Ashley Graham Finally Does Frontal Nudity in Hottest Pic Yet!

Ashley Graham had previously dismissed the idea of a real, frontal nude shoot, casually ruling it out and crushing the hearts of countless admirers.

We have never been so happy to see someone change their mind.

We’re talking about a naked supermodel here, and she’s facing the camera, so if you’re ready to be hit in the face with some gorgeous nudity, look below.

LOVE Magazine has done some of the most artsy, super weird photoshoots that we’ve ever seen.

For the past three years, for example, Kendall Jenner has participated in the magazine’s LOVE Advent series each December.

Kendall’s done things like posing with Cara Delevingne, but she’s also dressed in a shark costume and then stripped down to shower.

Like we said, super weird while nonetheless artsy.

So we can’t say that we’re surprised that the folks at LOVE are the ones who managed to get Ashley Graham to finally do some full frontal.

(And no, we don’t mean Samantha Bee’s excellent show)

Ashley Graham had previously stated that she wasn’t going to show her nipples or bush.

And when Ashley Graham says that, we know that she literally means a pubic bush, as she’s part of a shrinking proportion of the population that prefers to keep their pubic hair.

That’s her choice because it’s her (beautiful) flesh prison, and it’s every bit as valid as choosing to go without.

(Or to just do some rigorous pube-scaping)

Ashley Graham’s always been proud of her body, slamming body-shamers who thought that her gorgeous figure didn’t fit their idea of what a “model” should look like.

We’ve even seen Ashley Graham naked before, but the camera angles and shadows ensured that there was no actual nudity.

(That is, the photos were Instagram-appropriate)

LOVE Magazine doesn’t mind some of the things that makes Instagram’s staff clutch their pearls, scandalized.

For example, nipples.

Sorry — Instagram’s fine with nipples, so long as they’re on a man.

A woman’s nipples are somehow worse (or better?), to an “offensive” degree, so photos are often censored.

LOVE has been known to flaunt those rules when posting their pics to Instagram, even knowing that photos will be deleted.

(Just today, they posted a nude photo of the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski, showing both nipples and making it clear that Emily Ratajkowski does not sport a bush. Instagram, ever wary of the dreaded nip-nops, never appreciates that)

Ashley Graham’s beauty is intense, even when she’s fully dressed.

When she’s naked like this, her looks hit you like a hammer. In the best way.

(Dang, girl)

Okay, here you go — Ashley Graham’s beautiful, natural, naked self for LOVE Magazine.

She’s so gorgeous.

What a gift she is, to us and to the whole world.

And good job to LOVE‘s photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, because this is some A+ photography.

Now we kind of can’t wait to see what LOVE is going to do for their LOVE Advent series this year.

We hope that it’s just bonkers.

And, ideally, more than a little sexy.


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Ashley Graham Shares What Her Genitals Look Like!

Ashley Graham’s a gorgeous model, she’s smart, she’s successful … and she’s also not afraid to divulge some very personal details.

She’s willing to be super direct about how she grooms her crotch.

In the same interview where she shared her horrifying experience with sexual harassment as a minor, she opened up about much more lighthearted topics — like personal grooming.

A reader question came from a single woman who stopped getting bikini waxes after a breakup and wonders if she’s the only single woman with pubic hair.

Ashley Graham doesn’t beat around the bush — sorry — and straight-up tells the world that she doesn’t shave her privates:

“Honey, I have a full bush. Period. It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference.”

That’s super straightforward, but we’d expect nothing less than directness from this well-spoken, body-confident model.

The worst thing about conversations about personal grooming are the opinions, and we can all be guilty of taking our personal preferences or tastes and turning them into guidelines for the world to follow.

Let’s not be Kim Jong-un with his list of approved, legal hairstyles, okay?

Some people like themselves, or their partners, perfectly smooth. Some people like them untamed. And then there’s everything in between.

Like everything to do with a person’s body, it should be a personal preference — just as Ashley said.

It can totally be informed by a partner, but it should just be a statement of opinion, not a mandate.

If a guy demands that his girlfriend shave or not shave or whatever, she should just leave him.

Anybody else remember those “The only Bush I trust is my own” shirts?

I had a high school classmate who wore one to school. I think she covered it in front of teachers she didn’t trust, because she didn’t get into trouble. One teacher pulled me aside conspiratorially so that we could talk about how entertaining it was.

Point is, that wasn’t so long ago. 

More recently, though, pubic hair has been very out, at least as far as women’s fashion is concerned. To such a degree that people have been talking about pubic lice dying out.

There are a whole bunch of factors behind that, but basically it’s because of the internet. Not just social media, not just porn, but both of those and more.

Some people like to think that any kind of hair-removal is just the invention of the fashion industry to sell products or keep women cages for their patriarchal masters or prepare us for our hair-averse lizard overlords.

The reality is that removing body hair, including pubes, is older than the pyramids. Actually, Ancient Egyptians specifically associated body hair with non-human animals, so at least some grooming was expected of everyone.

