Teresa Giudice: I’m Scared Joe Will Get Deported! I Wanna Stay Here!

Things have been better for Teresa Giudice. She served her time in prison. Her husband is now serving his sentence.

Also, The Real Housewives of New Jersey may be facing cancellation … and some say that she’s a big part of what is tanking the brand.

To make matters worse, she’s reportedly terrified that Joe will get out of prison only to be deported. If he is, will she go with him?

Bankruptcy is no fun, but bankruptcy fraud is worse. At least, that’s what our court system says.

They sentenced both Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, to prison. For the sake of the children, the court very wisely allowed Teresa to serve her (shorter) sentence first, followed by her husband. 

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime, or so they say. But it turns out that the prison sentences may just be the start of the Giudice family’s troubles.

RadarOnline reports that Teresa Giudice fears that Joe will be sent to Italy, because he’s not actually an American citizen.

“Teresa is terrified Joe will be deported upon his release in less than two years.”

Growing up, many of us always assumed that marrying an American citizen granted automatic citizenship unless the union was found to be fraudulent. The reality is much more complex.

Apparently, any sense of peace that the public has perceived from Teresa has been a facade.

“She’s keeping good attitude in public and good happy face.”

Happy isn’t really the mood that a lot of people associate with the infamous table-flipping Housewife, but … sure.

“But lawyers have told her it’s not an easy task to win because of the felony charge — something he knew when the accepted plea deal.”

Basically, they’re going to have an immigration fight on their hands when he finishes his sentence.

Meanwhile, Joe reportedly has some fears of his own.

“Joe is terrified that she and the kids won’t come with him if he’s deported.”

Anybody else’s first thought: Well why would they?

Teresa’s joked about Italy being beautiful anyway (it really is), but vacationing somewhere is very different from living in a different culture, immersed in another language.

Besides, Teresa might not exactly be motivated to pack up her entire life for Joe.

“Teresa said she still hasn’t forgiven him for this whole mess!”

The fact of the matter is that no relationship lasts forever. You either break up or you die.

And there have been some indicators, including cheating rumors, that suggest that Teresa and Joe’s union won’t end in death.

“Teresa and Joe’s marriage is not as it once was. They’re both changed people.”

That happens over time. Especially when something dramatic, like both serving prison time, happens.

“Both of them have grown so if he must go Teresa doesn’t think she’s going with him. At least not how she feels today.”

Honestly, Teresa has to think of more than just herself.

Together, the couple has four children: Gia, Gabriella, Milania (an awkward name to have these days), and Audriana.

Does she really want her children to live in Italy? Or does she want for them to live their birthright as American citizens?

Joe might have to go to Italy, but he doesn’t need to drag his children there with him.


Teresa Giudice: Vacationing With a Lover?! Openly Prepping for Divorce?!

While Teresa Giudice spent her 11 months in prison, it was reported numerous times that Joe Giudice didn’t exactly keep his hands to himself.

Now that Joe’s taking his turn behind bars for a couple of years, some say that it’s Teresa’s turn to cheat. Others say that it’s okay, because she’s getting a divorce from Joe anyway.

A report says that Teresa’s no longer keeping things with her lover under wraps — that she’s openly vacationing with him. How soon is she getting divorced?

They say that if you can’t do the time, you shouldn’t do the crime.

They also say that no one is above the law.

While the latter has yet to be demonstrated for Presidents, it’s definitely true that starring on The Real Housewives of New Jersey doesn’t make you above being dragged into court and sentenced to prison.

Years before Countess Luann de Lesseps was arrested for kicking a police officer, Teresa Giudice became a Real Housewife of the Big House.

(Side note: we would be very intrigued by a television series by that name)

The judge was kind enough to, for the sake of the Giudice children, sentence Teresa and her husband, Joe, to serve non-concurrent sentences.

While Teresa was locked away — she ended up serving only 11 of her 15 months — Joe was with the couples’ children.

And, reportedly, he was with other women who were not his daughters.

By which we mean that he was allegedly cheating on Teresa Giudice left and right.

