Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Calling Off Their Divorce?!

We know what you’re thinking — aren’t Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner already divorced?!

The answer, skeptical reader is no. No, they are not.

And we imagine some folks — like, say, Ben’s longtime girlfriend Lindsay Shookus — are beginning to wonder why these two are so hesitant to pull the trigger.

The official reason is that there have been delays with regard to the couple hammering out a mutually agreeable arrangement for custody of their three children.

But that explanation doesn’t tell the whole story.

Part of the reason the whole process has taken years instead of months is that Affleck and Garner nearly reconciled on several occasions.

Even after Garner filed for divorce in 2016, she and Ben were spotted attending couple’s therapy session.

These days, it seems they’ve fully made up their minds that they’re not right for each other.

In fact, there have been rumors that Affleck would like to marry Shookus as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Ben and Jen have dragged their feet so long that they might soon be forced to start the whole process over from the beginning.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Affleck and Garner were recently cautioned that if they don’t act soon, their case will be thrown out of the system.

“This is your third notice of case review,” the document states.

“If you fail to take the appropriate steps in your case, the Court may dismiss your case for delay in prosecution.”

Turns out, even if you’re rich and famous, the courts won’t just keep your divorce petition in limbo forever while you figure out how to divide up the alpaca farm.

Whatever happens next is sure to be at least mildly interesting.

Either Ben and Jen get divorced, thus bringing our long national nightmare to an end, or they decide to drag things out even longer.

If they opt for the latter, we can’t imagine Ben’s SNL producer girlfriend will be up for waiting around much longer.

If Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have taught us anything, it’s that the live from New York set has no trouble attracting A-list significant others these days.


Jennifer Garner to Lindsay Shookus: Stay Away From My Kids!

Long before Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson or Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson, another SNL staffer entered an unexpected romance with a Hollywood A-lister.

We’re talking, of course, about Lindsay Shookus, who’s been dating Good Will Hunting screenwriter and noted awful tattoo enthusiast Ben Affleck for over a year now.

For the past several months, rumors about Affleck and Shookus getting married have been circulating non-stop.

In fact, some have gone so far as to claim the only thing holding the couple back is the fact that Ben is still married to Jennifer Garner.

While that’s technically true, we’re sure the couple could iron things out and sign the papers in a hurry if need be.

After all, it’s not like they’re getting back together, and they’re both independently wealthy.

Ben was Batman, and Jen’s Capital One commercials now feature cameos from Captain Obvious himself!

Now, sources say what’s really holding up the proceedings are concerns about Affleck and Garner’s kids.

But this isn’t your typical Hollywood custody battle — sources say Ben and Jen both want to divide up time with their children as equitably as possible.

No, what’s holding up the parade is the fact that Jen reportedly doesn’t want Lindsay anywhere near her kids.

“Jen doesn’t want the kids around Lindsay or having her in their lives. She has many reasons,” a source tells Us Weekly.

“Ben understands and has honored her request.”

Needless to say, Jen’s stance complicates the situation just a bit.

We imagine it’s tough to be a good stepmom when you’re not allowed to see your stepkids.

But amazingly, it seems Ben is totally cool with his ex’s request.

“They’re good friends,” the source adds.

“She wants him to be honest and he usually is. She tends to find out about things, and Ben is very open with her. They both want what’s best for the kids and have made a commitment to see that through.”

The insider says that in all likelihood, Jen will eventually relax her anti-Shookus stance.

But one thing she’ll remain vigilant about is Affleck’s drinking.

“The one thing she’s not flexible on is sobriety,” the source tells Us.

“Jen is hesitant to sign off until she’s certain that the kids will be in the best hands at all time.”

The insider adds:

“Finalizing the divorce has been a long process because of it.”

The source was mum on the question of whether or not the fact that Ben and Lindsay have been seen drinking together has contributed to Garner’s skepticism.

But you don’t have to be the world’s greatest detective to piece that one together. 


Jennifer Garner Wishes Ben Affleck a Happy Father’s Day, Is More Mature Than We Are

Jennifer Garner make it very difficult to be a celebrity gossip website.

You see, we specialize in the scandalous; in the bitter break-ups that lead to angry Tweets or unexpected mistresses or, in the ideal scenario, some sort of revenge porn situation.

We’re never sure what to do with a star who possibly gets cheated on, definitely gets snubbed on many occasions…

… and simply responds with kindness and generosity of spirit. 

But this is the situation we’ve often found ourselves in when it comes to Garner and Ben Affleck.

The actress filed for divorce from the actor in April of 2017, well over a year since the celebrities separated amidst talk that Affleck cared more about drinking than about his family.

(Jennifer and Ben are parents to three kids: Samuel, Seraphina and Violet.)

