Duggar Girls: Denied Real Careers, Lives Because of Jim Bob!

In the last decade, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children have undoubtedly made something of a career out of reality TV stardom.

But at what cost? Their entire identities.

At this point, if you know anything about the famous family, you know that females are treated like property in their patriarchal lifestyle.

Sorry if it sounds rough to say it that bluntly, but it’s accurate. Their father controls everything about their lives until they get married.

At that point, their husbands take over.

Fortunately, at least in certain cases (Jinger Duggar marrying Jeremy Vuolo), their husbands have been a bit less restrictive.

Nevertheless, the Duggar girls have been taught from the get-go that their primary purpose in life is to wed and reproduce.

That’s it. Marry, make baby, repeat.

You can count out any dreams of having a career, in other words – no matter what natural skills, abilities and aspirations you have.

As Jim Bob and Michelle reach a dozen grandkids, it’s hard not to wonder what might have been for the young women they raised.

In a world where he didn’t control them, and they could actually pursue education, vocation and inspiration, so much could be possible.

So much. All of this potential …

Jill Duggar, for example, would almost surely have entered the medical profession, with a specialty in maternity and childbirth.

She is (or was) a certified midwife, having received certification from the North American Registry of Midwives back in 2015.

Whether Jill Duggar is really a midwife paid under the table or faked her certification has been debated, but therein lies the point:

If she had the freedom to explore this in earnest, rather than being shackled to that homophobe Derick Dillard, who knows!?

She could’ve been a nurse, like Abbie Grace Burnett (John David Duggar’s fiancee), or a Certified Nurse Midwife, or both!

Of course, that requires years of training, a Bachelor’s Degree, work experience and fellowships, which she’s not allowed to pursue.

While not as stifled as her older sister, Jinger Duggar’s interest in photography could have turned into a full-fledged career as well.

Remember Jill and Jessa’s engagement photos? Josiah’s graduation? Countless other family moments? Yeah. She took all those. 

With her name and her talent, she could go places.

Jessa Duggar, meanwhile, is a natural fit as a stylist and model – because of her striking natural beauty as well as her interest in it.

As diehard fans who followed the family pre-Josh Duggar sex scandals remember, 19 Kids & Counting focused on the Duggars’ frugality.

Case in point? Rather than going to the salon, they opted to get their hair done and cut at home, with Jessa doing the honors!

Jessa stays on top of her appearance despite the family’s strict rules and restrictions about what’s too “tempting” and the like.

Growing up in an environment that limits access to Internet makeup and hair tutorials did little to quell her interest in those topics.

At the same time, she’s become the standard-bearer for Michelle Duggar’s conservative style – full-length dresses and all.

See where we’re going with this? A fashion line for women interested in looking their best in keeping with similar values.

If there’s anyone who can rock a maternity top or swimsuit that reveals nothing at all yet still looks hot, it’s Mrs. Seewald.

Joy-Anna Duggar would make a fine real estate agent or house flipper, given the skills and history on both sides of her family.

Jim Bob has long made money in real estate, while her husband Austin Forsyth has considerable experience flipping homes.

In fact, during his courtship with fair Joy, Austin was told by his father that he couldn’t propose until he flipped five houses.

That’s just the strangest thing we’ve ever heard.

But the fact that it’s something of a family business, plus Joy’s reputation as a quick learner who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty?

Joy would be a natural, much like the eldest daughter of them all, Cinderella herself, seems to be at any task you can throw at her.

Oh, Jana. Poor, sweet Jana.

The oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle is 28 and still lives at home, a frequent topic of discussion and dismay among fans.

Many card-carrying members of Duggar Nation believe Jana is trapped and forced to be Michelle’s nanny, cook, servant and more.

Jessa has another theory on why Jana is still single: She’s so good at everything, guys don’t know what to do with themselves!

Seriously, she thinks that guys don’t want to date her because they have no skills that she doesn’t, and therefore no self worth.

That’s possibly even weirder than Austin’s pre-engagement house-flipping quota, but there’s little doubt that Jana does do it all.

Whether it’s baking bread, fixing a shower head, playing the piano, working in the garden, or designing home interiors, she’s on it!

So many career choices. So little time to pursue them while being forced to take care of Michelle Duggar’s giant home and brood.

In closing: Free Jana!


Bad Girls Club: Nicole Vargas Arrested for Topless Blowjob

Bad Girls Club hails from a bygone era of reality television, when reality television focused less on unusual families and got right to the point — shockingly bad behavior.

One of the show’s stars, Nicole “Nicky” Vargas, is really living up to the show’s branding. And also, allegedly, committing some crimes. In Florida, of course.

Specifically, she’s been arrested — while topless — for performing oral sex on her boyfriend in broad view of the public. Among other things.

Nicole Vargas Booking Photo

TMZ reports that Nicky Vargas was arrested in Cape Canaverla, Florida.

According to police, she was completely topless and performing oral sex on her boyfriend while in plain view.

They were in the parking lot of an apartment complex at the time, but if that conjures up any images of a seemingly abandoned parking structure late at night where an adventurous couple might try something “daring,” think again.

Her arrest took place in broad daylight. This was an ordinary, fully exposed parking lot.

There were multiple witnesses to the, ahem, alleged sex acts.

When one of the witnesses asked Vargas to stop, she allegedly became violent.

It’s always a shame when a conflict over a blow job came to blows … we guess.

Bad Girls Club image 01

A male witness reportedly requested that Vargas and her boyfriend, Colton Voegele, stop with the oral sex show that was allegedly in plain view.

(And presumably this witness would have preferred that they put their private parts away. No, Vargas’ mouth does not count as “covering up”)

This request apparently enraged the couple, who allegedly ripped the witness’ shirt and struck him, both in the chest and in the back of the head, with their fists.

That is, quite frankly, a lot more serious than indecent exposure — even in the parking lot of a place where some children probably live.

You probably shouldn’t whip out your bits for some parking lot action, but you definitely shouldn’t hit people.

Bad Girls Club image 02

As you can imagine, Vargas’ charges are a little more extensive than indecent exposure.

According to Tod Goodyear of the Public Information Officer of Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Vargas and her boyfriend were arrested for:

“Unnatural and lascivious acts in public, battery, exposure of sexual organs, and resisting without violence.”

Oral sex about as natural of an act as there is, but legal jargon is like that, sometimes.

The battery charge, of course, comes from the alleged attack against the witness.

And we suppose that it’s no surprise that they allegedly weren’t super cooperative when police first arrived.

Bad Girls Club image 03

Vargas was only in 4 episodes of Bad Girls Club … but she is remembered for continuously getting into physical fights with one of her castmates. 

Of course, this is Bad Girls Club, so that doesn’t make her a notorious cast member. Just about everyone seemed to have what we will delicately call “behavioral issues.”

The Daily Mail reports that Nicole Vargas is out on bail. That’s not shocking, since her bail was apparently set at only $ 2000.

It sounds like her boyfriend, Colton Voegele, is still in lock-up at the Brevard County Jail Complex, though his bail was only set at $ 1,500.


‘Bad Girls Club’ Star Nicky Vargas Topless During Arrest for Public Sex

“Bad Girls Club” star Nicole “Nicky” Vargas is living up to her show’s name … and at the same time giving a literal meaning to getting busted, and TMZ has the video to prove it. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office tells TMZ … Nicky was arrested…


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