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Lady Gaga A Star is Single … Donzo with Fiance

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Lady Gaga and her fiance have called off their engagement … ending their two-year relationship … TMZ has confirmed. 

The singer and Christian Carino started dating back in February 2017 around the time she performed at the Super Bowl halftime show and just months after she called off her engagement to Taylor Kinney. Her relationship heated up fast with Christian … wasting no time kanoodling with him in the Hamptons.

It’s unclear when exactly the 50-year-old agent proposed … but LG during a speech at Elle’s 25th annual Women in Hollywood Celebration in October 2018, LG revealed the engagement when she thanked “my fiance, Christian.”

There were signs the relationship was on the rocks … fans noticed Christian was nowhere in sight when she hit up the Grammys. He was also absent from Gaga’s Instagram feed on Valentine’s Day.

People was first to report the news.

Charles Manson Follower I’m a Legit Artist … Lady Gaga Film Used My Music!!!


Bobby Beausoleil — one of Charles Manson‘s followers who’s been in prison for murder for almost 49 years — is on the verge of getting out, and he might have a Lady Gaga documentary to thank for helping his case.

If you don’t know, Beausoleil’s not considered part of the Manson “family,” but he was an associate and was convicted of first-degree murder in 1970. Despite an initial life sentence, he was recommended for parole by a California parole panel earlier this month … after being rejected 18 times before.

According to transcripts from his parole hearing, Beausoleil was asked several questions about his music and art in relation to his connection to Manson, and he made it clear … his art stands alone.

To prove his point … Beausoleil pointed out the soundtrack he provided for the 1972 short film “Lucifer Rising” was sampled in the 2017 documentary about Lady Gaga, “Gaga: Five Foot Two.”

Beausoleil told the parole board … “The Lady Gaga documentary used a portion of it … and it has been used in other films.” He added … “It is respected on its own merits as art … I think it is important to try to see it as something that is not representative of something that is related to Manson.”

We looked into it, and his story checks out … 2 tracks from “Lucifer Rising” were used in the Gaga doc, and Bobby is credited as the writer.

It’s unclear if Lady Gaga had any input about the musical selections for the doc — which was directed by Chris Moukarbel — but we reached out to her rep … no word back so far.

Either way, Beausoleil’s overall pitch to the panel worked on the 19th try, because they found him suitable for parole. Next up … the Board of Parole Hearings will review the case and if it approves, the case will go to recently elected Gov. Gavin Newsom, who can decide to approve or block his release.

Lady Gaga to VP Mike Pence You Give Christians a Bad Name … Shame on Your Wife Too!!!

Lady Gaga went scorched earth on Vice President Mike Pence and his wife over the weekend … calling them terrible representations of what it means to be Christian.

Gaga was performing Saturday at the Park Theater in Vegas — as part of her new residency — and at one point as she played the piano … she paused to talk politics and take some shots at the Trump administration, especially the Veep and Second Lady, Karen.

The pop star first openly wondered if or when President Trump would reopen the government, which got a huge round of applause. She then launched into a tirade against the Pences over Karen resuming her teaching gig at Immanuel Christian School in VA … which aims to ban LGBT kids and teachers supportive of them. Gaga didn’t pull any punches.

She says, “And to Mike pence who thinks that it’s okay that his wife works at a school that bans LGBTQ — you’re wrong. You’re the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian.”

Gaga continued … “I am a Christian woman, and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice and everybody is welcome. So you can take all that disgrace, Mr. Pence, and look yourself in the mirror and you’ll find it right there.”

Her speech got a huge roar of approval from the audience. Safe to say … they agree. 

Lady Gaga Probed and Prodded in Vegas … But Keeps On Rockin’!!!

Lady Gaga‘s definitely bringing the shock factor to her new show in Las Vegas.

The ‘Star is Born’ actress is back to her bread and butter … singing on the stage for her residency show, Enigma, at MGM’s Park Theater. Based on this video from Thursday night, the show’s name is on point — it’s really hard to tell exactly what’s going on here.

Gaga’s dancers — dressed in some spacey costumes — circled her and probed her with a long pointy object. Think supersized sex toy. Anyway, they used it all over her body as she sang “Aura” and convulsed, gyrated and screamed.

The show’s out there for sure, as Gaga showed when she kicked it off last month by unveiling her new alter ego — a metallic alien in a glittery space suit. It’s also getting rave reviews.

And, as we already know … Celine Dion freakin’ loved it.

Lady Gaga Broken Promises? R. Kelly Collab Still for Sale


10:35 AM PT — Universal Music tells TMZ, “We are working on taking this down now.”Lady Gaga hasn’t completely followed through on her promise to remove her song with R. Kelly from streaming platforms, because their collab is still available for purchase on Google Play Music. 

As of this post, you can still throw down $ 1.29 to buy Lady Gaga’s song, “Do What U Want (With My Body)” featuring R. Kelly. 

Gaga said 6 days ago she was pulling the collab from iTunes and other streaming services as an act of solidarity with the women Kelly allegedly abused.

It HAS been disabled on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. It’s unclear if Google Play was overlooked, or if the purge just hasn’t gotten to the platform yet. 

As you know, Celine Dion, Ciara, Chance the Rapper and the Pussycat Dolls followed in Gaga’s footsteps and pulled or are in the process of pulling their collabs with R. Kelly in the wake of Lifetime’s docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly.” Still, it’s interesting that Gaga and Kelly’s song hasn’t been completely scrubbed.

