Kanye West Praises His Hero Emma Gonzalez, Who Swerves Him Hard

Recently, Kanye West has praised Donald Trump. But not all of his political statements fall in line with what his fellow “MAGA” enthusiasts would like to see.

Kanye recently tweeted that Parkland shooting survivor and gun control activist Emma Gonzalez is his hero.

Emma responded indirectly with a hard swerve … in a very classy way. Take a look.

Kanye West seems so proud of his “MAGA” hat.

Sure, his family doesn’t like it and his friends and fans feel betrayed, but he and Trump have the same “dragon energy’ so …

We guess that we know that Kanye’s priorities have always been himself and whatever whims he might have.

But as Kanye’s newly acquired pro-Trump fans are learning … he can be all over the place.

For example, Kanye tweeted this:

Kanye West Tweets About Emma Gonzalez

“My hero Emma Gonzalez,” he writes.

Emma Gonzalez is, of course, one of the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that claimed 17 innocent lives.

Since surviving that horrible shooting, she has become an outspoken advocate for gun control regulations to try to prevent further senseless tragedies.

Because of this, she has become the target of hate and even the subject of multiple deranged conspiracy theories.

(Since the Sandy Hook shooting, it has become increasingly common for far right conspiracy theorists to refer to mass shootings as “false flag” operations or hoaxes staged by the government or Illuminati or whatever)

It is an understatement to say that Kanye’s admiration for Emma is not entirely in keeping with the Trump agenda.

Emma Gonzales Tweets About James Shaw Jr.

Emma responded indirectly, copying Kanye’s statement to name her own hero: James Shaw Jr.

Shaw disarmed the shooter at the Waffle House shooting in April, using her bare hands (and getting severe burns) to save the lives of every single survivor.

Since then, Shaw has dismissed the idea that he is a hero, and has used his newfound platform to raise money for the families of the victims who died that day.

He is certainly worthy of praise and admiration.

And it was an intensely classy way for Emma to redirect attention brought on by Kanye to someone whose heroism she admires.

(Yes, she swerved him, and yes, we are aware that the term swerve in this context comes from Kanye’s own lyrics)

But Kanye had still more to say about Emma.

“Inspired by Emma,” he wrote under this selfie.

Some who saw this wondered if Kanye is talking about genuine inspiration, or if he is referring to the similarities between his haircut and Emma’s.

(It is worth noting, by the way, that Emma’s haircut is not a feminist statement or an expression of her sexuality — she’s bi — but just a practical choice for Florida’s hellish swamp climate)

Kanye being Kanye, he is probably being sincere.

That’s honestly nice of him, though as the world as seen recently as Kanye compares himself and Trump to dragons, Kanye’s admiration does not always mean that he shares their views.

It may be that Kanye admires Emma’s fight and her passion — as so many do.

That doesn’t mean that he treasures his signed “MAGA” hat any less.

Kanye’s Twitter activity recently has been bizarre, to the point where his wife, Kim Kardashian, has been using her powerful social media platform to defend him.

Kanye’s friends who loathe Trump may agree to disagree with Kanye and patiently explain things when they come up … but a lot of his fans feel betrayed.

This is the man who slammed George W. Bush for his inexcusable inaction during Hurricane Katrina.

It’s hard for them to understand why Kanye would admire a man who is beloved by white nationalists and whose campaign and administration have been filled with racism.

But perhaps they’ll take comfort in the knowledge that Kanye still has a ton of admiration for a lot of worthy people, like Emma.


Jenelle Evans: Did She Really Just Mock Emma Gonzalez?

Jenelle Evans really loves her guns.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to wonder whether the Teen Mom 2 star dislikes anyone who is pushing for comprehensive gun control.

And it’s even more reasonable to wonder about this after Evans shared a questionable meme on Facebook yesterday.

The controversial MTV personality at least appeared to be mocking outspoken Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez via a photo that featured a young woman with a buzz cut blowing smoke in the face of someone.

Along with this picture, the meme included a message that read:

Emma Gonzalez puffing vape smoke into a classmate’s face after calling him a racial slur.

The image was taken from a Facebook account that belongs to “Dolan Trump,” which does bill itself as being a “progressive [and] independent Bernie Sanders supporter.”

“Can anyone verify this picture?” the original caption reads. “Just saw this on conservative Facebook. Huge if true.”

Put those latter facts/sentences together and it’s pretty clear the meme is meant to mock those who have been disparaging Gonzalez…

… but it’s a strange and confusing way in which to accomplish this goal.

jenelle smoke

Gonzalez is a senior at Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

She was inside the school on February 14 when a gunman opened fire, killing 17 of her classmates and teachers.

