Patrick Mahomes Getting Over Rams Loss … With Smokin’ Hot Girlfriend

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Patrick Mahomes has the perfect remedy for getting over the biggest loss of his career — some quality time with his smokin’ hot GF!!!

The Kansas City Chiefs superstar took a huge L on Monday night, droppin’ an all-time classic, 54-51, to the Rams in what some are callin’ a Super Bowl preview.

It didn’t take long for Mahomes to turn to his longtime GF, Brittany Matthews, to tend to his wounds … ‘cause the two had an awesome date night Tuesday!!

Pat and Britt first hit the Texas Tech hoops game — where Mahomes’ alma mater smoked Nebraska — and then went back to their Texas crib for some cuddles.

There was an adorable puppy … and Britt even made him some eggs with his favorite topping — KETCHUP (Gross)!

The two have been dating since high school … and Britt’s been supporting the guy despite her own booming career as a fitness model and pro soccer player. 

Seems unlikely these pick-me-up date nights will need to happen often — remember, Pat’s got G.O.A.T. potential — but nice for the QB to know he has this to turn to when they do!! 

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Man Jokingly Auctions Girlfriend on eBay, Bid Reaches $119,000

A man attempting to auction off his girlfriend on the internet sounds like a horror story, but this man did it as a joke — and she laughed, too.

But they were both absolutely shocked when bids and lews messages poured in.

And they were shocked again when the bid reached over $ 119,000 in 24 hours. Whoops.

man auctions girlfriend on ebay 01

Dale Leeks is a London resident.

He decided to play a cheeky prank on his girlfriend, 37-year-old Kelly Greaves.

The two had been dating for a year, and he took to eBay to, in jest, put her up for auction.

He included her photo and a joking description of why he wanted to trade her in, for parts or for a “newer model.”

Though we would never, ever suggest that anyone do this, Kelly was apparently amused when Dale told her.

man auctions girlfriend on ebay 04

Dale wrote that Kelly “starts OK but after that there’s a constant whining noise that I can’t seem to stop.”

“Bodywork is fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear,” he joked on the eBay ad.

“No serious damage,” he continued. “But you can see that she’s been used.”

“Please [bear] in mind when bidding she’s 37 years old,” Dale jokingly plead with prospective buyers.

At the time, he had no idea that anyone but Kelly herself would see it.

man auctions girlfriend on ebay 02

In general, the fake auction ad was basically just a roast of his girlfriend. Again, we don’t recommend trying this out for yourself.

“Basically first thing in the morning she can be very temperamental,” Dale warned.

He wrote that “once warmed up the whining noise lessens but I would be lying if I said it goes away completely.”

“The rear end leaks a bit but nothing that can’t be plugged,” he joked.

“Any offers considered,” he concluded, adding that he “would be interested in a part exchange with a younger model. Sold as seen, no returns.”

man auctions girlfriend on ebay 03

It was only after Dale and Kelly went to dinner that evening that his phone began to go “crazy’ with notifications.

The listing was generating a lot of attention.

Some of that attention came in the form of very lewd messages.

But there were also bids, and those bids began to go up and up and up.

In the end, the listing was seen over 81,000 times, and bids reached the equivalent of about $ 119,000.

man auctions girlfriend on ebay 05

Fortunately, human trafficking is illegal, so it’s not like Kelly was going to have to pack her bags.

In fact, the listing was removed by eBay after 24 hours — because the site has a policy against the sale of human body parts or remains.

While Dale and Kelly had a good laugh about it, we strongly advice against this.

Placing a woman’s picture on the internet without her consent in advance can put her in danger or attract unwanted attention.

Besides, roasting your girlfriend while pretending to auction her off might not go over well with every girlfriend.

We’re glad that Dale and Kelly were able to laugh about this, even though we’re seriously wondering (no offense to Kelly) how in the world the bids got so high.


Laura DeMasie: Jana Duggar’s Alleged Girlfriend FINALLY Addresses Relationship Rumors

If you’re a Duggar fan, then you’re likely aware that Jana Duggar is single.

Jana’s marital status is a big deal among Duggar obsessives, as most of the women in her family are well on their way to spawning a legion of flannel-clad fundies by the time they turn 28.

There are many theories as to why Jana might still be single.

And of course, very few of them take into account such eminently logical explanations as “she hasn’t met the right guy,” or “she might just prefer being single.”

Instead, every few weeks a new theory emerges to explain why Jana insists on bucking the family trend, and most of them involve some scandalous secret that the Duggars are supposedly going to great lengths to keep buried.

The latest has to do with Jana’s longtime friend Laura DeMasie.

Given the amount of time these two spend together and the fact that they’ve both defied expectations by remaining single, we suppose it was only a matter of time before fans began speculating that Jana and Laura are dating.

And if it were true, it would be a deeply satisfying narrative:

Two women in a male-dominated frontier finding solace in one another’s arms, like some sort of reality-TV version of a Willa Cather novel.

But of course, the Duggars are not deriving as much pleasure from the Jana-Laura love story as the rest of us.

