Joanna Gaines Bids Farewell to Fixer Upper

Whether Chip and Joanna Gaines quit Fixer Upper for their family or whether they quit over a horrible contract, Fixer Upper has come to an end.

Joanna is opening up on her blog and bidding the series a bittersweet farewell.

But she’s not saying goodbye to fans — because they can still keep up with the Gainses.

Writing on her blog, Joanna Gaines said farewell to the show that catapulted her family into the spotlight.

“Tonight marks the final episode of Fixer Upper — the series finale.”

That episode aired on Tuesday night.

“This season of life has been rewarding, challenging, unbelievably fast and furious and nearly everything in between.”

We have to admire that season of life line.

“Back in September when Chip and I posted the blog announcing that this season would be our last, it still seemed so far away.”

It’s been a half a year since the Gaineses announced that Fixer Upper would end after season 5.

“April felt like it was forever away, but somehow it snuck up on us.”

Time these days seems to pass at such a rapid pace, even if it still seems like food takes forever to arrive when you order it.

“Time is funny like that, the days sometimes seem long, but the weeks, months and even years fly past us when we least expect it.”

“I really loved this final Fixer Upper season because there was such a variety of styles and projects that really kept us on our toes.”

Even professionals like to be challenged sometimes.

“We did everything from an old barn out in the country to a downtown loft apartment.”

Those are about as different as it gets.

“We also got to do some pretty unique projects like my garden house, a new build for clients, our restaurant, and an ADA compliant house for two amazing boys and their family that we met through the Tim Tebow Foundation.”

They recently attended a Tim Tebow Foundation event.

“Oh, and of course tonight’s episode, where we do a renovation for a Rockstar!”

“We are grateful to all the families who joined in on this journey with us over the past five years — what an honor to be a part of their stories.”

Joanna thanks her fans … but also reminds them that the end of Fixer Upper doesn’t mean that she and Chip are just going to evaporate.

“I do want to take some time to update you on a bunch of things that are going on in our neck of the woods now that filming is over. We are so thrilled that our restaurant, Magnolia Table is finally up and running.”

Prepare to get hungry, folks.

“The whole project was a huge undertaking, and we are so happy that it is officially open! If you come visit the restaurant, some of Chip’s favorites are the Farm Eggs Benedict, tater tots, the bacon and eggs appetizer, and of course Chip’s Ham Sandwich.”

Did that make you a little more eager for your next meal? Joanna says that it had the same effect on her.

“I am currently craving the pancakes, chicken salad sandwich, lavender latte and the Gaines Bros Burger with the jalapeno drip jam. My stomach is growling as I type this!”

And speaking of food …

“We also finished my cookbook, Magnolia Table, which will be out April 24th. It’s a collection of recipes from my kitchen, our restaurant, and some of my favorites from family and friends.”

You know that she was going to plug her book projects, folks.

“Cooking is so special to me because time spent around the table with family and friends is such a gift. My hope is that this book inspires you in the kitchen and that you’ll find recipes that become tried and true favorites for your own family!”

But food isn’t her primary interest, of course.

“My passion is to help people in their own homes — you don’t have to be a designer to get it right. It’s not about rules and special formulas. I believe it starts by simply going with your gut and telling your story.”

And remember — Chip and Joanna didn’t start home design when Fixer Upper began.

“Many of you may know that we were doing construction and design years before the show came online.”

Yep. They have their own company.

“Our company Magnolia Design and Construction has been fixing up homes for over 15 years now and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon!”

If you want to see some of those, just follow her blog.

“We have some big projects in the works and we are currently renovating a few flip houses and building about 20 new homes here in town. I will be posting some pictures soon — I can’t wait for you to see all of these new designs.”

And she has some adorable news about the Gaines household.

“And now for a quick update on the home front. Chip continues to increase our pet population. He recently surprised us all with a new kitten AND a new puppy. Oh, sweet Chip…”

“For us, the end of this final season marks the beginning of a new one.”

She is of course referring to her pregnancy.

“If you would have told me that I’d end this season of the show pregnant with our fifth baby, I would’ve laughed.”

“Like the entire Fixer Upper opportunity as a whole, life has a way of surprising us.”

But she’s adapted, and has flaunted her baby bump in a little black dress.

“With our little ones getting bigger, we had this gut feeling that it was time to step back and focus on them and our businesses here in Waco, Texas.”

And she credits providence with this happy coincidence.

