Demi Lovato Reaches Out to Selena Gomez Following Breakdown

Back in July, Demi Lovato was hospitalized following a heroin overdose that nearly claimed her life.

Last week, Selena Gomez checked into rehab in the wake of what’s been described as a “devastating” emotional breakdown.

Demi Lovato-Selena Gomez

Having found career success at roughly the same time, Demi and Selena are more than just friends — they share a unique understanding of the pressures of fame and the ways in which a fan base of millions can be both a blessing and a burden.

In many ways, tens of millions can relate to Selena’s plight, as anxiety, depression, and addiction are astonishingly prevalent afflictions in modern America.

But in some respects, Demi is one of only a handful of people who can truly understand what Selena is going through right now.

So it’s something of a comfort to know that Demi has reportedly reached out to Selena to offer support during this tremendously

“This just breaks Demi’s heart but she definitely understands what Selena is going through more than anyone right now,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“She has spoken to her and will continue to be there for her just as Selena was there for Demi following her overdose.”

Yes, it seems Selena was an invaluable source of love and support in the early days of Demi’s latest stint in rehab.

Of course, this is a trying time not only for Demi and Selena but for their worried loved ones, as well.

Thankfully, it seems Selena and Demi’s mothers have found solace in one another as they attempt to guide their children through the rough waters of addiction and mental illness.

“Demi’s mom Dianna and Selena’s mom Mandy have been close friends forever too, and Dianna has definitely been a huge source of support and strength for Mandy this week, just as Mandy has always been for her,” says the source.

“It’s just been so hard to watch their kids suffer right now, especially after they were so sure that Selena and Demi had overcome their demons.”

Sadly, the singers’ current situations serve as painful reminders that recovery is a lifelong process.

The majority of the millions of Americans who have struggled with these issues may never have recorded a platinum record, but they can certainly relate to Demi and Selena in that respect.

Our thoughts go out to both young women and their families during this painful time.

We’ll keep you updated on both situations as more information becomes available.


Selena Gomez: Drinking Heavily Following Kidney Transplant?

Earlier today, we reported on the news that Selena Gomez has checked into rehab following what’s been described as an emotional breakdown.

One insider state that Gomez is seeking treatment in a facility “on the east coast” in order to cope with her anxiety “over her repeated physical health issues.”

Those issues include lupus and other ailments, which culminated in Gomez undergoing a kidney transplant last year.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that the singer’s loved ones are attributing her latest struggles to her “refusal to live a sober life.”

The site reports that Selena’s mother, Mandy Teefey, has openly stated her desire to stage an intervention after revealing that she believes Gomez’s drinking is endangering her life.

“Doctors have all told her she needs to stop,” one source claims.

“Her family says she needs to stay sober, or she could die.”

Gomez has not opened up about the allegations of hard partying, and it’ll likely be quite some time before she speaks on her decision to seek further treatment.

She has, however, admitted that she continues to enjoy the occasional drink despite past health issues.

“As far as my personal life, someone sees me having a glass of wine? I could give two sh-ts,” the singer said in a recent interview with Elle.

“I’m not trying to hide. That’s my life.” 

Though Gomez has been described as “stubborn” with regard to her life choices, sources say she was deeply disturbed by friend Demi Lovato’s recent overdose.

One insider revealed that upon hearing the news, Gomez was not only concerned with her friend but filled with anxiety that she might suffer a similar fate.

“Selena is freaking out about this,” the source said at the time.

“She feels like it could have been her.”

Whatever the cause of her latest upheaval, we hope Selena is able to find the help that she needs.

Our thoughts go out to Gomez and her loved ones during this immensely difficult time.