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Manny Pacquiao Gets Anger Translator To Cuss Out Adrien Broner


President Obama had “Luther” … and now Manny Pacquiao has an anger translator of his own to tell us how he REALLY feels about Adrien Broner — and it’s hilarious!!!

Pacquiao is gearing up to fight Broner on January 19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas — and if you know Manny, you know he ain’t exactly the greatest trash talker in the world. 

So, he brought in his good friend, Michael Blackson, on Thursday to tell us what he REALLY wants to say about his opponent … and yeah, there’s A LOT of cussing. 

For example, when we asked Manny how he felt about Broner predicting a knockout, MP politely told us, “That’s easy to say but hard to do.”

Okay … but what he REALLY meant to say … “We’re gonna fuck him up! Punch him in his eye! Punch him in his nuts! That short bitch is going down!!!”

There’s a lot more, it’s really funny … and obviously, salute to “Key & Peele.” 

Oh, one more thing — what is Manny eating these days to gear up for the fight? Fish eyes. Seriously. He loves ’em. 

Sen. Joe Manchin Sorry, Ellen … Trump Gets TV Priority Tonight


Sen. Joe Manchin thinks folks should really tune in to President Trump‘s televised address to the nation on the border “crisis” … even if that means screwing over Ellen DeGeneres.

We got the West Virginia Senator Tuesday in D.C., where our photog asked how Trump’s border address later in the evening would measure up to Ellen’s ‘Game of Games’ … and which one should take precedent for the American people.

Translation: which broadcast will be sillier and have more entertainment value — Trump or Ellen? Perhaps unsurprisingly, Manchin says DT’s the one to watch tonight.

Trump and the Dems can’t come to a resolution to fund the border wall, which is why the federal government is in day 18 of a partial shutdown. So, Manchin’s right … there’s a lot riding on Trump’s speech tonight.

The Prez tweeted he’d be addressing the nation about the “Humanitarian and National Security crisis” at the border. 

Trump’s address starts at 9 PM ET, so on the east coast it’ll creep into hour 2 of Ellen’s NBC broadcast, and your fave programs on other networks — looking at you, “Black-ish.”

But, Manchin says tough luck. 

Seahawks Fan Gets Ass Kicked By Cowboys Fans … After Playoff Game



This Seattle Seahawks fan had a painful Saturday night — because after his team lost to the Cowboys, he tried to fight a bunch of Dallas fans at AT&T Stadium … and lost. 

The person who shot the footage tells TMZ Sports … the Hawks fan was runnin’ his mouth to Dallas fans after the game and finally, one of the locals had enough. 

You can see in the footage, the Seattle fan was throwin’ haymakers — but never really connected. Turns out, having long hair in a street fight can really work against ya. 

The Hawks’ fan’s friend tried to help his buddy out — but like the Seahawks, it just wasn’t his night. 

We’re told event security eventually got into the middle of the action and broke it up — unclear if anyone suffered any major injuries. 

Dallas ended up winning the game 24-22. 

‘Deadliest Catch’ Neal Hillstrand Boat Gets Tugged Into Divorce


“Deadliest Catch” star Neal Hillstrand is getting his family fishing vessel dragged into his divorce proceedings with his wife … but this story doesn’t have anything to do with tugboats. 

According to divorce docs, obtained by TMZ, Neal agreed to fork over $ 10,000 to his estranged wife, Sugayle Marie Hillstrand, if he and his brothers ever sell their boat.

The docs show Neil has one-third ownership in “Time Bandit” — along with his brothers, Captains Johnathan and Andy — and he’s bound to cut a check to his ex if his family ever unloads the fishing boat made famous in Discovery’s reality TV series. As best we can tell, “Time Bandit” is currently not up for sale.

Neil filed for divorce Oct. 29, and docs show he gets the former couple’s $ 340,000 house, plus a 1969 Chevy Malibu. She gets their 2 SUVs, a 2012 Sierra and 2006 Envoy. 

As part of the divorce, Neil already paid his ex $ 15k in November and will shell out $ 1,500 per month over the next 6 months.

But, the biggest catch in this divorce is the boat.

Coachella 2019 Gucci Mane Gets Typo in Lineup … Who’s Gucci Gang???

Gucci Mane, meet Gucci Gang — the name he’ll apparently be performing under at Coachella this year … according to Coachella promoters, anyway.

There’s a major typo on Coachella’s website right now, which calls the Atlanta rapper “Gang” instead of “Mane.” The error, which was published in the lineup announcement Wednesday night and hasn’t been fixed yet, threw a lot of music fans for a loop — namely, having them wonder … who the hell is Gucci Gang???

At first, people thought it might be a new rap group featuring Lil Pump — ya know, ’cause of his song “Gucci Gang” — but when GM’s image was attached to the name in a more detailed breakdown of the lineup, it became clear someone just screwed up.

Unless, of course, there’s something like an undeclared name change going on … but we seriously doubt it.

We reached out to Coachella and Gucci … neither’s gotten back to us yet.

Trump Supporter Triggers Epic Vape Store Meltdown … Gets Employee Fired

A Trump supporter who was refused service at a vape shop captured what might be one of the craziest meltdowns we’ve ever seen … yeah, this is just nuts.

