Jim Bellino to Tamra Judge: Turn Over Those Secret Text Messages or You’re GONNA PAY!

The newly divorced Jim Bellino is suing Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador to the tune of $ 1 million.

He clames that they deiiberately and maliciously spread lies about him in a diabolical plot to ruin his reputation and his business.

Now, he’s insisting that Tamra surrender her text messages to the court, which he says will expose this alleged scheme.

According to new court documents that The Blast obtained this week, Jim Bellino believes that he can prove malicious forethought.

How? Because Tamra and Shannon’s interview that launched this whole thing featured a visual aid.

“The premeditated nature of the Defendants vicious personal attack is reflected in the visual backdrop of the videotaped interview,” his attorneys argue.

The backdrop is one “which consists of a photo of Mr. Bellino and his ex-wife Alexis Bellino edited into two pieces, with a rip between them.”

The suggestion here is that Tamra and Shannon had planned in advance to roast him, and that the edited photo is proof of that.

More to the point, Jim’s team argues that Tamra’s body language betrays her allegedly sinister intent.

Tamra, his attorneys note, “grins and pumps her shoulders” when the Bellino divorce comes up.

They write in court documents that she is “unable to contain her excitement and eagerness to tear into Mr. Bellino and his reputation.”

That sounds like a bit of a stretch.

Being excited to discuss a topic isn’t the same thing as being eager to defame someone.

It’s hard for attorneys to claim to know exactly what someone was thinking.

Speculation about Tamra’s intentions will be moot, however, if her text messaging history contains what Jim thinks that it contains.

In court documents, Jim’s team demands that Tamra surrender her text messaging history.

It is their belief that this will yield “substantial direct or circumstantial evidence” of malicious forethought.

So, in other words, he believes that Tamra and Shannon plotted to ruin his good name, and that they texted about it beforehand.

That is quite a claim. And text messages are very personal.

This whole thing got started this summer when Tamra and Shannon sat down to talk about the Bellino divorce.

Alexis Bellino was, of course, their co-star. For a time, she was even friends with Tamra.

Shannon and Tamra discussed — we’ll be a little careful when we talk about this, but one might say that they gossiped — about Jim’s business.

At one point, they discussed the allegation that someone had been seriously injured at one of his trampoline parks.

It is normal to discuss things that you have heard. But when you’re a public figure, your words carry more weight.

Did Tamra and Shannon really conspire to drag Jim’s name through the mud and destroy his business? That … could be hard to prove.

Even if it’s true, it’s not clear if he’ll be awarded the $ 1 million that he is seeking.

Tamra’s attorneys have already hit back at some of Jim’s claims, saying that her characterization that Jim Bellino is “shady’ is demonstrably true.

Her team mentions that Jim agreed to a deal with the FBI over counterfeit sports memorabilia.sales.

They also note that he’s been sued for fraud, deceit, wrongful foreclosure, and breach of written contract over his company’s activities.

In other words, she stands by her assertion that he is a “shady motherf–ker” and says that it’s not slander because it’s true.

The lawsuit has another hearing schedules in December.

If Tamra really does have to turn over her text messages, well, that will be unpleasant. Text messages are very private.

If these were medical records, they mgiht be turned over to a Special Master for review so that only the relevant materials, if any, would be entered into evidence.

We’re no legal experts, but text messages probably won’t get the same sacrosanct treatment.

So even if there’s no merit to Jim’s claims, Tamra might not want to air her personal business, especially when celebrity court documents have a habit of leaking.

This whole lawsuit is a messy affair.


Bill Cosby: I’m Gonna Escape from Prison! This is How!

As proven over the years by all the times he slept with other women (occasionally even with their consent) , Bill Cosby is not very happy with his wife.

But a new report claims this evaluation doesn’t merely apply to how Cosby feels about Camille as a partner in the bedroom.

It also applies to how Cosby feels about Camille as a partner in crime.

Indeed, just days after we heard Cosby was begging his wife to do everything in her power to free him from prison, a source now tells Radar Online that the disgraced comedian has moved on.

