Man Gets Head Stuck in Movie Theater Seat, Dies

We know the above headline is likely to make you laugh.

But this is a serious matter.

This is the story of a real tragedy that took place in Great Britain.

theater seat

According to various news outlets, a 24-year old father named Ateeq Rafiq was seeing a movie in Birmingham, England on March 9 when he dropped his cellphone between two reclining seats.

When Rafiq bent down to pick up the item, the footrest on the electrically-powered seat clamped down on his head, reports the Birmingham Mail newspaper.

The horrific incident took place at Vue Cinema at Star City, the outside of which is pictured below.

Said a spokesperson for the venue in a prepared statement:

“Following an incident which took place on Friday 9 March at our Birmingham cinema, we can confirm that a customer was taken to hospital that evening.

“We are saddened to learn that he passed away on Friday 16 March.

“A full investigation into the nature of the incident is ongoing. Our thoughts and condolences are with the family who have our full support and assistance.”


How could this possibly have happened?

A source familiar with the situation described what transpired thusly when speaking to the aforementioned publication:

“The Gold Class seats are electric reclining seats. He bent down to look for his phone.

“At this point the leg-rest was in an upright position. But as he stuck his head underneath to have a look, the footrest clamped down onto his head. He was stuck.

“His partner and staff tried to free him but couldn’t. The chair leg-rest was eventually broken free and he managed to get out.”

reclining seat

From there, Rafiq was taken to a local hospital.

He passed away several days later from injuries sustained in this freak accident.

The victim’s family is devastated by the loss, says sister-in-law Fatima Arzo to The Daily Mirror.

“We are grieving and completely in shock. My sister is in pieces,” she told the newspaper, adding:

“We are grateful to everyone who tried to help him, and at the moment we are praying and trying to come to terms with the fact we lost a loved one.”

vue seats

The cinema complex at Star City where this took place features 25 screens, including three Gold Class rooms where the emphasis is on comfort and luxury.

Reads the official website:

“The Gold Class ticket price includes complimentary popcorn during your film and is strictly for over 18’s, offering luxury seating with a fully licensed bar and an enhanced viewing experience.

“Gold Class customers are welcome to visit the Gold Class bar to enjoy a drink before and during the screening.”

Our thoughts go out to the family of Ateeq Rafiq.

May he rest in peace.


Jessica Simpson Shows Off Lips, Gets Destroyed on Instagram

Jessica Simpson thought she was sharing a harmless selfie.

She thought she was encouraging fans to work out

She thought she was giving them a look at her workout.

"#ShowMeYourSteps," the former singer wrote as a caption to the first photo listed below, adding: "#Niners #GucciGlasses #JSTheWarmUp."

But the Internet can be a cruel place.

And, as you can see below, social media followers aren't focused on Simpson's calorie burning, but rather on a certain body part that stands out in this initial photo…

1. Hello, Lips!

Jessica simpson lips selfie
Jessica Simpson is receiving a lot of flak for this selfie. Followers are aghast over her very plump lips.

2. Quack! Quack!

Duck face
The general consensus from critics is that Simpson’s lips make Kylie Jenner’s lips look thin and natural.

3. Let’s Be Frank

There was no beating around the bush here. Various critics came right out with how they feel.

4. This is a New Hashtag

Awful things
#AwfulThings, huh? Again, no beating around the bush here.

5. What… is… Happening?

Mouth question
We all know the answer, don’t we? It rhymes with schastic murgery.

6. Reject the Injections!

Down with injections
Fans are pleading with Jessica. Do you agree that she looked better before?

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Mom Feeds Toddler Wasabi, Gets Accused of Child Abuse

This (not) just in:

The Internet can be a very mean place.

And a mother on Facebook just found out exactly how and why, first hand.

This woman shared a video on her social media page that has been viewed over 14 million times.

Not each of these viewers likes the video, however, because it depicts the mother asking her young daughter whether she wants to try Wasabi.

The girl at first says no… and then we're pretty sure she says no again.

But then she simply repeats the word "wasabi" and then the mother places a small portion in front of her nose to smell.

The mother than places this same small portion in the girl's mouth… and waits for a reaction.

The girl actually handles it pretty well, considering how hot and how spicy wasabi truly is.

Hilariously, she only makes a slightly uncomfortable face while calmly uttering the word "help."

But not every Internet user found this to be hilarious.

Some, in fact, tossed out the A-Word in response to this video. Yup: abuse.

Do you agree with this assessment? Did the mother do anything wrong?

Or is this akin to giving a kid a taste of a lemon, which, come on, EVERY parent out there has done on at least one occasion, right?

Watch the video below and decide for yourself:

Mom feeds toddler wasabi gets accused of child abuse