“And although that’s why we thought we decided to step away from the show, we now realize with this little one on the way that there was a bigger plan in place for us all along.”

“Season Five’s Behind the Design episodes will start airing next Tuesday, which will give you an in-depth look into the process and also some rooms you didn’t get to see in the original reveal.”

So, you see, Fixer Upper is ending but the Gainses really aren’t going away just yet.

“Today is really bittersweet for us. Fixer Upper is the thing that introduced our family to yours, and every Tuesday night for the past five years, we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen.”

It’s so touching how much she and Chip admire their fans.

“We’ve said it many times, but it’s worth saying again — thank you to everyone who has walked beside us on this journey.”

And she thanks both old fans and the new ones.

“Whether you watched every single show since season one or you are just now tuning in, you all have been a part of this and Chip and I will always be grateful for your support.”


Chip Gaines Receives Special Help to Confirm Baby Gender

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are having a baby.

This is not news.

Heck, Joanna recently showed off her growing belly in a tight black dress, making it clear she isn’t keeping this pregnancy a secret of any kind.

But what kind of baby are Chip and Joanna having?

A boy or a girl?

This is a question that has not been answered…until now!

The Fixer Upper co-host took to Twitter this morning and shared a video that confirmed the gender of his impending child.

It’s unclear if this was really how Chip planned on making the announcement to his many followers, but make it he and his new friend surely did.

cg tweet

“Alright, alright … if we’re going to announce the gender of our #5th child. It might as well come from my new friend #Gage! Take it away my man. @tebowfoundation,” Chip wrote.

He then shared a video of his interaction with a little boy who Gaines met at the Tim Tebow Foundation’s golf weekend.

Kneeling aside a young boy with special needs, Chip smiles throughout the footage and says to Gage:

“We’re just about to have another little baby, because Uncle Chip lost his mind…

“I can’t think of a ‘D’ name. Can you help me think of a ‘D’ name?”

Chip then reveals that the D name is for a boy.

“Is that a secret? I don’t know, that might not even be allowed on Twitter. It’s a little boy and I need a ‘D’ name and so far, all I could come up with was Dragon, and she’s like, ’You are not calling that baby Dragon!’

“Can you help me?”

It’s VERY cute.

Check out the footage below:

Joanna and Chip are best known for having co-hosted five seasons of Fixer Upper on HGTV.

But they have also penned books, released clothing lines and just recently opened a restaurant in Texas.

They are already parents to Drake, 12, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7.

But what’s one more child, right?!?

In alerting the universe to Joanna’s expecting state, Chip shared a photo of her belly and his pretend baby bump and then explained how this pregnancy happened, LOL:

“You might recall a few months back.. the ever amazing, ever romantic @JOHNNYSWIM was in Waco. And they put on a little too romantic of a concert.. anyways, one thing led to another, & we are officially pregnant.

“And I could not be more EXCITED! #5 #7ThePerfectNumber.”

As you can see below, fans of the reality stars are pretty excited over this development as well:

yay for chip

Fixer Upper’s final season is currently airing on HGTV Tuesdays at 9/8c.

We don’t know yet if Joanna gave Chip her blessing to reveal her baby’s gender in this manner…

… but who could be mad at the guy after a video such as this?


Joanna Gaines Flaunts Her Baby Bump in a Little Black Dress

Now that Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines’ baby bump is here, when the Gaineses go out, that precious pregnant belly is visible in every photograph.

And that includes photos over the weekend, when the Gainses spent time with former NFL player Tim Tebow.

Check out her baby bump from every angle!

This photo, of course, is neither new or serious, but it’s part of why so many people love Chip and Joanna.

The Gaineses are pregnant with their fifth child. That’s welcome news from these wonderful parents.

But you know what? Even with Fixer Upper ending, they can afford it.

(In fact, some believe that money may have played a role, and that Chip and Joanna quit over a bad contract that edged them out of not only profits but also their own decisions)

Even without the compelling television show that catapulted the couple to fame, they’re still using their platform for good.

And, as you can see in these photos, having a little fun while they’re at it.

There was a time when pregnant women were expected to hide their baby bump as much as possible in flowy or overstuffed clothing that made them appear to have merely put on weight.

The times have changed, thankfully, and women have more choices in how they might choose to dress.

Joanna, like many stars as well as many ordinary folks, has opted to wear a beautiful black dress that outlines the silhouette of her baby bump.

And why not?

Her pregnancy is no secret, and fans are overjoyed to see the Gaineses bring another child into such a happy household.