There was even talk at one point that Affleck had been unfaithful to Garner.

Nevertheless, Garner has refused to say anything negative about her ex-husband to the press.

She’s practically gone out of her way in the opposite direction, in fact, praising Affleck as a caring individual and as a dad.

This is what she did again on Sunday.

In honor of an occasion that celebrates men with children, Garner posted a sepia-filtered photo of Affleck on Instagra, along with a very sweet shout-out about his parenting in general.

It reads as follows:

“Our kids are lucky to have a dad who looks at them the way you look at them and loves them the way you love them, @benaffleck. #happyfathersday #threeluckykids #haveagreatday.”

What the heck kind of snarky comment can we make about this nice gesture?

Sheesh, Jennifer!

affleck tribute

Last week, Affleck celebrated his 12-year-old daughter’s school graduation at Ivy at the Shore in Santa Monica.

He and Garner are also parents to a 9-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old and have done all they can to shield these kids from the often-dangerous glare of the spotlight.

Because the stars remain so chummy after their split, there’s been endless talk of an eventual Ben and Jen reconciliation.

There have been many tabloid covers and stories such as the one featured below:

But Affleck seems very happy with girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, who he’s actually been with now for over a year.

And his three children seem very happy with him, too.

Affleck marked Father’s Day on social media by sharing an image of the homemade card from his kids that read: “Love you dad! You are my superhero!”

And he wrote as a caption to it:

I can think of three incredible reasons why today is so special.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures out there, and to the women that empower them to be the best they can be.

Okay, fine.

Affleck’s back tattoo is a monstrosity.

But perhaps he’s not so bad after all.

We are all so fortunate beyond measure 


Jennifer Garner & Lindsay Shookus to Ben Affleck: Stop Being a Douche!

It’s been almost a year since the world first learned that Ben Affleck is dating Lindsay Shookus, and though the couple has kept their relationship as low-key as possible, in that time, fans and the press have jumped to the same conclusion about the couple’s dynamic.

Whether it’s fair or not, the picture that’s emerged is one of a self-indulgent manchild meeting his ideal enabler.

This might have something to do with the fact that Ben and Lindsay were spotted drinking together in her hometown shortly after they started dating.

Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but Affleck has been in and out of rehab several times in the past few years, and his friends and family were understandably concerned that he seemed to be throwing caution to the wind.

As for Garner, she’s said to be unconcerned about the relationship and has reportedly informed Shookus that Ben’s drinking is her problem now.

So Lindsay and Jen obviously don’t quite get along, but it seems they’re willing to join forces when the stakes are high enough.

Such as when Ben’s notorious temper threatens to have a negative impact on the lives of his three young children.

Recently, Ben and his kids were hounded by some paparazzi during their weekly visit to their local church.

Ben was less than pleased, and he made his feelings know with an irate tweet:

“Still not sure what is urgently newsworthy about a middle-aged man taking his kids to church,” Affleck wrote.

According to Radar Online, both Jen and Lindsay agreed that his response would only serve to make the situation worse.

And apparently, they joined forces to make Ben see their error of his ways.

After reportedly consulting with Jen, Lindsay addressed the issue with Ben:

“Lindsay told him he doesn’t want to come off negatively like other celebrities when they spout off on their social media,” a source tells Radar.

“It doesn’t make him look good. They argued about it.”

Eventually, Ben came around to Jen and Lindsay’s way of thinking.

“He’s super remorseful and wants to make it right,” says the insider.

So there you have it.

All Ben needs to do to live a drama-free life is to consult with both his girlfriend and his ex before he makes any type of decision.


Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck: Inside Their “Second Chance” at Love!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their separation way back in 2015.

But that wasn’t the end of their tale.

Far from it, in fact.

As has been well documented on The Hollywood Gossip, the actress and the actor spent about two years trying to salvage their romance.

They remained dedicated parents to their three kids, continuing to go on vacations as a quintet and even continuing to live together, according to various outlets.

Alas, in April of 2017, Garner came to the unfortunate realization that this marriage could not be saved.

The credit card spokeswoman filed for divorce.

So… the relationship is finally dead, right?

Done? Over? Kaput?

Not to fast, Us Weekly writes.

As you can see at the outset of this post, the tabloid features Ben and Jen on its latest cover, along with the tease that they are “spending nights together” and considering a “SECOND CHANCE” at love.

Below this headline, there’s the allegation that Affleck is “still in love” with his ex-wife and Garner has (hilariously) only dates “Ben look-a-likes.”

The magazine then poses the question: Will they reunite… or finally move on?

Speaking of Garner, who has come across as the most understanding and mature person on Earth throughout this turbulent time, a source tells the publication:

“She put her heart and soul into fixing the relationship and wanted so desperately to turn things around for the children’s sake as well as theirs.