Georgia resident Ian Furgeson tried buying something at Xhale City this week in Tucker, GA — about half an hour outside of Atlanta — and was apparently told to GTFO by the store employee … who didn’t want to sell anything to a Trump supporter. Furgeson was decked out in MAGA gear, BTW. 

Well, things escalated quickly from there. Furgeson started recording the encounter, and the employee told him to stop or he’d call the cops.

Furgeson egged the guy on, telling him to do it … and then the employee exploded with a “F*** OFF!” The vape store worker’s breakdown only got worse from there, but weirdly enough … he eventually calmed down and agreed to sell to Furgeson just to get him out. 

Furgeson mocked him by saying, “Capitalism wins again” and ordered the employee to ring him up … which the guy must not have liked, ’cause he changed his mind and became even more enraged … again telling Furgeson to leave.

Furgeson eventually left empty-handed and posted the video to Facebook, which went viral. He later went on to say that someone at the company reached out to apologize and assured him the employee had been fired. 

Generally speaking, private businesses have the right to refuse to service to people, so long as they’re not discriminating based on federally protected classes, like race, religion, national origin, etc. But, the employee’s actions here clearly weren’t in line with his former employer’s policy.

The company reportedly put out a statement on the matter, saying it values its clients and treats them with respect and dignity … “regardless of their political views.”

Stefon Diggs Mom Gets Car, Brothers Get Diamonds … Best Xmas Ever!!!

Breaking News

Stefon Diggs won Son of the Year AND Brother of the Year awards in just a couple hours on Christmas … ’cause the WR got his mom a new car and his bros diamond chains!!!

The Vikings superstar started his Santa impression Tuesday with a Mercedes … delivering it to his mom on the holiday in a fashion she’ll never forget.

“You get 1 mom… here’s something for the lady that put up with all my craziness. Merry Christmas everyone,” Diggs wrote.

But, his bag of toys didn’t end there … the dude also had diamond shovels (get it, Diggs??) made by Al the Jeweler for his brothers!!!

It’s a huge Christmas haul for the Diggs fam … but don’t worry — we got a feeling this is a trend that’ll continue for years — Stefon just signed a 5-year, $ 72-MILLION deal!!

Yeah, Merry Christmas for sure!!!

‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Matthew Davis Gets Hitched … 3 Hours After Popping Question!!!

Talk about can’t wait … “Vampire Diaries” star Matthew Davis tied the knot 3 hours after he proposed to his GF!!!

Matthew popped the question to Kiley Casciano Sunday in the produce section of Erewhon market in Venice, CA.  

Fast forward — you don’t really have to even fast forward — 3 hours, and they were hitched. It looks like they tied the knot somewhere in Venice.

40-year-old Matthew, who also starred in “Legally Blonde,” posted, “When you ask your lover if they want to get married while shopping in the produce section of Erewhon, and 3 hours later you’re married on Christmas Eve Eve.”

He famously dated Zooey Deschanel back in 2001. It’s Matthew’s second marriage. He got hitched to singer Leelee Sobieski in 2008 and they divorced 2 months later. 


Donald Trump Jr. Gets Strip Club Offer … Ring in Your 41st with Aubrey O’Day!!!


If Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t have plans to celebrate his 41st birthday on NYE, a Vegas strip club is willing to throw him a party … hosted by none other than his alleged ex, Aubrey O’Day.

Larry Flynt‘s Hustler Club in Sin City is extending an invitation to DTJ to ring in the big 4-1 later this month in the company of his alleged one-time mistress — who strongly implied, one way or another, they hooked up in 2011 while she was a cast member on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’

The ex-Danity Kane member is set to perform 3 songs at the shindig, and even share face time with certain guests. That could be Trump Jr. … if his heart desires! Although, we’re pretty sure his current GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle, ain’t gonna be down for this. 

The club’s GM actually went through Jr.’s dad … sending a letter to Prez Trump, cordially inviting both him and his boy to party. He wrote, “You and your family have done so much for this country that we at the Hustler Organization want to show our appreciation by throwing [DTJ] a birthday he will never forget.”

Sure, flattery will get ya everywhere with 45, but clearly this whole thing is a total troll.

Aubrey’s famously pissed at DTJ for blowing her off — and Larry Flynt famously hates the Prez. He offered $ 10 mil for any dirt to get him impeached.

Anyway, Aubrey’s performing … with or without the Trumps’ presence.

Juelz Santana Gets 27 Months Behind Bars … in Airport Gun Case


Rapper Juelz Santana was just been sentenced to 27 months behind bars in his airport drug case.

A judge handed down the sentence Wednesday morning in Newark, NJ. He’ll also be under supervised release for 12 months after he’s completed his time. No date was yet set on when the rapper will have to surrender.  

TMZ broke the story … Juelz was busted back in March after trying to take a loaded .38-caliber handgun and eight oxycodone pills in his travel bag at Newark International Airport. After TSA security found the gun, Juelz booked it but he later turned himself in.

The rapper — a convicted felon — ultimately pled guilty to unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. 

On a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop” Santana revealed he believed he’d get 27 to 37 months for the crime … turns out, he was spot on.