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Ja Rule Andy King’s Getting Jobs … Finally, Some Good Out of Fyre!!!

Ja Rule‘s found a couple Fyre Fest silver linings — one involving event planner Andy King, who famously offered oral sex for crates of Evian, and the other has to do with Ja’s business sense.

The rapper was at Newark Airport when Adam Glyn asked him if he had any insight on the infamous scene in Netflix’s ‘Fyre’ documentary … where Andy King admitted he nearly took one for the team as the festival was imploding. 

Ja says he knew nothing about that happening at the time, but he was grinning ear to ear after hearing Andy’s now made a name for himself.

In fact, Ja Rule says even though he hasn’t seen the Netflix doc, he’d love to see more good come out of it. 

Check out the clip … the rapper — who btw is still feeling the Fyre — says he learned a lot from the experience and even offers young visionaries/entrepreneurs some sage advice.

WWE’s X-Pac Chyna Getting In Hall of Fame with Degeneration X … ‘It’s a Win!’


WWE legend X-Pac understands why people are upset Chyna is going into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of D-Generation X … and not individually … but he insists it’s still a VICTORY for her. 

“I totally understand where they’re coming from,” Sean Waltman tells TMZ Sports … “Of course she deserves to go in by herself.”

But Waltman — who was engaged to Chyna in real life in 2003 — says the WWE only has a limited number of people they can induct each year and he believes they’re doing the best they can. 

WWE announced on Monday the main members of DX (as a group) will be included in the H.O.F.  class of 2019. Meaning Chyna will be enshrined with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn and, of course, X-Pac. 

But a swell of wrestling fans feel Chyna was such an important figure in WWE — the first and only WWF intercontinental champion — that she shouldn’t have to share the honor with anyone. 

X-Pac says he understands the frustration — but says Chyna would still be thrilled with the honor. 

“I hope that the people who think this about her are still grateful that she’s going in because this is a win and sometimes we should take the win.”

As for himself, X-Pac says he’s grateful to be included — and can’t wait to get the gang back together! 

Chyna — real name Joan Laurer — passed away in 2016. She was only 46. 

MAGA Hat Student Nick Sandmann Stopped Showdown From Getting Ugly … KY Congressman Says


High school student Nick Sandmann was the perfect person to get into a showdown with Native American elder Nathan Phillips, according to a congressman from Nick’s home state.

Rep. Thomas Massie, whose district is home to Covington Catholic School, was on Capitol Hill when we asked him about Sandmann and the criticism of how he handled the face-off. Not surprisingly, he’s got a lot of love for his young constituent. 

Massie says he’s proud of the way Nick handled himself while Nathan continued beating his drum during the weekend confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial — and he gives Nick ALL the credit for defusing the turbulent situation

The congressman says he fears what kind of violence could have erupted if Nathan was drumming in front of someone else, who didn’t have Sandmann’s calm temperament.

As we reported … Nick says his smirk was misinterpreted, and Rep. Massie backs that up.

Not only does he have positive things to say about Nick’s demeanor — he also thinks the kid’s got a future in politics.

Chris Hansen Can’t ‘Catch’ a Break … Getting Evicted from NYC Apt.


Chris Hansen‘s appears to be having a rough time, at least financially — he’s getting booted from his home in Manhattan … TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs … the former host of “To Catch a Predator” last paid rent in August 2018, but was $ 400 short, and stopped sending checks altogether after that. So, the owner of the pad went to court in October and filed paperwork to have Chris evicted.

In the eviction docs, the landlord says Chris owes $ 400 for August, plus $ 3,600 for September.

Hansen was ordered out of the apartment last week by a judge and given 10 days to vacate. The official eviction day is Friday, and city marshals are set to perform removal services then.

As we reported, Hansen was arrested Monday in Stamford, Connecticut for larceny — he allegedly bounced a couple checks to cover a $ 13k tab for a bunch of merch he bought.

We reached out to Chris for comment on the eviction. So far, no word back.

Justin & Hailey Bieber Getting Hitched Again … This Time on the West Coast!!!


Justin and Hailey Bieber are tying the knot again — but this time, they’re doing it in the sunshine and inviting a bunch of their friends and family, including another very famous couple … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the planning tell us J.B. and H.B.’s wedding is taking place during the weekend of March 1 — which also happens to be Justin’s 25th birthday. This ain’t no coincidence — we’re told Justin wanted to be a “married” man by his next bday.

Our sources say the 2nd round of nuptials are taking place somewhere in L.A. While the Biebers’ families are primarily located in the East Coast and Canada — where they initially wanted to have the wedding — they ultimately changed their minds because the weather sucks.

So wedding #2 has moved out West, and it will be a religious affair since #1 was not performed in the eyes of God.

Two people who’ve already received a “Save the Date” email — Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

FWIW, this is the third batch of “Save the Date” invites the Biebers have sent, but we’re told, this time around, they’re sticking to their guns.