(Yes, Chip Gaines admits that their marriage isn’t perfect, but that’s a healthy display of honesty, folks, not a sign that things are doomed)

Joanna and her husband displayed “their” growing baby bump while spending time with the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Tim Tebow may have been a controversial man during his sports career — praised by fellow Christians for his devout stance but frustrating to sports fans for his perceived inadequacy.

But many feel that his history of charitable work speaks for itself. And they might have a point.

Tebow was part of creating “First and 15” when he was still in college. That fund worked to raise much-needed funds for Uncle Dick’s Orphanage (unfortunate name, we know) in the Philippines.

That orphanage was founded by his father’s Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association, so charity is something of a family business for the Tebows.

Tim really branched out in 2010, when he created the Tim Tebow Foundation.

According to the website, the foundation’s mission is “to bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.”

Joanna captioned her gallery of photos with:

“What an amaizng weekend with the @timtebowfoundation [sparkles emoji] Thank you for giving hope and love to so many #ttfgolf2018”

Yes, there was golf.

A major emphasis of the Tim Tebow Foundation is outreach to disabled individuals, so we’re sure that a number of people were happy to meet the Gainses.

(People with disabilities can enjoy Fixer Upper and be excited to meet its stars too, you know)

And Joanna’s baby bump was on display even as they opted for golf-appropriate attire.

Neither pregnancy nor the end of Fixer Upper are going to deter the Gainses from remaining in the public eye and using their platform to do good.

That’s wonderful.

In fact, if the rumors about their contract being too restrictive and unfair are true, quitting Fixer Upper may mean that fans will get to see more appearances by the couple since they’ll no longer have to ask for approval.

That said … the Gainses have claimed that this is a personal decision.

If so, they might focus on themselves and their family for a while. If so, that’s okay.

Only time will tell.


Chip and Joanna Gaines: Did They Quit Over a Bad Contract?

Fans were shocked to learn that Fixer Upper would be ending after only 5 seasons

Rumors flew — maybe it’s because their family is still growing. Maybe it’s because they wanted to work on their alleged marital troubles.

But now there’s a report that might finally make all of this make sense … despite the Gainses fervent denials.

There’s going out on a high note, and then there’s canceling your show at its height of popularity.

What gives?

Well, Joanna Gaines is pregnant with her fifth child. That’s a big deal for any couple on just about any show.

But if they were fine doing a show with four kids, then five wouldn’t hurt, right? That would just be more Gaines family for fans to love.

Then there’s the theory that they’re having marital problems. Even Chip Gaines admits that their relationship has imperfections.

But they say that they aren’t splitting. So why are they saying “no” to success?

They say that every safety rule, every regulation, every warning sign, and every contract is written based on history. On things that went wrong for one party or another.

It sounds like that extends to TV contracts, as well, because Page Six reports that Chip and Joanna are holding out for a better contract deal.

“Many years ago, when Scripps, which also owns Food Network, signed Rachael Ray, they didn’t think about Rachael starting a magazine, launching product lines, getting endorsement deals, and her books selling millions of copies.”

This comes from an HGTV Network insider, folks.

“And so while Food Network turned Rachael Ray into a star, she made tens of millions and Scripps got none of it.”

Some would argue that this is fair. That the network gets commercial revenue from the show itself, while Rachael Ray’s other projects are her own.

Others would say that, by giving her a platform, the network deserves a piece of the pie.

“After Rachael, they made sure no talent deal would ever put them in that situation again.”

“Since the Gaineses were relatively unknown when they started, they signed the general Scripps talent contract….”

Time and time again, we’ve heard of unknown people with star potential signing contracts that they would later come to regret.

“The talent can’t do anything without their approval — any appearance, any publicity, any endorsement, any product — you have to ask them for permission.”

That … sounds like hell.

“It is awful. And on top of that, Scripps takes a big percentage of everything you make — books, appearances, endorsements, products. If you make money, they take most of the money….”

They must feel like they’re trapped. Household names, but being paid a pittance of what many would consider them worth.

“So [Chip and Joanna] are using this end of their contract as a total renegotiation to get the deal they really want: more money, less work, more control.”

Apparently, the Gaineses believe that the odds are in their favor for one very good reason.

“The timing of Discovery buying Scripps worked well in their favor.”

Discovery knows the value of a reality series.

“With Discovery hopefully now about to own Scripps, they are rolling the dice thinking the new owners will come running after them and give them the deal they really want.”

It is a gamble, but perhaps it will pay off.

