Leighton Meester Doesn’t Miss Gossip Girl. Here’s Why.

We fell head over heels, madly, totally and deeply in love with Leighton Meester on Gossip Girl.

Blair Waldorf is one of the best characters in TV history and we will physically fight anyone who says differently.

But Leighton Meester says in a new interview that she actually didn’t love her time on this CW hit…

… and she explains in detail her reasons why.

“I would get there at 5 a.m. and leave at 8 p.m.,” the actress tells the latest issue of PorterEdit magazine. “A lot of days I didn’t see the sun.”

Don’t get the star wrong; she knows how lucky she was to work with Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen and Ed Westwick and to be on a series that lasted for many years.

(“It’s the best-case scenario that a show could ever go for six years,” she says. “It doesn’t happen often.”)

Still, though.

There were nearly just as many downs as there were ups during Meester’s stint on the iconic drama.

“I was young when I started Gossip Girl,” she expounds, detailing how having such a giant hit at this age is both a blessing and a curse:

“A lot more people were suddenly around and I was being looked at.

“If you don’t have the right perspective, you could definitely be confused by people being that nice to you or judging you for behavior that’s typical of a 20-, 21-year-old, making mistakes but having to make them very publicly,.

“I’m not haunted by that time, but it’s been interesting and helpful for me to look at it and examine it as an adult and go, ‘I don’t know if it was the healthiest environment.'”

Gossil Girl ran from 2007 through 2012.

The last couple seasons were trash, but those first few found the perfect mixture of comedy, drama, irony and tone.

You should really go watch Gossip Girl online and catch up if you’ve somehow never viewed the program.

“Everyone has their own journey, especially in their early twenties when they’re just figuring out who they are,” continues Meester in this interview.

“Because of the success of [Gossip Girl], I was put in a place where that journey was sped up. I had to figure it out quickly and with not a completely developed mind to discern between what’s real and what’s not, who I can trust and who I can’t.

“I got really lucky and was able to very early on find and stay friends with people who are true.”

Gossip Girl was a “special time.” Meester does not want to give the impression otherwise.

But does she miss it? That’s a very different question.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s sort of a time capsule…

“I say this with nothing but love – it is like saying, ‘High school was an amazing time for you. Do you wish you could go back?’ And the truth is, it was so special and such a unique, amazing experience, but no, I wouldn’t wanna go back to it.

“I was a kid!”

And now that she’s grown up, Meester will be portraying a single mother on the new ABC sitcom this fall, Single Parents.

She’s come a long, long way.


Counting On Recap: Jinger Duggar Learns She’s Having a Girl!

Counting On suffers from the same problem as so many reality shows nowadays, in that its stars are so famous and so popular on social media that it’s very easy to stay up to speed with what’s going on in their lives.

Some have argued that these circumstances render reality TV obsolete, but Counting On remains as popular as ever, and last night’s episode provided some potent reminders of why that is.

The installment served up major developments on different fronts, as the two most rebellious Duggar siblings each prepared for the next stage in their life.

Back in July, Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child, a girl named Felicity.

But at the time that Monday’s episode was filmed, the young couple was still clueless as to the baby’s sex.

“There was a lot of anticipation waiting to find out the gender,” Jinger told the cameras of prior to her doctor’s appointment.

“Who’s the baby going to look like? We were both so thrilled.”

Jeremy — clearly overwhelmed by seeing an image of his daughter for — struggled to put the profound moment into words.

“That’s incredible,” he said at one point.

“This was my first time ever being in an ultrasound, and the fact it’s my child was astonishing,” Vuolo later added.

“I was almost at a loss for words.”

Despite some initial misgivings, Jeremy and Jinger opted to find out the baby’s gender as early as possible, and lucky for us, the emotional moment was caught on camera.

“We opted not to be surprised so maybe we could have more time to reflect on the name, and maybe down the road we may choose to be surprised,” Vuolo said.

“When the technician told us what we were having, we were both overjoyed,” Jinger told the cameras.

