Jameis Winston Gets Backup from Friend Who Disputes Uber Sexual Assault Allegations

Jameis Winston is getting backup from another NFL player who says he’s positive the QB didn’t sexually assault an Uber driver back in 2016 … because he was in the car that night. The witness is Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby –…


Jameis Winston Gets Backup from Friend Who Disputes Uber Sexual Assault Allegations

Jameis Winston is getting backup from another NFL player who says he’s positive the QB didn’t sexually assault an Uber driver back in 2016 … because he was in the car that night. The witness is Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby –…


Joy-Anna Duggar: Family Friend Sounds Off on Shotgun Wedding Rumors!

The news that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child drew a surprising reaction from fans of her famous family.

It seems not a month goes by without a Duggar pregnancy announcement, and usually the response from fans is universally congratulatory.

But the timing of Joy-Anna’s statement resulted in confusion from some Duggar obsessives and outright condemnation from others.

Here’s a recap:

Joy married Austin Forsyth in May.

Just three months later, she announced her pregnancy with an Instagram photo in which she appeared to be several months along.

The Duggars offered an official conception timeline to put to rest any rumors of premarital sex, which is strictly forbidden by their arch-conservative religious beliefs.

The family insisted that Joy got pregnant on one of the first nights of her honeymoon.

Fans were unconvinced, and rumors of Joy-Anna’s “shotgun wedding” began to circulate on social media.

The Duggars will likely never address the matter directly themselves, but a family friend spoke out about the rumors surrounding Joy-Anna during a recent “ask me anything” session on Reddit.

The friend chose to remain anonymous, but she appeared to be knowledgeable about a number of topics that the Duggars have not yet spoken about publicly.

Asked point blank if she believes Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding, the source responded simply that it’s “not likely.”

It’s important to note that elsewhere in the thread, the insider offered information and opinions that were not entirely favorable to the Duggars.

For instance, she confirmed that Jim Bob is a domineering force in his household and that women have few rights on the Duggar compound.

For the most part, however, she spoke about Counting On clan in glowing terms.

We supposed that’s not particularly surprising, considering she identified herself as a family friend.

So will these remarks put to rest the rumors that Joy-Anna conceived prior to saying “I do”?

Almost certainly not, particularly since fan theories regarding her date of conception are based on much more than Joy’s sizable baby bump and the timing of her announcement.

For one thing, Joy-Anna and Austin admitted to breaking her family’s courtship rules in an interview with Counting On producers.

Of course, given the draconian nature of those rules, that could mean many things.

The Duggars require chaperones on all dates involving non-married couples, and they even place time limits on hand-holding.

So while many consider Joy-Anna’s admission to be particularly damning, that’s not necessarily an indication of premarital sex.

There is one incriminating clue, however, that’s proven difficult for the Duggars to explain away.

Joy-Anna and Austin rescheduled their wedding from October of this year to May.

Many believe the date was pushed up five months to conceal the fact that Joy-Anna is expecting.

Thus far, her family has yet to offer a different explanation.

In all likelihood, the matter will never be settled to the satisfaction of the family’s most nosy fans.

But as long as Jim Bob and company openly engage in harsh moral judgement of others, fans will continue to look for signs of hypocrisy–and so far those signs have proven plentiful.

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Ailing 5-Year Old Marries Best Friend, Is Too Precious for Words

WARNING: The following photo gallery will make you cry.

It's all but guaranteed.

But we still think it's worth your time to read about a five-year girl named Sophia Chiappalone.

She hails from Connecticut and she was born with a serious heart defect.

Prior to going in for her fourth surgery, Sophia told her parents that she wanted to marry her best friend, a four-year old named Hunter.

With the assistance of photographer Marisa Balletti-Lavoie, Sophia's parents turned this dream into an amazing reality.

Scroll down for all the details, and grab a box of tissues as you do:

1. This is Sophia

This is sophia
She has tragically been in and out of the hospital for most of her young life.

2. Such a Sad Story

Such a sad story
Sophia was born with a genetic heart defect and not expected to live past the age of two.

3. Sophia is Due to Undergo a Fourth Surgery on Her Heart

Sophia is due to undergo a fourth surgery on her heart
First, however, she asked for something special: Could she marry her best friend, Hunter?