And if not, well, there are reports that the couple’s been meeting with other networks to pitch a new show.

Still (as you can see in the video above), the Gaineses have denied that this is about money.

They’re currently worth about $ 8 million each, but they suggested that they wouldn’t continue at this point, even if offered a ludicrous offer.

But … we have to consider that this could be their branding talking.

Some people find discussing money to be “vulgar,” and so if they were to admit: “Hey, we’re holding out for more money! Our millions aren’t enough!” it might hurt their brand.

For the sake of their fans, let’s hope that whatever it takes to get them back on TV happens.


Chip Gaines Admits Marriage’s Imperfections in Valentine’s Day Post

Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are pretty much the definition of relationship goals, right? Which is why Chip’s Valentine’s Day message has left some fans scratching their heads.

Usually, Valentine’s Day is all about romanticizing love and relationships as much as possible.

Instead, Chip seems to be focusing on the imperfections. Is he on to something here?

Considering the way that Chip and Joanna Gaines have shot down marital trouble rumors in the past, you’d think that they either have a picture-perfect marriage …

… Or that they, at least, want everyone to believe that everything is all smiles and rainbows or whatever.

A lot of fans grew suspicious when they heard that Fixer Upper was ending after 5 seasons. It’s a hugely popular series, and most networks and stars keep a show going until it stops being profitable.

To borrow the words of Bo Burnham, most television shows don’t stop beating the proverbial dead horse until it stops spitting out money.

But you know what? A couple of married stars quitting a show doesn’t have to be a marital spat. Maybe they made “enough” money — if there is such a thing. (To be clear, they are each worth like $ 8 million)

Their actual stated reason was just that they wanted to spend more time with each other and their family. That sounds healthy enough to us.

Chip tweeted out his unorthodox Valentine’s Day message, early Wednesday morning.

“No such thing as a ‘perfect marriage.'”

But Chip reveals what he believes to be the secret of making a marriage work.

“For me, its always been simple: commitment.”

Well that makes a lot of sense. That doesn’t just mean not cheating, but being committed to their emotional and romantic bond and their relationship and family and life together.

“Every morning I wake up committed, and pray that she chooses the same. And so today, again, I choose my beautiful bride.”

He clearly takes his marriage voews seriously.

“To have and to hold.. till death do us part. #HappyValentinesDay sweet girl!”

Of course, Chip and Joanna are expecting their fifth child.

The Gaineses are already parents to Drake, age 12, Ella, age 11, Duke, age 9, and Emmie Kay, age 7.

Preparing for a fifth child is a lot, but the couple can certainly balance that while continuing to grow their home improvement empire.

They’ve even made time for adorable little gags, like the way that they showed off their baby bump.

It’s always a sign of a healthy couple when they can joke and have fun while celebrating good news.


So, in light of their relationship, we think that Chip and Joanna are being realistic about the struggles of being a couple who’s been married for a long time.

You’re going to disagree. You’re going to get on each other’s nerves. You’re going to catch yourself imagining a different life.

All of that will happen whether or not you argue. It’s part of being a person.

What matters, and this is really what Chip’s tweet is getting at, is how committed you are to your bond with your partner. Or partners, for that matter.

What’s more, the fact that Chip is openly discussing the imperfections in his and all marriages is a healthy sign.

That means that he feels so secure in his relationship that he doesn’t hesitate to mention that not everything’s picture perfect.

In a Valentine’s Day message, no less.

These two seem to have things all figured out.


Joanna Gaines Baby Bump: It’s Here!

Joanna Gaines may be ending her career on Fixer Upper.

But the beloved HGTV star isn’t exactly preparing to take it easy.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

As confirmed by Joanna and her husband, Chip, about five weeks ago, the couple is expecting its fifth child.

Yes, it’s FIFTH child.

So while Joanna may be leaving the spotlight of television for awhile, she’ll be busier than ever at home, feeding a tiny human being, changing its diaper and trying desperately to sleep.

For now, however, Gaines still has enough energy to step in front of a camera, as evidenced by the very first snapshot of her growing belly.

“Photoshoot today and there’s no hiding this baby bump anymore,” she wrote on Instagram over the weekend.

The home design guru then shared a handful behind-the-scenes picture from a photo session.

In one images, Joanna can very clearly be seen making a heart with her fingers over her bump. Check it out below!

Joanna and Chip are already parents to four young kids:

Drake, 12, Ella Rose, 11, Duke, 9 and Emmie Kay, 7.