Dedicated priests removed every single hair, and this was in an age before Nair.

Like everything else in the fashion world, personal grooming trends come in and out of fashion.

What matters isn’t whether it’s fashionable, though — what matters is what individuals want to do with their own bodies.

As always, we should avoid body-shaming people for being “hairy” or “childlike” or whatever insults people want to sling around.

It’s hair and it’s not a big deal.

It might, like, make some bikini shoots mildly challenging for Ashley, but clearly she has a way to work through it.

And while we’re glad that she didn’t hesitate to be honest, like, this definitely wasn’t anybody’s business.


Ashley Graham: I Was Sexually Harassed at Work … at 17!

Workplace sexual harassment is never acceptable.

But it is even worse when it’s targeted at a 17-year-old.

Honestly, this harrowing story that Ashley Graham’s shared sounds like it came seconds away from being a case of assault.

We all know Ashley Graham as a stunningly gorgeous supermodel, but there was a time when she wasn’t so famous, or even an adult.

She’s never shared this sexual harassment story before.

“There was an incident on set of a campaign job when I was 17 years old … and there was a photo assistant who was into me.”

That would sound like an innocent enough beginning if she hadn’t been a minor at the time.

“He was like, ‘Hey, come here,’ and he led me into a closet. And I was like, ‘What?’ I thought he was going to show me something.”

One of the reasons that people are so protective of minors is because their lack of world experience gives them a disadvantage when dealing with people who are older.

Ashley Graham was basically an adult at 17, but clearly less experienced than this photo assistant.

That’s probably why he targeted her.

“And he pulled me in, and he pulled his penis out.”

Whoa, there. That goes beyond inappropriate comments — also unacceptable — and goes into flasher-in-the-park territory.

Except that flashers in parks are easier to avoid than coworkers.

“And he was like, “Grab it.” And I was like, ‘No! That’s disgusting.’ I freaked out. And thank God I was closer to the door, and I just bolted out.”

All things considered, particularly the fact that they were alone in a closet at the time, it’s a very good thing that she got out.

She says that she never told anyone, but that’s not at all uncommon.

Society pressures women to not “cause problems,” for a man, as if harassers aren’t the problem — just the people who report them.

There are always fears that it might impact someone’s career.

And of course the endless victim-blaming.

Ashley Graham’s career has flourished, but we’d have totally understood if that encounter had caused her to quit the industry.

Thank goodness that it didn’t, of course.

But we all know that there are much shadier moves that people can pull to target young models. It shouldn’t get worse, but it does.

And, just so that we’re clear, even if that tale hadn’t taken place in a workplace closet and involved a minor, it would still have not been okay.

Outside of some very specific sex party-type situations, it’s considered polite to exchange words and even consent before genitals start flopping out into the open.


Ashley Graham: I’m Naked AND I’m Christian!

Ashley Graham is baring both her soul and her body.

In every possible way.

The plus-size model, who frequently receives praise for being so open with her figure even in the face of criticism, is featured in the latest issue of V Magazine…

… in her birthday suit!

And we’re not talking about some cheap nude spread in which the subject is actually sort of clothed… or covering most of her private parts with a bed sheet or something.

We’re talking the full monty and then some.

You’ll have to visit the official V Magazine website to drool over the most explicit photographs, none of which we can post here because we try to be a family destination for celebrity gossip.

But here’s one of the more tame examples from Graham’s latest pictoral.

The brunette bombshell has taken off her clothes on plenty of previous occasions, of course.

In this case, however, she exposes more than just her bare boobs. She also delves deeply into her upbringing, specifically her religious upbringing.

“I grew up in a very Christian home, so words have power,” she says, explaining:

“I took that with me into every area of my life. If you say, ‘I’m fat,’ that’s how you’re going to feel. If you say, ‘I’m stupid,’ that’s how you’re going to start your day.”

Indeed, Graham has always stood strong against the body-shamers and critics out there.

She’s written an upcoming book titled A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like.

“I wake up sometimes and I feel like the fattest person alive, but I’m not going to let that affect the rest of my day,” she says.

What sort of advice might Graham offer to others who feel this way?

“Say to yourself, ‘I like this day. I am bold, I am beautiful, and I am brilliant.’ For me, that hits the interior, the exterior, and it makes me feel smart.”

Ashley also recalls to the publication how she discovered she had cellulite for the first time, back when she was in middle school.

“I remember telling my mom, ‘Isn’t it disgusting? It’s so ugly.’ She pulled her pants down and said, ‘Look, I have it, too.’

“And I was like, ‘Gasp!’ She looked at me, then at it, and just rolled her eyes. She didn’t tell me that it’s beautiful or ugly. She just made it a nonissue.”

Graham does the same thing now online.

She’ll often just share photos of her own cellulite for other women to take note of.

“It doesn’t define my worth,” Ashley concludes, speaking to Tracee Ellis Ross, who conducted this interview.

“If women like you and me continue to preach that, then I feel like younger girls are going to grasp it and they’re going to be like, “Who cares!”


In related news, we totally love Ashley Graham.