We’ve reached out to Google and Gaga … so far, no word back.  

R. Kelly Not Sweating Celine, Gaga … All About Suing Lifetime!!!


R. Kelly might take a financial hit as more of his hit songs get pulled from streaming services, but he’s more concerned with filing a fat lawsuit against Lifetime over its docuseries … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the singer tell us he’s not flipping out about people like Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Ciara yanking their R. Kelly collabs. We’re told his only reaction has been to dismiss those artists as “phonies” who are trying to salvage their own images on the heels of the “Surviving R. Kelly” allegations.

We’re told he is freaking out about what he considers “lies” put forward in ‘Surviving.’ As we’ve reported, Kelly’s lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to Lifetime ahead of the six-part docuseries airing. Of course, Lifetime didn’t blink and Kelly’s now pressuring his attorneys to follow through with the legal threat.

We’re told he has daily meetings with lawyers where they not only discuss the content of ‘Surviving’ … but also attempt to dig up dirt on Lifetime execs. The way one source describes it, Kelly seems crazed about getting revenge, and will leave no stone unturned until he gets it.

So far, though, no lawsuit … while Kelly keeps taking shots.

We broke the story … his label, RCA/Sony, has pulled all financial backing for new projects — and prosecutors in 2 cities are actively seeking potential witnesses and victims to bring charges against him.

Fair to say, the walls are closing in and Kelly’s not happy about it.

Lady Gaga My Horse is Dying … Bolts from Critics’ Choice Awards

For Lady Gaga, her victories at the Critics’ Choice Awards are totally overshadowed this morning by the news her beloved horse is dying.

The singer hauled in 2 awards Sunday for Best Song and Best Actress for her performance in “A Star is Born” — but skipped all the after-parties because she’d just found out about her horse, Arabella.

Lady Gaga posted an emotional tribute, saying, “Our souls and spirits were one.”

No doubt Arabella was a huge part of Gaga’s life. She’s posted tons of pictures of her trusted steed over the years.

It’s been a rough month for the singer. The sad news comes on the heels of apologizing for collaborating with R. Kelly — and pulling their 2013 track from streaming services as an act of solidarity with the women he allegedly abused.

Lady Gaga Apologizes for Collab w/ R. Kelly Pulling Song From iTunes

Lady Gaga‘s sorry she ever worked with R. Kelly, saying she’s going to pull their 2013 track from iTunes and other streaming services as an act of solidarity with the women he allegedly abused.

Gaga spoke out against Kelly early Thursday morn, saying the claims against him are “absolutely horrifying and indefensible” … and she stands behind the women 1000%.

She says her single with Kelly, called “Do What U Want (With My Body),” came at a dark time in her life — when her thinking was “explicitly twisted” because she was dealing with the trauma of being a sexual assault survivor herself.

Lady Gaga says she’s grown and gotten help since then, and vows going forward to “continue to support women, men and people of all sexual identities, and of all races, who are victims of sexual assault.”

She plans to remove the 2013 collab with Kelly online and adds … “I’m sorry, both for my poor judgment when I was young, and for not speaking out sooner.” Interestingly, since posting her plan to pull the track, it’s been purchased and streamed way more. Seems like people are getting their last licks.

As you know … Gaga’s statement comes on the heels of major controversy involving Lifetime’s docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly,” in which he’s accused of sexual abuse, pedophilia and predatory behavior.

She’d been mum on the subject until now and taken some heat for it … especially since she’s very much in the public eye right now with all the awards season buzz for “A Star is Born.”

In fact, Gaga won Best Actress at the National Board of Review Awards Wednesday night in NYC … and spoke out against Kelly hours later.

Celine Dion I’m Goo Goo for Lady Gaga … Rocks Out at Vegas Show

Celine Dion played the air guitar, sang along and clapped her hands for Lady Gaga during the “Bad Romance” singer’s second show of her Las Vegas residency.

Dion — who has had a residency of her own for years — had one of the best seats in the house Sunday night for Gaga’s Enigma show at the Park Theatre in the Park MGM Resort. Celine totally jams out to “You and I” … even encouraging the crowd to let loose too.

Lady Gaga’s residency began on Friday night, and reviews have been excellent — with many calling the show very energetic and theatrical — though nothing was more theatrical than Dion’s dance moves.

Celine’s 17-year residency at Caesars Palace is set to end in June, so lots more time to go see Gaga again.

Lady Gaga Super Spacey … Opens Las Vegas Residency

Lady Gaga fired up her new ‘ENIGMA’ residency at Park Theater at Park MGM Friday night in Vegas … and she did not disappoint.

Gaga performed a bunch of her hits — Poker Face, The Edge of Glory, Applause, Paparazzi, Beautiful Dirty Rich, Dance In the Dark, Aura, Shallow and Schei.  

She has a new alter ego — a glittery metallic alien.  Gaga soared over the stage in a silver jumpsuit, rode a robot with massive tentacles and sat in a giant egg that was hanging from the ceiling.

Gaga sampled a bunch of space outfits, including a black leotard with a lime green ruffle coat, a black bodysuit with silver foil and large shoulder pads, and a silver jumpsuit with matching boots.

More than 5,000 folks jammed into the venue for the show, including Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom and Adam Lambert.

The show will go through November of next year … obviously there are breaks in between.