Teresa said that she didn’t believe those rumors but …

What are we to make of this photo that she shared over the weekend?

Teresa posted this photo of herself with Loren B. La Forge-Kyriakoulis at dinner, captioning it:

“Dinner with a great friend lots of laughs @laforgekyriakoulis # webothlovefood #greekfood”

Now, that might be a totally innocuous social media post.

(Teresa’s actually been uncharacteristically quiet on social media, lately)

But La Forge is a divorce attorney. Is Teresa posting a photo with a friend … or a hint that she’s gearing up to leave Joe?

To top it all off, RadarOnline reports that not only is Teresa cheating on Joe, she recently took her secret lover on vacation.

“Teresa went to Cancun for the holidays with her boyfriend,” a source reported to them.

And apparently they’ve reached a place in their (alleged) relationship where she’s fine having this mystery guy around her family.

“Her dad was even there, so she’s hardly hiding it anymore!”

Is this the case? If so, it sounds like she’s gearing up to let Joe rot behind bars.

Honestly? We’re not necessarily convinced that she’s cheating on Joe. They have a long, complicated relationship, but not even her frenemy Danielle Staub believes that Teresa’s cheating.

(And not, we think, just because Teresa Giudice apologized in a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey)

If Teresa’s dinner with La Forge was really about divorce, then it may be that Teresa’s gearing up to leave Joe … for reasons other than a lover of her own.

For one thing? Joe is an Italian immigrant. He’s not a US citizen, and may end up getting deported when his prison sentence ends. She may be preparing for that drama now.

Or, again, she may have just been out to dinner with a friend. We don’t know.


Teresa and Joe Giudice: Getting DIVORCED Over Cheating Allegations?!

Currently, Joe Giudice is serving a four-year prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

Back in 2015, his wife, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, served 11 months behind bars on similar charges.

But while absence often makes the heart grow fonder, it seems back-to-back prison sentences are wreaking havoc on the Giudices and their relationship.

Of course, it certainly doesn't help that Joe and Teresa have both been accused of cheating while the other was locked up.

Now it seems this country song of a marriage may finally be coming to an end thanks to some surprising accusations from Teresa's biggest rival:

1. Happier Times

Teresa and joe giudice on instagram
While it often seems that the Giudices’ marriage has been one long rough patch, those who know the couple best say there was a time when they packed on the PDA nonstop.

2. Going Down Together

Teresa and joe giudice head to court
The Giudices were both convicted of bankruptcy fraud in 2015. The judge in their case allowed Joe and Teresa to serve their sentences back-to-back for the sake of their children.

3. Teresa Went First

Teresa giudice going to court
Teresa served 11 months of a 15-month sentence, earning an early release just before Christmas of 2015.

4. And Joe Allegedly Took Advantage

Joe giudice cheating
Though Teresa was locked up for less than a year, Joe reportedly carried on several affairs while she was serving her sentence.

5. Weathering the Storm

Teresa giudice and joe giudice perp walk
Teresa reportedly refused to believe the allegations against Joe, but now, the Giudices are facing further trouble.

6. Teresa’s Turn?

Teresa giudice on the real housewives
Now that Joe is locked up, rumors of Teresa being unfaithful are circulating non-stop. And they’re coming from a very high-profile accuser…

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Teresa Giudice: Sofia Vergara Should Be Nicer Since She’s an Immigrant!

Earlier this month, NeNe Leakes went up on stage and told a heckler that she hoped that she gets raped. It was neither a good thing to say nor a good career move.

Well, there must be something awful in the air that's making Real Housewives go up on stage and stay stupid, offensive things. This time, the perpetrator is Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice … being unkind? Difficult to imagine, we know. As you'll see in the video below, the subject of her ire is none other than actress Sofia Vergara.

Teresa giudice instagram pose

Teresa Giudice is getting blasted right now for some inflammatory, offensive comments that she made on stage for a panel discussion titled: "Gettin' Real With The Housewives."

Teresa, perhaps best known for flipping tables and for serving time in prison, was asked about her celebrity encounters.

The best … and the worst.

Teresa was quick to point the finger at Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara.