4. Too Precious for Words

Too precious for words
“That’s all she wanted in the world, was to marry the love of her life,” Sophia’s mom, Kristy, told a local NBC affiliate.

5. The Perfect Bride

The perfect bride
“She was born with half of a heart — the whole right side of her heart was missing,” added Kristy to NBC upon sharing these photos and this story.

6. Enter Marisa Balletti-Lavoie

Enter marisa balletti lavoie
The photographer was only too happy to help with this special project. (And you can follow her on Facebook at Sassy Mouth Photo.)

View Slideshow

Selena Gomez: Fighting With Kidney Donor Friend Over Justin Bieber?!

Selena Gomez recently underwent a harrowing ordeal that seems to have left her with a new lease on life and a closer bond with a friend who’s now been promoted to soul mate status.

We’re talking, of course, about Selena’s decision to get back together with Justin Bieber.

Yes, strange as it seems, Bieber and Gomez are once again an item following her breakup with The Weeknd.

Did the timing of the decision have anything to do with Selena’s recent life-saving kidney transplant?

We may never know for certain, how it impacted her feelings toward the Biebs, but sources say Justin decided to devote himself to winning Selena back when he learned that she almost died.

Of course, as is so often the case with Justin’s love life, there’s a third party involved in this situation.

This time, however, it’s not an anxious groupie nervously answering Justin’s Patrick Bateman-like trivia questions about how many hits he’s recorded.

No, we’re referring to Francia Raisa, the woman who made a serious bid for the title of BFF of the Year by donating her kidney to Selena.

It seems that like millions of others, Francia is not thrilled with the idea of a Jelena reconciliation.

In fact, she’s downright against it.

The reason, according to Radar Online, is simple:

Francia feels that Justin will hurt Selena again, and she’s sick of consoling her friends for making the same mistake over and over.

“Selena’s friends bore the brunt of her sadness when Bieber broke her heart time after time over all these years,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“Everyone knows this reunion is very bad news,” the insider adds.

But while Selena’s inner circle is apparently unanimously opposed to the rekindled romance, no one has voiced their opposition more loudly than Francia:

“But its Francia who’s the most vocal — she’s saying she didn’t donate a body organ to save Selena’s life only for her to go and ruin it by running back to him,” says the source.

We’re not sure how the rules work on that.

If you donate an organ to someone, does that give you power over them for the rest of their life?

If so, we need to get on this biological gift bandwagon.

We don’t really need two kidneys, but we do need autonomy over the lives of our friends and family.


Jinger Duggar’s Friend Speaks Out: Is She “Breaking Away” From Her Family?

Yesterday, we reported that Jinger Duggar had used secular music lyrics in an Instagram post celebrating her upcoming one-year wedding anniversary.

Like all of Jinger’s small acts of defiance, it may not seem like much to those who are unfamiliar with her family’s strict code of conduct.

But for those who are familiar with the many rules the Duggar children are forced to follow, Jinger is a regular freedom fighter.

Jinger wears pants, listens to music that isn’t about Jesus, and she even left her hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas to relocate to Laredo, Texas with husband Jeremy Vuolo.

Next thing you know, she’ll be holding down a job!

The situation is enough to make fans wonder if Jinger’s relationship with her parents has become strained over the course of the last year.

While she engaged in minor acts of disobedience as a child, it was only after she married Vuolo that Jinger really started to cut ties with her Jim Bob and Michelle’s belief system.

Some fans have expressed hopes (or fears) that Jinger will eventually “break away” from the Duggars’ restrictive lifestyle, but a longtime family friend says that’s unlikely to happen.

In a recent Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) session, an unidentified friend of the Duggars’ answered fan questions about the family’s secret life.

And fans had a lot of inquiries about Jinger and her apparently complicated relationship with her parents:

“I think Jim Bob has feelings about Jinger’s marriage. I think he feels that Jeremy wasn’t 100% upfront about his values that may differ from Jim Bob’s,” the family friend said at one point.

“But they also feel adamantly that once the girl’s are married they are under the guidance of their husband’s, so they wouldn’t intervene.”

