Kailyn Lowry Admits: I Nearly Gave My Second Son Away!

Kailyn Lowry is nothing if not candid in her new book.

Titled "Letters of Love," Lowry has said she penned this memoir with her three sons in mind.

Pardon the obvious pun, but the Teen Mom 2 star has said she wanted to be an open book with these kids, explaining to them how her life took such unexpected twists and turns and how she's almost apologetic for how they got caught up in it sometimes.

At the end of the day, of course, Kailyn wouldn't change a thing because she is now the mother of three amazing children due to her various decisions and relationships.

But she actually writes at one point that she came close to being the (everyday) mother of just two children.

Huh? How so? Meaning what, exactly?

Below, Lowry details the thoughts and fears she had while pregnant with Lincoln and how everything for her would have been EXTREMELY different if she had given into the latter back in the day…

1. A Quick Plug

Letters of love
This is the cover of Kailyn’s book, which is available for preorder. She has dedicated it to her three kids: Isaac, Lincoln and Lux.

2. Here They Are!

Kails kids
Lowry shares Issac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera; Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin; and Lux with on-again/off-again boyfriend Chris Lopez.

3. She Loved Isaac From the Very Beginning

Lincoln and issac
It didn’t work out with Rivera, but Kailyn writes in her book how she was excited to be a first-time mother and how she fell in love with Isaac the instant he was created.

4. But What About Lincoln?

With lincoln
It was a little different the second time around, she admits. “I never thought I could love another person as much as I loved Issac,” she explains at one point.

5. How Can Anything Measure Up?

With her cuties
“I didn’t believe that I had the capacity to love the same way,” she continues. “I was so afraid that I couldn’t be the mother to Linc that I was to Isaac.”

6. How Bad Did It Get?

Holding lux
Very, very, very bad, Kailyn writes: “I cried all the time. I was so anxious and I would get upset about everything. I worried all the time.”

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Josh Duggar Talks Molestation Scandal: I Gave In To Temptation!

This month marks three years since the world learned that Josh Duggar molested five young girls – four of whom were his sisters – while still living with his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle.

Had these revelations come to light in 2018 instead of 2015, they would almost certainly would have brought about the end of the Duggars’ media empire.

As it is, however, the Duggars have been able to rebuild, and while they may never regain the popularity they enjoyed in their heyday, they’ve somehow managed to remain on television in spite of the shocking allegations against Josh and his parents.

Jim Bob and Michelle helped Josh avoid prosecution, and they certainly weren’t the only ones who were aware of his crimes for several years before they became public knowledge.

There were his victims, of course, and there were also several residents of Tontitown, Arkansas, including several city officials who are now being sued by Josh for releasing his police records to In Touch Weekly.

One judge has already ruled that the town was fully within its rights to comply with ITW’s Freedom of Information Act request.

The fact that journalists who requested the information didn’t meet with any pushback jibes with what we’ve been told about the Duggars’ reputation in Tontitown, where – one insider informs us – Josh will “always be known as ‘Josh the molester.'”

Josh, of course, has yet to issue a public statement on the allegations against him.

After the molestation charges went public, Josh was caught trying to cheat on his wife with a fraudulent online dating profile.

He was sent to rehab for sex addiction in Illinois, and upon his return to Arkansas, he was essentially made to live in exile.

These days, Josh works on a used car lot owned by his parents, but he no longer resides in Tontitown, and he reportedly has little contact with his family.

But there’s still a considerable amount of interest in Josh’s crimes, primarily from those who are intent on seeing that the father of five gets held to task for his egregious misdeeds.

Josh will never be prosecuted for the charges against him due to the statute of limitations, but the effort to ensure he’s never permitted to forget about the suffering he inflicted on others remains constant.

In that spirit, ITW has published a forgotten excerpt from the Duggars’ 2014 family memoir, Growing Up Duggar.

“As I became a young man I was constantly tempted to have lots of wrong thoughts and often battled to keep my heart right,” Josh wrote in the book.