He’s found someone else to take over this role.

And that someone else has an amazing nickname.

About a week after Cosby was sentenced to at least three years in jail for drugging and assaulting a woman named Andrea Constand in 2004, the terrible human being has gone ahead and hired someone called the “Googler,” Radar writes.

Explains the website, in apparent seriousness:

Though the man was introduced a a “personal security guard” to Cosby’s team during the court battle, the disgraced comic’s entourage soon discovered his role was much bigger – and the “Googler” now lives on the star’s Pennsylvania estate, where he plots his release!

How, exactly?

Cosby was found guilty in April by a jury of his peers and then a judge decided upon his punishment.

Short of a map of tattoos across his body that illustrates the best escape route from jail, how can Cosby be plotting any kind of release?

Per this article, the 81-year old “literally pays one man to sit on Google all day long in the guesthouse, in complete darkness, to Google and research successful methods other prisoners used in the past.”

(Editor’s note: Why is this individual sitting in complete darkness? Is it illegal for him to search the Internet or something?)

“The man is literally a Googler from New York … that’s what we call him,” the insider tells Radar, adding:

“We don’t know what he does, who he knows, what his past is like or even his real name. All we know is that he’s here to stay.”

Cosby has allegedly hired two doctors and a prison expert to assist with this goal, which is just a little weird.

We’re pretty sure it’s the job of any decent lawyer to file appeals for his client and/or find these precise sort of legal loopholes to reduce sentences or get verdicts thrown out entirely.

“During a phone  call with Mr. Cosby, the ‘Googler’ told him he found case law that allows him to stay housed in the infirmary throughout his sentence to avoid being placed in general population,” the source says.

“He found a number of cases in Pennsylvania where people at Mr. Cosby’s age died due to lack of healthcare and medical attention – this prison doesn’t want to be the prison doesn’t want to go down in history as the prison Bill Cosby died in.”

OJ Simpson is on record as sharing a similar concern.

The disgraced star ideally wants to be moved back to his residence and to serve his time under house arrest.

He figures this will keep him safe and happy, two emotions not shared by any of the 60 women he reportedly drugged and then raped over the years.

“He believes he’ll be home in no time,” the Radar source concludes. “He thinks the court won the battle, but he will win the war.”

He’s an awful, awful person.


Kroy Biermann to Kim Zolciak: I’m Gonna Miss Those Big, Floppy Titties!

Months after polling fans on their opinion, Kim Zolciak got a breast reduction.

She’s currently recovering, but has already declared herself part of the esteemed office of the “itty bitty titty committee.”

Now, she’s opening up about her recovery — and her husband Kroy is sharing what he thinks of her new, small boobs.

Speaking on her podcast, House of Kim, Kim Zolciak reiturates why she got her breasts reduced from their previously massive size.

“It’s like you know what, I’m 40, I’m tired,” she explains.

We’re all tired in 2018 no matter our age, but she explains that her boobs were literally weighing her down.

“My back,” she says. “Is a little sore” from carrying the extra burden.

But she shares that her plans for a reduction weren’t universally popular, because “Kroy the whole time has not been that happy about it.”

Kim Zolciak Breast Reduction Recovery Photo

Her husband Kroy Biermann also speaks on the podcast.

“I’m not against it,” he clarifies.

Obviously any person is more than their body, and anyone who is fixated on one physical trait of their spouse instead of who their spouse is as a person shouldn’t be married.

That said … sexual attraction is a huge part of many, though not all, relationships. It’s not surprising for Kim’s husband to have his own thoughts about her boobs.

Kim says that Kroy loved her “big floppy titties” and will miss them. That’s … quite an image. Good or bad, we suppose, depending upon your personal tastes.

Kroy isn’t shy about being head over heels for Kim’s bazongas.

“I loved them,” Kroy admits.

That said, he’s not in a huff about her surgery or feeling disenchanted with Kim because she’s no longer smuggling a pair of fleshy watermelons wherever they go.

“And,” Kroy shares. “I’m sure I’m gonna love these too.”