The insider says that while Jinger’s independent streak is not always well-received around the Duggar compound, there’s no real concern that her abandon her family’s core beliefs:

“Obviously everyone knows about Jinger wearing pants and such. There are little things they do once leaving the home that they are restricted from when they are younger (tv, movies, music) but no one has ‘broken away’ completely,” said the source.

However, one major beef that Jim Bob might have with his daughter’s marriage is the lack of children it’s produced thus far:

“Jim Bob is OBSESSED with how many grandchildren they will end up with. He used to be all about how many children he and Michelle would have and seemed very fixated and making it to 20,” said the insider.

“Now that they are past that point, he has turned that fixation to grandchildren. It’s like his life’s mission to have 100.

One commenter noted that JB “must hate Jinger and Jeremy right now,” but the insider didn’t reply.

Of course, the source admitted that she doesn’t know everything.

Asked point-blank about the rumors that Jinger is using birth control, she replied simply, “I have no idea, sorry!”

Some things even rebellious Jinger keeps to herself.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Teresa Giudice’s Friend Threatens Paparazzi with Ass Beating for Mean Questions

Teresa Giudice’s posse was ready to open a can of whoop ass on our guy for asking her if she’s broke … and safe to say our guy learned his lesson. Teresa and her crew were leaving Catch Monday night in WeHo when our poor bastard faced the wrath…


Bella Thorne: Is Her New Man Her Ex’s Best Friend? Yikes.

Does Bella Thorne have a new new man in her life?

No offense to Bella (and we mean that), but sometimes it can be really hard to keep track of her relationships. Especially when she doesn’t publicly confirm anything. We find ourselves wondering if licking someone else’s tongue indicates a relationship.

Well, now Bella is being associated with a new man and this might complicate her love life. Like, by a lot.

Bella Thorne can come across as a little attention-hungry sometimes, but you have to realize that she’s young (she only just turned 20 a mere 11 days ago!) and still early in her career and she has fans to accumulate and a brand to maintain.

The fact of the matter is that she’s easy to like.

She’s beautiful — like, really remarkably beautiful. Also sexy, which is in its own category and less universally accessible than beauty.

Also, “Bella Thorne” is possibly the best name that we have ever heard, ever, in our lives.

She’s also one of the few celebrities to actually say the word when coming out as bisexual. A lot of celebrities who are clearly bi or pan just say that they “love the person, not the gender,” or “don’t like labels,” or are “flexible” or whatever.

(The same is true of a lot of bi characters on television shows)

This is immensely frustrating for bi and pan members of the LGBT community, who would love more representation in the media and in celebrity culture but don’t find their labels being embraced.

(The “B” in LGBT doesn’t stand for “burritos,” folks)

And, oh by the way, Bella Thorne is a good actress.

Anyway, so long as you put Bella’s “thirsty” behavior like hanging with Scott Disick in its proper context — using his spotlight to garner a little more fame for herself — you realize that there’s a lot more depth to her than you might assume.

The reason that we’re bringing her up at the moment, however, is because some fans believe that she’s found a new man after they spotted this photo:

That guy’s name is Mod Sun, because sure, why not.

If you frequent forums or certain types of blogs, you might read this as a moderator named “Sun,” but it’s actually an acronym:

“Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None.”


Anyway, Mod Sun is a rapper. And though the two of them just appear to be painting side-by-side, or something like  that, fans immediately wondered if Bella Thorne and Mod Sun were an item.

Bella Thorne’s replies have appeared to indicate this in the affirmative.

For example, one fan tweeted:

“honestly so sweet seeing @MODSUN with someone who loves and supports his art so much and he does the same for her and just 10/10 good s–t.”

Bella Thorne quoted the tweet, adding seven emojis that … well, we’re not Egyptologists by any means, but Bella seemed appreciative.

Some people, however, weren’t so pleased about this apparent relationship.

And they had just one reason: Blackbear.

Reportedly, Blackbear was Bella Thorne’s previous new man. As we told you at the time.

Now, if every time that people licked each other meant that they were dating, the world would be a different place and body shots of tequila would be a lot less casual.

It’s not just that Blackbear is another rapper — he’s good friends with Mod Sun.

Or, at least, he was. This new development between Mod Sun and Bella Thorne may have strained that.

On Wednesday, Blackbear tweeted some cryptic messages that, like all subtweets, could be about anything or anyone but … it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to connect them to his maybe ex dating his very good friend.