In the days and weeks since, Gonzalez has been among the most vocal proponents of gun control legislation, appearing on talk shows and doing all she can to pressure Congress to pass various laws along these lines.

She helped organize the March for Our Lives on March 24 and gave one of the most memorable speeches at this event, largely because she held a six-plus minute moment of silence at one point for the Parkland victims.

(She remained quiet for the same duration of time it took the shooter to kill all 17 of these young men and women.)

So you can probably understand why Evans is being dragged for the impression that she is dissing Gonzalez in any way.

Except that Evans swears she isn’t doing so.

Yes, the Teen Mom cast member is now a member of the NRA.

And, yes, she was featured in a social media photo shooting a gun the day after this tragedy occurred in Parkland.

But Evans is aware of the backlash she’s received for her post and made it clear in the Comments section of her Facebook page that the meme was only meant as a “joke.”

evans claims

We actually believe her this time around.

Jenelle has not done much to engender good will around here, but if you look back at the original source of the meme, it is hard to argue that this was intended to be a parody.

Perhaps a poor parody, but a parody nonetheless.

With her husband having recently been fired by MTV, the other major question now surrounding Evans is whether she’ll continue to film Teen Mom 2.

Insiders say Evans thinks she holds a lot of leverage over the network and is refusing to shoot upcoming scenes until they meet her demands.

We can’t say we’re  big fans of Jenelle as a human being.

But as a source of entertainment? Come on! How can you not be?!?

Give her anything she wants, producers.


Derick Dillard Just… Asked Jazz Jennings and Emma Gonzalez to Coffee?!?

Derick Dillard must have just been hacked.

That’s the only explanation we can come up with for what the former TLC reality star wrote this week on Twitter.

As anyone who follows Dillard on social media knows well by now, the guy is not a fan of transgender individuals – or, apparently, high school students who manage NOT to get shot to death by crazed gunmen.

No, really:

Earlier this month, Dillard labeled survivors of February’s horrific Parkland, Florida shooting as “ridiculous.”

He wrote that networks are using these teenagers to push for a “liberal agenda” because the kids have been outspoken about their desire for nationwide gun reform.

Along with this criticism, Dillard has taken every available opportunity to slam Jazz Jennings, a transgender reality star who anchors her own series on TLC.

Just this week, Dillard referred to Jennings as a male, pissing off many Internet users, which was merely the latest time Derick went off on the Jazz for no real reason at all.

Except for his intolerance of the LGBT community, that is.

Jazz Jennings is a role model for other transgender teenagers. For Derick Dillard? Not so much.

It all started last August when Dillard bashed the entire concept of a transgender person as a myth.

“What an oxymoron… a ‘reality’ show which follows a non-reality. ‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God,” he Tweeted at the time.

Then there was this comment left by Dillard in November:

“I pity Jazz, 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions 2 be made by a child.”

TLC eventually fired Dillard for these insensitive and inappropriate remarks, much to the delight of people who don’t have hate in their heart and do have open minds.

So that’s how we arrived at this point.

That’s all the preamble to a Tweet from Dillard that we never expected to read.

Emma Gonzalez cried tears of anger and pain over her fellow students getting killed. Derick Dillard wasn’t very moved, however.

On February 24, Jennings re-Tweeted a video of Gonzalez speaking out at an anti-gun rally.

It was the speech that made Gonzalez into a true American hero, in the minds of many, at least.

“This is so powerful. I’m so proud of my community,” wrote Jennings in response to the footage, which evidently prompted Dillard to… agree?

At least kind of? To some extent?

Tagging both Jazz and Emma in a March 6 Tweet (below), the controversial star wrote:

“Thinking about and praying for all those across the country, and especially in your community, who this horrific tragedy has affected.

“Let me know if you’re ever in Northwest Arkansas and I’d love to grab coffee and visit. #MSDStrong #neveragain.”

dd tweet

Wait… what?!?!?!?

In the slightest defense of Dillard, he never did slam Gonzalez or her fellow students directly.

Instead, he’s been saying that the mainstream media has been exploiting them to push for an anti-second amendment agenda.

You can agree with this belief or disagree with it, but we suppose it can still be possible that Derick can state it while still having sympathy for Emma and her classmates.

Then again, Dillard has since deleted the message above, perhaps because he had regrets about posting it… or perhaps because he really was hacked!

We may never know.

But it’s probably safe to go back to hating Dillard and his hate-filled view of a world he doesn’t ever try to fully understand.

That’s what we’re gonna do.