“We just could not believe it.”

Just a few months later Felicity Nicole Vuolo entered the world at 8lbs. and 3oz. 

And so far, fans have continued to share in every moment of her young life.

Of course, Jinger and Jeremy weren’t the only ones gearing up for a life-changing moment on last night’s show.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got married in June, and on Monday’s Counting On, fans got a peek at the preparations as Lauren attempted to find the perfect dress for the occasion.

The Duggars and their fundamentalist community are typically very big on gender roles, but Lauren broke with tradition by bringing her dad along on her dress-shopping excursion.

“Before Josiah came into the picture, my dad was my very best friend,” Lauren told the cameras.

“He was someone I always would talk to about anything if anything was wrong, and I really value my dad’s opinion.”

Of course, there are downsides to shopping with the guy who’s footing the bill:

“I really wanted him to be part of it. My dad will probably be more concerned about the price, just knowing my dad,” Lauren said.

“He’s very frugal. I don’t necessarily like to pick the expensive things. I don’t tend, to but that happens.”

Clearly, Lauren’s not as conservative as the Duggars — so it’s a good thing that she found happiness with the most non-traditional of the Counting On clan.


90 Day Fiance: Will Anfisa Return to Cam Girl Work With Jorge in Prison?

Now that Jorge Nava has been sentenced to prison following his marijuana arrest, what is Anfisa going to do for the next 2.5 years?

Obviously, Anfisa can work — but she is a full time student right now.

Is she going to have to quit school to support herself while Jorge is behind bars?

Anfisa reacts

Jorge was caught with a massive amount of marijuana in his car.

He grows medical marijuana for a living in California but, unfortunately, he and his car and that marijuana were in Arizona, which has some of the most absurd drug laws in the nation.

As we reported, he has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

Anfisa says that Jorge may have a shot at getting out after 22 months, but she is clearly looking at two years without her husband.

But she might not have to quit her role as a student — because Anfisa could really make it as a YouTuber.

Jorge nava and anfisa arkhipchenko discuss his prison sentence

We know what you're thinking — Anfisa may be younger than Jorge, but she's a few years older than your average YouTuber.

But, as Starcasm notes, Anfisa could make money via YouTube in a major way, she's already shown that she has the skills for it.

Anfisa edits her own clips for YouTube, and it really shows.

She is very particular about controlling what viewers see and do not see, and about making sure that there are only pauses at appropriate moments.

The evidence in her videos, which have smooth transitions from moment to moment, shows that Anfisa can keep her YouTube channel crisp and clean.

Anfisa and jorge kiss

Then there's the fact that Anfisa has plenty of business savvy when it comes to marketing herself on social media.

(No jokes about her alleged sex work, please … we'll get to that in a moment)

The titles of her YouTube videos cover frequently searched items, which means that she's followed not only by fans of 90 Day Fiance, but by people who have randomly come across her page.

This is part of how you diversify your audience. Some come to see how her life is going after the show, but others are there for makeup tips.

She knows how to stay relevant, and it works — her YouTube videos average 1.37 million views each. One got up to 4 million.

Anfisa arkhipchenko camgirl gif

Back in July, and despite Anfisa's denials, it looks like Anfisa's alleged camgirl work was exposed.

While there is of course nothing wrong with being a camgirl or with any other kind of sex work, fans took an interest in her backstory.

Evidence was uncovered featuring a woman who looks conspicuously like Anfisa on furniture that looks like Anfisa's old furniture, in an apartment that looks like Anfisa's old Moscow apartment.

Even the camera angle was the same as the one that Anfisa used to audition for 90 Day Fiance.

Some have wondered if Anfisa might use sex work when those bills start piling up. 

Anfisa arkhipchenko flashes major sideboob

If she wants to do that, good for her! But Anfisa has denied that she appeared in the video. Jorge also claims that the camgirl is not his wife.

