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Tekashi69 Funny Bloopers From Sex Shop Ad … Love the Dolls!!!


Tekashi69‘s blooper reels from his Valentine’s Day sex shop commercials are hilarious, and at least one product he pushed could probably suit him well in jail … a sex doll!!!

We’ve obtained behind-the-scenes footage from the commercial shoots, and as you can see … Tekashi has a real connection with the blowup doll. 

We’re told 6ix9ine filmed the ads for Romantic Depot back in November, several days before getting busted by the feds on racketeering and various other charges.

It’s funny … we’re told a Romantic Depot salesperson asked Tekashi if he wanted the doll for free, and he replied, “Are you crazy?!? My mother would bug if she saw this under my bed!!!” 

Check out the final cut … 6ix9ine’s a pretty good salesman. We’re guessing Willy Loman would be proud.

If you want to get your hands on any Tekashi-approved sex toys … Romantic Depot is the largest sex shop chain of lingerie stores in the New York area, with locations in Manhattan, The Bronx, Yonkers, Westchester, Rockland and Bergen Counties. 

Pete Davidson Addresses Personal Crisis on ‘SNL’ … And It’s Funny

Pete Davidson was in good spirits on ‘SNL’ Saturday night and turned his personal crisis into a pretty funny bit.

During the Weekend Update segment, Pete appeared with John Mulaney and addressed the rough patch he’s had, in particular, the alarming suicide threat he made back in December.

Mulaney says he spent a lot of time with Pete trying to get him back on the straight and narrow, and Pete’s response will make you laugh, even though the subject is dark.

Social media gave Pete mixed reviews, but judging from last night he seems like he’s back in the game.

Lonzo Ball Rips Ex-GF For ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Comment … ‘It’s Really Not Funny’

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Lonzo Ball was pissed to be called a “deadbeat dad” by his ex-GF … and when the Lakers star confronted her about the comment — he told her, “It’s really not funny.”

Denise Garcia — Zo’s baby mama — went on social media in October and was asked to “blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad” … and she blinked with both eyes while laughing.

Cameras caught Lonzo confronting Denise over the post on the Ball family’s Facebook reality TV show … when he ripped into her for making the accusation.

“Came to see the deadbeat, huh?” Zo asked … “That was fun for you? You had fun? You’re laughing, but it’s really not funny though.”

Lonzo wasn’t the only one pissed about the comments … LaVar Ball was livid as well, saying, “How do you call somebody a deadbeat when you just had the baby?!”

In fact … the Big Baller was caught on camera talking to his wife about her exercise program when he said, “Are you getting in shape for a reason? So, you can knock the hell outta Denise?!”

For her part … Denise explained to Lonzo the whole thing was meant as a joke — and she apologized to the L.A. star.

“I shouldn’t have done it at all. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

Lonzo added, “Denise wants me to be more present during the weekends with her and Zoey, I see where she’s obviously coming from … I’m trying to make an effort to get there as much as possible.”