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Jussie Smollett He Gets One Hail Mary … Before Case Goes to Grand Jury


The ball is in Jussie Smollett‘s court, and we’re told the ONLY way he can stave off a grand jury investigation is to meet with cops and somehow convince them the “attack” was real.

As we reported, police “urgently” want a follow-up interview with Jussie … this comes after Ola and Abel Osundairo told police they staged the so-called attack at Jussie’s behest and even got paid for doing so.

We’re told the call has gone out to his lawyers, but cops have not heard back. It’s now complicated by the fact there are rumblings Jussie has a new lawyer — Mark Geragos.

Our sources say cops are waiting to see if Geragos makes contact with them. Our sources say if Jussie refuses to speak with police — which is almost a certainty — the case will go directly to the grand jury.

Even if Jussie speaks to police, unless he pulls a rabbit out of a hat and convinces them the “attack” was real, the case is still going to the grand jury.

Our law enforcement sources say the grand jury will decide whether to indict Jussie on the felony crime of filing a false police report

The Osundairo brothers met with prosecutors Tuesday to go over their story.

Kourtney Kardashian Runs Into Younes … Gets Handsy With Her Ex


Kourtney Kardashian looks like she’s on great terms with her ex-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima … because the former couple was super flirty when they bumped into each other while out grabbing drinks.

We got these pics of Kourtney and Younes at Alfred Tea on Melrose Place, where they randomly crossed paths over the weekend. Yeah, Los Angeles can have that small-town feel sometimes. 

The person who snapped the photos tell us, Younes was in line ordering when Kourtney and her girlfriend approached her former flame. We’re told Kourtney and Younes got handsy with one another … and she kissed him on the cheek when they said goodbye. 

The best part … we’re told Younes paid for Kourtney’s matcha latte. Who says chivalry is dead? 

As we’ve reported … Kourtney dumped Younes back in July, amid reports he was cheating on her. 

It’s interesting … a couple months after the breakup, Kourtney was spotted at the Alfred’s in WeHo — grabbing the same drink with a Younes look-alike!!!

Looks like Kourtney’s still thirsty.

Track Palin Released From Halfway House … Gets Out Early


Sarah Palin‘s oldest son is walking free in Alaska after being released from a residential center he was forced to live in following his domestic violence arrest … TMZ has learned. 

The Alaska Department of Corrections confirms Track Palin was released Thursday from the Cordova Residential Center, where he was serving his sentence for a domestic violence incident.

As we reported … Track was sentenced to a year in the center in October for allegedly hitting a woman with whom he lived. Track checked into the facility Dec. 5, and Thursday’s release means he’s getting out way earlier than expected. 

According to online court records … Track is getting credit for time spent on an electronic monitoring device, hence the early release.

Palin is no stranger to the criminal justice system in Alaska. Back in 2016, he was arrested for drunken domestic violence … he also allegedly had a gun on him. He also went through a nasty divorce in 2012 in which he made off with $ 30k, $ 500 in tools and a $ 1,000 gun collection.

Prince Philip eBay User Tries Selling Crash Parts … Gets Yanked $85k Later

A local Brit tried his darndest to hawk debris left behind from Prince Philip‘s car crash last week — and got pretty close to the finish line before eBay pulled the plug.

An eBay user known as morbius777 put the listing up sometime over the weekend and advertised it as “Prince Philip Car Crash Parts.” The items for auction included three plastic parts from the car wreck, and what looks like a bunch of broken glass that the user apparently picked up off the side of the road, where Philip crashed on Thursday.

morbius777 also claimed that some of the debris “may even have Phil’s DNA on it, if you wanted to clone him or something.” Prior to eBay yanking the listing on Tuesday, bids had gone as high as £65,900 … which is a little more than $ 85,000 with 5 days left.

The user claimed in his post description that the proceeds would’ve gone to cancer research efforts in the U.K., but eBay wasn’t having it. They pulled the post, citing a policy of theirs that’d been violated.

An eBay spokesperson reportedly said, “This listing has been removed in line with our policy relating to the sale of any item that seeks to profit from human suffering or tragedy.”

As we reported … police are investigating the crash and will take any “appropriate action” by the time they’re finished. One of the people who was injured in the other car claims police have been ignoring her and that her injuries were seriously downplayed

Cops refute her assertion that some sort of cover-up is happening, saying they’ve treated this like any other car crash investigation and will take her statement Tuesday.

Tupac’s Sex Scene Drawing Gets Around … Auctioned Off For $21k!!!


Tupac‘s sexual fantasies are now another man’s treasure because the rapper’s hand-drawn love letter to his girlfriend just sold for more than $ 21k at auction. 

Tupac’s rare prison drawing to his GF received plenty of attention — and not just because it depicts Tupac and Desiree Smith getting it on doggy style — earning 10 bids during the Steiner auction

We’re told the erotic artwork sold for $ 21,155.75 … and the winning bid belongs to a very wealthy man in his 60s. Talk about disposable income! 

As we reported … Tupac’s NSFW art also included the hand-decorated envelope and love letter he sent to his girl in 1995, when the rapper was incarcerated at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY. 