Anfisa might not need that. According to our research, it looks like your average YouTuber is going to bring in about $ 2,000 for every 1 million views on any video of theirs with ads.

Obviously, as with any advertising gambit, pay can vary according to factors such as audience demographics.

If Anfisa turns out a few videos a month for the next couple of years, that might help her to stay afloat until Jorge gets out.

Then again, some have speculated that she might run his — legal — medical marijuana business. Until Anfisa tells the world herself, we just won't know.

Anfisa returning to cam girl work while jorge is in prison

Penn Badgley Says He Was “Molested” by Gossip Girl Fans, Apologizes

Gossip Girl alum Penn Badgley married Domino Kirke early last year, and now he’s starring in a new series.

Unfortunately, while doing press for this new show, he put his foot in his mouth in the worst way — appearing to make light of people who have been molested.

Penn has come forward and apologized.

Penn Badgley, who played Daniel Humphrey on the legendary CW series, Gossip Girl, is set to star in a new Lifetime series, You.

In this series, he will play a stalker. He was quick to connect that such a predatory fictional character relates to real life predators.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Penn Badgley says that he hopes that his show will help people have “necessary conversations” in the wake of #MeToo.

“I think it’s significant that a show like this is coming out now,” Penn says.

Clearly, he is not equating his show with #MeToo — just drawing an accurate connection.

This is where he begins to put his foot into his mouth, and it’s all about one word choice.

“I think as an actor you can become an object of desire,” Penn says. “Which is something women are already accustomed to more or less around the world.”

He is totally right about that, and it’s good that he acknowledges that this is already the case for countless women.

Then Penn says: “I mean, I don’t want to sound sensationalist, but I’ve literally been molested — just in the literal sense of the word — by many people in the moment. Because that’s what they do.”

Oh no!

Penn also gave a shoutout to Terry Crews as one of the men who came forward with a #MeToo story, but we’ll get to that in a second.

Penn very clearly means one of the literal definitions of molested — meaning to be bothered. He is speaking of people intruding into his life because of his fame.

Folks, especially when you’re discussing #MeToo but really at any time, use whichever word is most accurate and clear for the message that you are trying to convey.

Say that your privacy was violated or your personhood was disrespected or that you were objectified or simply that you were bothered.

Don’t say “molested” when you mean one of those things. Some people, actors included, have actually been molested — groped and worse.

Penn Badgley did not mean to make light of people who have actually been molested, and issued a clarification to Us Weekly.

“The point of my comment was not to confess a personal trauma,” Penn explains.

Penn continues: “I was speaking about the way emotional and physical boundaries are violated for someone in the public eye, who is seen as an object of desire.”

“Depending on so many factors, it can range from conscious abuse to something very unconscious,” he tries to clarify.

“And that is the point I was making, cautiously,” he says. “In the context of a conversation about fanaticism and cultural norms which support manipulative or abusive behavior.”

“These are the same norms which support predatory men, but not exclusively predatory men,” Penn concludes. “They affect, and infect, us all.”

That very cerebral clarification was great, but he could have avoided this entire situation by just making a better choice with his diction the first time around.

But we get it. And Penn is a good person, clearly. As we mentioned, his original interview included a shout-out to Terry Crews’ sexual assault and to the backlash that Crews is currently facing from powerful people in the entertainment industry.

Penn points out that men who have been groped or assaulted face challenges that are different than those that women face, because of societal standards.

“You’re led as a man, particularly, that when it happens you should feel great about it,” Penn says of men who have been sexually assaulted.

To be clear, he is not saying that men have it worse — simply that society treats men differently than it treats women over this issue.

In Crews’ case, people responded that he should have used violence against the predator.

That is a shameful piece of victim-blaming that ignores the consequences that Crews would have faced.

Many other men are simply told that they should be grateful.

“Particularly,” Penn notes. “When it comes from someone who’s feasibly an object of your desire as well.”

In other words, there are men who have been groped or even raped and, because the perpetrator was a woman or even a beautiful woman, they are told that they should feel flattered.


