Matt Roloff Makes Huge Announcement About His Future

Matt Roloff really does seem to be moving on from life on the farm.

Over the past several weeks, it’s been made more and more apparent that the Little People, Big World patriarch is ready to expand his professional and personal horizons past the place he’s called home for decades.

For as long as we’ve known Matt certainly, he has lived and worked on Roloff Farms.

But the past few episodes of this TLC reality series have crystallized the problems in this arrangement, as both Matt and his ex-wife have complained about living in such close proximity to each other.

The future of the farm truly does appear to be in question, especially when Amy comes out and makes remarks such as the following:

“I don’t know what the future of the farm really holds…  it’s a challenge sometimes with Matt and I living on the farm together, being divorced and everything.”

Amy made that statement on the most recent installment of Little People, Big World.

Making matters even more intriguing and complicated in terms of where the farm and its owners are headed?

Matt has confirmed that he’s headed south!

Roloff recently said he’s moving to Arizona for at least part of the year.

Insiders have reported that Matt and girlfriend Caryn Chandler purchased a home there, prompting speculation that the couple is engaged or may soon be engaged.

But we’re not here to wonder about the state of this romance.

We’re here to talk more at length about Matt bidding farewell to his farm.

Despite the weather being very nice in Oregon right now, for example, Roloff is spending time in Arizona, writing as a caption to the first Instagram photo above:

“Hi all my Arizona friends… anyone that missed my last book signing at the Barnes and Nobel in Surprise AZ … or if we ran out of books before you got yours. I’ll be there again tomorrow (sat 6/30) from 11am – 1:30).

“This time there should be plenty of books (hopefully). And I’ll sign your copy and do a meet n greet.”

Matt is referring to the children’s book “Little Lucy Big Race” that he wrote and released last year.

He really seems to be embracing the life of an author, adding a pretty huge announcement to this caption:

“Also we are in the planning stages of a multi city book reading tour in August. Stay tuned we may be in Your city soon!”

Wow. How exciting, right?!?

Also also how worrisome if you don’t want to see Little People, Big World change in any way.

When you consider Roloff making money via signings and book sales, along what seems to have been a long-planned move away from his farm, it becomes hard to imagine this show remaining the same.

Matt is yearning to move on. Amy is involved in a serious relationship with Chris Marek.

Nearly every family member is making major life decisions these days.

So here’s an idea:

Perhaps TLC should spinoff either Jeremy and Audrey Roloff; or Zach and Tori Roloff; or even both couples at once.

Just because Amy and Matt may wish to move on, this doesn’t mean the Little People, Big World universe has to end.

Who among us would not be rapt by a series that focuses on how these twosomes are raising precious little Ember and/or precious little Jackson?

We certainly would be.


Little People, Big World Recap: Does the Farm Have a Future?

It’s the question that’s been hanging over each of the past few Little People, Big World episodes.

As Matt and Amy Roloff have clashed more than ever on the latest season of this TLC hit, many fans have been wondering:

What does this mean for the future of the family farm? Heck…

… IS there a future for the family farm?!?

We’ve openly wondered whether Little People, Big World could be ending soon — and Tuesday night’s episode didn’t provide us with much reason for hope in this department.

“I don’t know what the future of the farm really holds,” Amy told the cameras very simply, adding this week:

“It’d be great to see the grandkids play here when they’re five years old, but in the back of my mind, I also know it’s a challenge sometimes with Matt and I living on the farm together, being divorced and everything.”

The stars split up two years ago, although it’s recently come out that they were living apart for a long time prior to their June 2016 divorce filing.

Matt and Amy still get along mostly well, but the former is dating Caryn Chandler and the latter Chris Marek.

The romances are very serious, causing extra awkwardness between all involved.

“Part of me just wants to sell the farm, liquidate it, and move on,” Matt actually said out loud for the first time last night.

The family patriarch recently confirmed that he’ll be moving to Arizona part-time, casting further doubt on the future of the series and the property.

How do Jeremy and Zach feel about this possibility?

Both have families of their own, but they recognize the special and unique position they’ve been in with the farm over the years.

“I prefer for there to be a Roloff legacy and not just see it disintegrate before our eyes,” Jeremy said, to which Zach replied:

“The farm is such an amazing thing that my parents built here, it would be sad to not see it go onto a second generation, then a third generation.”

Matt’s main issue seems to be the fact that, due to the terms of the divorce, Amy has been living in the family home this whole time… while he’s been relegated to the double-wide trailer not built for a little person’s needs.

Such an arrangement was only supposed to be temporary when he first moved out.

“I’m not into a buyout,” Amy told Matt in response to the idea of shacking up with Marek. “I don’t plan on moving unless we sell.”

She later admitted in a confessional:

“Divorce is hard. I think the hardest thing is the perception that I shouldn’t have the house, that I shouldn’t have any of this.

“No one says it, it’s just all of these different conversations and moments, and collectively I probably feel that way.”

It would help Matt and Amy decide what to do if either of their prominent sons (no offense to Jacob, who clearly isn’t an option here) stepped up and offered to run the farm.

But neither Jeremy nor Zach will make this committment.

“It’s hard to take over what someone else is doing,” Jeremy told his parents, explaining:

“It’s you guys’ place. So you guys need to figure out what you want to do, what your plans are. You’re the ones who are living on the same property.”

Zach said he would be “devastated” to lose the farm, but not enough to say for certain that he’ll dedicate himself to running it.

“I like the fact that they want to keep it in the family, but that’s easy to say,” Matt said at one point. “We still have a lot of things that we need to get resolved.”

Since this episode was filmed, the family has come together to accept a pretty impressive award.

This doesn’t mean any answers as they relate to the farm have been confirmed, however. The future is still one big question mark.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.


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