“She forgave him for so much, and still he couldn’t change.”

That does seem to be the case, as Garner took issue over the years with Affleck’s constant partying and drinking.

But what if that wasn’t his fault?

What if Affleck has an addiction and is seeking help for it?

Since the April divorce filing, Ben has “begged her to come back several times, but she has no interest,” says this same insider in this same cover story.

There appeared to maybe be a chance for reconciliation several months ago, Us Weekly alleges; back when Affleck was at a low point.

“When Ben was in rehab, Jennifer was there every day, visiting,” says the source. “They did family counseling to work on their relationship.”

Alas, due to “a number of reasons,” Affleck and Garner never found their way back into bed together.

And then Ben started seeing Lindsey Shookus, someone he’s been dating for a surprisingly long period of time now. 

“He loves and adores her,” says this insider. “This is a relationship he takes seriously.”

In other words, the above cover is pretty much a giant tease.

“Jen is ready to go with her feelings and give love another try,” says a friend, shooting down the idea that any “second chance” is on tap for the stars.

Overall, the tabloid report concludes that it’s “no exaggeration to say that Ben broke [Garner’s[ heart and left her in a terrible place emotionally.”


“It’s been almost three years since they called it quits. It’s time for her to move on.”


Jennifer Garner Has Epiphany, Is Now the Ultimate Meme

The 90th annual Academy Awards was not chock full of many surprises.

The expected actresses, actors, directors and movies all took home the major trophies, prompting social media users to get a bit desperate in terms of what they had to comment on.

Enter Jennifer Garner.

At one point in the ceremony, the actress was clapping…onlyto stop suddenly and appear to come to some kind of realization.

About what? That's the question!

And Twitter is here to offer a few answers…


1. The Act That Started It All

Jennifer garner oscars meme
What did Jennifer Garner just realize? This is what social media decided to ponder after the actress stopped clapping at the Oscars and made THIS face.

2. Take It Away, Twitterverse!

J hill tweet
We start with ESPN employee Jemele Hill, who had a thought on this topic.

3. Inclusion What Now?!?

I do like anything that involves “inclusion,” but I may need some more information here.

4. Maybe Ben Can Turn It Off?

But he’s probably drunk right now. Darn it!

5. I Don’t Know What She’s Thinking

Just like me
But I know I can totally relate to her anyway.


Which means we’ll never fully understand it, of course.

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Jennifer Garner Fights With Ben Affleck in Public, Debuts New Boyfriend!

Rare is the Hollywood actor whose personal life is more dramatic than the roles he plays onscreen.

In the case of Ben Affleck, the gap is so wide that we wish he’d put this Batman nonsense to rest and focus on producing a livestreaming, 24-hour, Truman Show-esque documentary about his day-to-day existence.

Last week, Ben was in a motorcycle accident while rushing to meet his family at church.

(If that doesn’t sound like a superhero origin story, we don’t know what does.)

Now, it seems Jennifer Garner is deeply concerned about her ex’s safety and has strongly encouraged her ex to put the bike on blocks.

And by “strongly encouraged,” we mean she went off on him in front of the other soccer moms.

Yes, it seems the exes were watching their 5-year-old son Samuel on the field when Jen flipped on Ben seemingly out of nowhere.

“She doesn’t want her kids to grow up without a dad,” one insider tells Radar Online.

“Jen believes he’s being incredibly childish and selfish,” the source adds.

“She believes he needs to start acting more like a dad and less like a kid.”

The source adds that the battle of Jen vs. Ben was a mostly one-sided affair.

“Jen emptied out on Ben, and he seemed to be on the offensive,” the onlooker claims.

“She only seemed to calm down when Samuel got close to them.”

It seems part of the reason Garner was so upset is the fact she simply doesn’t approve of Affleck’s relationship with Lindsay Shookus, the SNL producer whom he’s been dating for over a year.

“Jen’s fed up with Ben’s behavior – especially since they agreed to divorce,” one insider tells Radar.

“She doesn’t like Lindsay and says she’s a bad influence on him.”

There’s no word on why Jen doesn’t approve of Lindsay, but it’s not hard to guess.

After all, shortly after Affleck and Shookus were spotted drinking together, he checked into rehab for the third time in a year.

Apparently, Garner recently went so far as to issue an ultimatum:

“She told him to clean up his act or stay away from the kids,” says the source.

But just because Jen doesn’t approve of Ben’s new girlfriend, that doesn’t mean she’s not ready to move on herself.

Radar recently published photos of Jen on what apears to be a date with an unidentified mystery man.

No one seems to have any information on who Jen’s new love interest is, but she certainly seems to be into him!