“Left with only pictures in my mind,” he tweeted early Wednesday morning, followed by:

“I wish we could be strangers again.”

That second one really sounds like it’s romance-related.

Blackbear also allegedly tweeted: “U don’t f–k ur best friend ex,” but though screencaps exist of the tweet, fake tweets are easy to make and there’s no sign of the tweet now.

Bella Thorne, in the mean time, shut down the idea that the situation was anything of the sort — because she appears to say that she and Blackbear were never an item like that.

Responding to a fan telling another fan that Bella and Blackbear had broken up, Bella said this:

“We didn’t break up cuz we were never like that. Just on some chill s–t.”

Is it possible that Bella and Blackbear had different ideas of what their relationship was and was not? Signs point to yes.

And what do we make of Bella Thorne’s other recent … tongue buddy?

If you’ll recall from when we told you about Bella Thorne being in a love triangle or a threesome or maybe something else, Bella’s been repeatedly looking very cozy with YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

We’ve heard a lot in recent months (and years) about racist or otherwise problematic YouTubers, but Tana Mongeau appears to be one of the good ones. She’s even taken a stand and called out other YouTubers for, well, being awful.

And she and Bella have not been shy about sharing photos and videos of them … licking each other.

How does Tana fit into all of this?

We have no idea.

But we hope that Bella and Tana are on the same page about whatever it is that they have going, because otherwise, Bella could be looking at two jealous exes and some sort of … love square?


Jenelle Evans EXPOSED by Former Friend: Is She Cheating on David Eason?!

How much drama can one person endure in a lifetime?

We’re not sure, but it’s becoming pretty clear that Jenelle Evans is doing her best to set the record.

From her depressing childhood with the abusive father that later abandoned her entire family to her teenage pregnancy with one of the sketchiest characters in Teen Mom history, things have just never gone well for this girl.

Throw in all of her arrests, her problems with addiction, her obvious emotional issues …

It’s been overwhelming just to witness.

Even now that Jenelle’s managed to get her life together a little bit — enough to stop doing heroin and become a homeowner, at least — things are still very, very far from perfect.

She’s got that new custody battle over her youngest son, Kaiser, which began when the boy’s grandmother learned that she’d been doing drugs while pregnant with her third child.

In the papers filed for the case, the grandmother claimed that Jenelle is seriously neglectful when it comes to her poor kids, and that her husband, David Eason, has been physically abusive.

Oh, and speaking of that brand new husband of hers?

Yeah, even though they’ve only been married for about two weeks now, we know that they’re already having major issues.

Who could forget that now-classic fight Jenelle and David had the night before the wedding, the one where Jenelle called off the wedding and David brushed her off because he was “f-cking raking”?

It wasn’t exactly a great sign for their future together.

So yes, there’s a lot going on in Jenelle’s life right now … but it looks like there’s about to be a whole lot more added on to the pile.

See those two gentlemen right there?

That’s Nathan Griffith, obviously, but the guy next to him? That’s Ryan Dolph.

Ryan is a friend of Nathan’s, but he’s been around long enough to be a friend of Jenelle’s, too.

Or at least they used to be friends.

Let’s back up.

Ryan appeared on the recently aired Teen Mom 2 special, Being Nathan, and Jenelle took some sort of issue with him shortly afterwards.

We know because she made some tweets directed at him — tweets that she deleted, but thank goodness, the internet never forgets.

“Remember YOU don’t come from sh-t and STILL don’t do sh-t with your life JUST LIKE NATHAN, if you want to compare each other’s lives,” she told him.

“Can’t even hold a relationship because you abuse your girls just like you did to Rachel, probably Ashley. You and Nathan are peas in a pod.”

Nathan, of course, is facing charges for domestic violence, and it looks like she’s accusing Ryan of the same.

She also wrote “Let’s not even get started what you do for a living …”, which is interesting, because Ryan is alleged drug dealer.

In an even more interesting turn of events, he’s also alleged to be her drug dealer.

Jenelle’s tweets got Ryan pretty riled up, because he responded with “Let’s get something straight Jenelle, MTV has been contacting me for months before I agreed to recently film with Nate.”