Chelsea Houska Welcomes Baby Girl! See the First Pic!

Chelsea Houska stars on Teen Mom 2.

But she is now a mother of THREE.

The veteran MTV personality broke this exciting piece of news just a day after posting a picture of her 38-week old baby bump.

This means that Chelsea and husband Cole De Boer welcomed their latest bundle of joy several days earlier than her due date.

Everyone is happy and healthy, however, with long-time Teen Mom viewers undoubtedly anxious to meet the couple's new addition.

Check out her first photo and learn her name down below…

1. Oh, Happy Day!

Chelsea deboer pregnant
Houska alerted the world to her third pregnancy in March 2018, saying on Instagram: “….GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited.”

2. And New Baby Makes Five

Chelsea houska and family
Chelsea and Cole welcomed sona son named Watson in January of 2017 — and Houska also has an eight-year-old daughter named Aubree from a previous relationship with law-breaking ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

3. And Now It’s Time to Meet…

Chelsea houska baby picture
… LAYNE!!!! Houska shared this photo of her brand new child around noon PST on Wednesday, August 29.

4. This is What Chelsea Wrote as a Caption:

Chelsea houska daughter
“Happy birthday to YOU, sweet baby Layne.” Pretty short and simple and not informative, no. We don’t know her measurements yet, for example.

5. But Fans are Pretty Psyched!

Chelsea houska reaction
Here’s a sampling of their responses to the above photo on Instagram. It’s nearly unanimous: Congrats all around!

6. Changes are Afoot

Chelsea and cole picture
Houska and DeBoer sold their Hartford, South Dakota home to make more room for their new addition. They’ve already purchased a new place with an extra bedroom, along with “acreage for animals in the county,” according to Radar Online.

View Slideshow

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: That Girl is… Poisoned?!?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians asked viewers to suspend their disbelief this week.

First, because the episode was filmed WAY back in December and focused on the family’s celebration of Christmas.

Second, because Kris Jenner believed she was the target of a murder plot.

krissy j

We’ll get a summation of the latter storyline over first.

We actually have documented it at length already, sharing multiple clips of Kris Jenner initially testing her drinking water for samples of poison and then being tricked by Kim and Kylie into believing Kourtney was out for her.

Totally hilarious… we guess?

Definitely not totally scripted by producers desperate for some levity… right?

Elsewhere this Sunday, the crux of the installment centered on further tension between Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

“We really haven’t resolved anything with Kourtney since the therapy session,” Kim said early on in a confessional, adding:

“We’ve so much more to really hash out and it just hasn’t happened yet, so we’ve just all been kind of walking on eggshells around each other.”

As chronicled on The Hollywood Gossip, this filmed rivalry has been ugly and intense at times, while almost definitely phony.

At one point on this episode, Kourtney said she didn’t want to invite Scott Disick to her mother’s holiday party, which caused quite the backlash for some reason.

“You have to invite Scott,” Kris told her eldest child. “You can’t just have him come to a party for 10 years as part of our family, he’s still part of our family.”

Speaking of the party and of invites… why did Caitlyn Jenner not receive one, Kendall wondered?

Simple, Kim replied:

“Scott has never done anything mean or said anything negative. So that’s different.”

It certainly is true that Caitlyn had some harsh things to say about his relatives, most notably Kris Jenner, during his promotional book tour last fall.

But Kendall wasn’t satisfied with this response about her dad, snapping back at Kim:

“Is that actually a joke?. They’ve both done f-cked up things in different ways.”

Kourtney basically agreed with Kendall’s point and emphasized that whether Disick would be a part of the gathering or not was her call in the end.

“This is exactly why my sisters and I haven’t been getting along. They just don’t have my back and they don’t take my feelings into consideration,” she told the camera.

“And now I feel like the same thing’s happening with Kendall. If it’s not exactly what they think there is always criticism and judgement and I’m not here to be criticized every day.”

angry kk22

Kourtney added that she’s “so over everyone and their bitchiness” and even confided in Kendall that she wanted to skip family Christmas altogether this year.