Asked point-blank on Twitter this week if Jana and Laura are romantically involved, the ever-outspoken Derick Dillard replied simply, “uh no.”

Apparently, that wasn’t blunt enough for one fan, who replied:

“Derick you should have put just ‘no’ the ‘uh’ implies you don’t know lol, so this is not confirmation for the masses.” 

That led Laura to speak out on the matter herself:

“How about this then: no,” she replied.

Jeez, you would’ve thought someone accused her of something truly scandalous, like preferring Applebee’s to Chili’s.

Jana still hasn’t spoken out on the matter, but that’s at least partially due to the fact that partially due to the fact that as an unmarried Duggar woman, she’s not allowed to use social media.

So for now at least, we guess the Jana-Laura love story is dead and buried.

Fortunately, Duggar fans will always have their fan fiction.


Ben Affleck Returns to Rehab Following Visit With Playboy Model Girlfriend

As you’ve likely heard by now, Ben Affleck checked into rehab last month following an intervention from his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner.

What you may not have heard, however, is that the Oscar winner lasted just two weeks in treatment before retreating to the comfort of his Batfleck Cave and his 22-year-old girlfriend.

Yes, Affleck left rehab yesterday and was spotted being driven to his Pacific Palisades home looking disheveled and out of sorts.

Shortly after his arrival, Ben’s rumored girlfriend Shauna Sexton paid him a visit.

At first, there was an outpouring of concern on social media, as it was widely assumed that Ben had decided to bail on his treatment program several weeks ahead of schedule.

Fortunately, several media outlets have reported today that Ben has returned to rehab after spending just a few hours at home.

Reps for the actor claim he made the trip simply so that he could utilize his home gym.

Of course, since Shauna stopped by during Ben’s brief furlough, we’re guessing his workout session wasn’t limited to free weights.

So the good news is, Ben returned to treatment after stopping by the crib to keep his bat-body in fighting form.

The bad news is, those who know him best are deeply concerned about his casual attitude toward recovery and his continued association with Shauna.

“He had stayed in touch with Shauna the entire time he was in rehab and the people at the facility and friends had huge concerns about it because she isn’t sober,” a source tells E! News.

“She is a huge, red flag to everyone that is trying to support Ben with his process. Shauna is giving him false confidence and that is their biggest concern.” 

During Ben’s brief visit home, the insider claimed that Jen was so angry that she considered paying her ex another unannounced visit.

“Jen knows he is back at the house with Shauna and she is so painfully frustrated,” the source stated at the time.

She held off, however, ultimately realizing that Ben must be the author of his own recovery:

“She knows he has to do this for himself,” the informant claims.

While Jen may be taking a more hands-off approach at this point, she’s well aware of just how high the stakes are:

“It has been an intensive challenge but he had no choice,” the source says.

“For Ben this was a life-and-death situation. It was very dire and that is the main reason Jen had no choice but to get involved.” 

Unfortunately, despite realizing the severity of the situation, Affleck has been choosy about what sort of advice he’ll accept from the professionals assisting with his treatment: 

“He believes he is strong enough to venture outside the facility with sober coaches,” says the source.

Here’s hoping Ben is able to accept the help he needs before it’s too late.


This Man Proposed to His Girlfriend on the Side of a Cow

We’ve heard some unique proposal stories before, but this one takes the cake.

Or, perhaps we should say more accurately, this one takes the COW.

As in: This is an article about a man who painted his big question to his girlfriend on the side of a farm animal.

cow proposal

Did the proposal moooove her to tears?

Let’s find out….

According to BBC News, Chris Gospel knew for a long time that he wanted Eilidh Fraser to be his wife.

But the Aberdeenshire resident wasn’t certain just how to make this romantic dream into a reality. He wasn’t quite sure how to make his proposal one she would always remember.

And then it occurred to Gospel that Fraser loved her cow, Curlytop, and Gospel loved her — so why not combine those two loves?!?

And that’s how he ended up snapping the photo you see above. 

this couple

“Curlytop is Eilidh’s favorite cow,” Gospel told the BBC simply, explaining of his now-fiancee:

“She is around the cows most nights so I managed to write the proposal, and then said we should go down and see her after she got back from work.”

It’s unclear at this moment just what Chris used to write the proposal on the side of the cow.

Some sort of paint, we presume; a kind that can easily be washed off.

“Chris just said, ‘do you want to go check the cows?’ and I was not expecting anything,” Eilidh said of how she got blown away by the proposal, elaborating as follows:

“Curlytop… is an affectionate cow – she’s like a big pet.

“She comes running to us and I see she has something blue on her. Curlytop turns and it says ‘will you marry me’. It was a complete surprise.”

contened couple

Gospel says he did get down on one knee for the major moment and that Fraser said yes right away.

The latter, who works as a the veterinary lab assistant, says the couple is now trying to find a wedding venue at which Curlytop will be permitted to attend.

That may be a challenge.

Still, we wish Chris and Eilidh nothing but the best.

We hope they milk this cool cow story for all the publicity and even all the money for their wedding that they possibly can.

UPDATE: We’ve now learned that Gospel used a livestock market to write on the cow. Makes sense.