Needless to say, he was unable to resist those temptations.

Astonishingly, his lack of self-awareness gets even worse from there:

“One of the greatest things that helped me in my struggles was my parents’ commitment to accountability,” Josh writes.

“They were faithful to talk with each one of us children — if we were willing to share honestly and openly with them — to maintain a clear conscience.

“I learned quickly that great freedom can be achieved by accountability but that deep accountability requires humility and openness,” he added.

“I often had failures in my early teenage years but found that I had a clear conscience only when I was willing to confess my thoughts and temptations quickly to God and to my parents”

Yes, Josh wrote without irony about resisting temptation and the importance of accountability in his household.

He admits to giving in to temptation but says he was able to clear his conscience after confessing to his parents, which … well, frankly that confirms our worst fears about the things children are taught inside the Duggar household.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Travis Scott Sued for Cancelling Minnesota Show After Kylie Jenner Gave Birth

Travis Scott bailed on a concert in Minnesota the night before the Super Bowl, but held onto the cash he was paid in advance for it … according to a new lawsuit. An entertainment events company called PJAM claims it paid the rapper $ 150k upfront…


Mother Who Gave Marijuana to Her Baby Arrested, Charged

There are a lot of bad parents in this world who make terrible, terrible choices for their children.

Most of these parents don't record their terrible behavior and broadcast it to the entire internet. But … some do.

Which is how authorities came to see this video, below, featuring the outrageous sight of a 1-year-old baby smoking marijuana.

Brianna ashanti lofton mugshot

Brianna Ashanti Lofton is a twenty year old Raleigh woman, and she was arrested.

Her initial charges were for two counts of felony child abuse, contributing to delinquency, and possession of marijuana.

However, it was later determined that her initial felony charges were in error.

Upon her Lofton's first court appearance, she was instead charged with a lesser felony.

It's still a big deal.

And what she allegedly did is still unconscionable.

Baby smoking marijuana 01

Police are crediting the public with directing them to this video.

The alleged incidents of this baby, who is now 16 months old, smoking marijuana (though it was initially believed to be a cigarette by some viewers) took place around December or January.

Shocked and outraged viewers who saw the video made it go viral — and many of them reached out to police.

That, authorities say, is how they were able to investigate this horrifying crime.

Lofton is being held at the Wake County Detention Center on $ 100,000 bond. Even if she is released, she is ordered to stay away from her baby.

The baby, who of course has not been named, is in the custody of Wake County Child Protective Services.

Baby smoking marijuana 02

There was a time, of course, when parents considered it "normal" to expose their children and even babies to drugs.

We've all heard old stories about parents rubbing liquor on a teething baby's gums, when there are of course much safer numbing agents.

For generations, bad parents have dosed their children with alcohol in order to get them to sleep — a despicable act that is damaging as well as dependency-forming.

Even just a few decades ago, doctors were advising parents to give their young children medications like Benadryl, which can cause drowsiness, for no other reason than to "help" the child to sleep at night.

While marijuana itself is not particularly dangerous, exposing a child or baby's lungs to smoke can be so dangerous and damaging.

Beyond that, while marijuana is considered safe for adults, a child's mind and body are still developing, and with very rare exceptions such as epileptic children or pediatric cancer patients, kids just do not need any marijuana in their systems.

And, again, we're talking about a one-year-old baby.

Brianna ashanti lofton

On Wednesday, the Raleigh Police Department posted their gratitude to the public on Facebook:

"Big thanks to everyone who posted information about the smoking mother and baby. Thanks to your willingness to get involved, the child is now safe and the mother is in police custody."

If convicted, Lofton could face up to 17 years in prison.

This may strike some as odd, as abusive parents often face much shorter sentences for unforgivable acts of violence.

We should note, however, that most parents who willfully endanger and harm their children don't … film it and then share the video of it on social media.

Here is the video that may keep Lofton behind bars until her baby is an adult.

Mother who gave marijuana to her baby arrested charged