No word on if the auction winner’s favorite Tupac song is “How Do U Want It.”

R. Lee Ermey ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Star Gets Military Funeral

R. Lee Ermey, the former Marine who rose to fame by playing the sadistic Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in “Full Metal Jacket,” was laid to rest Friday at Arlington National Cemetery. 

A former Marine drill instructor turned successful actor, Ermey, had his cremated remains buried with full military honors. There was a casket team, firing party and bugler, plus a folding and presentation of the American flag.

Ermey’s military honor comes 9 months after his death last April from pneumonia. He was 74.

The actor enlisted in the Marine Corp when he was 17 years old, and he served in Okinawa and in Vietnam. 

Ermey gained worldwide fame following his role in Stanley Kubrick‘s “Full Metal Jacket” in 1987, delivering his famous line, “What is your major malfunction?!” Ermey said he used his experience as a drill instructor to bring his character to life.

Ermey appeared in dozens of films, though in his later years he said he had been blackballed from Hollywood because of his political views. 

Morgan Freeman Granddaughter’s Killer Gets 20 Years


The man convicted of killing Morgan Freeman‘s step-granddaughter is going away for 20 years … TMZ has learned.

E’Dena Hines‘ killer, Lamar Davenport, was sentenced Thursday in NYC … according to Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance, Jr.

Davenport was convicted of manslaughter last May. As we reported, he killed Hines — who was his girlfriend at the time — in August 2015 outside of their NYC apartment. Witnesses said he repeatedly stabbed her as he screamed about religion.

Davenport was acquitted of second-degree murder after his lawyer argued he was messed up on PCP when he attacked E’Dena. However, a judge subsequently found him guilty of first-degree manslaughter.

After he’s released from prison, Davenport will be placed under post-release supervision for 5 years.

E’Dena was 33.

Cam Newton Gets First-Ever Tattoo On Hand … No Peeking Allowed!!!

Exclusive Details

Cam Newton got his first-EVER tattoo earlier this week on his left hand … but the Carolina Panthers superstar played it cool leaving the shop — hiding the new ink in his swaggy jacket!!

TMZ Sports has learned Cam hit up Bang Bang Grand in New York City to get the piece done … and, per a source, the art is engraved somewhere on his non-throwing hand. You can see the bandage in the post-sesh pic he took with his tattoo artist, Bang Bang.

But, the QB ain’t ready to show off the work just yet … and the tattoo shop tells us, “it’s not our place to reveal tattoos.” 

Still … Newton getting ink is a big deal — remember, ex-Panthers owner Jerry Richardson reportedly forbade the QB from ever getting a tat in order to keep up a wholesome image.

But, Cam shot that all down on social media Thursday … writing, “Big lies! He never said I could not get a tattoo or grow my hair. I was free to do whatever I wanted to do!”

“I should have said something the first time this came out years ago but I can not let this fly this time!”

It all begs the question … what DID Cam get for his first-ever tat?!?!

Stay tuned … 

Manny Pacquiao Gets Anger Translator To Cuss Out Adrien Broner


President Obama had “Luther” … and now Manny Pacquiao has an anger translator of his own to tell us how he REALLY feels about Adrien Broner — and it’s hilarious!!!

Pacquiao is gearing up to fight Broner on January 19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas — and if you know Manny, you know he ain’t exactly the greatest trash talker in the world. 

So, he brought in his good friend, Michael Blackson, on Thursday to tell us what he REALLY wants to say about his opponent … and yeah, there’s A LOT of cussing. 

For example, when we asked Manny how he felt about Broner predicting a knockout, MP politely told us, “That’s easy to say but hard to do.”

Okay … but what he REALLY meant to say … “We’re gonna fuck him up! Punch him in his eye! Punch him in his nuts! That short bitch is going down!!!”

There’s a lot more, it’s really funny … and obviously, salute to “Key & Peele.” 

Oh, one more thing — what is Manny eating these days to gear up for the fight? Fish eyes. Seriously. He loves ’em. 

Sen. Joe Manchin Sorry, Ellen … Trump Gets TV Priority Tonight


Sen. Joe Manchin thinks folks should really tune in to President Trump‘s televised address to the nation on the border “crisis” … even if that means screwing over Ellen DeGeneres.

We got the West Virginia Senator Tuesday in D.C., where our photog asked how Trump’s border address later in the evening would measure up to Ellen’s ‘Game of Games’ … and which one should take precedent for the American people.

Translation: which broadcast will be sillier and have more entertainment value — Trump or Ellen? Perhaps unsurprisingly, Manchin says DT’s the one to watch tonight.

Trump and the Dems can’t come to a resolution to fund the border wall, which is why the federal government is in day 18 of a partial shutdown. So, Manchin’s right … there’s a lot riding on Trump’s speech tonight.

The Prez tweeted he’d be addressing the nation about the “Humanitarian and National Security crisis” at the border. 

Trump’s address starts at 9 PM ET, so on the east coast it’ll creep into hour 2 of Ellen’s NBC broadcast, and your fave programs on other networks — looking at you, “Black-ish.”

But, Manchin says tough luck.