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Jussie Smollett Lock Up That Bitch If He Faked Attack … Says Reza from ‘Shahs’


Jussie Smollett‘s going from “Empire” star to “punk ass bitch,” IF it turns out he staged the homophobic, racist “attack” — so says Reza Farahan who adds … an apology won’t be nearly enough payback.

We got the “Shahs of Sunset” star out Monday in L.A. and he didn’t pull a single punch in his assessment of the latest Jussie news. Reza tore him to pieces as soon as we brought up the story TMZ broke — that the Osundairo bros. told cops Jussie rehearsed the “attack” days before it all went down in Chicago.

Watch the clip … Reza’s anger came pouring out because he says he had passionately defended Jussie.

Now, he says it’s not just Smollett’s acting career that’s derailed. Reza says there should be criminal charges and a STIFF financial penalty. 

Chris Hansen Got Cash for Bad Checks From N-Word Hurling Radio DJ


Well, this is random.

Turns out, when former “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen came up with the money needed to get charges against him dropped for writing bad checks, he got a huge assist from a guy he never met … with a troubling background.

Bob Romanik — radio DJ for the St. Louis area station 1190 KQQZ-AM, best known for calling Waka Flocka the n-word — tells TMZ … he reached out to Hansen when he heard about his financial troubles and offered to help him out.

Romanik says he thinks Chris is a good guy who’s done good work, so he gave him nearly $ 13,000 to square up with a mom-and-pop shop in Stamford, CT. We broke the story … the cash got Hansen out of a jam with prosecutors, who decided to drop his larceny case.

Romanik isn’t looking for Hansen to return him any favors either, but he does tell us if Chris starts another project busting predators and helping children … he’d like to invest in the noble cause.

What’s not noble … is Romanik’s history of dropping racial slurs on the air. As we told you, he went on a racist rant back in 2017 after Waka Flocka wiped his ass with a Trump jersey. Bob called the rapper a “greasy black n***** son of a bitch” — and he hasn’t stopped using the n-word since.

In fact, Romanik has responded to criticism for his racist comments by saying it’s his First Amendment right … and he’ll stop saying the n-word when rappers stop saying it.

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed called for the FCC to remove Romanik’s license last year for his hate speech, but as far as we know … he’s still on the air.

BTW — Bob’s station is billed as “Kool Killer Kountry” … with 3 Ks for initials. Seriously.

Track Palin Released From Halfway House … Gets Out Early


Sarah Palin‘s oldest son is walking free in Alaska after being released from a residential center he was forced to live in following his domestic violence arrest … TMZ has learned. 

The Alaska Department of Corrections confirms Track Palin was released Thursday from the Cordova Residential Center, where he was serving his sentence for a domestic violence incident.

As we reported … Track was sentenced to a year in the center in October for allegedly hitting a woman with whom he lived. Track checked into the facility Dec. 5, and Thursday’s release means he’s getting out way earlier than expected. 

According to online court records … Track is getting credit for time spent on an electronic monitoring device, hence the early release.

Palin is no stranger to the criminal justice system in Alaska. Back in 2016, he was arrested for drunken domestic violence … he also allegedly had a gun on him. He also went through a nasty divorce in 2012 in which he made off with $ 30k, $ 500 in tools and a $ 1,000 gun collection.

XXXTentacion Mom Wants His Car from Murder Scene


XXXTentacion‘s mother is asking the State of Florida to return his vehicle — the one in which he was shot to death. 

The Assistant State Attorney filed docs, obtained by TMZ, on behalf of the rapper’s mom, Cleopatra Bernard … requesting his 2017 Black BMW i8 be returned to her. Prosecutors say law enforcement has completed processing and photographing the car, so there’s no need for them to continue holding it.

According to the docs … X’s family wants the car back ASAP to help avoid further damage to it from sitting in storage. If a judge signs off, the defense team for Dedrick Williams — one of the rapper’s alleged murderers — will have until the end of February to complete their inspection of the vehicle.

After that, the car will be returned to Cleopatra.

We broke the story … XXXTentacion was gunned down last June in Miami at the age of 20. There have been 4 arrests in connection to his murder, including Williams.

Kim Porter Died from Pneumonia


Kim Porter, the mother of 3 of Diddy‘s children, died from a form of pneumonia … TMZ has learned. 

The L.A. County Coroner’s office released the cause of death as lobar pneumonia — which is an inflammation of an entire lobe of the lungs.

TMZ broke the story … Kim was found dead in her Toluca Lake home in November. Sources close to Kim told us the model was battling the flu and complained she wasn’t feeling well the night before she was pronounced dead at her home.

