Joe Perry Rushed to Hospital After Performing at Madison Square Garden w/ Billy Joel

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Duggar Fans to Jana: Get Out of the Garden & Find Yourself a Man!

If you watch Counting On online, you know that Jana Duggar is the oldest single Duggar female, and that’s a huge deal to pretty much everyone except Jana.

Despite the fact that the 27-year-old seems perfectly happy with her life (and has a twin brother who’s equally single), some fans are downright obsessed with Jana’s love life.

Jana courtship rumors are pretty much in constant circulation on social media, but they’ve been popping up with even greater frequency than usual recently.

Last week, it was rumored that Jana was courting Caleb Williams, a longtime friend with whom she was recently photographed.

The reports were quickly debunked, as it turns out that Jana’s not actually sleeping with (excuse us, “side-hugging”) every dude who pops up on her family’s Facebook page.

Shortly thereafter, sources claimed that Jana was courting Jacob Wilson, another family friend.

Again, it turned out these “sources” were just people who saw a photo on social media and jumped to conclusions.

The Duggars didn’t address these rumors directly, as is their M.O., but they did post some photos that seem to serve as a reminder that Jana is contentedly single.

That’s Jana tending to her garden, which apparently yielded quite a harvest.

(With more than a dozen mouths still to feed at the Duggar compound, we’re guessing Jana’s green thumb is greatly appreciated.)

Jim Bob and Michelle posted the pic to their official Facebook page this week, and like everything the Duggars do these days, it prompted immediate backlash.

Many who follow the Duggars closely believe that the Duggars put too much responsibility on Jana’s shoulders, and the pressure of helping to raise her many siblings is preventing her from starting a life of her own.

“Jana needs to get out from under her parents’ super control,” wrote one critic. “She doesn’t even know she’s being brainwashed.” 

“I hope she at least has her own bedroom and some privacy some of the time. This young woman deserves some quiet private time to herself,” echoed another.

Others suggested that the show should focus more on Jana’s hobbies and homemaking abilities than her babysitting duties.

“I would have rather have seen footage of Jana making the garden than some of the tedious shopping with kids routines we keep getting shown.”

“Just be careful what happens in the garden after dark,” one fan suggestively commented.

And of course, there were some who ratcheted the criticism up to 11, with one writing:

“Or maybe they could start a new show where they teach boys to touch young girls and get away with it because they pray to their fake lord.”

For her part, Jana admits that it’s often difficult to be single in a family that places so much emphasis on marriage and raising children:

“I know how it feels to wait for ‘Prince Charming’ to come along. I’m still waiting,” she recently said.

“Waiting is not always easy. Especially in those times when all the married siblings are getting together and you can’t you’re not part of ‘that’ group.”

Hey, at least she has her garden.

Watch Counting On online to join the search for hints that Jana is secretly courting.


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Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard Embark on Babymoon, Celebrate Anniversary at Olive Garden

After spending much of the past two years performing missionary work in El Salvador, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are back in the States.

But unlike some other members of Jill’s famous family, they didn’t return home with their tails between their legs, looking to hide out in Tontitown.

Quite the opposite, the Dillards have a whole lot to celebrate these days.

It’s hard to believe but it’s been three years since Jill and Derick got married, and they marked their anniversary in true Duggar fashion – at Olive Garden.

Actually, we guess true Duggar fashion would be conceiving another child, but that would be tough at the moment, as Jill is already pregnant with her second kid.

The couple combined its milestone celebrations this week, traveling to Bronson, Missouri for a pre-due date “babymoon” vacation, and feasting on some unlimited breadsticks to mark three years of wedded bliss.

Derick posted a blurry photo of the occasion on his Instagram page:

“Celebrating our 3rd anniversary with dinner @olivegarden after a fun day together at #silverdollarcity,” he captioned the pic.

“I love you @jillmdillard more every day! #babymoon #anniversary.”

Perhaps it’s because they spend so much of their time in a remote village with no wi-fi, but when Jill and Derick have Internet access, they’re much more candid about their personal lives than the rest of their famous family.

In fact, the Dillards shared the name of their second child several weeks ago.

That may not seem like such an earth-shattering reveal, but that’s usually the sort of thing that’s reserved for “special episodes” of Counting On.

“We are so excited to announce the name of Baby Dillard #2! Samuel Scott Dillard,” the parents wrote their website earlier this month.

“We can’t wait to welcome him to the world and have him join our family very soon!”

The Dillards’ candor extends to admitting their own parenting flaws, which is also nigh-unheard of in Duggar Land:

“We’re far from mastering any skill of parenting, but we do pick up on little tips here and there from Derick’s mom, my mom,” Jill said recently.

“We’re always asking questions of other people.”

Between speaking with their actions rather then their words in terms of their humanitarian work and actually admitting their flawed human beings like the rest of us, the Dillards are well on their way to becoming the first non-problematic Duggars.

Now, if they could just figure out a way to stop publicly joking about Zika victims, that would be super.

Watch Counting On online for more bad dining choices and vain struggles to maintain the illusion of relative normalcy.


Ex-Olive Garden Manager Spills Shocking Breadstick Secrets

We've never met Joe Wadlington.

But we'd like to buy Joe Wadlington a beer.

Because when this Internet user discovered this month that he was on a date with a former manager at the Olive Garden in Times Square, Joe could not focus on any other piece of information.

He spent the next 90 minutes grilling this suitor on the inner workings of this shocking popular Italian restaurant chain.

And now we're here to bring you Joe's exclusive findings…

1. Hold Everything!

Hold everything
Sorry, but this will now be all we talk about on this date.

2. Buckle Up, Folks

Buckle up folks
This is going to a bump, revealing ride.

3. Think You Job is Rough?

Think you job is rough
Imagine working at Olive Garden… when the breadsticks actually run out!

4. Fine! Go Back to Ohio!

Fine go back to ohio
Don’t let our amazing tourist attractions hit you on the way out!

5. Who Goes to the Olive Garden in Times Square?!?

Who goes to the olive garden in times square
Oh, okay. That makes some sense.

6. That’s A LOT for a Plate of Spaghetti

Thats a lot for a plate of spaghetti
Like, so much it should be illegal.

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