Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Baby Girl!

Back in December, fans rejoiced at the news that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant with her second child. Now, she’s announced even more good news.

And we don’t just mean her sister Britney Spears’ new GLAAD Award — though she did give her big sis a shout-out over it.

Jamie Lynn Spears has welcomed the birth of her baby girl!

Speaking to People, Jamie Lynn Spears spoke of her second daughter, Ivey Joan Watson.

“We are beyond excited to welcome this beautiful baby girl to our family!”

This newborn baby is the second daughter that Jamie Lynn has had with her husband, Jamie Watson.

“Her middle name, Joan, is to honor my Aunt Sandra, who passed away 10 years ago from ovarian cancer.”

That’s so sad. And so sweet.

“She was the most graceful woman I’ve ever known.”

It’s always good to have an inspirational namesake.

On Instagram, Jamie Lynn linked to the People article, writing:

“Baby Ivey Joan Watson is here!”

Ivy is such a beautiful name, and she’s giving it a unique twist to differentiate it from the type of plant by adding that “E.”

Also, despite her explanation for the middle name, it’s worth noting that Joan Watson is the name of Lucy Liu’s iconic character on the CBS series, Elementary.

When the news broke, some fans immediately began tweeting that perhaps this is not a coincidence.

The People article also includes the exact details.

Ivey Joan was born on Wednesday, April 11, at 10:02 a.m. It’s kind of rare to have such specific numbers from the initial announcement.

(That’ll be helpful for a fan if they’re into astrology and want to do a horoscope for a baby they’ll never meet)

This sweet baby girl was born in Covington, Louisiana, weighing 7 lbs., 8 oz.

That’s above average but not especially large for a newborn.

She measured 19½ inches in length at birth, if the body lengths of newborns born to former Nickelodeon stars who were once the sisters of celebrities are a thing that interest you.

But, as we mentioned, this was not even the only highlight this week for the extended Spears family.

Though Britney is known for not always attending events to which she has been invited, she arrived at the 2018 GLAAD Media Awards.

And she brought her unnecessarily attractive boyfriend, Sam Asghari, as her date.

In addition to receiving the 2018 GLAAD Vanguard Award for her role in accelerating acceptance for the LGBTQ community, Britney also “caused” a bit of a disruption.

She didn’t actually do anything other than accept the award.

But other attendees were so excited to see her that there was reportedly a bit of a commotion that slowed down the presentation of awards.

Hey, who wouldn’t be thrilled to bask in Britney’s presence?

Jamie Lynn already has a daughter named Maddie.

Just two months ago, Jamie Lynn was celebrating the anniversary of her daughter’s miraculous recovery from a frighteningly close brush with death.

Maddie is incredibly resilient and pulled through, making an impressive recovery and even returning to school within days.

We’re sure that, having reflected on nearly losing her daughter, Jamie Lynn will pull out all of the stops to make sure that nothing like that can happen to Ivey Joan.

Just as she’s gone above and beyond to ensure that Maddie remains safe.

Congratulations to the Watson family on their newest addition!


Khloe Kardashian Welcomes Baby Girl!!!

On Wednesday, the news that Khloe Kardashian was in labor was almost drowned out by reports about Tristan Thompson’s cheating.

Now, despite all of the chaos and the cheating drama, there is finally some good news.

Khloe has given birth to her baby girl!!!

TMZ reports that Khloe Kardashian has given birth to her baby girl.

At approximately 4 in the morning, in a hospital just outside of Cleveland, Khloe delivered her first child with Tristan Thompson.

If you’re hoping to know the baby name — and names from the Kardashians are always interesting — you may have to wait.

In a curious twist, TMZ reports that Khloe has not yet decided upon a name for her baby girl.

Given the circumstances, it’s understandable that she’s feeling less than certain.

This happy news comes only two days after news broke that Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on Khloe.

On Tuesday evening, The Daily Mail revealed that Tristan had been filmed appearing to kiss a woman at a bar.

At the time, it was already known that Khloe might give birth at any day.

Shortly thereafter, TMZ released a video that appears to show Tristan getting physical with a pair of women in a hookah lounge, back in October.

At that time, Khloe would have been three months pregnant with his child.

Then, The Shade Room came out with a video that allegedly shows Tristan with the woman from the bar, no longer in the bar. It appeared that the two were headed for a more private location for a potential hookup.

