounds like they caught this basal cell growth on her face really early. Hopefully, these tests will all come back negative and Bethenny will be able to rest easy.

Or, at least, do the Bethenny Frankel equivalent of resting easy. She’s a little intense, and that’s just the way that we like her.


The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 22 Recap: Did Bethenny Frankel Forgive Ramona Singer?!?

Did Bethenny find it in her heart to make up with New York’s biggest pot stirrer?

That was the big question on The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 22 as the ladies met up for part three of the big reunion. 

Bethenny was quick to point out that Ramona was the root of all evil amongst their friend group and recalled a moment Ramona turned to her daughter and asked about a home video she had filmed several years ago. 

Yeah, who asks their friend’s kid about THAT? Ramona has long been the master of drawing a line and doing a cartwheel over it, but that was just too far. 

“I didn’t come from a place of meanness,” Ramona countered.

“It’s about my daughter, and it’s about the maliciousness,” Bethenny said.

“You’ve been disgusting to me.”

Ramona did not want to be part of the narrative (thanks for that one, Taylor!) and implied that she was not the one in the wrong. 

“What did I do to you, ever?” Bethenny asked.  

In true Ramona fashion, she tried to deflect all of it and did not give a solid answer. That was enough for Bethenny to label her as a jealous old hag. Well, she never said it in those exact words, but clearly wanted to. 

“Ramona’s sold a couple of handfuls of bottles of wine over the last couple of years,” Bethenny snapped. “You can’t be happy for other people.”

In the end, Bethenny tried to cover her bases so people would not turn on her.

“I don’t not like you,” Bethenny said.

Is there hope for them yet? Stay tuned, we guess. 

We then switched things up to the trials and tribulations of Tinsley and Sonja who have been at war for weeks. 

Despite Tinsley being labeled a bad houseguest, the attention quickly turned to whether Sonja had been selling her friends out to the press. 

Sonja denied it, but nobody believed it. We’re not even sure Sonja even believed it, to be honest. 

“I will be forever grateful,” Tinsley said of staying with Sonja.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t the perfect houseguest. I’m sorry I didn’t get you coffee and flowers.” That was clearly a dig at Ramona who caused seven hells when she dragged Tinsley for not being nice to her host. 

Luann then opened up about just how much she loved Tom, and that is pissed her off the ladies could not shut the eff up about him. 

“I love him, and so it was tough,” Luann said. Yeah, she’s probably cringing right about now. This episode was filmed just weeks before the divorce announcement. 

Dorinda said the rose of her season was getting rid of her daughter so she could live her own life, while the thorn was definitely her random feud with Bethenny. 

Tinsley’s was making friends in New York again and finding a man who likes her for her, while her thorn was her feud with Sonja. 

Sonja said that her rose was getting closer to Dorinda while her thorn was wasting too much time on Tinsley’s flaws. 

Bethenny’s favorite moments involved her being naked in the pool, and the thorn was all the crap Jason Hoppy put her through to get to that point. 

Okay, what did you think of this crazy reunion?

Sound off below!


Bethenny Frankel: I Need ZERO Contact with Jason Hoppy!

We may have seen Bethenny Frankel break down in tears in the latest Real Housewives of New York City, but she knows that there’s a way that she can move forward.

We’ve all heard about how Jason Hoppy has put Bethenny Frankel in hell through all of his alleged stalking and harassment and their nightmarish divorce battle. 

Bethenny says that she knows how this has to end.

So, Bethenny Frankel’s divorce from Jason Hoppy was long, painful, and nightmarishly expensive.

They may be exes now, but they’ll always be linked through their young daughter, Bryn.

Jason Hoppy’s arrest back in January was actually over threats that he’s accused of making to Bethenny Frankel at Bryn’s school.

(Imagine threatening the mother of your child at your child’s school — that’s so unimaginably hateful)

Jason Hoppy was arraigned on additional stalking charges over the summer, before that first arrest was even dealt with in court.

The details weren’t immediately made apparent, but it appears that he may have been harassing a third party as part of his alleged campaign of harassment against Bethenny.

Like … does he not have hobbies?

Don’t get us wrong — Bethenny Frankel can come across as callous and dismissive of other people’s problems sometimes.

(A lot, actually)

But there’s a difference between having what some might call an “abrasive” personality and being an actual menace.

Jason Hoppy is due back in court in September (his motion to have the charges against him was dismissed earlier this month), and maybe Bethenny will get some sort of resolution then.

Bethenny Frankel lamented to Andy Cohen how her conflict with Jason Hoppy has impacted her relationship with other Real Housewives.

But she knows what can resolve this and put it behind her.

“Any resolution is legally mandated and I’m fine with that.”

She’s putting a lot of faith in the court.

“I don’t care what happens, I have faith that somehow I will be able to live a normal free life.”

Basically, she’s not campaigning to have Jason Hoppy put in prison. But there’s just one thing that she needs.

“But it has to be with zero contact. Because with any contact, this will not end.”

She says that she can’t accurately describe what this has been like for her.

She does temporarily lapse into some unfortunate hyperbole.

“It is indescribable and it is inexplicable and it’s like, if someone wants to talk about like a war zone in Israel, how are you going to explain that to someone?”

But she quickly clarifies that she’s not trying to equate her situation with a genuine humanitarian crisis.

“I’m not comparing this to actual war but in my life, you can’t even imagine the torment that this has been. There’s no way to describe it.”

We get it — trauma is difficult to articulate. When you try, you feel like you sound silly. It’s not silly, though.

“I just stifled it in because if I let any of it out, I’m going to totally break down. I can’t believe this happened to me.”

Keeping it suppressed doesn’t work, in the long term. While things are going on, bottling things up helps you survive.

Over time, though, those coping mechanisms backfire. That’s why PTSD is so rough.

And yes, you can absolutely get PTSD from stalking.

Bethenny found the entire struggle to be inescapable.

“It was part of my life. I thought I was never getting out of it. I couldn’t even understand it. How can I explain this to everybody?”

We know that she’s doing charity work to help other women, but we wonder if she’s met with a victim advocate to try to just articulate her own situation.

Bethenny isn’t really the “ask for help’ type, but it really might help her.

“You’ve never — it is torture. So that’s why I didn’t explain it. There’s no way to describe this to anybody. Nobody would believe it.”

Jason Hoppy might not be done tormenting her, though, because he didn’t immediately accept a plea deal that would have basically gotten him off scott free.

We have to ask why he’s so obsessed with having contact with Bethenny that he would apparently rather continue his court battle than continue to be legally barred from having contact with her.

Maybe he doesn’t want it on his record or claims that he’s innocent — though an officer was a witness to and confirmed Bethenny Frankel’s account of the January incident at Bryn’s school, so … good luck with that?

More than anything else, we hope that this situation doesn’t hurt Bryn.