Genius Brother Inserts Pennywise Into Sister’s Engagement Pics

Ready to both crack up… and freakout?

Jesse McLaren of BuzzFeed recently added Pennywise (of the horror book/film It) to his sister’s engagement photos, sharing the images on Twitter and saying his sibling was unaware of his edits.

"Countdown until she notices," he jokes along with the creative (and scary!) snapshots.

Check each one out below, along with the Internet reacting to this work of creative genius…

1. So Romantic, So Beautiful, So…

So romantic so beautiful so
… FRIGHTENING! Look out, you two!

2. Peekaboo!

Yikes! We see you.

3. In the Bushes

In the bushes

4. Phew. He’s Gone.

Phew hes gone
Wait, no! He’s still there!

5. The Full Original Tweet

The full original tweet
With caption included.

6. Twitter Reacts!

Twitter reacts
In hilarious fashion.

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24 Drunk Ideas That Seemed Genius at the Time

You should never drink and drive.

This is a given. It should be a rule all men and women across all age groups follow religiously.

As for the actions listed and pictured down below? You probably shouldn't do any of them while drunk, either.

Then again, these people likely only did them BECAUSE they were drunk. Talk about a conundrum!

Scroll around to point, laugh and shake your head over their antics, while hopefully taking notes not to try these at home yourself in the future…

1. Not Waiting for a Locksmith

Not waiting for a locksmith
Who has time to even attempt to jimmy a lock when there’s mac and cheese or something to eat inside your apartment?

2. Stuffing Many, MANY Straws Into Your Mouth

Stuffing many many straws into your mouth
Ummm… guys? They’re stuck.

3. Playing Frogger with Incominc Traffic, Without Pants Fully On

Playing frogger with incominc traffic without pants fully on
Even if you get dared to do so, just… don’t.

4. Trying to Sleep in a Phone Booth

Trying to sleep in a phone booth
This is sort of amazing. But most people couldn’t pull it off.

5. Doing This to a Friend

Doing this to a friend
At least if you want to keep him as a friend.

6. Online Shopping Late at Night

Online shopping late at night
We’re just assuming that’s why this dude bought this painting.

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This Genius 7-Week Old Just Said “Hello”

We’re very sorry, Dream Kardashian.

You’re extremely cute, there can be no debate over that.

But just one day after you entered the world, courtesy of Blac Chyna’s womb, you have already been pushed to second tier baby status.

It’s not your fault. You are barely 24 hours old. Perhaps in a couple months, you can show up our new favorite child on the Internet… Evelyn Matthews!

A resident of Wales, Evelyn is only seven weeks old in the video above.

She’s adorable and precious and an obvious bundle of joy, but that’s not why she’s featured here.

No. Matthews is featured here because she’s seven weeks old… and just spoke an actual word!

Most babies cannot express any coherent sounds until they are maybe eight months old or nine months old.

But Evelyn’s mother, Sara, is filming her daughter in the footage above, gently saying “hello” to the little girl and then asking Evenlyn if she can say “hello.”

Sara doesn’t actually expect an answer, of course. She’s just playing around.

But about 45 seconds after the video starts, Evelyn totally responds! She absolutely says “hello.” There’s no real way of interpreting her sound in any other way.

“I was repeatedly saying “hello” and you can see that she is really concentrating and trying to say something back,” Sara told The Daily Mail, saying she sent this video to her husband as soon as she finished recording it.

“That made me keep the recording going – I felt that it was a build up to something and the expression on her face seemed like she was really thinking about it,” she continued.

“Then she says it quite clearly. I was really shocked and immediately showed the video to all my friends and family.”

James and Sara both believe Evelyn is advanced for her age, with the former chiming in as follows:

“It’s so lucky we caught it on camera. It totally surprised and amazed us. We are so proud.”

Evelyn was born on July 16, weighing 8 pounds and 12 ounces at the time.

She’s likely too young to have a favorite singer, but she must have a favorite song at least, right?

The Wheels on the Bus? No, not quite.

Take it away, Adele!