We do not doubt that he will. Boobs are great, generally speaking. Size is only one facet of their qualities.

Kim explains some hard truths about how boobs change with time.

“I felt like as I kind of got older, my boobs went from being down under my throat to being by my belly button,” Kim admits.

Throat is an odd term. maybe she means her chest or sternum? When she says “throat,” we’re getting a very upsetting image that resembles Mitch McConnell.

“So now,” she says, she’s had the surgery and “they’re back up at my throat.”

“I’m good,” Kim reveals. “And they are so cute girl, and so perky!”

Kim shares that she’s had some recovery time, but not nearly as much as someone might expect.

“I was only on the [pain] meds for three days,” she reveals.

“Then,” Kim continues. “I was on Advil for two days and I haven’t taken anything for a day and a half,”

It sounds like she’s having a very easy recovery! Good for her.

We hope that she — and Kroy — get a lot of enjoyment out of her brand new D-cups.

Though, for the record, in no universe is a D-cup “itty” or “bitty.”


Cardi B: I’m Gonna Whup Nicki Minaj’s Ass When I See Her!

If you’ve been anywhere near social media the past couple days, then you’re probably already aware that Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj at a New York Fashion Week event over the weekend.

Cardi left with a sizable bump on her forehead, and many hoped that would be the end of the matter.

Cardi B-Nicki Minaj

It may be a while before we find out exactly what transpired between these two icons, but the conflict has the hip-hop world divided.

When queens go to war, it’s the peasants who suffer, and most are calling for a truce.

But of course, there are those who are still thoroughly enjoying the drama.

And sadly, it seems Cardi falls into the latter category.

According to a new report from TMZ, Cardi is spoiling for round two.

In fact, she’s reportedly told friends that she would happily whip a Louboutin at Nicki’s head again if given another chance.

Cardi says she was merely defending her family’s honor after Nicki questioned her parenting ability and spoke ill of her daughter.

On one of her “Queen Radio” broadcasts, Nicki flat-out denied after making such comments.

Of course, she also said Cardi would “die” if she continued talking trash, so that probably didn’t help the situation.

But it doesn’t really seem to matter what Nicki has to say at this point, anyway.

Cardi has made up her mind that Nicki is her enemy based on comments that were made before the Fashion Week altercation.

According to TMZ, Cardi was especially pissed off by Nicki’s comments that she needs an intervention.

Apparently, Cardi finds it hilariously ironic that Nicki — whose temper, she claims, is well-known within in the industry — would encourage her to seek help for anger issues.

Cardi cops to being the aggressor this time around, but she says Nicki is a notorious bully who finally got what was coming to her.

It’s anyone’s guess as to where things will lead from here.

But we think it’s safe to say this conflict will get worse before it gets better.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates as new information becomes available.


Meghan Markle’s Siblings: She’s Gonna Die Young AND She’s Gonna kill Our Father!

Generally, when someone is being a bit too dramatic, we say something along the lines of “they’ve been watching too many soap operas.”

But in the case of Meghan Markle’s bonkers siblings and their weird conception of royal life, we guess … they’ve been reading too much Shakespeare?

Yes, apparently, the Markle family is convinced that all royal marriages result in bloodshed and premature death.

Why do they feel that way?

Well, the short answer is that they’re certifiably batsh-t psychotic.

The long answer has to do with Princess Di, Nelson Mandela, and Meghan’s complicated relationship with her father, Thomas Markle.

Buckle in, because it looks like Samantha Grant and Thomas Markle Jr. may have achieved the impossible and found a way to outdo themselves in the insanity department.

The latest round of craziness began with a letter that Tom Jr. wrote to Queen Elizabeth II … as though she hasn’t had to deal with enough Americans blowhards this week.

Obviously, 92-year-old monarchs have nothing better to do than read letters from unemployed nobodies, but amazingly, it seems QE2 has no intention of responding to Thomas’ ridiculous ravings.

“Meghan’s dream was to be a princess someday like Diana,” reads the bizarre missive obtained by Radar Online.

“It would also be sad to see Meg’s dreams broken if she were to fail in her new position and disappear from the royal family.”