Mystikal Close to Getting Outta Prison on Bail … If New Music Deal’s a Go


Mystikal is THIS close to getting the money he needs to post bail and get out of prison while he waits for his rape case trial to begin … thanks to friends and a record deal.

You may recall the rapper was booked in 2017 for first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping after he turned himself in following a Louisiana woman who came forward.

He’s been behind bars ever since (almost a year and a half), but people around him have recently rallied and he could be set free soon, pending his trial in May.

Mystikal’s attorney, Joel Pearce, tells TMZ … his client’s friends and family have been raising money to help post the $ 3 million bail. But, what really helped is a new music deal.

Tim Yazbeck, another attorney for the rapper, tells TMZ … Mystikal has a new record deal for 3 unreleased albums and he’s hoping to get an advance within days.

Mystikal’s legal team tells us they’re confident he’ll be out on bail by the end of next week. 

Layzie Bone 1 Step Closer to Getting Maury Povich’d Over Baby Girl


Layzie Bone‘s getting dragged to court in a new paternity case … TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ … the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has filed a paternity complaint against the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper (government name, Steven Howse) on behalf of the baby’s mother, Shateira Marketa Childress.

The baby’s name is Sevyn Isreal Childress-Howse … born in May 2018. The date of conception is listed as September 2017. The Department of Health and Human Services is looking to establish Layzie as the father in order to determine how much dough the rapper will have to fork over in child support. 

It’s interesting … back in 2013, the same woman claimed in a paternity suit Layzie was the father of her one-and-a-half-year-old child, and it turned out she was right.

He’s also the father to 3 other kids. We’ve reached out to Layzie … so far, no word back.

Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens Jokes About Getting Into U.S. At Sean Penn’s CORE Event


Yusuf Islam — formerly known as Cat Stevens — apparently had a tough time getting into the U.S. for Sean Penn‘s annual pre-Globes gala … but it’s unclear what the problem was.

The iconic British singer-songwriter was one of the performers at Penn’s CORE charity event Saturday night, which raises money for disaster relief efforts in Haiti and other countries across the Caribbean every year ahead of the Golden Globes.

While introducing Yusuf, Penn noted he almost wasn’t permitted to come. He doesn’t elaborate beyond that, and Yusuf went on to play a beautiful set in front of folks like Julia Roberts, Anderson Cooper, Casey Affleck, Jamie Foxx, Mike Myers, Keegan Michael Key, Bonnie Hunt, Allison Williams, Larry David, Connie Britton, Ben Stiller, Maxine Waters … and other stars in attendance.

However, based on Yusuf’s history with the United States — he was literally banned from entering the country between ’04 and ’06 for alleged ties to terrorist efforts, which was later discovered to be bogus — it’s possible his past gave him issues with U.S. Customs … especially under the Trump administration. 

Speaking of Trump … Penn later joked that he’d applied to be Trump’s new Chief of Staff in light General John Kelly stepping down last month. Classic dry humor from SP here. 

The good times didn’t stop there either — Mike Meyers tried auctioning if his cell phone case for $ 40k (to no avail) and Julia Roberts ended up winning World Cup tickets with her hubby … for no less than $ 100k, of course.

Kendall Jenner Getting Personal Sunday Night … Will Share ‘Raw Story’ to Help People

Breaking News

Kendall Jenner is hoping to connect with people and help them by sharing a very personal story about herself … but it’s a mystery what that is for now.

Kris Jenner announced Saturday her “brave and vulnerable” daughter will be revealing the story on Twitter Sunday night, “In order to make a positive impact for so many people and help foster a positive dialogue.”

She also shared a video of Kendall alluding to the topic.

Kendall mentions it has something to do with her life when she was 14 years old, but at the time she didn’t have the massive social media following she does now.

Flash forward to today, as a 22-year-old, Kendall has more than 100 million Instagram followers and 27 mil on Twitter. So, whatever message she wants to get out there … she’ll definitely have a huge audience.

Kris doesn’t list a time to tune in to Kendall’s story other than Sunday night, but adds … “be prepared to be moved.”

We’ll be watching.

‘The Conners’ Star Michael Fishman I’m Separating And, Not Getting Divorced Because …


Michael Fishman, famous for playing Roseanne Barr‘s TV son, says one of the big reasons he and his estranged wife chose separation over divorce is simple — he’d like to keep her on his health insurance plan as long as possible.

The ‘Conners‘ star tells TMZ … “Among the reasons for not getting a regular divorce is the shared desire to keep Jenny [Briner] covered by my health insurance, and allow to slowly unfold our 20 years together in a way mutually beneficial for our family, particularly on behalf of our children.”

TMZ broke the story … Jenny filed docs Thursday for legal separation after more than 19 years of marriage. Michael told us the decision to split was an amicable one … adding he, Jenny and their 2 kids actually went to the courthouse together and afterward had a family dinner.

Legal separation’s usually a stop before a divorce … but Michael wouldn’t say whether they’ll ultimately travel down that road. As for what led to the separation, Michael wouldn’t say … but keeping things amicable with Jenny is important to him … and it clearly shows.