So these days, Ben and Jen have both moved on with someone new … but it doesn’t seem like they’ll be easing up on one another anytime soon.


Ben Affleck Introduces to Lindsay Shookus to Jennifer Garner!

There’s awkward, and then there’s … well, just about everything Ben Affleck does these days.

The Batfleck is living proof that you can be a world-famous, wildly successful millionaire, and something of an incorrigible f-ck-up at the same time.

It would almost be endearing. Ya know, were it not for all the groping and whatnot.

These days, Ben is dating Lindsay Shookus, a relationship that’s done wonders for his mental health and well-being–if you ask Ben Affleck.

Insiders say many others are somewhat less enthused about Shoofleck pairing, including Ben’s long-suffering ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

The problem, it seems, is not that Jen doesn’t like Lindsay, but rather that she feels Shookus might be a bad influence at a time when Ben should really be focusing on self-improvement and maintaining his relationship with his children.

Sources say Ben and Lindsay enjoy drinking together, which is a problem, as Ben’s been in and out of rehab several times.

Just before getting romantically involved with Shookus, he had reportedly informed Jen that he’d put the plug in the jug for good.

Following his most recent stint in treatment, Ben has apparently sworn off the sauce again, but insiders claim Garner is understandably still skeptical of his new relationship.

Because Ben only makes good decisions when he’s in the director’s chair, he apparently decided the best solution to this was to arrange a sit-down between Lindsay and Jen.

We assume the idea to spend the afternoon with his ex-wife and current girlfriend came to Ben during a shaky, sweaty rehab nightmare, and the guy is clearly a believer in making his dreams come true.

According to OK! magazine, the meeting took place Saturday afternoon at Jen’s home.

“Ben and Lindsay looked so happy to finally be making their relationship legit with Jen,” a source tells the tabloid.

“They’ve had to tiptoe around and Jen has resisted having the kids hang out with Lindsay,” the insider adds.

“Ben was dressed up and seemed to really want to make a good impression on Jen–like, how clean and healthy he looks. Lindsay looked a little nervous, but was getting support from Ben.”

This is a man who presumably has a form-fitting Batman costume in his closet, yet he apparently doesn’t rock it when he’s trying to make a good impression?

We’re rooting for you, Ben, but you might be beyond hope, bruh.

But hey, maybe he was afraid that any reminder of Justice League’s less-than-stellar reviews and box office returns would cause him to lapse into Sad Affleck mode.


Jennifer Garner: Ben Affleck Basically Ruined My Life!

Sort of good news, Ben Affleck:

Those horrible Justice League reviews might not sound so bad anymore.

Not after Jennifer Garner just gave you some pretty terrible reviews as a human being.

Speaking to an Australian news outlet this week, Garner said she has no interest in dating anyone at the moment.

Yes, she’s been separated from Affleck for about two-and-a-half years.

But, no, this doesn’t mean she’s ready to go back on the market.

Telling that she hasn’t been on a single date since splitting from her sort of shady husband, Garner said it isn’t for a lack of others trying to force her out.

“People want to set me up and I am just like, ‘No thank you!’” she says.

The 45-year old star has three kids with Affleck: Violet, 12, Seraphina, 8 and Samuel, 5.

She has taken the high road at every opportunity when it comes to her marriage, despite accusations over the years of Affleck cheating on her and partying way too much for a father of three.

In this interview, however, Garner finally takes an understandable shot at the latest actor to portray Batman.

“I would not have chosen this life for myself or for my kids,” she says, adding:

“I would not choose to be single or be in this position. It’s something that we are working through.”

Affleck has been in and out of rehab for several months now.

No one can blame the guy if he really has an addiction to alcohol – but he’s also been moving on pretty strongly with new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus.

There’s been talk they may move in together and also talk that he started sleeping with her while he and Garner were still trying to mend their marriage.

After two years of separation, Garner and Affleck filed for divorce this April.

However, they have stayed close and remained committed to co-parenting as much as possible.

“She wants Ben to be the best dad possible to their kids,” a source tells People in the publication’s new issue.

Garner really has handled this public break-up as maturely and as reasonably as one conceivably could.

Affleck, for his part, finds himself embroiled in the ongoing Hollywood sexual harassment scandal; considering he knew Harvey Weinstein well and also groped an actress on an episode of MTV’s TRL in 2004.

The actress was former One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton.

“I don’t remember it but I absolutely apologize for it,” Affleck said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about the incident, adding:

“I certainly don’t think she’s lying or making it up. It’s just the kind of thing we have to – as men, I think, as we become more aware of this – be really, really mindful of our behavior and hold ourselves accountable.

“And say, ‘If I was ever part of the problem, I want to change and be part of the solution.”