She was laid to rest in her home state of Georgia with an elaborate and moving funeral, which Diddy planned. He also delivered a very emotional eulogy during the service.

Kim was 47. 

DMX Released From Federal Prison!!!


And, the dog is out … DMX is a free man again after being released from federal prison! 

DMX was released Friday morning from Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in West Virginia after serving a one-year sentence for tax evasion. We’re told X’s family was expected to pick him up. 

As we reported … DMX is planning on dropping a new album and tackling some new movie projects, including a possible biopic! 

With his prison sentence complete, X must now start forking over $ 2.3 million in restitution to Uncle Sam … and he also has to start outpatient programs for substance abuse and mental health.

DMX’s original release date was supposed to be on Sunday, but it’s federal policy to release inmates early if their release date falls on a weekend. 

Nelly Not Running from Sexual Assault Case … Meets with Cops in UK


Nelly took a major step in proving he’s got nothing to hide in a criminal case out of the UK, where he’s being investigated for alleged sexual assault.

Law enforcement sources tell us the St. Louis rapper was interviewed last week by the Essex Police at their Southend station, where they’ve opened a criminal probe into an alleged sexual assault from 2017 … when Nelly performed in the area. 

We’re told Nelly flew out to meet with cops  — without being asked —  and we’re told his participation is a major step forward in the investigation … but not necessarily the deciding factor. It might be a while before a decision is made on whether to charge him.

Nelly was never detained at the police station. A rep for the rapper tells TMZ … “Nelly flew to the UK on his own volition last week to work with the police in assisting their investigation to clear his name completely.”

As we’ve reported … Nelly’s been accused of masturbating in front of a woman and forcing his penis in her mouth after a meet and greet in December 2017. She says she was able to flee and didn’t immediately go to cops out of fear of not being believed.

Nelly — who’s denied the latest allegation — is being sued for the same alleged incident. He also settled a separate lawsuit with a woman who’d accused him of rape

Super Bowl Here’s the Medical Marijuana Ad CBS Banned From Super Bowl Broadcast

This is the medical marijuana ad CBS rejected for the Super Bowl, and it’s incredibly moving and emotional.

The ad, produced by Acreage Holdings, a marijuana and cannabis investment firm, was willing to pay $ 5 million for the spot, but CBS turned it down … because, we’re told, they don’t allow any marijuana ads on the air.

The ad profiles 3 people — a boy who had hundreds of seizures a day that were not abated by traditional medicine, a man addicted to opioids, and a veteran who was in severe pain after his leg was amputated. All say medical marijuana made life livable.

The point of the ad is to push for legalization of medical marijuana on the federal level. 30 states have made medical marijuana use legal, but a federal law would make a big difference.

FL Sec. of State Blackface Photos Come Out … Resigns from Office

Breaking News

Florida Sec. of State Michael Ertel is learning the same lesson Megyn Kelly learned about blackface, but in a much harsher way — he’s stepping down after offensive Halloween pics of him emerged online.

Ertel had the audacity to wear blackface 14 years ago when he dressed up as a female Hurricane Katrina victim. His costume also included a headscarf and fake boobs.

Newly elected Gov. Ron DeSantis, who appointed Ertel, got wind of the pics Thursday morning after the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper obtained them. Shortly thereafter, Ertel resigned his post.

The photos were taken in 2005, 2 months after Katrina ripped through Louisiana, and while Ertel was serving as Seminole County’s supervisor of elections.

Worth noting, Gov. DeSantis had his own racial controversy during his hotly contested campaign against Andrew Gillum. You might recall his “don’t monkey this up” comment. If ya don’t, here it is …  

MAGA Hat Student Nick Sandmann Stopped Showdown From Getting Ugly … KY Congressman Says


High school student Nick Sandmann was the perfect person to get into a showdown with Native American elder Nathan Phillips, according to a congressman from Nick’s home state.

Rep. Thomas Massie, whose district is home to Covington Catholic School, was on Capitol Hill when we asked him about Sandmann and the criticism of how he handled the face-off. Not surprisingly, he’s got a lot of love for his young constituent. 

Massie says he’s proud of the way Nick handled himself while Nathan continued beating his drum during the weekend confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial — and he gives Nick ALL the credit for defusing the turbulent situation

The congressman says he fears what kind of violence could have erupted if Nathan was drumming in front of someone else, who didn’t have Sandmann’s calm temperament.

As we reported … Nick says his smirk was misinterpreted, and Rep. Massie backs that up.

Not only does he have positive things to say about Nick’s demeanor — he also thinks the kid’s got a future in politics.