Yes, Thomas went full “veiled Mafioso threat” right out of the gate:

That’s a nice childhood dream you have. Would be a shame if it were to … result in your untimely death.

“Diana died because she refused to toe the royal line,” Thomas continued.

“Meghan is another loose cannon who keeps thumbing her nose at royal protocol … We fear this can only end in heartbreak and disaster — just like Diana!”

The exclamation point really drives the point home and makes Thomas seem like a very stable individual.

But hey, at least Thomas is (pretending to be) concerned for Meghan’s safety.

Sister Samantha Grant (who goes by Samantha Markle these days because she now has dollar signs for pupils), is just openly filled with seething rage toward Meghan.

In case you haven’t heard, today marks what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

Meghan participated in a ceremony paying tribute to the iconic South African leader, and now Samantha is pissed, because apparently Meghan should be more focused on paying tribute to her own father, who is totally still alive and recently skipped the royal wedding.

“How about you pay tribute to your own father?!” Markle wrote in one tweet.

“Enough is enough. Act like a humanitarian, act like a woman. If our father dies, it’s on you Meg!”

Obviously, Sam was just getting warmed up, and she went on to proclaim that she “was right” about Harry:

“Glad you have so much time to gallivant around paying tribute to others while ignoring your own father!” Grant tweeted.

Samantha Markle Tweets

“How cold can you be and look in the mirror? Harry? I guess I was right.” 

Serious question: Has the word “gallivant” ever been used by someone who’s not awful?

Samantha, as you may recall, has been trying to cash in on Meghan’s fame ever since the world learned that the former actress was dating Prince Harry.

Sam planned to pen a tell-all memoir about Meghan, but publishers lost interest when they realized she hasn’t had any contact with Meghan in over a decade, and is completely unhinged.

So apparently, Sam has decided to vent her feelings for free on Twitter.

There are times when we think everyone should just ignore her crazy ass until she goes away.

But then we’re honest with ourselves, and we admit that there’s no way we can look away from such an amusing trainwreck.


Drita D’Avanzo to Farrah Abraham: I’m Gonna Smack the Sh-t Out of You!

Farrah Abraham isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but even she knows not to mess with former mob affiliates who have a history of savagely beating anyone who pisses them off, right?


Farrah did exactly that over the weekend when she took to Instagram and trash talked former Mob Wives star Drtia D'Avanzo, a woman who could probably have her "disappeared" with a single phone call.

What possessed Farrah to start a feud that will likely end with her being dumped in the East River?

That's anybody's guess, but it's hard to imagine that this will end well for Ms. Abraham.

Here's a recap of the wildly entertaining beef between these two former reality stars:

1. Gig Gone Wrong

Farrah drita split
It all started in the trashy feud capital of the world, Atlantic City, where Farrah and Drita were both on the bill to do a meet and greet with casino guests.

2. Ego Monster

Farrah abraham in a gold and black dress
Apparently, Farrah was opposed to the idea of doing a joint appearance, but she took the job because she’s been fired from Teen Mom OG and … well, porn doesn’t pay what it used to.

3. She Always Wanted to Be a Gangster

Drita davanzo photo
In case you’re unfamiliar, D’Avanzo was one of the most short-tempered stars of the VH1 reality hit Mob Wives — which is really saying something, as that cast wasn’t exactly loaded with Zen masters.

4. Should’ve Seen It Coming

Farrah abraham in a bowtie
Naturally, Farrah decided to trash talk Drita after the event — a decision we’re guessing she’ll soon regret.

5. Two-Face Farrah

Farrah abraham on the red carpet
According to witnesses, Farrah seemed to enjoy herself during the appearance. But in an Instagram Live video posted later that same night, she tore Drita to shreds for her allegedly “f–ked up” and “unprofessional” behavior.

6. Farrah Speak

Farrah abraham sass
It’s hard to tell exactly what happened due to Farrah’s … um, unique way with words, but it’s clear that the former Teen Mom OG star was VERY pissed off about her interactions with Drita.

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