Reportedly, Tristan Thompson denies cheating on Khloe.

That denial didn’t stop him from getting booed by his own fans.

Maybe Tristan doesn’t care if his adventuring penis causes problems for him at home — Khloe wouldn’t be the first baby mama he left, after all.

But surely he has to care when it’s impacting him in his professional life.

Like we said, Tristan reportedly denies the whole thing.

And a report even claim that Khloe bought his denials. But, in the face of mounting evidence, many suspect that Khloe couldn’t dismiss the images and videos that the entire world has seen. She’s not dumb, folks.

TMZ does not mention whether or not Tristan Thompson was present for his daughter’s birth.

It was previously reported that Kris Jenner had hopped onto a plane and flown out to Cleveland so that she could be by her daughter’s side.

She was there to witness the birth of her grandchild, but one imagines that she would be a comforting and reassuring presence in the face of the grief, outrage, embarrassment, and betrayal that Khloe must be experiencing.

Kim and Kourtney were reportedly packing their bags to fly out at a moment’s notice to support their sister — and, of course, to meet their niece.

In the mean time, Kylie kept posting butt pics.

We don’t know what name Khloe Kardashian will choose for her precious baby girl.

At this point, given how murky their relationship has become, one wonders if Tristan Thompson will get any input over the name.

In fact, some fans speculate that perhaps Khloe had decided upon a name with Tristan, and is now reconsidering it in light of Tristan’s alleged unfaithfulness.

Congratulations to Khloe on the birth of her daughter!

We only wish that Khloe’s other circumstances were not so complicated.


Blake Shelton to Gwen Stefani: I Love You, Pretty Girl

It looks like Blake Shelton is doing his level best to quash rumors that he dumped Gwen Stefani.

He’s taking to social media to gush about Gwen, calling her his “pretty girl.”

And he’s even referring to her as an “adopted Okie,” which we’re sure that he means as a compliment.

Blake Shelton’s tweet  even tags his lady love.

“Hey @gwenstefani it’s official …”

Despite the use of the word official, no, this is not a confirmation that the two of them are engaged or married or expecting.

“With your arrowhead finding eye you are now an adopted Okie!!!”

Honestly, it’s super impressive that she’s managed to spot so many — as you’ll see in the photo that he tweeted.

It’s a lot.

Blake Shelton Gushes About Gwen Stefani

By “Okie,” he means Oklahoman. Gwen is a California girl who’s learning to 

“Side note: I love you pretty girl… #truth.”

Well, she is gorgeous. And she deserves love.

Incidentally, if you were looking for confirmation that Gwen really did spot all of these arrowheads simply by perusing Blake Shelton’s property, you’re not alone.

A fan asked Blake, and he replied:


This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen signs of Gwen adopting Blake’s habits and hobbies.

Recently, she shared photos of herself in what appears to be hunting gear in the woods of Oklahoma.

She even had her children with her, which we cannot imagine that Gavin Rossdale loved.

Gwen is a California native. Plenty of people move to California after they become famous, but she was born there.

(Which is not really surprising — more than 12% of the nation resides in California)

And yet it looks like she’s taking to Blake’s lifestyle and to Oklahoma like a duck to water.

Fans have joked on social media that, in another timeline — perhaps a better one — we would see Blake adapting to Gwen’s lifestyle instead of the other way around.

One cannot help but imagine the sight of Shelton wearing more colorful, stylish clothing as he dines at a restaurant near the beach in California.

Or if he were to gush online about his growing love for sushi, or share that he’s started to really enjoy getting pedicures.

Instead, fans have watched Gwen seem to lose herself in a less successful and ultimately less famous musician.

Love can do that to a person.

It may seem strange that two singers from totally different worlds — one a pop star with a wide, international audience, the other one of the most famous Country singers — were brought together by a singing competition and a pair of failed relationships.

But while bonding over both having allegedly been cheated on might not be the normal definition of a meet cute, love can start that way.

And this whirlwind romance, which has lasted for years, may just end in marriage.

We don’t know that this would mean that Gwen Stefani will live in Oklahoma full time for the rest of her life.

But it looks like, if it does, she’ll fit right in.

Think what you will about the pairing, but we think that the woman who taught the world how to spell “bananas” deserves happiness in whatever form.