The quartet has sometimes been featured on episodes of Fixer Upper, but just briefly and just mostly in the background, during family dinners or that sort of thing.

The reality star talk often about their loved ones, but have done an admirable job keeping them out of the public eye.

They announced to the world that Joanna was pregnant back in early January, via a typically silly and sweet post by Chip.

“Gaines party of 7,” he wrote at the time. “(If you’re still confused.. WE ARE PREGNANT) @joannagaines.”

What made this so silly and sweet? Consider the photo that accompanied the caption:


A couple months prior to this major reveal, Chip and Joanna also announced they were ending Fixer Upper after five popular seasons.

Shortly afterward, word spread that perhaps the pair were just angling for a new contract, but it’s now clear they were planning to expand their family instead.

For some incredible and very depressing reasons, the Gaines have received some backlash for this pregnancy, with some critics actually shaming them because they have such a large family.

We’re not even sure how to respond to those people.

There was also some disturbing chatter, after Joanna showed off her Ultrasound, that something might be very wrong with the baby

Hopefully, these predictions were inaccurate, however, and we have no reason at the moment not to think things are going smoothly for Joanna and her son or daughter-to-be.

Let’s all pray the baby will be okay.

And let’s all send a congratulatory note to Chip and Joanna!

We’ve followed their professional adventures for years and are excited to see where this blessed turn in their personal life takes them next.


‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Ultrasound Reveals Potentially Serious Problem

“Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines may have reason for concern over their unborn child … and it centers around their ultrasound. Joanna posted video of the ultrasound Wednesday after the couple announced they’d soon be welcoming their…


Joanna Gaines Ultrasound Raises Serious Concerns; Is Her Baby in Trouble?

Just a few days after Chip and Joanna Gaines announced to the world that they’re expecting their fifth child, medical experts say the couple may have cause for serious concern when it comes to the baby.

This concern centers around an ultrasound photo Joanna shared on Tuesday of her unborn baby.

On January 2, Chip confirmed the exciting news of a fifth bundle of joy on the way for him and his wife, as the Fixer Upper star shared an adorable picture (below) and wrote as a caption:

“Gaines party of 7.. (If you’re still confused.. WE ARE PREGNANT) @joannagaines.”

The HGTV stars are parents to four children: Drake, 12, Ella, 11, Duke, 9, and Emmie Kay, 7.

They’ll feature the kids occasionally on their wildly popular home renovation show, but only in snippets; only to show everyone gathered at home for some ice cream or something.

At various times last year, Chip made comments that hinted he and Joanna were trying (or thinking about trying) for another boy or girl.

As a follow-up to her husband’s cute news-breaking photo and message, Joanna posted a picture of her ultrasound, writing along with it:

“Chip swears he can already tell it’s a boy. Look at the little heartbeat!!”

Sadly, however, many Internet users are focused on something else.

According to TMZ sources and others in the medical community, it looks very much as if there’s excess fluid around the fetus.

This has many wondering if the baby has a condition known as hydrops fetalis, which can be fatal.

You can take a close look at the ultrasound below:

It’s important to note here that this one ultrasound image is not conclusive.

There are other angles and other photos an expert would need to study in order to determine whether extra fluid is in additional cavities such as the heart, lungs or abdomen.

So states a radiologist from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to TMZ.

Chip and Joanna announced in October that they were ending Fixer Upper after five seasons.

“While we are confident that this is the right choice for us, it has for sure not been an easy one to come to terms with,” they said at the time, adding:

“Our family has grown up alongside yours, and we have felt you rooting us on from the other side of the screen.”

Cynics questioned whether this decision was simply a contract negotiating ploy, but Chip and Joanna remained adamant that they simply needed a break.

And they cited their family as the main reason why.

“This has nothing to do with a fraudulent skincare line or anything else you’ll inevitably read,” they continued.

“This is just us recognizing that we need to catch our breath for a moment.

“Our plan is to take this time to shore up and strengthen the spots that are weak, rest the places that are tired and give lots of love and attention to both our family and our businesses.”

We don’t know how far along Joanna is, so it’s possible she was already pregnant at the time of this announcement.

All we can say now, meanwhile, is that we’ll keep the couple in our thoughts and we will wish them all the best.


‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Ultrasound Reveals Potentially Serious Problem

“Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines may have reason for concern over their unborn child … and it centers around their ultrasound. Joanna posted video of the ultrasound Wednesday after the couple announced they’d soon be welcoming their…