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Jim Kelly and James Conner Cancer Survivors Unite at Pro Bowl … ‘Never Give Up!’

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Cool moment at the Pro Bowl — two NFL stars who battled cancer and WON bonded in Orlando this week … which makes this pic of Jim Kelly and James Conner inspiring as hell. 

Obviously, Conner made the Pro Bowl after balling out with the Pittsburgh Steelers this year — and Kelly is there as an assistant for the AFC squad. 

Conner’s story is pretty amazing — he was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2015 after a stellar junior year at Pitt. He underwent months of chemotherapy and was declared cancer-free in 2016. 

58-year-old Kelly was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in his jaw in 2013 and has undergone several major surgeries since … including a major reconstructive procedure in 2018. 

So, when they spotted each other on the sidelines of the Pro Bowl practice in Orlando on Thursday, they had an instant connection. 

“These two know the game of football,” Jim’s wife, Jill Kelly, wrote … “And they know cancer. Superstars and survivors…NEVER GIVE UP!”

Kelly, Conner and the rest of the AFC will take on the NFC on Sunday — and ya better be rooting extra hard for these guys! 

Lady Gaga to VP Mike Pence You Give Christians a Bad Name … Shame on Your Wife Too!!!

Lady Gaga went scorched earth on Vice President Mike Pence and his wife over the weekend … calling them terrible representations of what it means to be Christian.

Gaga was performing Saturday at the Park Theater in Vegas — as part of her new residency — and at one point as she played the piano … she paused to talk politics and take some shots at the Trump administration, especially the Veep and Second Lady, Karen.

The pop star first openly wondered if or when President Trump would reopen the government, which got a huge round of applause. She then launched into a tirade against the Pences over Karen resuming her teaching gig at Immanuel Christian School in VA … which aims to ban LGBT kids and teachers supportive of them. Gaga didn’t pull any punches.

She says, “And to Mike pence who thinks that it’s okay that his wife works at a school that bans LGBTQ — you’re wrong. You’re the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian.”

Gaga continued … “I am a Christian woman, and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice and everybody is welcome. So you can take all that disgrace, Mr. Pence, and look yourself in the mirror and you’ll find it right there.”

Her speech got a huge roar of approval from the audience. Safe to say … they agree. 

Trump on Gov. Shutdown Give me the Wall, You Get DACA Relief … D.O.A. with Dems

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President Trump wants to strike a new deal with Democrats to reopen the government — but his plan is already being shot down by the party’s leaders.

DT made his pitch Saturday in a nationally televised address from the White House, where he basically offered limited protections for current DACA recipients and immigrants with temporary protected status in exchange for the border security funding he’s demanded.

Trump said he’d give 700,000 people eligible for DACA three years of legislative relief and extend TPS for 300,000 immigrant beneficiaries if Congress would give him his big ask of $ 5.7 billion for a border structure (which he says will only consist of about 230 miles of steel barriers rather than a 2,000-mile-plus concrete wall). 

He’s also asking for $ 805 mil to implement new drug smuggling technology, another $ 800 mil for humanitarian assistance at the southern border, about 2,750 border agents to be hired on, 75 new immigration judges as part of his package.

Unfortunately for the Prez, word about what he’d be proposing leaked early … and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement which in effect turned him down before he could even get a word out. She says his new proposal is one that’s been discussed in the past and is literally a “non-starter.”

Either way, Trump says Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is going to introduce these new proposals in a bill on the Senate floor this week. Unclear if it’ll pass in the House though.

In other words … we’re still in shutdown mode, for now.

Dana White Responds to Ariel Helwani ‘I Don’t Give a Sh*t What He Thinks’


Dana White isn’t taking kindly to being called “tone-deaf” over his decision to book Greg Hardy and Rachael Ostovich on the same UFC fight card … saying, “I could give a sh*t.”

… and it didn’t stop there. 

First, some backstory … 

Both Hardy and Ostovich are fighting at the big UFC on ESPN event on Saturday night — which drew heavy criticism from ESPN’s main MMA reporter, Ariel Helwani, who sounded off Wednesday. 

“I found this decision to be incredibly tone-deaf, to put it mildly,” Helwani said on ESPN.

FYI, Hardy was found guilty of domestic violence by a judge in 2014 — but the conviction was thrown out in 2015 when he appealed to have the case go in front of a jury … and his accuser stopped cooperating with prosecutors.

Ostovich suffered serious injuries in an alleged domestic violence incident back in November. She claims her husband (who’s also an MMA fighter) snapped and beat her ruthlessly.

Helwani and others have expressed concern over having them fight on the same card — so, when we saw White in NYC on Thursday morning, we asked for his thoughts. 

“I don’t give a sh*t what Ariel Helwani thinks,” White said … “Who the f*ck is Ariel Helwani to question anything that we do.”

“I think we’ve done a pretty good job in 20 years. I could give a sh*t what he thinks, or anybody else for that matter.”

So, why are they on the same card? White says they’re both on the UFC roster and it was bound to happen at some point.

White has previously said he spoke with Ostovich about booking Hardy on the card and claimed she was cool with it. 

High School Football Star Signing Day Announcement Will Give you The Feels

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Best signing day announcement ever!!!

High school football star Cooper Dawson — a top defensive end at Hanahan High in South Carolina — didn’t feel right holding a press conference by himself on Wednesday to announce his college plans. 

So, he brought a friend with him … a guy who’s been his inspiration while he recovers from an ACL tear — Kingsley Feinman

Kingsley has cerebral palsy — and Dawson explained that he’s learned a major life lesson from his friend, “The only disability is a bad attitude.”

And, when the big moment came, Cooper whispered his college destination into Kinglsey’s ear so he could make the announcement to the media. 

What ensued is just awesome … and props to WCIV’s Scott Eisberg for capturing the whole thing on video. 

The only sad part … is Cooper didn’t pick the school Kinglsey had hoped he would attend. 

Still, guessing KF will learn to root for a new team.