“I’ve been nothing but loyal to you. I was a mutual friend to you & Nate, ya never had an issue with it until you started dating David.”

“Next time you got something to say Jenelle Evans or whatever the f-ck your last name is now, @ my ass,” he added.

“I know where I come from. Guess you forgot you come from the same place, bitch. The only reason you’re any kind of sh-t is because of MTV.”

Jenelle told him that she was the one responsible for getting him his brief MTV gig, and she also told him that he is “a two faced person.”

And for having the nerve to say anything remotely negative about David, she wrote “You’ve never met David but maybe one time. You wouldn’t have any idea how much love that man has for me. How DARE you speak about him.”

“Jenelle, what ya smoking?” Ryan asked her in response. “Did I never meet David, or did I meet him multiple times? I think I’ll go with multiple times. David’s changed that.”

He said that he actually has a job, while David’s job is now “collecting that $ $ from you.”

“You think you run sh-t Jenelle, get the f-ck over yourself, MTV has blown up my phone wanting me to release our conversations & I didn’t because I didn’t want you to have to deal with David.”

It seems like saving Jenelle from dealing with David was a big concern for this guy — he asked her if she remembers him “covering for your ass, and hurt your man’s feelings with the truth?”

Then, in a beautifully crafted tweet, he said “Jenelle, you’re right on 1 thing though, Nate & I are 2 peas in a pod in one area, I would’t left your ass too after walking in on you f-cking Keifer.”‘

The triumphant return of Kieffer Delp! It seems like Ryan and Nathan both seen Jenelle wif Kieffer … but Ryan has one more hit for her.

“Remember ‘the call’ from the Reunion when David saw Nate’s dick on ur phone, & him saying sorry his dick wasn’t as big,” he wrote. “I covered your ass.”

We’re not entirely clear on the picture being painted here, but it sounds like Jenelle is still walking around with dick pics from Nathan on her phone, and that is sensational.

Did David apologize sarcastically, or was it sincere? We need a million more details on this exchange.

And while we don’t have those details now, it sounds like we could get them soon — in other tweets, Ryan claims that he’s currently in negotiations with various tabloids, and we should have his full story soon.

Looks like Christmas is coming a little early this year!


Jana Duggar: Too “Picky” to Get Married, Friend Claims

If you’re a fan of the Duggar clan, then you’re likely aware of the scrutiny surrounding the love life of eldest daughter Jana.

The so-called “Cinderella Duggar” is still single at 27 and a surprising number of people are of the opinion that she needs to be married off ASAP.

As a result, reports about Jana’s involvement in various courtships circulate pretty much non-stop on social media.

The rumor mill was working overtime this past week, with Jana allegedly entering not one but two romantic relationships.

First, fans were convinced that Jana was courting Caleb Williams, a longtime family friend with whom she was recently photographed.

Caleb posted a status update clarifying that he and Jana are just friends, but that didn’t stop the internet sleuths from digging deeper into the mystery of Jana’s love life.

Shortly after the Williams rumor was debunked, it was widely reported that Jana was courting Jacob Wilson.

Wilson also took to social media to refute the claims that he and Jana are more than just friends.

And once again, fans are far too invested in Jana’s dating life are crestfallen. 

As always, the main question is why Jana is choosing to remain single

(As though she somehow owes an explanation to people who watch her family’s reality show.)

Not surprisingly, it seems the answer is that she simply hasn’t found the right man, and she has other things going on in her life these days.

“She’s picky,” one insider tells Radar Online.

“She’s hardly ever home. She lives at home, but she has a job. She’s not stressed about getting married.”

We assume the job the source is referring to is Jana’s duties at her family’s used car lot.

So while she may not be at home very often, she’s still spending most of her time on her family’s property, and we’re sure Jim Bob wouldn’t have it any other way.

Still, it’s interesting that she spends so much of her time at work, and not doing chores around the compound.

On TV, we’re given the impression that Jana has devoted her life to serving as a second mother to her younger siblings.

If the report that she actually devotes most of her time to flipping cars is accurate, then we’re left wondering why she would be inaccurately portrayed on a series that’s executive produced by her father.

Sadly, the most likely explanation is that Jim Bob doesn’t want to give viewers the impression that his eldest daughter is not only single, but – gasp! – a career woman.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.