Kendall, of course, shared this admission with Kim and Khloe, who just used it as fuel in their fiery rage against their sister.

“She drives me so crazy, I just don’t even know what to do,” an annoyed Kim said at one point.

Kourtney eventually acquiesced and stuck around for the celebration, but only after Disick vowed to be nice to her then-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima.

Oh, then there was the whole dual pregnancy thing.

This episode was filmed so long ago that Khloe had not yet announced she was expecting, but she was waiting on Kylie to do the same, wanting to give her younger sister a “time to shine” and also wanting to stay out of the spotlight until she was showing.

“I’m just like, chubby right now,” Khloe confessed during a conversation with Kris. “I don’t want someone to be like, ‘Are you pregnant or just hungry?'”

Finally, Kylie called Khloe and said her pregnancy confirmation was forthcoming.

“I just don’t want to be in the spotlight,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder explained. “I’m just gonna be low-key.”

That surprisingly did end up being the case, with Kylie saying almost noting about her status in public until after her daughter was born.

But these cast members had a lot to say last night!

Click on the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and get caught up now!


Farrah Abraham: Petition to Prevent Cam Girl From Killing Another Dog Circulates Online

Farrah Abraham is many things — a former reality star, an adult film actress, an aspiring celebrity boxer, a peddler of plastic vibrating molds of her own vagina. 

And now, some believe “dog killer” should be added to that list.

As you may recall, Farrah’s dog, Blue, died last month, and the circumstances surrounding the pooch’s passing were … a bit strange.

For one thing, just days earlier, Farrah encouraged her daughter, Sophia, to “prank” a friend by telling the poor girl her dog died.

On top of that, there was reason to believe that Sophia may have killed her own dog.

We sincerely hope that’s not the case, but regardless of what sort of event ushered Blue from this mortal coil, it’s quite clear the dog wasn’t properly cared for during his tragically foreshortened life.

And it’s for this reason that Teen Mom OG fans hope to stop Farrah from ever owning another dog.

Yes, as In Touch Weekly reports, folks have been signing a petition to “Stop animal ownership by Sophia Abraham & her mother.”

“Sophia Abraham had a little dog named Blue and because the dog didn’t wanna go outside, she viciously grabbed his throat and threw him outside and he died as a result,” the petition reads

“Sophia and Farrah Abraham do not need to own any more animals and have their horse and current puppy removed from care.” 

So far, the petition only has 240 signatures of the 1,000 needed, and even if it reached that goal, it’s unclear who would enforce the new rule, but it’ll still be interesting to see where this thing goes.

Earlier this week, Sophia posted the above photo of herself holding a dog (yes, the girl has her own Instagram page), along with a caption implying that she’d like to adopt it.

As you might expect, the comments section quickly became a war zone.

“Please don’t kill this dog, too,” one person wrote.

“Dogs deserve love. Not to die because you didn’t want to let your last dog go to the bathroom.”

Another added, “OMG the last thing you need is another dog, if anything happens to this one there should be extreme measures taken because you tossed Blue out the window, no child just no! Hope y’all do right by this one.”

“Oh f–k!!!! Devil child put the dog DOWN,” a third remarked.

Shortly after Blue’s death, Sophia attempted to clear the air with an explanatory social media post:

“I miss Blue super super much, but he is in good hands now in doggy heaven,” she wrote on Instagram.

“He went into shock and then 30 seconds later, he past away the emergency room note said the little doggy was found with no heartbeat. I miss him so so so much and he was my favorite dog and I always played tag with him and I’d always give him love and his kong and he’d go crazy over it.

“I miss you Blue very very much!” 

So this is either a sad story about a little girl losing her dog to a freak accident, or Sophia is covering her tracks following a vicious murder.

Honestly, the girl’s being raised by Farrah freakin’ Abraham, so there’s really nothing she could do that would surprise us.