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Jeremy Roloff Pays Tribute to Billy Graham

Like millions of people around the world this week, Jeremy Roloff is in mourning.

The Little People, Big World star has a lot to say in the wake of Billy Graham passing away.

Yesterday morning, word broke online that the 99-year old pastor had died at his home in North Carolina of natural causes.

The long-time religious figure had served for decades as the spiritual adviser of several Presidents, while also preaching to a greater number of people than anyone else in history.

According to estimates on his website, Graham spoke to a lifetime audience of approximately 215 million people in over 185 countries and territories, with “hundreds of millions more” viewing him on television, video, film and via the Web.

In response to Graham dying, Roloff shared the above photo and the following message:

I was first saved at a Billy Graham event in downtown Portland. I must have been eight at the time.

I remember clinging to the words he spoke with curiosity and wonder. Something deep in me wanting it to be true – it took a decade until I realized it was.

The world has lost a great warrior for the kingdom. A true “good and faithful” servant.

However, in the words of C.S. Lewis – Christian’s need never say goodbye.

Typically, Audrey Roloff is the half of this famous couple who speaks candidly about her relationship with God.

And she has also made a mention of Graham, sharing Jeremy’s caption in her Instagram Stories, along with and a photo of the preacher.

But Jeremy was clearly touched on a personal level by the reverend and felt a need to speak out on his own in this unique and sad case.

He wasn’t the only well-known individual to publicly pay tribute to Graham, either.

“My entire family came to faith through Billy,” Kathie Lee Gifford said on air during The Today Show on Wednesday, while adding on Twitter:

“Rejoicing with my precious friend, Billy Graham. Without a doubt, the finest man I ever knew. So grateful that I am among the millions that he led to faith in Jesus and the promise of eternal life.”

And there was this from President Trump:

“The GREAT Billy Graham is dead. There was nobody like him! He will be missed by Christians and all religions. A very special man.”

And this from President Obama:

“Billy Graham was a humble servant who prayed for so many – and who, with wisdom and grace, gave hope and guidance to generations of Americans.”

May Graham rest in peace.


Billy Graham Dead at 99

Billy Graham, perhaps the most famous evangelist in U.S. history, is dead. Graham died at his home early Wednesday morning in North Carolina. He had been ill for more than a decade. His death was attributed to natural causes. Graham got involved in…


Billy Graham Dies; World Famous Evangelist Was 99

Billy Graham, considered by many to be the most famous pastor in the world, passed away at his North Carolina home this morning, a spokesperson has confirmed.

He was 99 years old.

Often referred to as “America’s pastor,” Graham was a vital figure in reviving the United States evangelical Christian movement.

He started holding revival meetings in the 1940s and went on to serve as an adviser to multiple U.S. Presidents.

Having seen his health take a significant downturn over the last few years, Graham had turned his international ministry over to his son, Franklin.

Graham’s Christian crusades took him across the world, from New York City to remote African villages.

According to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website, he preached to more people in live audiences than anyone else in history.

This site estimate his lifetime audience at nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries and territories, with “hundreds of millions more” viewing him on TV, video, film and over the Web.

“My one purpose in life is to help people find a personal relationship with God, which, I believe, comes through knowing Christ,” Graham one said of his role on the planet.

Graham was last hospitalized in 2011 at Mission Hospital in Asheville for what was described at the time as “evaluation and treatment of his lungs.”

He was also hospitalized that year due to pneumonia.

It’s also believed that the famous religious figured suffered from Parkinson’s Disease.

Graham retired from the winding road in 2005 after nearly six decades as a pastor.

His final New York City crusade in 2005 was sponsored by 1,400 regional churches from 82 denominations.

Of acting as a spiritual adviser to numerous Presidents, Graham once said the following:

“Each one I’ve known long before they ever became president, been in their homes many times; always called them by their first names, until they became President.”

The preacher was famous close to Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, along with George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.

President Bill Clinton turned to Graham after his much publicized sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky and George W. Bush credited Graham with helping him to quit drinking alcohol.

Graham got married in August 1943 to a woman named Ruth, with whom he had five children, 19 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren.

She passed away in 2007 after 64 years of married.

“Do I fear death?” Graham once said at a news conference.

He then answered as follows:

“No. I look forward to death with great anticipation. I’m looking forward to seeing God face to face, and that could happen any day.”

It has now happened.

May Billy Graham rest in peace.