Reporter Grabs Rattlesnake on Facebook Live: I Think I’m Officially Retarded!

Sometimes, people have really good ideas: ideas that are strong and solid and well thought out.

But other times, people are Fox News reporter Jeremy J. Ford.

Jeremy seems like a perfectly nice guy, and of course there's a certain level of intelligence required to do a job like his. But even the smartest people have their moments, you know?

And this video that Jeremy filmed for Facebook Live is a pretty good example of one of those moments.

In the video, which he calls an "unofficial news story," he explains that he was on his way to work when he noticed a snake slithering in the grass.

He admits that he doesn't know what kind of snake it is, but apparently he did a little bit of snake handling in his youth, so he feels comfortable grabbing the critter to show Facebook.

So he bends down, waits for his moment, then safely grabs the snake — and that's when he realizes he made a mistake.

"Holy sh-t, it's poisonous!" he exclaims. "I think it's poisonous, holy crap … oh, it's a rattlesnake!"

Poor Jeremy seems dumbfounded as he listens to that tell-tale rattling, and then he says what will surely become his infamous line:

"I think I'm officially retarded."

Not the most sensitive phrasing, of course, and we're sure he knows that now, but it might be OK to give him a pass.

After all, he's realizing that he accidentally swooped up a venomous snake, and there's really no graceful way to handle that kind of situation.

Someone nearby advises him to kill it, but he admirably says that he won't kill it, he'll let it go, because it's not the poor snake's fault that Jeremy didn't bring his reasoning skills to work that day.

Or, as he says, "I didn't know I was retarded and I caught a rattlesnake."

Oh, Jeremy.

After marveling at his poor choice for a little while longer, he finally gently throws the snake back on the grass, and it goes on its way.

And then, in classic Jeremy fashion, he talks to the camera about how crazy the whole thing was, then realizes that he didn't keep an eye on where the snake went.

Watch all the craziness go down in the hilarious video below:

Reporter grabs rattlesnake on facebook live i think im officiall