Jenelle Evans: Is She Finally Getting Fired from Teen Mom 2?!

Can you imagine working with Jenelle Evans?

Seriously, just take a moment to sit back and really let yourself think about what it would be like to go to work and have to deal with this girl.

It would be absolute madness, right?

And that's what MTV has been putting up with for years.

It's honestly kind of shocking that she hasn't been fired yet, considering everything she's done and how she behaves and just who she is as a person.

But could the firing still be coming?

1. What a Mystery

Jenelle evans dude shirt
For real though, why does Jenelle still have a job?

2. Well …

Jenelle evans weird bikini pic
We all know why — because she brings that trashy reality show drama like no one else.

3. Real Talk

Jenelle e photo
We’d be lying if we said that Jenelle’s craziness isn’t a huge part of why Teen Mom 2 has been so popular over the years.

4. On the Other Hand …

Jenelles lips
But at what cost?

5. Criminelle

Jenelle eason bikini photo
What other job would be cool with employees showing up to work high and doing heroin with their sketchy boyfriends while on the clock?

6. Garbagenelle

Jenelle evans best picture
What other job would allow employees to scream and cry while working, and even refuse to work at all while still getting paid?

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Teen Mom OG Ratings Fall: Is the Show Getting Cancelled?!

So look, your friends here at The Hollywood Gossip love Teen Mom.

Love. It.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way these days.

Sure, lots and lots of people keep up with the cast and all the drama.

But not a lot of those people actually sit down and watch the show every week anymore.

And as hard as it is to say, that fact may be causing a big, big problem …

1. Hey, Girls!

Teen mom og season 8 cast
Here’s the current cast of Teen Mom OG: Catelynn Lowell, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Bristol Palin, and Cheyenne Floyd.

2. Big Changes

Farrah abraham is rendered speechless
This is quite the shake-up from last season, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

3. Oh Wow

Maci on teen mom og
This current season premiered on October 1st, and it pulled in 957,000, which is … well, it’s not great.

4. Ouch

Amber on the couch
851,000 people tuned in for the second episode, and we probably don’t have to tell you that a drop of over 100,000 viewers is even less great.

5. Sorry, Ladies

Catelynn on season 8
The numbers are even worse when you look back at older season premieres.

6. Not Great at All

Tyler baltierra teen mom og
Like, this is honestly really, really bad.

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Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Care Joe’s Getting Deported, Says ‘RHONJ’ Star Kim D

Teresa Giudice is a cold-hearted, good-for-nothing mom who’d rather party like a rock star than sweat about her husband Joe’s pending deportation to Italy … so claims her cast mate Kim DePaola. The ‘RHONJ’ star ripped into Teresa when…


Brett Kavanaugh Says He’ll Be an Impartial Judge Despite Getting Emotional Last Week

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Pete Davidson: I’m Getting Ariana Grande Pregnant with a Trap Baby!

It's been a few months now since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged.

Well, to be specific, it's been a few months now since they started dating and then immediately got engaged.

But hey, they're still going strong, and that's what's important!

These two have definitely had a whirlwind relationship though, that's for sure.

They started dating in May, a few days after that he started getting tattoos in her honor, and a few days after that he began designing her engagement ring.

About two weeks later, he received the ring and proposed.

And we all know she said yes!

There's been several rumors about them since then, like the one about how they're moving so fast because she's pregnant.

It's been a while since that one started, so it's kind of been forgotten about.

But according to some things Pete said during last night's season premiere of Saturday Night Live, there may just be some truth there!

During the Weekend Update segment, host Colin Jost brought Pete out "to talk about how he spent his summer."

About his eventful summer, Pete said "I got engaged, and no one could believe it, and I can't believe it."

"Yeah, I get it," he continued. "She's the number one pop star in the world and I'm the guy from SNL that everyone thinks is in desperate need of more blood."'

He also said that things have been pretty wild since he started dating Ariana.

"You remember when that whole city pretended that kid was Batman 'cause he was, like, sick?" he asked.

"That's what this feels like."

When asked about all the new attention he's been getting for the past few months, he laughed and said "I hate it, it's awful."

He said that it was "so scary," and that he'd been getting death threats.


"It's Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Pete Davidson are all people who have gotten death threats," he joked.

Next, Colin asked about a prenup, which Pete said that he "obviously" wanted.

"God forbid we split up and she takes half my sneakers!" he explained.

On a slightly more serious note, he insisted that he's "totally comfortable being with a successful woman," and that they even live in an apartment that belongs to Ariana.

"She pays like 60 grand for rent and all I have to do is stock the fridge."

When Colin said that men don't have to be the breadwinner in relationships, Pete strongly agreed.

He also said "Last night I switched her birth control with Tic Tacs."

When the audience audibly reacted to that, he defended himself with "No, I believe in us and all, but you know, I just wanna make sure that she can't go anywhere."

Colin finished up the interview by bringing up Ariana's song on her new album named after Pete, which Pete said was "sick."

As he pointed out, he actually gets royalties for the song.

Which is neat, he argued, because if they ever break up, then in ten years "there will be a song called 'Pete Davidson' playing in speakers at K-Mart, and I'll be working there."

Obviously this whole interview is a joke, even if it is based on Pete's real relationship.

But it's nice to see that he's comfortable enough with Ariana that he can make jokes like this, you know?

Watch the full interview in the video below:

Pete davidson im getting ariana grande pregnant with a trap baby

Jenni Farley: I Am NEVER Getting Back With Roger Mathews!

Earlier this week, we reported on the surprising news that Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley had filed for divorce from husband Roger Mathews.

Fans were stunned, as there had been no prior indication that of friction within the couple.

Today, Mathews took to Instagram and offered a glimmer of hope that the marriage wasn’t over, after all.

In a heartfelt video, Mathews vowed to win Farley back, and judging from the response online, thousands are rooting him on.

Sadly, it looks as though those hopes are soon to be dashed.

Radar Online is now reporting that Farley has every intention of going through with the divorce and has assured friends she will never get back together with Roger.

“She was just unhappy, and she wasn’t in love with him anymore,” a source close to the couple tells Radar.

“Roger has been trying everything he can to change her mind, but her mind is made up. She’s done.”

Early reports indicated that Jenni was fed up with how much time Roger spent at work.

Now, however, Radar’s source is claiming that the opposite is true.

The insider claims that Farley felt smothered by Mathew’s expectations that she function in a traditional housewife capacity.

Roger Mathews and JWOWW Halloween Costumes

“She realized she is still young, and she doesn’t have to give up her career just because she is a mom,” says the tipster.

Apparently, Jenni and Roger began fighting when she signed on for two more seasons of Shore.

And the battles became even more intense when she entered negotiations to film further episodes beyond the show’s current run.

But based on the determination that’s evident in his latest Instagram post, you can bet that Mathews won’t be giving up easy.

“My wife filed for divorce, it’s true. I don’t blame her,” he told the camera.

“There’s no cheating, or any dumb sh-t… She just grew tired of the repetitive pattern that we fell into.”

“I’m not done fighting. I’m gonna win my wife back,” he added.

“I’m gonna win her affection back. I’m gonna win her love back. I have no intention of being a single dad. We’re in counseling so there is hope.”

Roger sounds hopeful, but it sounds as though the odds are against him.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted as more information becomes available.