She describes Sofia as a "b–ch," saying that she stepped in front of her and captured the spotlight.

Oh, and Teresa also commented that Sofia should be nicer, because she's an immigrant.

Sofia vergara at the globes

Obviously, this is offensive, potentially on multiple levels.

Let's start with how it's potentially unfair — Teresa seems to be describing Sofia's entire personality based upon a single encounter in which the two women were photographed together.

But … what's really grabbing people's attention is the outright xenophobia and potential racism.

The suggestions that immigrants in particular should be nice or good-natured is appalling.

Sure, everyone should be nice. 

Suggesting that a particular class of people are obligated to be nice … has all sorts of nasty implications and really shows that you don't consider them to be equals.

While the folks over at TMZ who first shared this video were quick to point out the xenophobia, we think that Teresa is specifically motivated by racism.

Teresa giudice on season 8

Do you know why we think that this is racism and not more garden variety xenophobia?

Because Teresa Giudice's husband, Joe Giudice, is an immigrant.


The dude's in prison now, and it's even possible that Joe Giudice will be deported after he finishes serving his sentence.

Joe was born in Italy, which makes him an immigrant.

What's more is that Joe Giudice never obtained US citizenship.

So we more than suspect that Teresa doesn't have a problem with just any old immigrant.

What's different about Sofia? Well, she's not a European immigrant — she's Columbian.

Sofia also became a US citizen — even getting a perfect score on her citizenship test. Which should be easy for US citizens who were born here but requires a lot of learning for a newcomer.

(Seriously, you can take it for fun online and it's not hard, but a disturbingly large number of native citizens would be unable to pass it)

Sofia vergara

Sofia Vergara is a celebrated, award-winning actress and the highest paid woman on television. She also ranks reasonably high up there among the most powerful women in the world, in some listings.

We guess that, to Teresa Giudice, she was born in Columbia and that makes her somehow … lesser. That's sad.

You know what else jumps out at us about this?

Teresa Giudice believing that immigrants should be nice implies that she doesn't believe that native citizens have to be friendly.

And that explains a lot about Teresa Giudice.

Teresa giudice sofia vergara should be nicer since shes an immig

Teresa Giudice: Joe Did Not Mistreat Me!

Teresa Giudice’s life has been filled with drama over the last few years. 

In fact, we would not be surprised if she were to call them the worst years ever. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you will likely know that Teresa’s mother, Antonia Gorga passed away earlier this year. 

On last night’s episode of the hit Bravo reality series, Teresa opened up about being in jail for almost one year before her mother’s death and how she felt robbed of that time. 

The 45-year-old chatted with E! Online about her new memoir, Standing Strong and wasted no time in revealing her thoughts on not getting to spend as much time with her mother because she was in jail. 

Joe never mistreated me because if he mistreated me I definitely wouldn’t be with him,” the table-flipping housewive dished. 

She did feel like Joe’s poor decisions hindered the time she had to spend with her mother, and that appears to be something she will not forget anytime soon. 

“I did get upset [with Joe] after my mother passed away and I got angry that I lost those 11.5 months…I could have had that time with my mom,” she said.

Joe is currently serving 41 months inside for his crimes, and Teresa maintains that there will be big changes for them when they are reunited. 

“[Joe] says when he comes home things are going to be different,” she continued.

“Obviously there is a lot of guilt and I know he’s going to make things better when he comes home and I can’t wait for that. It’s going to be like we’re falling in love all over again.”   

There are constant rumors about the state of Teresa and Joe’s relationship, so it’s clear Teresa wanted to shut down the rumors while proving she still has a lot of love for her husband. 

But, people change, and it’s difficult to imagine there not being some animosity between them when they are ultimately reunited. 

While Joe spends his time in the slammer, Teresa has changed her whole outlook on life, and it has resulted in her reconnecting with the likes of Danielle Staub. 

It’s certainly something to laugh about, but they did seem a little too friendly on last night’s season premiere. It’s hard to imagine them remaining friends for the whole season. 

What do you think about everything? Will Teresa and Joe stay with each other?

Sound off below!